After all the legal formalities were completed, Harry and Sirius were now officially family. The Weasleys and Amelia were overjoyed by this happy occasion but Harry felt uneasy. Sirius asked.

"What's wrong pup? This is a happy day, you should be celebrating."

"I know but I was just thinking about Snape. I know he's going to be even worse when school starts up again," Harry replied somberly.

"Probably but I'm just worried. If he can't get to me then he'll go after my friends; especially Hermione. I have an idea but we need something else just in case."

"You're a lot like Lily in that respect. She always had a Plan B and C at times. Is there any LEGAL action we can take Mr. Cochran?" Sirius asked.

"Oh I do believe there is Mr. Black. Let me consult my law books and I'll contact you in a few days. Good day gentlemen, ladies," Mr. Cochran said politely with an evil grin then left to return to his office.

As he was leaving, he was approached by Percy who asked.

"Excuse me sir, my name is Percival Weasley. I was wondering if you had any openings at your firm."

"You're one of Arthur's sons; good man your father. How long have you've been working here at the Ministry Mr. Weasley?" Mr. Cochran asked.

"I started not long after finishing school a few months ago. I saw what happened between you and the Minister and between you and Professor Dumbledore and I was intrigued. I was hoping to learn more about the way the law REALLY works," Percy replied.

"I see. Let me give you this advice to start with. Even though Fudge and Dumbledore are powerful men they are just that-men. They are not gods or deities that should be worshiped. Respected but never worshiped. Come by my office tomorrow Mr. Weasley so that I may get to know you better before making any decisions. Good day to you sir," Mr. Cochran said politely as he handed Percy his card and departed.

Percy stood there looking at the card and thought, what have I got to loose? At the very least, Mr. Cochran will call me by my proper name. Who knows?


Harry, Sirius and Remus when to the public apparation point and departed the Ministry while the Weasley family left by via the Floo. They arrived outside the Jeffries' residence where he was met by a curious family. John asked.

"How did it go?"

"Not bad, Sirius won custody of me no thanks to Dumbledore and Snape," Harry replied.

"What did they do?" Anne asked in a concerned tone.

Sirius told the Jeffries all that happened before and during the hearing and all of them were appalled. Sara spoke angrily.

"I can't believe that they would do that to you. Maybe you should send an anonymous letter to the Prophet about what Snape did."

"That's not a bad idea but I'd rather it got to the Quibbler. I've been talking to Luna about making them the official publication of The-Boy-Who-Lived. I KNOW they'll print the truth."

"Good for you Harrison. That way Rita Skeeter wouldn't be able to print any lies about you," Sara replied smiling.

"Who's Rita Skeeter?"

"A vile woman who likes nothing better than to write articles that are filled with half-truths if not outright lies. I'm surprised I haven't read anything about you yet," Anne stated.

"That's putting it mildly. I would have called her something else," Sirius snarled.

Everyone chatted about the day's events when it was nearly time to leave. Harry said in a saddened tone.

"I guess I had best get my stuff."

"I'll help you," Sara replied softly.

The two left for Harry's room while the other's stayed and talked more. Once Harry had retrieved everything he looked at Sara and said.

"I guess this is goodbye again."

"We still have the Fair to attend in two weeks so this is just until then okay," Sara said with a weak smile.

"Sounds good. I guess I'll see you later then," Harry said sadly.


The two shared a warm hug and reluctantly separated. The two returned to the others where Harry said goodbye to John and Anne. John said.

"You know you'll always be welcome here so don't be a stranger, besides we'll probably go fishing again next year."

"I'd really like that. Thank you for everything; all of you," Harry said with tears threatening.

Sirius, Remus and a saddened Harry went outside then departed the Jeffries' home with a loud crack.


Meanwhile, Albus Dumbledore returned to his office at Hogwarts feeling dejected. He was unable to procure Snape's release into his custody and no longer had the political clout he once enjoyed. He sat at his desk and sighed heavily as his plans for Harry were now destroyed. He knew that Voldemort was gaining more strength since Snape's Dark Mark was becoming clearer and knew that Harry would have to face his destiny sooner rather than later. He was interrupted from his internal ponderings by a knock on his door and allowed an irritated Minerva to enter. She made herself comfortable and spoke.

