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Kakashi's POV

"You alright Kakashi-teme? You look like you've seen a ghost."

The smirk directed at him was so uncharacteristic on his former teammate's face that Kakashi immediately opened his mouth to attempt to deny the man's identity.

He wasn't given a chance as the man thrust his palm into Kakashi's chest, and threw Kakashi off his feet.

The two were in the middle of the fallen Konoha; it had been destroyed after three days of non-stop fighting between Konoha, and few of their allies, against the remaining members of the Akatsuki.

Kakashi was one of the few left alive, and the last one that could still fight, having left the village a couple of weeks before in an attempt to recruit more villages to help them. He had been one of the few available at the time, otherwise he never would have left.

Usually they would send a messenger of lower rank and ability since they needed the stronger ninja to help fight, but with all of the fighting outside of the village they were afraid that a lower-ranked messenger wouldn't survive long enough to reach the other villages. Besides, as far as their intel showed, Konoha wouldn't be attacked for another month at least.

As soon as he'd heard of the Akatsuki nearing Konoha after just a short week-and-a-half, he'd started to race back, having nothing to show for his efforts. The other village's he'd visited had either already fallen, or didn't have any ninja to spare as they too sought to protect their homes.

When he'd returned to Konoha he'd been too late. Most of the Akatsuki had fallen, but so had Konoha.

He had been cautiously looking around the village, searching for any survivors so that they could escape to somewhere safer, when he'd run into the orange masked ninja.

At first he had assumed the man was Uchiha Madara, as all of their intel had pointed towards. It wasn't impossible. The man had such a reputation that even though he should have died by now, there was a huge possibility that he could have stayed alive through one technique or another.

Only after Kakashi had broken the mask, when the man had been distracted by Kakashi's ninken, did Kakashi see who had really been the cause of all the destruction, and the war that had gone on for the past several years.

Despite the damage to his face, the right half showing the extensive scarring from when Obito had been crushed and the rinnegan in his right eye, there was no mistaking him for anyone other than his former teammate, and any denial was just wishful thinking on his part.

He couldn't believe Obito could have done something like this, but really didn't have much time to think past that, as he was still in a lot of danger.

Kakashi was injured pretty heavily, and while he'd been able to remove the orange-swirled mask, that was pretty much all he'd accomplished in his attacks. The other man wasn't even sweating and his breathing showed that he wasn't taxing himself in the least as he fought. It was unlikely that this had been due to a large gap in their skills though. Kakashi hadn't slept in several days, and had run out of food before that. He'd also increased his speed using chakra, and hadn't been at his full capacity when he'd stumbled upon Obito.

The two fighters were currently at the point where the marketplace met the civilian district, and most of the houses in the area had been decimated. Wood from the houses, broken up furniture, and bodies littered the streets around them. The air carried the distinct scent of burning hair and flesh.

Kakashi winced as Obito's strike to his chest broke a couple of his ribs, and he then landed hard on his back in a pile of broken up wood. He felt a few pieces puncture his clothing, and then enter his body painfully.

He cried out and tried to rise but before he could get himself to a better stance the man's foot was on his chest, keeping him pinned to the ground. The pain from his ribs kept him from moving, and he marveled at the fact that his lungs hadn't been punctured yet.

Before he could react, his cloth mask was torn from his face.

"Hmm, that's it? I was expecting you were either extremely ugly, or extremely attractive, with the way you refused to show your face."

The man shook his head in mock disappointment, before he shrugged and threw the mask aside, kunai moving to Kakashi's throat.

"No matter, I'd like an apology from you now. I know it won't matter much in the long run, nothing will change and I'll still kill you, but at least let me hear it from you, Kakashi-teme," he requested, pressing down with the weapon and drawing blood from the copy nin's throat.

"Obito," he coughed out.

"Yes, I suppose that was my name, though it doesn't matter much anymore. I'm surprised that you picked now of all times to speak unnecessarily. All I want is an apology," he mused, smirking at his fallen former teammate.

