This is my first Fan Fiction story. If anyone likes the beginning let me know and I will continue. These two have a long way to go. By the way, don't like TIVA so won't see any here.

Tony was over feeling sorry for himself. After the whole fiasco regarding Jeanne he had learned a few things about himself: 1) he liked being in love, 2) he liked being respected as a professor and 3) he remembered how much he loved learning and how well he did in school. That is how he found himself sitting in a PhD class at George Mason Saturday morning at 8am on a freezing cold January morning when he should have been in his nice warm bed. Wouldn't Probie be surprised to see him in this class? Tony had learned over time that Tim and Ziva really didn't respect him. They didn't understand that he knew about the jokes and the undercurrents of no respect. Tony had been getting that his whole life so it never surprised him, disappointed him, made him sad, but did not surprise. Even Gibbs had been treating him differently, especially since Mexico and Jeanne.

As Tony sat in the class waiting to begin, he sat thinking about all the different moments in his life that had led him here. Not even to this class, but where he was in life and what he wanted to do. He had turned down Rota and since Vance really did not like him, he didn't think that he would be seeing another promotion any time soon. Maybe it was time to get a different job. He received offers on a regular basis. Tony chuckled quietly again. Wouldn't Probie be surprised on how many offers and where they came from? Tony was sure even Gibbs did not know how many he received.

Tony had also learned to wear masks. He was very adept at making people see what they wanted and expected to see. Maybe he was at fault, only showing the goofy, fun-loving prankster, but you would think after almost five years with Tim and three with Ziva they would have learn more about him. It had really hurt him when Ziva had invited everyone over for dinner without him; and he never did hear a really good excuse. Tim continued to hold his education over Tony not thinking that Tony was not as smart as him because he went to MIT and Tony was a jock. What Tim forgot, was that Tony had been good enough to go pro. He had played in the Final Four. Tony may only talk about his PhyEd degree and Ohio State, but he also received a minor in music. When he started at NCIS Tony learned that he needed a Master's to be a Senior Field Agent. Did Tim really believe that Gibbs would allow Tony in that position without it? Did Tim think that Vance would? Tony knew that if he did not have his Masters in Criminology, Vance would have used that excuse to kick him to the curb. Vance really didn't like cops. He liked agents like Tim; smart on computers, slow on street smarts.

More people walked into the classroom. Tony once again concentrated on his surroundings. He didn't recognize anyone yet, but you never knew. Tony loved to people watch. It was so much fun for him. He could put stories to people he watched; this one was a spy, that one was a jewel thief. Then Tony saw a woman walk into the room, she was pretty with dark red hair. (Wouldn't Gibbs like her!) She was tall about 5'8", slender but not skinny. She came and sat at the desk next to him. Tony could feel his heart beat just a little quicker.

"Hello" said Tony.

She looked over and smiled, just a small one. The first thing she noticed where his green eyes, direct and piercing. As she focused on his face, she saw a very handsome man. She sighed and thought to herself "I am in so much trouble". The professor called the class to order.

After class was finished, Tony was gathering his belongings before he left. The professor was taking questions at the head of the class and he knew that he needed to talk to him before he left about his job and schedule. Tony waited his turn.

"Professor, I need a moment of your time please."

"Of course, what can I do for you Mr.?"

"DiNozzo, Tony DiNozzo. I wanted to tell you who I am and what I can do if I miss a class." He paused. "I don't want to, but I may not have a choice because of my job."

"What is it that you do that you would miss my class? I don't really approve of missing these classes. As you know there aren't that many to begin with and I cover a great deal of material at every class as you can see by today's example."

"Yes, Sir. I understand completely. I am a federal agent and I never know when I will be getting a phone call or when I need to go to a scene. I will do anything to make sure that I don't miss."

"What agency do you work for Mr. DiNozzo?"

Tony sighed. No one ever knew what his agency stood for. "NCIS."

"Navel Criminal Investigator Services. I bet you didn't expect me to know those initials." The professor laughed. "I used to be Navy myself. Ok, just keep me informed, let me know in advance if you can and I would recommend finding a partner in the classroom to help you with notes and such if you can. It would probably be better for you."

Tony looked around the classroom and saw the woman still sitting at her desk. Tony shrugged his shoulders. He had never been shy with the ladies so he figured all he had to do was ask. Maybe she would be willing to help him and he could make a new friend.

Tony walked up to the pretty redhead. "Hi, I'm Tony. We didn't get a chance to talk before class started. I thought maybe we could help each other out."

Alex looked up at Tony. At 6'2", it was a long way up and he sure was pretty. "Hi. I'm Alex. What can I do for you Tony?"

"I thought we could help each other out with the class. With studying and note taking and such." Tony smiled his best smile, the one that made every girl's heart melt. "I don't know about you, but schedule can be really flighty and I am looking for a study partner; someone that can share their notes with me if I can't make it to class or I can share with you. You understand, help each other out."

Alex thought about it. She paused before she answered. "Well, what do you do that you may not make it to class? It better be important. I would hate to think I am working with someone who doesn't care. I have to take this class for continuing education so I will not be fooling around."

Tony answered. "I'm a cop. We have to take weekend calls and we can have some really crazy hours. I just may need a little help sometimes. I also know that when I went to school to get my masters it helped to have someone to study with."

Alex looked at him again. Alex understood crazy, in both hours and days. After all, she was a marine and a JAG attorney. "Ok let's see how it goes. Here is my contact information. You can reach me on my cell." Tony took the piece of paper she had written on. Tony handed Alex his contact information as well.

Tony smiled at Alex. "Who knows, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

a/n What happens when Alex finds herself assigned to NCIS and what will Tony do?