"You just couldn't leave well enough alone could you?"

"I see that you have heard the news about Harry's hearing."

"Yes I've heard. You said you would change Albus. You said you would speak to Severus. What were you thinking?" Minerva ranted angrily.

"I said that I would try to change but it appears that I have failed," Albus replied.

"Don't give me that. You never wanted to change so you didn't bother. What were you thinking making Severus Harry's guardian? There's no telling what he would do to him," Minerva spat.

"Severus has my complete confidence."

"That may be so but where does that leave the rest of us?"

"I don't understand what you mean?" Albus stated.

"Severus may have YOUR confidence but that doesn't help the rest of us any. What was your plan anyway? Why do all this?" Minerva asked sternly.

"If you must know; the wards protecting Harry's family are nearly gone. If he doesn't return to them soon then they will fall. Severus was to gain custody of Harry then return him to his family until the start of term," Albus replied flatly.

"Are you insane? With Severus' hatred of Harry he would be unbearable as his guardian. He would have had the LEGAL right to confiscate EVERYTHING from him leaving Harry with nothing. You know he never forgave James and he takes his anger out on Harry at every turn. What possessed you to attempt this and don't give me that story about the wards again?" Minerva stated angrily.

"Severus would have never done any of that; he has my full confidence," Albus replied in a condescending tone.

"You haven't listened to a word I've said. This obsession you have will be your undoing Albus; you mark my words."

"Is that all Minerva?"

"Unfortunately no. The Board was informed of what Severus had done and are pondering his removal and yours as well for supporting his behavior."

"I see then all is lost," Albus said sadly.

"You think that your removal will destroy Hogwarts? You actually think that Severus' removal will condemn all of us? What happened to you Albus?" Minerva asked frustrated beyond belief.

"You don't understand. There are things that need to be done for the good of our world and Severus plays a vital role. There are things that only I know that will be crucial in the upcoming war with Voldemort. If we are removed than we can no longer protect Hogwarts from the forces of darkness," Albus said in an ominous tone.

"So if you leave Hogwarts then the secret information leaves with you; is that what you're saying? You accuse Harry of black-male saying he was just like You-Know-Who but you do the same thing and it is acceptable. Just so you know the Wards surrounding Hogwarts protect the school not YOU! If anything, Harry's been the protector of the school since his arrival here. All you've done since his return is sit back and watched him risk his life protecting the school when that is YOUR job to do. Sometimes I wonder if you were the one who caused the danger to be present in the first place," Minerva ranted.

"What must I do to make you understand what I'm trying to accomplish?" Albus asked in a pleading voice.

"Tell me the truth. Tell me everything."

"That is the one thing that I can not do. The information I have is too sensitive to be shared openly."

"Then that will be the reason we will lose. I hope you can live with yourself when that happens. Good day Albus," Minerva said gruffly then departed in haste.

Albus Dumbledore, greatest wizard in the world; winner of the Order of Merlin First Class was left alone in his office and wept. Not for his school; not for his world but for the fact that he was no longer trusted by those who once worshipped him and he blamed everyone else but himself.


The three men landed outside their new home and went inside. Sirius led Harry to his room where he began to unpack his things while Sirius and Remus were in the kitchen. While he was unpacking, he found a wrapped gift and a note attached from Sara which read.

Dear Harrison,

I saw this in the mall and thought of you. Please don't open it until we go to the Fair.

Love Always,


Harry smiled at the note then put the package aside until it was time. After setting a few of his things out, especially his trunk and portable flat, Harry went to the kitchen and saw something that made him cringe. The sight of two grown men attempting to prepare dinner was a sight that would make Molly Weasley die of fright. There were pots and pans everywhere and the mess was incredible. Harry asked in a worried tone.

"What are you two doing?"

"We were trying to make you a special dinner for your first night here but ran into some difficulties," Sirius replied.

"Ooooookaaaay. What exactly were these difficulties?" Harry asked with a disgusted look on his face.

"Well we appeared to have over-powered the spells to cook the meal quickly and the roast sort of exploded then the pots boiled over and then . . . " Sirius explained but was cut off.