Kakashi coughed a bit more and Obito pulled back the weapon just a bit to allow him to speak, probably so that he wouldn't accidentally kill him before getting his response. From his earlier tone, it was likely that he also wanted to continue to play with Kakashi some more before killing him.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't save you, and that I left you behind. I'm so so-," the weapon pressed down harder than before and Obito's face morphed into a snarl of rage, his mismatched eyes flashing angrily. Kakashi gave a strangled cough beneath him.

"You think this is about me? You think I'm doing all of this because of some revenge for something you had no control over? I never blamed you for that. What I cannot forgive is you letting her die," he growled, pulling back the kunai and striking Kakashi's temple with the butt of the weapon. Kakashi's vision spotted at the blow and he fought to stay conscious.

"Who?" Kakashi asked dazedly as he tried to stay focused on the situation at hand.

"Who? WHO!?" Obito shouted, shifting and stomping on Kakashi's right hand, they both heard the crunch as several of his bones broke and he bit back a cry. A weak whimper still escaped.

Obito removed his foot and dropped down, placing his left knee on Kakashi's chest, along with a great deal of weight.

Kakashi exhaled sharply at the pain caused by his broken ribs and his numerous other injuries. Try as he might, he could not draw in a breath, and he doubted his lungs were still intact.

That didn't matter much, he would die relatively quickly after Obito had finished whatever he had planned. Kakashi couldn't hope to put up any sort of fight against him anymore.

"Our teammate! You promised me you'd protect her! You should have died in her place! Without Rin this world should not exist!" he growled and then threw himself backwards off of Kakashi who tried to catch his breath.

"You know what you bastard, you get to be in the center of my greatest achievement. Witness the end of this hell."

Obito's sharingan sprang to life in the mangekyou form and he started through his hand seals.

Kakashi frowned, pushing himself up as much as he dared with his injuries, struggling with the nearly impossible task. His lungs weren't working properly, but he figured they hadn't been punctured since he hadn't drowned in his own blood yet.

Finally he gave up on his futile struggle and focused on the Uchiha, "Obito, stop. You can't do this. Rin's alive," he cried.

His voice was extremely forced, as it became more and more difficult to draw a breath. He slowly allowed himself to fall back, trying to relieve the pressure on his body as much as he could to prolong his life long enough to give Obito the truth.

Obito glared at him, "You'd even lie about Rin's memory to save yourself. That's pathetic," he spat at the copy nin in anger.

Kakashi shook his head, "No, you don't understand. That's not the full story. Sensei and I faked Rin's death to protect her. She was in danger, your clan figured out that she was the one who transplanted your eye. They thought that she'd learned the secret of your bloodline, they wanted her dead. She's been living in Vegetable ever since. She sent me a letter just a couple of month ago," he explained hurriedly through gasps as he tried to breath inward, only succeeding in expelling more oxygen. He figured he would die in another minute.

Obito's POV

Obito slowed in his hand seals after Kakashi's explanation, staring at the silver-haired nin.

Faked her death? Rin was still alive?

That seemed too good to be true, then the rest of the words hit him. She had been in Vegetable?

"E-Excuse me?" he asked shakily, wishing that he hadn't sounded so uncertain. He was unsure if he wanted to hear this or not. If Kakashi was telling the truth, well, he wasn't sure that he could live with the implications.

Kakashi nodded from where he lay on the ground looking at Obito cautiously, "She's still alive," he gasped out, "and she's just fine. She runs the hospita-," he abruptly stopped speaking, beginning to cough.

"No. You're lying. You have to be."

Obito had stopped forming seals and was staring at Kakashi in horror.

It couldn't be true. If it was then what had he done?

Kakashi shook his head weakly in disagreement with Obito's words, but didn't say anything more.

Seeing his old teammate was starting to fade out of consciousness, Obito moved to Kakashi's side, starting to heal the man's lungs and ribs enough for him to be able to breathe.

