Dear Readers,

This is not a new chapter. I am sorry. It's a letter. I warned you guys. It was there.

On to the serious part, I have no idea how long this letter will be. I am writing as I go and will upload it immediately, regardless of grammar/spelling mistakes. I want to write this letter out of pureness and rawness...if that makes sense.

First, I want to thank you guys so much for reading this story. I know that the reviews automatically suggest it, but this has been my most successful story so far on and I can't thank you guys enough for that. I wanted to let you guys know that I wrote this shortly before senior year and continued it until two weeks after graduation. Let me tell you something about graduation: It was super stressful. Between college applications, sports, Key Club, AP classes, social life, it was tiresome. I felt so lost this year, not really knowing who my true friends were. Key Club was so hectic and I always felt like I was never a good president or captain or all that stuff. I didn't think I worked hard enough for school and I was so scared that I wouldn't get into UCSD, my dream school. I never cried so much until this year. I even had some scary moments where sucidal thoughts came to my head. Don't worry, it wasn't like I was going to kill myself but the thoughts were there, and that was what scared me the most. Was I so stressed out that I was having thoughts of suicide? Did that mean I was depressed?

Luckily, somebody told me it was okay to be curious of suicide as long as I wasn't acting on it. There's so much talk about other kids doing it that it's not abnormal for it to occur in our heads. I already know that I would never do it. My family and friends would be so depressed that I would never want to force on them. I was also so scared to talk about my real feelings and troubles with my friends, I felt I was too guarded with them no matter how cheerful and goofy I was. That's where fanfiction came in; to act as my escape. I loved writing every single word for this story because it just calmed me down. To be honest, I wished I took better care with this story because when I re-read it, I found so many amateur grammar/spelling errors that I want to face-palm myself. But overall, I guess I have to live with those imperfections as a reminder. That's why it means so much to me that you guys supported this story so much. I went on Tumblr and found people suggesting this story so many times, I wanted to cry in happiness. I know I'm not on the level of Color Theory, Blind, Ripples (beautiful stories there), but seeing people reccommend this story to others on Tumblr and on some SasuSaku fansite made me felt like I was (not to sound TOO cocky and arrogant). Again, thank you so much.

I will take this part to discuss about my journey with "How Uchiha Sasuke Romanced Haruno Sakura." First of all, I started this story on a whim. I had this idea all of sudden, wrote the first chapter quickly, and uploaded it. This whole drama plot that happened? That was not my initial plan. I just wanted to write a story where Sasuke and Sakura had three kids who would hear stories about their dating life. That's why the first four-five chapters are inconsistent with the storyline, at least character-wise. Sousuke was not as insecure and polite as I later developed him as, which was my greatest concern. The idea of this deep, thriller-driven plot did not come to mind until I fully-developed the characters in my head, and what potential this story could unlock if I returned the focus to the children, specifically Sousuke.

However, I don't regret how I introduced the two older kids. In my head, I've always wanted the oldest son to be more similar to Sakura and the oldest daughter to be similar to Sasuke. However, I had to present them in a way that wouldn't show it outright. In the beginning, it's obvious that Sousuke's more like Sasuke and Kimiko to Sakura. I wanted you guys to keep reading on and realize that they're more similar to the opposite gender parent because that's how I saw more fit. Sousuke was supposed to be everything that Sasuke wasn't; polite, caring, happier, but insecure and hesitant of his position in life. Although people in the story consider him this "perfect gentleman," he's still very insecure and lost about his status as the oldest son to the Uchiha clan. That was how I developed his character around: the pressure.

Kimiko, on the pretty much the child of Sasuke and Inner Sakura. Never once does her mind and words not match. She was always meant to more confident than Sousuke by a million times. This is due to the fact that she was free from the pressure of the oldest children, being that she was the middle. She is able to freely speak her mind without anybody worrying about how it would affect her clan's reputation. It is also why I made her the cocky and rashful one out of the children, similar to Sasuke. I wanted her to be tough, but also prone to fear when it overcomes her, especially when it concerns those she loves. If I had to describe her, it is this: Uchiha Kimiko is loud, aggressive, short-tempered, overly-confident in herself, and rebellious. However, she is deeply concerned for her brother and always feels that she does not do enough for them except spit snarky words to those who attack them.

God, I write them like I just made a wiki page for these characters.

Anyway, for Kenji...naturally, because he's the youngest at five, I HAD to make him cute and naive and adorable and what not. But I also wanted him to understand what was happening around him. Yes, I made him dumb and naive, but not THAT much. He's still very much aware of what it means to come from the Uchiha clan. He may not know the real reasons, but he feels it. That's why I found it important to address his "position" among the siblings in the last chapter. That sense of helplessness is something that is common among the youngest child in the family, so it was important to include that.

Hmm, I wish I included more Sakura in the story. When I write SasuSaku fanfiction, I always write more on Sasuke's perspective because I find his character interesting, hence why I rather developement. Even though Sakura's presence is clear through how the children behave, I still wanted to include more scenes with her. She also grew as a parent, and I failed to present that. If I could redo this story over again, I would put more Sakura, because even though Sasuke went through a terrible past and had to grow more, Sakura needed time to shine too. For Sasuke, I was honestly worried that I did make him too OOC being a pervert and talking more. However, I reasoned myself that it was okay; he's older, happier, especially after like twenty years. And he's a parent. People do change when they have children, no matter how small or little. However, to make up for this, I did my very best to keep Sasuke in character during the flashbacks, so that's how I justified Sasuke's characterization as a parent.

Let's see, what could I have fixed for this story? Grammar and spelling. Definitely. That was embarassing. I may have been half-tired when I wrote those chapters due to senior year, but that is no excuse. People busier than me have uploaded perfectly written chapters with zero mistakes. I have to upgrade myself if I want to do better. Another fix? I still need to master the skill of using less words but the same effect. THe total word count for this story is over 150K, and that is WAY too long for a normal book. I want to practice "less is more" words in a story, so I have to try that.

What are my worries now? Well, I'll be a freshman in college. I don't know how my schedule will work out since I'll be too busy to study, let alone write fanfiction. To be honest, after seeing how successful "How Uchiha Sasuke Romanced Haruno Sakura," I am truly scared of writing my next story. I felt such a high with this story that I'm scared of feeling disappointment if I don't have the same one with my next story. I wonder if it will be as successful of this, and I worry that it won't. However, I just have to take a risk. I will have great stories and I will have terrible ones. I just have to try and see what happens. I shouldn't let reviews determine the strength of a story, even though it is so easy to believe that way. I need to improve as a writer. So for my next story, I am doing LEGIT planning. No joke; I even wrote it on a notepad with a real pencil. For my next story, I am going to take my time. Treat it like a real baby. I can only hope and work hard for it.

So again, thank you to those who read every chapter of this story. I know most of my hits come from the first chapter. There's like over 25K on my first chapter, but for the rest, there's an average of 2K so I know people read the first then ditch it. That's okay; it happens alot. But I am very thank for the ones who read every single chapter. I am also thankful for those who brough smiles to my face by reviewing. Whether it was one or every chapter, short as a sentence or long as a paragraph, it made my day reading your reviews. As of right now, there are exactly 821 reviews. That's a good amount for a story with 25 chapters, ne? I dunno if it will ever reach 1000. I would like to see that happen, but I won't be surprised if it doesn't. However, one could hope right?

Until next time, dear readers. Thank you so much for being an important part of my senior year. I will do my best to present you guys with a new story if you would like to stick with me. The support you guys have given me have brought me such happiness that I can't explain. I may not strive a career as a writer, but as a does great wonders for my peace.

With love,