"I see. Why don't we just eat out this time instead?" Harry replied hopeful.

"That sounds like a good idea. There's a place in town that serves the best steaks I've ever had," Remus said agreeing.

"This won't be a regular occurrence Harry. My cousin has been teaching me to cook but I guess I was in too much of a hurry," Sirius sounded dejected.

"I understand and I appreciate everything but it's been a long, upsetting day and we all could use a break. Steak sounds perfect and I've never seen the town before so it's all good," Harry replied smiling.

"Who's the adult and who's the child here?" Sirius asked.

"That is open for debate at the moment Paddy," Remus replied chuckling.

Sirius gave Remus a glare that instantly turned into laughter. The three men cleaned the kitchen magically then apparated just outside Ottery St. Catchpole and went to the steakhouse. After dinner, the three walked around the town for some time, getting the lay of the land as it were, then returned to their new home that Harry nicknamed the Doghouse. The three men sat down in the living room then Remus asked.

"Now tell us about this plan to give Severus a headache."

"Well, I learned how to do Occlumency from this book in my collection and I learned this spell from Mr. Smith on how to copy books so I'm going to make a bunch of copies of that book and send them to people and have them send the extra copy to one of their friends. If most people know how to defend themselves against Snape then he'll go mad plus being forced out of people's minds daily will cause him a never ending headache," Harry explained.

Remus and Sirius looked at each other then began laughing loudly. Sirius composed himself enough to say.

"That is brilliant in its simplicity. Snivillus won't know what hit him. I do have one question. How do you know Mr. Smith?"

"Dora took me to have him test my mental shields. He seems nice," Harry replied.

"You do know who he is don't you?"

Harry shook his head then Sirius continued.

"He's the head of the Unspeakables. He tried to recruit Lily right out of Hogwarts but the war interfered."

"Who exactly are the Unspeakables?" Harry asked.

"That is a question that no one can truly answer. Some say they are secret agents; some say they are researchers into obscure forms of magic; some say they are both or neither. No one really knows what they do and they aren't talking. I do know that they help out the Aurors in certain things such as Occlumency and spell development but other than that not much is known," Sirius explained.

"I heard stories that they guard some of the most dangerous weapons known to wizard kind. They say that there are things down in their department that would frighten the hardest of men," Remus added.

Harry thought about what he had just heard then said.

"That sounds so cool, I wouldn't mind working there."

"Only you would say that. Now on to other things. Tomorrow we'll start your animagus training and I want to see for myself how good you are," Sirius said in a smart tone.

"That sounds good but I have plans in a couple of weeks with Sara and I'd like to get Operation Headache started as well. I'll try not to hurt you too much," Harry replied smiling.

"You have plans with Sara and Hermione doesn't mind?" Sirius asked confused if not a bit jealous.

"Why would Hermione mind? She knows Sara and I told her we would probably go to the fair again like last summer. What's the big deal?"

"The deal is last year you didn't have a girlfriend. You had best talk to Hermione to avoid any misunderstandings," Sirius responded.

"If you say so. It's been a long day so I'm going to bed. Goodnight Sirius. Goodnight Remus," Harry replied.

"Goodnight Pup," The two Marauders replied together.

Once Harry left the room Remus said.

"That was some good advice you gave Harry. When did you become so wise?"

"I did the same thing he did and it didn't end well. Remember Janet and Crissy?" Sirius said with a fearful look in his eyes.

"Oh yes, now I remember. But you have to remember that you and Harry aren't the same person. He isn't likely to end up skinny dipping with Hermione's best friend and have her catch them in the act," Remus scolded with a wicked grin.

"Yeah, good times," Sirius replied with a wistful look in his eyes. "You're right abut Harry but why take the chance. The one thing I do know about women is that they can be very territorial when they want to be."

"True but I wouldn't worry about those two. They're relationship is based on trust and friendship not on his reputation," Remus said.

"Yeah, good times," Sirius replied with a dreamy look in his eyes.

The two men laughed and chatted for some time before retiring themselves. This was a decent ending to an otherwise trying day.


The next morning, Remus and Sirius awoken to the scent of fresh coffee and bacon. The two handled their business then headed to the kitchen and found Harry happily preparing breakfast. Sirius said in a concerned tone.