He needed to know what Kakashi was talking about, if he was telling the truth or just lying to him. While he hoped that he was being lied to, he couldn't shake the feeling that Kakashi was being completely truthful.

"She sent me a picture. She's adopted several children there. She looks almost like she did when she left, a bit older of course, and she grew out her hair. She had to dye it when she went into hiding, and she picked black in memory of you…"

Obito didn't hear the rest of Kakashi's tired and gasping explanation.

The woman that ran the hospital? Black hair? The marks on her face had matched Rin's and he'd ordered her death because she had reminded him so much of her that it had been painful. She had been alive this entire time? Kakashi hadn't broken his promise? Obito had been the one that had killed her?

"No, no, no, no, no, no, No, NO, NO, NO."

He screamed, gripping his head his hands.

This wasn't how things were supposed to turn out. He was supposed to complete the technique, go back in time, and make sure that Rin survived.

He would then destroy Kakashi, let everyone know what kind of person he was, how he only cared about himself.

Only, with this information he had not only misjudged his teammate, but he was completely at fault.

Kakashi hadn't broken his promise. He had done everything he could to take care of Rin.

"Obito?" Kakashi's weak voice broke him out of his shock.

"You have to be lying. She died and she wasn't in Vegetable. Tell me she wasn't in Vegetable," Obito ordered, tears pouring down his face as he knew that it was the truth.

"She was, I don't understand what's-."

Obito cut him off with a pain-filled cry, beginning to attack everything in sight. Kakashi once again broke him from his tantrum.

"What exactly is going on?" Kakashi asked hesitantly, flinching when Obito turned to him and Obito was dimly aware of his sharingan still being activated.

"I killed her," Obito said, voice full of self-loathing.

"Vegetable fell three weeks ago, I ordered everyone dead, man, woman, and child. I confirmed the deaths myself," he explained hollowly. He didn't want to admit to it, not even to himself, but after what he'd just learned, he owed Kakashi that much at least.

Kakashi's eyes widened in disbelief and his voice shook when he spoke, "Rin? Please, tell me you didn't. She was all I had left I…"

Obito's opinion of himself dropped much lower when he heard the agony in the man's voice.

"You… How? Why?" Kakashi asked dazedly, looking up at him with a lost expression, no fear in his eyes as he met the mangekyou sharingan, when he had avidly avoided it before now.

Obito flinched back at the expression Kakashi wore, it was completely defeated and broken, he had accomplished part of his goal, but celebrating was the furthest thing from his mind.

He had done all of this to avenge Rin, a woman who wasn't even dead. And to make matters worse, he had blamed and taken it out on Kakashi, who was protecting her. It looked as though she meant as much to him as she did to Obito.

"You killed Rin, and, and you caused sensei's death. Naruto too. You killed sensei's son, Kushina-nee-chan, Pakkun, Bull, Urushi…" his voice dropped as he continued to mutter the names of his ninken that Obito had personally killed in the past hour of fighting.

He'd made sure that it was brutal, tearing most them to pieces, and crushing the others, forcing yelps and howls of pain from each one of them before they died.

In the past he'd imagined how pitiful Kakashi's voice would be as he pleaded for his life, but even though the tone was so much more pathetic than he'd ever expected from his former rival, he couldn't take any pleasure in it.

It actually made him sick now, especially knowing that he was the cause of it.

The last member of his old team, as of three weeks ago, he thought grimly, was falling apart right in front of him, and it was all his fault.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt Kakashi grab his arm.

He flinched in surprise at the touch, Kakashi had been quite a ways away when he'd started to tune him out, and despite his healing him, Kakashi should have been in too much pain to move.

He didn't push Kakashi away. As it was Kakashi was probably going to kill him, and to be honest he deserved much more than just death for what he'd done.

He wasn't expecting what came next as he felt the hilt of a kunai slide into his hand.

