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Chapter 19

She scrambled through the bushes, ignoring the pain as bare feet were cut, her hair being tangled in branches. She kept running, she had to run, she had to find help.


"I'm coming!" He called, not happy at being woken but he yanked the door open and froze as he stared at the person on his porch.

"He…lp," she crumpled, and he lunged to catch her, pulling her inside and through a devils trap just to be safe but it didn't catch her so he got her onto the couch and moved to tend the wounds he could see. She didn't seem to be in too bad health, a little thin maybe but then as he checked her abdomen he froze…stretch marks. He made the call to a doctor he knew, getting him out to look her over. "Well?" he asked when he was done.

"She's had a baby in the last few months," Doctor Jackson admitted. "It looks like she's been running for a while, I've wrapped her feet and I'll prescribe a few medications to help her recover. You know her?"

"Yeah, she's the girlfriend of my nephew. She went missing months ago and the timings right for the baby to be his," he admitted. "Damn it, none of us suspected foul play."

"You nephew…he wouldn't have…"

"Sam? No, his brother and him were here. Their Dad went a bit…crazy to be polite. He's been hunting the boys for years. Sam and Jess met in college where Sam was enrolled under a false name for his protection. He didn't tell her, wanting to wait and then John found them and shot at them, barely missing her. They came here, and Jess didn't handle the truth too well, she ran off. We tried to find her, found the car abandoned a few towns over and then nothing. This is going to kill him," Bobby shook his head.

"I'll leave the prescriptions and instructions. If she starts showing signs of infection bring her in and I'll admit her for care."

"Thanks." They shook, and he left.

Bobby hesitated, looking at the phone and then picked it up.


Sam grinned as Jo teased Dean, they still got one room only, even when she was with them, he just went for a walk when they needed time alone. It was safer to have them all in the same room, in case of attack. His phone rang, and he answered, seeing Bobby's name. "Hey Bobby." That got the others attention. Sam listened, frowning and then the phone slipped from his hand and his legs buckled.

"Sam!" Dean caught him as Jo grabbed the phone to talk to Bobby.

Sam clung to him, tears flowing as he sobbed, and Dean cradled him close, looking at Jo who looked a little pale.

"Thanks Bobby," she hung up. "I'll start packing, we need to get to his place."


"Jess is at his place and she's not in good condition," she answered as she began packing their bags. Dean's eyes widened as he hugged his brother.

"We're going Sammy, we're going to see her," he promised, getting Sam up and moving. They were soon packed and in the car, Jo driving behind them.


Sam practically ran from the car as they pulled into the yard, running for the house where Bobby was waiting. "She's here?"

"Yeah kid, turned up on my porch last week. She's been checked out by a doctor I trust. Looks like she walked here from a long way. She's been in and out, pain meds are pretty strong thanks to her feet," Bobby explained as Dean and Jo caught up, letting them inside. "Guestroom on the right," he called, and Sam bounded up the stairs.

He opened the door to see her sleeping, blond hair hallowed around her head. She looked thinner but okay. He walked to the bed and sat in the chair beside it, gently taking her hand and she stirred, slowly waking up. "Hey," he whispered.

"Sam?" she whispered, and he nodded.

"I'm here, you're safe now," he promised, kissing the back of her hand and she choked on a sob. She reached out to him and Sam moved to sit on the bed, pulling her into his arms and she clung to him.

"I'm sorry, so sorry," she sobbed.

"Shhh, it's okay," he soothed, gently running his fingers through her hair. "I love you, I was so scared for you."

"They took her!"

Sam pulled back to look into her eyes. "Took who Jess?" he asked in confusion.

"Our baby," she whispered, and Sam's eyes widened in shock.


"I…I was pregnant, I was going to come back and tell you. The doctor…his eyes went yellow and then I woke up in a room. They took her!"

Sam pulled her back in, rocking her as she cried, in shock. They had a baby? And yellow eyes? That could only mean one thing, it was back, the demon was back and now it had their baby. "We'll find her, no matter what it takes. How did you escape?"

"He said they were going to kill me in front of you, I couldn't let them. There was a window, with bars…one was a little lose."

"That's my girl," he praised quietly, lying down, curled around her.

"I love you, I'm sorry," she whispered, leaning in to kiss him. "You're still my Sam, I should have listened."

"I should have explained before," he admitted quietly. "Did they hurt you?"

"No…they wanted her to be healthy. After they just kept me as leverage."

"We have a baby girl," that was…mind blowing.

"Mary Alice Winchester," she smiled shakily, and he swallowed.

"That's beautiful."

"She has your hair and blue eyes, but babies' eyes can change."

"I can't wait to meet her. We'll find her Jess," he promised. "You should rest," he kissed her forehead.


"Always," he swore.