"Harry this isn't the Dursley's, you don't have to make breakfast every morning."

"I know but at the Jefferies, everyone pitches in. they all take turns and work like a team; even Dora helped out at lunch time," Harry stated while returning to his task.

"That is something I'd like to see. My little cousin Nymmy slaving over a hot stove," Sirius said chuckling while pouring himself a mug of coffee.


Sirius nearly dropped his morning brew when he turned around and saw an angry Auror Tonks glaring at him.

Harry and Remus tried hard not to laugh but failed miserably. Harry said in between gasping for air.

"She arrived a few minutes ago. She brought a few things I needed."

"Good morning Tonks," Remus said in a very polite tone.

"Good morning Moony," Dora said while holding her death glare on Sirius.

"Okay, okay I apologize. Why are you here? I thought you were reassigned," Sirius said nicely.

"Accepted. I have been reassigned but I wanted to check on my junior partner. Besides, his blueberry waffles are to die for," Dora said happily as she helped herself to some coffee.

"We have waffles?" Sirius' eyes lit up brightly.

Everyone shared a good laugh then dug into their morning repast eagerly. Harry asked.

"What's your new assignment Dora?"

"I was reassigned to a senior Auror for further training. You've already met him; Kingsley is one of the best on the force," Dora replied.

"Have you heard anything about Snape?" Sirius asked through his teeth.

"The last I heard was he was sitting in a holding cell and he's not in a pleasant mood. Apparently, several Ministry employees used to be his students and now they're getting some payback."

"They aren't mistreating him are they?" Harry asked concerned.

"No but they are taunting him. Director Bones gave the order for him not to be harmed but that doesn't stop them from insulting him."

"He has no one to blame but himself. What did you mean earlier by visiting your junior partner?" Remus asked.

"Didn't Harry tell you? He's an official Junior Apprentice Auror assigned to me," Dora said happily.

Sirius and Remus looked at Harry and he just grinned. He showed them his badge then Sirius said in an annoyed tone.

"You should have told me sooner."

"I was told not to say anything; Amelia didn't want it to be public knowledge," Harry defended.

"He's right about that; sorry Harry I forgot," Dora said backing up her partner.

"I see. Well we are going to have to work on our communication. From here on out, no more secrets," Sirius scolded.

"I understand," Harry replied solemnly.

The rest of the meal was enjoyed then Dora had to leave. She said she'd return every morning to check on Harry, on Amelia's orders, then went to start her new assignment. Harry returned to his room to finish unpacking. He moved most of his things into his Portable Flat then he went to his library. He looked at everything there and thought aloud.

"How am I going to move all this?"

Suddenly, his family Grimoire came to life and glowed. He read the passage it contained.

Give the command 'Store Collection Securely' then move the Grimoire and its pedestal to the new location then speak the command 'Retrieve Collection.'

Harry said in an overly excited tone, "I love this book."

Harry did as the Grimoire suggested and spoke the command to store his collection, Everything disappeared instantly and Harry thought, that must be like the private collection. It's stored until needed. Wicked! He took his Grimoire in his arm then attempted to shrink the pedestal but it wouldn't work. He then used the Locomotor Spell to move it and was successful. He took everything to his Portable Flat and placed it in the largest room then spoke the retrieve command. His library was now in place and he couldn't be happier. The room was nearly the same size as his trunk room was but with better lighting. He then retrieved the furniture that was left and placed that inside as well. He spent much of the morning rearranging his Flat when he was called for lunch. He decided to keep his trunk for now until something came up. After eating a light lunch of sandwiches, Harry returned to his work and began his next task.

He retrieved his book on Occlumency and several blank journals and began copying them. After about an hour, Harry had over fifty copies of his book then he began writing a form letter with Remus' help. It read.

Dear xxxxxxxxx,

This is a book that will teach you how to organize your mind and thoughts so that you may learn more efficiently. It also teaches you how to defend your mind against mental intrusion from unscrupulous individuals, like Snape. I tell you now that it will be a lot of hard work but in the end it will be worth it. Also, a word of warning. When you sort through your memories you may not like what you see. Some people have things in their past that are unpleasant and will be difficult to watch. While doing this you are basically coming to terms with your own past. Please be careful. I know it hurts; it hurt me to see the things I've done. I'm sending you two copies one for you and one for you to send to another person you feel is worthy of this skill. Thank you and good luck.