"You said that you would kill me didn't you. Please, just please finish it. I know I don't deserve it but I want to see sensei and Rin again and it'll make you feel better right?" Kakashi asked in a small, shaky voice, and Obito nearly fell apart as well at how Kakashi begged for death.

Kakashi hold weakened less than a minute later and he collapsed to the ground.

Obito crouched down, thinking that he'd finally passed out from his injuries, but that wasn't the case.

Kakashi was still conscious, but both of his eyes were glazed over, he was shaking horribly, and his breath was coming in gasping sobs.

"Kakashi," Obito called, waving his hand in front of the man's face and then pinching him to try and get his attention. Nothing worked and Obito sat back to observe him, completely at a loss as to what he should do.

He had been so focused on revenge, revenge that turned out to be needless.

He had gotten it, he had destroyed the man he'd wanted revenge on, and now that he'd done it he would do anything to undo it. Reaching out he started to heal the man's injuries further, having learned a great deal of medical ninjutsu. It was necessary to transplant new eyes after all.

The next several days were hell for him, and he definitely deserved it.

Kakashi had finally passed out, and when he'd regained consciousness he had definitely not been any Kakashi that Obito had ever known.

Obito had only wanted a reaction from him when he'd awakened, and what he gotten had made him feel worse than trash.

When Kakashi had woken up he had looked at Obito uncertainly for several minutes before he'd reached out for him.

"Obito, you're alive," Kakashi had said in wonder, reaching out to him hesitantly, almost as if he thought this was a dream, and Obito might not actually be there.

Obito didn't pull back as Kakashi touched his face and he had been unprepared for the silver haired man to lunge forward, hugging him tightly.

"I'm so glad. It was my fault, it should have been me in that rock slide. Rin and sensei were so upset. I know they both blamed me. I wasn't supposed to wake up, but I'm glad I did so that I can apologize," he babbled into Obito's neck.

The relief in his voice made Obito blink back tears, but he tried to focus on what the man was telling him.

"You weren't supposed to wake up?" Obito asked in confusion.

He felt Kakashi nod and the man pulled back, wiping the tears from his eyes.

"I got you killed. Did you know that my dad failed a mission to save his teammates? I dishonored his memory, so I tried to repent," he explained. Obito's breath caught in his throat. Kakashi had tried to kill himself? He hadn't expected his death to have affected his former teammate that much.

Sure, his past interactions with the man when he went by Tobi had shown the man was a lot different than how he had been when they were teammates, but he'd thought that it had been Minato's death that had affected him, not his supposed one.

"But it looks like I survived, did Rin heal me?" Kakashi continued, unaware of Obito's inner turmoil as he looked around for the girl.

"No, I…" Obito's words died in his throat. Kakashi obviously wasn't in his right mind, and he couldn't bear to break the news to the man all over again, even though he knew that Kakashi deserved to know everything that was going on at this moment, and so much more.

"What happened?" the silver-haired nin was looking at him in confusion now, obviously meaning the destruction around them.

Obito observed him silently, he was a bit confused as to how Kakashi hadn't noticed he was a lot older than he should have been, that Obito was now thirty instead of the younger age that Kakashi's memory seemed to be sending him to, also that Obito had two eyes, one of them very different, instead of the one that he should have had after the accident.

"Are you alright Obito?" he flinched as Kakashi looked at him worriedly.

"Stop looking at me like that, you should be cursing me, or trying to kill me," Obito thought in agony.

He had been the cause of all of Kakashi's pain in the past thirteen years after all, starting with the death of their sensei. Hell, probably before that since he hadn't returned to Konoha after he'd started to recover.

"I'm sorry Obito."

Kakashi's voice broke him out of his thoughts once more and Obito swallowed hard as bile started to rise in his throat.

"Since you're alive that means that we left you there all alone. I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I just want you to know how sorry I am," Kakashi continued sincerely, not noticing the effect it was having on his former teammate.

Obito humored the teen trapped in the man's body for the next three days the best he could.

