Chapter One

Dimitris Pov

Today was the day I got my charge I was so excited for the prospects of working with my friends Princess Lissa, Lord Christian and my girlfriend Tasha, the names of the novices were being read out along with their charges.

I was really happy that Lissa and Christian got our friends Mason and Eddie they would be safe with those two looking out for them. It helped that Lissa and Christian were getting married next fall.

"Natasha Ozera your charge will be Guardian Simon Baker" Alberta read out.

I didn't like the way she was looking at him or the way he looked at her.

"Dimitri Belikov, your charge will be Rosemarie Mazur" Albert said in a clear voice. It wouldn't have mattered you could hear a pin drop. I was shocked and stunned, they were sending me to her, was I being punished. Rose Mazur wasn't even royalty and had a notorious reputation.

I swallowed and nodded heading out to pack my things. Once done I headed out for one more meal with my friends. Tasha was absent so I would see her later.

"Sorry about your charge man" Eddie said "what did you do to deserve that?"

"I wish I knew" I said. Glancing at the clock it was nearing my departure time, I headed out to say goodbye to Tasha. I had a key to her dorm, lots of late night visits, what I wasn't prepared for was to find Tasha on her knees in front of her Guardian blowing him off

"I always knew you were a whore Natasha" I sneered she looked at me at what I assume was supposed to be seduction and slowly lent forward with Simons dick still in her mouth. I was totally disgusted with what I was seeing, what she was inviting.

She was pulling up her dress and slowly pulling down her panties, she gave Simons cock one more suck before looking at me,

"Fuck me Dimka; you know you want to fuck me you know this turns you on"

I had never been more disgusted in my life. Who was this woman? I turned around and started to head out I could hear two bodies slamming together as I walked down the corridor.

I headed out to the airport to meet my Guardian Partner Mikhail Tanner, he had been rose Mazur Guardian since she was ten rumors were she was fucking him. Moroi girls are all whores I thought to myself.

"You must be Dimitri Belikov" he said reaching out to shake my hand "I am Mikhale Tanner"

I shook his hand and boarded the plane, looking around I noticed Ms. Mazur wasn't with us. The plane was one of great luxury but then again what did you expect for a Moroi, I settled into my seat as the plane taxied to the runway.

"Where is Rose?" I asked

"She is in Turkey, hopefully in bed" he was saying with exasperation

"Oh she cannot drag herself out of bed to meet her Guardian?" even I could hear the scorn in my voice "probably a slut like the rest of them"

The next thing I know I am flat on my back with a really pissed of Turkish guy pounding me in the face, with one final punch I was out cold.