Harry Potter.

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns please write me. My box number is 3827.

Harry felt this was good enough then he remembered one individual that may need a bit more reassurance. He wrote a personal letter to his friend.

Dear Ginny,

I know you've read the form letter but I wanted to say something else. I know your experience during your first year was horrible to say the least but I don't want that to stop you. You saw what Snape did and he'll only get worse. I don't live too far from you now so if you want to talk then I'm just a broomstick flight away so don't hesitate.


Harry and Remus spent nearly an hour wrapping and addressing the packages; the one to the Weasleys was by far the largest. He called for his mail elf and she was more than pleased with the amount of work she had. Once everything was completed, Remus said.

"That is going to cause a major uproar in the school this year. Your parents would be proud. Your father because it more or less pranks Severus and your mother because she was always willing to help others."

"I hope it works. If it doesn't then at least I know I tried."

"That's all any of us can do. What other plans do you have for that delightful spell you've learned?" Remus asked in a mischievous tone.

"Mr. Smith said that it copied only the information not any enchantments or curses. I was planning on copying the Restricted Section," Harry said trying to hide his embarrassment.

"You're more like your mother than you know. I'm certain that you will find many interesting tomes there. I often wondered why some of them were there," Remus said.

"What do you mean?"

"Most of the books in the Restricted Section are not that bad. There are some very Dark books there but over all they aren't too dangerous. There may be a few spells that are dangerous in the wrong hands like the spell for cursing clothing to shrink or fall apart at the worst time but other than that not so much."

"Then why are they restricted if they aren't bad?"

"The Ministry controls what is good and bad. Other that that, I don't know."

"Master Filius said that by today's standards, the Founders would be considered Dark Wizards and Witches," Harry replied with a fondness in his voice.

"Filius is a very wise man and I happen to agree. Let me add to that if I may. Dark doesn't mean Evil; the two are not the same."

"I don't understand," Harry said confused.

"Here's an example. Killing is wrong but Aurors are sometimes forced to kill in the line of duty. Murder is wrong no matter what but when the government orders someone to be killed for the good of the world then its okay. I know it's confusing but that's the way it is. You told me that you killed Quirrell in your first year but it was in self defense; does that make you a Dark Wizard or an Evil one or neither?" Remus stated.

"I never really thought about it that way before. It isn't as simple as black and white is it?"

"No, it isn't. That's just life. The most important thing is that you know you are a good person. I know that you would only kill if you had no other choice. You would never just start killing people mercilessly and without reason like Voldemort and his followers. I think that was why we were loosing the war the last time," Remus said without thinking.

"What do you mean? I didn't know we were loosing."

"The Ministry wouldn't want that kind of information as public knowledge but it's true. The reason we were loosing was because they were casting Killing Curses and we were casting Stunners. Albus would never allow use to use more effective spells and it cost us dearly," Remus said mournfully remembering several friends he had lost.

"That makes no sense. What was he trying to accomplish?"

"He always believed that everyone deserved a second chance. He preferred to capture the enemy and try to reform them but that didn't work most of the time. This frustrated your parents more than I care to think about. When your mother was pregnant, they were attacked by a group of Death Eaters. Your father killed them all to protect her and you. Albus berated him for it but that didn't change anything. Do you think your father was a Dark Wizard or an Evil one because he killed?"

"He was just an expectant father protecting his family. He did what anyone would have done," Harry stated proudly having never heard this story before.

"Exactly my point. I don't like talking about such things with you but given you apparent destiny I felt it was necessary. Enough of this, let's see what kinds of supplies you have for your intellectual endeavor," Remus said smiling.

The two chatted for some time making plans for Harry's task in the Restricted Section. Harry already knew he was going to teach Hermione the copying spell but not the others, yet. Sirius joined them in Harry's Flat and Harry asked.

"Where did you go?"