He had worked up the courage to explain what had happened to Kakashi on the second day, but Kakashi hadn't been interested at the time and the news of Minato's and Rin's deaths hadn't seemed to register with him.

The silver-haired nin's thoughts were all over the place, one minute he was talking to Obito about the things that happened in the days following his death, then he would jump to begging for forgiveness as if he hadn't already done so many times before, and then he would ask about Rin and Minato again. The thoughts never stayed with him for long though, and he never remembered the conversations from the days prior. Obito had had to repeat himself several times, but it was the least he could do for the man.

Obito also got Kakashi to eat, the copy cat hadn't even thought about such things, and Obito had had to agree to eat as well before Kakashi would do so. Obito wasn't able to keep anything down though, making sure Kakashi was safe before heading off to throw up whatever he'd just eaten.

"Stop," Obito muttered on the third day when Kakashi was once again kneeling in front of him in apology, he couldn't take this anymore. Kakashi looked up at him in confusion, having heard something, but not sure exactly what had been said.

"Just stop it Kakashi, I can't take this," he felt tears start to pour down his face and grabbed Kakashi's torn collar, dragging the man close to him, sharingan activating.

It only took a few moments for him to break the barrier to Kakashi's memories. He released him, allowing Kakashi to fall back. Now that Kakashi was back to normal he waited for the anger to come.

His stomach dropped even further as Kakashi knelt in front of him again, "I meant what I said. I'm sorry for leaving you alone there, and for everything that you've gone through, thinking Rin was dead for so long," he apologized sincerely.

Kakashi's POV

There was nothing left for Kakashi, and while he hadn't been fully aware just moments before, that didn't mean he didn't understand what was going on.

He had been blaming himself enough for everything for so long, but apparently he hadn't taken enough blame.

He now knew what had caused everything, and he felt guiltier than he had previously.

Not listening to Obito had caused him to be alone for who knows how long, crushed under the rocks. Not being able to defend Rin better had forced her into hiding. Not offering to finish the seal and offer up his soul in place of his sensei's had lead to Minato's death, and Naruto being orphaned. Not being in Vegetable when the Akatsuki had attacked had lead to Rin's death.

Everything could be traced back to the day that Obito had been abandoned, his fault.

"Kakashi," Obito's voice wavered as the man got his attention.

Kakashi looked up at him to see that the Uchiha was wiping tears away.

"This entire time, I wanted revenge on you, even though you didn't deserve it."

Kakashi opened his mouth to argue but Obito held up his hand to silence him, "You did nothing to warrant my revenge, and I took everything from you. This crusade I've been on, I wanted to destroy the world, this world without Rin in it, and all I accomplished was the death of thousands and actually killing the one person I wanted to avenge," he said with a self-deprecating smile.

He shifted and dropped down to Kakashi's level.

"I found a technique, one that requires a lot of sacrifices to work. I was going to use you as my final sacrifice, complete my revenge, but now I realize that I don't deserve this," he told him with a shake of his head.

Kakashi froze as Obito activated his sharingan and it shifted into the mangekyou state.

"It basically would give me a second chance, and I planned to destroy your younger self, and keep Rin safe," he explained.

Kakashi nodded, "I understand, you have every right-."

He was cut off by Obito shaking his head, "I don't deserve it, you however..." Kakashi tried to move as Obito started to make his hand seals, with no success. He was frozen in place by Obito's sharingan, and couldn't do anything, not even speak.

"This won't make up for anything, since you'll still have all your memories and all of the pain from before, and I'll understand if you kill my younger self to protect everyone. Just, please try and be happy," he requested.

Time seemed to stand still for him as Obito brought up a kunai and stabbed it through his own heart, creating the last hand seal with one hand as he did so.

"Goodbye, and I'm sorry," Obito told him as he died.

Kakashi didn't have any time to react before the area around them lit up in a blinding white, and he felt himself fall into darkness.

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