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I watch as Hope toddles through the long blades of grass of the meadow, my husband, Peeta, chasing after her. Her delighted screams and giggles make a large smile spread across my face. Today is her first birthday. It's hard to believe it's been a year since she was born already. It feels like it was only yesterday.

So much has happened; Peeta and I got married (Snow insisted that we had a grand Capitol wedding), Finnick and his wife, Annie, had a son who they named Finnick Junior and Haymitch stopped drinking. Okay, the last one was a lie.

Peeta running towards me with Hope in his arms brings me out of my thoughts. "You ready to go home?" he asks, his sky-blue eyes shining with love and happiness.

"Yeah," I reply and take Hope into my arms, balancing her on my hip as she grins at Peeta.

"Gaggy," she giggles and I look at Peeta with wide-eyes.

"Say that again," I say.

"Gaggy," Hope repeats and points at her tearful father.

"She said daddy!" he grins.

"Nearly," I reply.

"It was close enough," he insists and I smile at how delighted he is.

"You are going to spoil her rotten," I say as we walk towards our house.

"Of course I am," he replies while making Hope laugh by making funny faces. "She's daddy's little Mockingjay."

"Gaggy," Hope laughs. This makes me smile. There's no sound better than a baby's high-pitched giggle.

We arrive in the Victor's Village a few minutes later and we walk towards our house. It's when Peeta says my name do I look from Hope to my house. There I find a shiny black limousine parked right in front of my house. Suddenly I don't want to go inside.

I look at Peeta and we both start to turn to go back to the Meadow or somewhere else when we hear a door creak open. I look back at my house and find the door wide open and a strict-looking Peacekeeper standing in the doorway. I know we can't make a run for it now and I sigh in defeat.

I hold Hope tighter and follow Peeta into our house. The smell hits me before I even get inside and I force myself not to gag. Blood and roses, that means one thing- Snow is here. I close the door behind us and turn to find my parents and Prim standing in the hall. "President Snow is waiting for you in the office," the Peacekeeper says and I nod. I hand Hope over to Prim and walk towards the office with Peeta.

Another Peacekeeper stands outside the door. Just before he opens the door for us I take Peeta's hand and give it a squeeze. I have a really bad feeling about this. Nothing is good if it comes straight from Snow's mouth. The Peacekeeper opens the door for us and we step inside.

I see President Snow has made himself comfortable. He's sitting on a large red leather chair behind a large wooden desk. "Ahh, Mr and Mrs. Mellark. You have finally arrived," Snow says. "Please, please, take a seat."

We do as he says and sit next to eachother on the two uncomfortable wooden chairs opposite him. "It's," Peeta starts and then clears his throat before finishing. "… Nice to see, sir."

"It's an honour to be here," he replies and smiles with his puffy pink lips.

"Is there a reason you have come to our home or is this a friendly visit," I speak up, trying to keep the sarcasm out of my voice.

"You can decide what it is later," he replies. "I have given you two so much. I don't think you really appreciate what I have done for you two."

"Of course you have. You give us money and this huge house," Peeta says and Snow shakes his head.

"Those things are nothing. I have made sure little Primrose hasn't been reaped… again, I let both of you come out of the arena together, I even stopped the Quarter Quell so you could go home with your baby," he replies and Peeta nods while I sit there stiffly, questions taking all over my mind. Why is here? What does he want?

"As you know there have been trouble in some of the districts, that is all being stopped. I have sent Peacekeepers to each district, Peacekeepers who won't hesitate to kill, and they'll stop all of the mutts that are planning an uprising. I want to make a deal with you two. No uprisings and Prim won't get hurt, your father will be safe in the mines," he says. "The bakery won't magically burn down and District 12 will not be bombed."

We sit in silence; I'm too horrified to speak. "You promise?" I finally say.

"Oh, Katniss. We agreed not to lie to eachother of course I promise," he smirks.

"Fine," Peeta replies and I nod.

"We'll do as you say. No uprisings," I say.

"Great," Snow sighs. "Now that's settled I'd like you to know that you'll be mentoring the next Hunger Games with out Haymitch's help. The reaping will be in two months."

"Thanks you for informing us," Peeta says kindly, even though I bet he wants to rip Snow's head off. I sure do.

Snow stands up and Peeta and I do the same. "Oh and before I go could I possibly see your baby?" Snow asks. Like he'll give us a choice.

"Of course," I say and we follow him into the kitchen where my whole family is waiting.

I take Hope off Prim and hand her over to President Snow. "Can she walk yet?" he asks, faking interest.

"Yes, she started walking a couple of weeks ago," Peeta replies.

"Well, she is a beauty. The Capitol will love her," Snow says and I freeze. What is he trying to say? That he's going to sell my daughter like Finnick Odair? Because it sounds like he's hinting.

"Yes, she is," I say and notice for the first time how my parents seem to be frozen, watching the little discussion.

"Hello, Hope," Snow says, smirking down at my baby. Her lips tremble and she points a finger in his direction.

"Baddy," she says in the clearest voice ever. Once again I freeze. Baddy!

There's a long silence for about a minute before my father laughs and Snow seems to be the only one who can't tell his laugh is fake. "Nearly, Hope. It's daddy. President Snow isn't daddy," my father says.

I sigh silently in relief. Snow laughs and soon we are all laughing awkwardly too.

"Well I have to go. But please do visit the Capitol as you please and bring along your little… angel," Snow says and hands Hope back to me. No one says a word until he leaves and when he does I look at Hope and smile.

"You were right. That man… he's a baddy," I say and her lips tremble again.

She points to the door. "Baddy," she whispers and then looks at me with terrified eyes.

"He won't hurt you," I whisper and start rocking her. "I promise."

I didn't know until fourteen years later that that was a promise I couldn't keep…

The End

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Hope Mellark thought she was safe. She didn't think she'd ever be reaped. But on the reaping for the 90th Hunger Games her name is called. The little Mockingjay was born in the arena and now there's a big chance she'll die there, too.