"I was talking with John about my finances. He agreed to help me sort out everything since my money has been untouched for over a decade and it's a mess. What have you two been up to?" Sirius asked.

Remus brought Sirius up to speed on Harry's plan and Sirius laughed loudly. He agreed to help him in any way possible in this endeavor and looked forward to seeing the results. He also saw Harry as his own person. He was more like Lily than James as far as his personality and finally accepted it. Harry had the weight of the world on his shoulders but he was bearing it well especially at such a young age.


Dinner was a fun filled experience. Harry was quickly learning that living with Sirius was going to be interesting. This time the food was prepared properly and there were no explosions or unexpected messes to deal with. Although, Harry knew he was a better cook.

After dinner, Harry had his first lesson in Animagus transformation. He managed to change his hand into that of his animal form and back again then Sirius exclaimed.

"You did better than we did at your age. At this rate, you'll be able to change completely in months instead of years."

"I wonder if his training in Occlumency helps him. I does give him certain advantages," Remus commented.

"Its possible; I didn't start my training until I was fifteen. That was another reason I left home," Sirius stated angrily.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked curiously.

"My mother's method of training was to attack your mind without warning until you could protect yourself. Your way has mental barriers in place before that level of training. There is no set way to learn the skill but your way seems most effective."

"Thanks. I owe that to Mr. Shaw. He gave me the idea to learn it."

"Mr. Shaw? You do know he works for Mr. Smith don't you?" Sirius said sternly.

"No I didn't. He seemed really willing to help me and he even took a magical oath to never harm me. He said he wanted to make amends for past mistakes," Harry defended the man who started it all.

"I met Ian Shaw years ago and you're right about him. He made some mistakes but he did redeem himself," Remus stated.

"We are going to have a very long talk Harry. I need to know everything so I can help you. I don't need any more surprises," Sirius stated in a worried tone.

"I understand. I didn't mean to keep it a secret but I didn't want to cause trouble for Mr. Shaw," Harry said.

"James was the same way about us. Have you spoken with Hermione about Sara yet?"

"I was going to call her on our mirrors later."

"Good now I have a surprise for the both of you," Sirius said grinning madly.

"What is it?" Harry asked excitedly.

"I managed to procure several tickets to the World Cup. We'll be sitting with the Weasleys. I hope you don't mind," Sirius grinned.

"That's great. I always wanted to see a professional Quidditch game. When is it?" Harry asked excitedly.

"It's the last weekend of the month. We'll camp out the night before then see the game and head back the next morning."

"I hear they have all sorts of stands to get almost anything. Thank you Padfoot," Remus said in a gracious tone.

"Any time old friend. Do you think we could use your tent Harry?"

"Of course you can. I'll go get it," Harry agreed happily.

He returned moments later and gave Sirius his tent. Harry left for his room to call Hermione while the two Marauders checked out the tent for any necessary supplies. Upon entering, Sirius exclaimed.

"This doesn't look like the tent we used back at school. What happened to it?"

"To my understanding, Harry lent his tent to the girls of Gryffindor so that they may use the tub for bubble baths. I believe they remodeled it in thanks," Remus said admiring the framed pictures about.

"Damn, we should have thought of that," Sirius berated himself.

Remus chuckled as the two men continued they perusal of the newly remodeled tent. Sirius thought, that boy doesn't know how lucky he is.


Meanwhile, Harry called Hermione on their mirrors. She said.

"Hello Harry. How are you adjusting to your new home?"

"Not to bad. Did you get the package I sent you?"

"Yes and I have two people in mind to forward them to. I heard about what happened at your hearing from Ginny; are you okay?" Hermione asked concerned.

"I'm okay but I can't believe Dumbledore tried to blame me for what Snape did. What is his problem anyway?"

"I think that because he's been able to get away with anything for so long, he isn't willing to let go that easily. Have you set up your new Flat yet? What are you going to do with your trunk? How did you copy that book so easily? What have you been up to?" Hermione asked quickly.

Harry chuckled at his girlfriend's antics then began telling his tale. When he was finished, he asked.

"How's your Grimoire coming along?"

"Quite well surprisingly. My mum thinks it's a wonderful idea but dad not so much."

"Why not? I thought he was okay with everything," Harry said in a concerned tone.

