Synopsis: Takes place summer before third year. A chance meeting with a former Death Eater

reveals some startling truths. Harry decides to make some changes. How will this

effect those around him?

It had been three days since his arrival at the Leaky Cauldron and Harry couldn't be happier. With his new found freedom he visited many of the various shops in Diagon Alley, and met an assortment of interesting people. While he was in Quality Quidditch Supplies drooling over the new FIREBOLT he met a man that would change his life.

"Excuse me, are you Harry Potter?", the stranger asked.

The man was rather tall, about 6'3" of average build, short dark brown hair with bright blue eyes with serious look on his face but his eyes showed regret. Harry was taken aback by this man's forwardness but decided to be polite and quietly answered "Yes, I'm Harry Potter."

The man offered his hand and introduced himself, "My name is Ian Shaw and I have some information that I think you should know."

Harry was reluctant at first but took the offered hand. Thinking to himself, What is this guy talking about? What information could he have that I need? Well there are a lot of people around so if he tries anything he won't get far. Harry considered his options and decided to hear him out.

Harry spoke, "Mr. Shaw what do you mean by information?"

"Not here Mr. Potter, would you join me for tea at the café across the street to discuss the matter in private?" Shaw answered

Harry nodded in response and the two left the shop for the café. After the tea was ordered and served, Mr Shaw asked Harry if he could cast a privacy spell, Harry nodded in agreement. After the spell was cast Mr Shaw began to speak.

"Mr Potter I'll get right to the point. Have you ever wondered why the Dark Lord came after you Halloween night twelve years ago?"

Harry was stunned by this. This is what he always wondered, this is what he asked Dumbledore twice. How could this man, who he just met, know and why would he tell him? It could be a trick but he had to find out either way.

Harry asked very cautiously, "Sir how do I know I can trust you? How do YOU know why Voldemort came after me? Who are you and why do you want to help me?"

Mr. Shaw was impressed with Harry's response and answered , "I realize that you have no reason to trust or believe me, but to answer your questions you have to give me the benefit of the doubt. After which you can make your own decisions on what to do. Fair Enough?"

Harry pondered this for a moment then said, "Okay, I'll hear you out."

"Thank you, Mr. Potter." was his reply. Then Mr. Shaw's story began. "As for who I was and how I know certain things, you may not want to believe me but I am telling you the truth." Mr. Shaw sighed then spoke "I was once a follower of the Dark Lord."

Harry became instantly nervous, He was sitting across from one of Voldemort's followers. Someone just like the escaped murderer Sirius Black. He was slowly starting to rise when Shaw spoke up, "Please Mr. Potter, you agreed to hear me out. If it makes you feel better I will give you a Magical Oath. I Ian Conner Shaw do swear on my life and magic that I will not harm nor lie to Harry Potter." There was a brief flash of light signifying that the oath had been sealed. Harry was shocked to say the least and asked, "Why would you do something like that?" Shaw's replied, "I needed you to listen to me, I've made some terrible mistakes in my life and I'm trying to make amends."

Harry sat back down and took a sip of his tea. He was still quite nervous but this man just put his life on the line just to get him to listen. What could be that important? Harry thought. Shaw began to speak again.

"Mr. Potter I'm sorry if I startled you but you deserved to know why I'm telling you this. I was only 16 when I was recruited by the Death Eaters. I was a fool for believing in what they stood for. I was only looking to be part of something grand, but as it turned out the Death Eaters were nothing more than murderers, rapists, thieves, and sadists. Everything I thought they stood for was nothing but a lie. I was to take the Dark Mark during the Christmas holiday the same year you defeated him. I overheard members of the Dark Lord's inner circle talking about why he was going to kill you and someone named Longbottom."

"Neville, he wanted to kill Neville to?" Harry shouted. "Why?"

"Because Mr. Potter there seems to be a prophecy that said that one of you would be his downfall."

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Harry Potter, that belongs to JK Rowling. I'm just having a bit of fun in her sandbox

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