Sam stared with hatred burning in his eyes as his father gave him an ultimatum. Stay and forget about everything but hunting or leave and never come back. Fuming with anger, not seeing anyone but his father, Sam snarled, "fine."

Snatching his rutsack from the floor, Sam stormed out the door, bee lining for the bus stop. Halfway out of the parking lot, Sam felt a hand on his shoulder and he paused, closing his eyes; he knew it was his older brother. Leaving here meant leaving his older brother and as far as he was concerned his only family besides his brother's lover.


Sam squeezed his eyes shut even more as an unbidden memory peaked through. It was when he, Dean and Harry were at the Metallica concert and Dean had sought out the bathroom during a break in the show. Harry stared at Sam before handing over a credit card with his real name on.

"What's this for?" He had asked confused.

"It's for you to use when you get into trouble and to buy Dean pie," Harry told him with a serious expression.


"Because I am tired of Dean thinking he has only Bobby and me who love and care for him. Don't interrupt Sam. I know you and your father have issues but both of you forget Dean; the one who has always been there for you. I know you are going to be leaving for college here soon. Dean knows this too. In fact he is anticipating it. He wants you to excel at whatever you want to do," Harry paused, staring straight into Sam's eyes, "I'm giving you some advice, make these next few years the best you can with your brother. No chick flick moments, but a pie here and there. A quiet thank you or even a side hug will go a long with Dean. Do not leave him thinking that you don't care or love him. You have been his world."

Sam gaped like a fish, floundering to reply when Dean came back all grins and smirks enjoying the hell out of this concert. A chance to be his age and enjoy something he loves.

As Sam opened his eyes, he noticed Dean was in front of him now, looking concerned. Sam smiled half-heartedly; his big brother always looking out for him.

Sam pulled Dean into a bear hug and buried his face into Dean's neck taking the moment to get a hold of himself, but before he pulled back Sam whispered, "Thank you big brother."

As he pulled back, Sam could see the happiness lurking behind the confusion and sadness in his brother's eyes.

"I can't stay here with Dad anymore. I gotta go," Sam stated looking at his pack's strap.

"I know. I knew you would leave one day. Just promise me, you'll keep in touch with either me or Harry," Dean softly asked.

"I will Dean. Thank you for everything. If it hadn't been for you," Sam trailed off thoughts and memories flashing through his mind of everything Dean has done for him.

"I know Sammy," Dean answered pulling Sam in for a quick hug, "I gotta get back before Dad has an aneurism."

"You deserve more than this Dean," Sam stated staring at his brother.

"I live for hunting plus I get to see my smart assed brother head for college and I have a hot and kick ass boyfriend. I'm pretty lucky," Dean grinned, "Go get laid or something, maybe that will loosen that stick in your ass."

"Ha ha, jerk."


"Bye Dean," Sam resisted the urge to cling to his big brother.

"Bye Sammy," Dean waved partially as he began his trek back to the room.

"Take care of him Harry," Sam whispered into the night.

It was hour after Sam left, that his Dad tore out of the motel room intending to go to the bar and drink away his anger that his youngest had abandon his family.

Dean laid on his bed staring at the TV watching reruns when his phone buzzed.


"Hey love."

"Ry," Dean whispered eyes closing.

"Sam called. I'm here for you baby," Harry 's voice soothing his agonized heart and thoughts.

"Did I do the right thing letting him head off on his own?" Dean questioned eyes burning with unshed tears.

"You have raised him to the best off your abilities and if he can't survive from here on out than it was not your fault. That kid had more than enough support from you and encouragement to follow his dreams. He loves you De and he is never going to forget that."

Dean breathed in Harry's words, wishing that Harry was here with him and telling him in person but the life of a hunter is never easy.

"Just keep talking Ry," Dean softly spoke into the phone.

"I've been approached with a job offer," Harry confided, "I've accepted and I have the next few weeks to be free, to do whatever I want until I go away from training."

"Oh yeah?" Dean inquired quietly, heart breaking slightly at the thought of Harry being unreachable. They have talked about this topic many times. What would happen when Harry was approached, it wasn't an if but when. Harry was brilliant with computers and had wicked detecting skills; his friends had nicknamed him the 'mage'.

"So what do you say to spending some time together?"


"Well the weather is nice and Siri got me a motorcycle as a graduation gift. What if I followed you? Or trailed or something? That way at nights or days off we could be together?"

Dean thought it over, weighing the pros and cons. His dad might get suspicious but Dean desperately wanted the comfort of his love.

"Bring your weapons, just in case," Dean agreed. He knew Harry had a decent set of weapons, Dean had helped pick it out one summer when Harry was going through some combat and weapons classes. Not only that but Harry had bought twins to the weapons and given them to Dean.

"Deal. Do you know where you are heading next?"

"Dad had mentioned something in Colorado."

"Text me the coordinates and I will meet you there. And De?"

"Yeah Ry?"

"Sam still loves you."

"I know," Dean answered with a sad smirk.

"I love you."

Dean genuinely smiled as answered, "I love you too."

"See you soon."

"Yeah, see you soon."

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