"He is but I don't think he likes the idea of his grandchildren being wizards or witches. That spell you learned seems wonderful. Are you going to copy some books from the library?" Hermione asked sweetly.

"You've been a bad influence on me Miss Granger. Remus and Sirius are already making plans to get me the supplies needed and I already have some so we're good to start once we go back."

"I can't wait; this is so exciting," Hermione said barely containing her elation.

"There something else I wanted to tell you," Harry said.

"What is it?" Hermione responded fearfully.

"Its nothing bad. I made plans with Sara to attend a Fair just like last year. It in a couple of weeks. Kind of a summer's end thing for us. I just wanted to tell you."

"Oh, okay I guess. You didn't need to tell me but I'm glad you did," Hermione said a bit put off.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked knowing her moods well.

"It's nothing. I'm just being silly."

"Something's bothering you. What is it? Please tell me," Harry asked confused and concerned.

"I was just being foolish. I know I shouldn't worry but . . . It's Nothing," Hermione said but Harry was unconvinced.

"Nothing is going on with me and Sara and you know that. I know you don't like those kinds of rides so I just assumed you wouldn't want to go. Sara is my friend and she's your friend as well. Why is this bothering you so much?" Harry asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

"I was worried that you wouldn't want to be with me anymore. You have so much fun with Sara and I'm just . . ." Hermione said sadly but was interrupted by Harry.

"How could you think that? You've always been the most important person in my life; even before we started dating. We do have fun together and I wouldn't trade you for anyone or anything. Sara's friends don't like that sort of thing, except me, so we do that together. You don't have anything to worry about. So please don't be upset," Harry stated.

"Thank you; I needed that. It's late so I had better go. Talk to you tomorrow," Hermione said feeling better.

"Same time, same place. Good night Hermione," Harry said smiling.

"Good night Harry."

The two signed off and went to sleep. Hermione didn't sleep well having nightmares about Harry being whisked away by the buxom blond. Harry slept happily knowing he put Hermione's mind at ease.


Over the next few days, Harry adjusted to living with Sirius and Remus. He knew instantly that it was far different than living with the Jefferies; not better or worse just different. Sirius seemed to watch him like a hawk which made Harry a bit unnerved but after some long talks Sirius relaxed a bit.

Sirius and Harry had a chance to duel each other and Sirius found out the hard way not to underestimate his godson. They both used the stick and move method of dueling but Harry's spell chaining caught Sirius off guard. During one loss, Sirius berated Harry's use of unacceptable spells.

"What do you think you're doing casting such Dark Spells?"

"Those were no worse than the ones Master Filius had used against me. Why are you so angry?" Harry shouted back.

"If people knew you used those sorts of spells you could end up expelled or in prison or both. Where did you learn them?" Sirius growled.

"Those spells were from Durmstrang textbooks; you can buy them from their version of Diagon Alley. What are you going to say when I start learning foreign spells?" Harry debated strongly.

"Don't try to put this on me Boy," Sirius snarled.

"DON'T CALL ME BOY. I HAD ENOUGH OF THAT CRAP FROM VERNON," Harry shouted loosing his composure.

Sirius knew he hit a raw nerve and decided to drop the issue. The two didn't speak to each other for several hours but worked it out in the end. Sirius only thought was, how do you discipline a teenage adult that can kick your arse easily?


Harry also received many letters from his classmates thanking him for the book and asked several questions about what happened with Snape. Harry spoke with Luna and her father about writing an article about the incident but it was blocked by the Ministry. Although, Sirius and Xenophillius, Luna's father, signed a contract stating that the Quibbler had exclusive rights to anything pertaining to Harry. This news was not welcome with the Ministry or the Daily Prophet since they could no longer write what they chose about him.

The worst thing that happened to Harry since his arrival at the Doghouse was a letter from Ginny. He and Sirius apparated to the Burrow shortly after receiving it and Ginny immediately threw herself into Harry's arms and sobbed uncontrollably. Apparently she remembered more than she thought during her possession. They talked for hours about what she went through and her parents were more than upset about not knowing this sooner. This gave Harry another reason to study more and train harder to prepare for his eventual encounter with Tom.


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