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Chapter 22

I gazed out the bedroom window watching the wedding planners go about setting up for my big day. This wasn't what we really wanted but, it had been Jacob's wish that we did our vows in front of all our pack and family. Kaleb and I would've have been happy just to slip down to the registry office and have it done in minutes and no guests other than our pack.

"You got half an hour," Sue said coming up behind me and turning me to face her. My swollen stomach getting in the way of her warm embrace.

"Mama Sue, I'm scared," I whispered. I wasn't scared of getting married, far from it. I wanted to be married to my imprint, my forever. It was what was growing inside me that made me scared. We hadn't intended to start a family just yet but, somehow I mixed up my dates and mated with Kaleb on the final day of my heat. He was only eighteen and ready to head off to college to become a doctor. Mama Sue pulled me to the bed and sat me down placing her hand on my belly.

"Of course you're scared and don't think you're the first person to be so," she smiled. "I have had this conversation with every single one of your pack, including Leah. Remember it's natural to feel scared. Plus sweetie, its a bit late to change your mind," she giggled.

I did remember the others being nervous. The fear of the birth was not what was bothering me though. I had seen each of the births and knew I would be surrounded by my pack. It was being a parent that scared me know end. I still felt a child myself always looking to Brady for advice or even Embry. Brady was the first of many but, he seemed the most relaxed as though he knew he was going to be just fine. And he was right, he and Paul were amazing parents. They knew the time for fun and the time for discipline.

Brady was the one that held me together when my imprint was sick or hurt. Normally, it ended up him soothing me rather than Kaleb. My imprint would always come and climb on my knee and kiss my cheek telling me he was a big brave boy. Often he would come into my room at night and snuggle down the moment Paul would fall asleep. My alpha was aware of what was happening however and allowed it until puberty hit Kaleb and that was put to a halt. I went on my first heat just after his thirteenth birthday. We were swimming and all of a sudden my imprint came towards me a strange look on his face which reminded me so much of Emmett when Embry came on heat. The feral side would come out, the wolf taking over... Thankfully we were there with Emerson and William our best friends. Emerson was Emmett and Embry's oldest who was a sub just like me. William although younger, was still bigger than Kaleb and managed to dunk him under the water giving me time to get away from him. I hadn't been marked of course as Kaleb was too young. Thanks to my speed, I managed to keep out of harm's way. Seth was out with Jacob and together we made our way to La-Push, the same journey he had made with his alpha and mate all those years ago. Every year after, I would be on my way to La-Push to sit and wait through my heat. Mama Sue was a godsend to all us unmated subs. How the doms never figured it out we don't know but, we were always safe.

The La-Push pack had long since stopped phasing except for Quil who had somehow imprinted on Jacob and Seth's youngest, Ephraim. They are still trying to figure out one, why Quil had imprinted and two, on a baby. The moment Quil laid eyes on Ephraim he fell to his knees and sobbed. Not out of disgust but rather, the feeling of love and peace. Jacob was the shocked thinking of all those years he had Quil protect his mate. But Quil only had eyes for his little imprint who had yet to reach mating age and wouldn't for years. In fact, he was to be our page-boy.

Emmett was the clown of the pack unless he was in work mode. It was like a switch being flicked on. Even when one of the subs was hurt and not just his own, he would be the first to their side to kiss it better or to ward off the danger. No one messes with his cubs. I sat many hours on his lap after something happened and he would wrap his large protective arms around me to make it all go away.

Embry was the one who ended up being our teacher to save the pain of Kaleb or any future mates having to be separated while schooling. He made the biggest sacrifice, leaving his mate to go to teacher's training college. They even held off having their own cubs for three years so he could do it. Their reunions were always beautiful to watch until Embry hit his mate with a large dose of endorphins. Then we never saw them for a week. The moment he finished college he was pregnant with their twins. Emerson and Tyler who was mated with Mason, Paul and Brady's youngest son. The day they imprinted, Emmett and Paul sobbed finally truly becoming a family in name as well as heart.

Paul, the man who called me his son and treated me as his own. I still couldn't remember my father but, I dreamt he would be just as loving a supportive as Paul was. It was the day Kaleb proposed to me that came to mind, sitting on the bed with Mama Sue, thinking of him.

Knocking, I let myself in. Brady was reading a book on the couch. I sighed when I didn't pick up the fresh scent of my alpha. Going to the couch, I curled up my legs and leaned into Brady who had become like a mother to me. He kissed the top of my head and put his book down.

"How long?" he sighed.

"Two days," I whispered. "I'm sorry, I swear I didn't know. I thought I was over the heat," I began to explain.

"Paul trusted you, Jasper," Brady kissed the top of my head. "I'm too young to be a grandmema," he chuckled. "Does Kaleb know?" I shook my head. "He will the moment he smells your scent," he hugged me closer to his side. "Oh my god! I'm going to be a grandmema," he put his hand over his mouth as though it had only just sunk in, even though he said it only moments before. "Let me talk to Paul, Kaleb should be back soon, I will send him down to your rooms. Okay?" I nodded accepting his hug. "I will do your patrol until we organize a new one."

I raced back down to my rooms and began to pace. We talked about a family and agreed to wait until Kaleb finished college. The pain we were in was worth the moments we were together knowing we would have the rest of eternity together if we wanted to. Kaleb was only eighteen to my thirty-one years but, age was never a factor in our lives for any of us. Paul and Emmett were in their forties when they met their mates and they were happier than anyone I knew. I was at the birth of all their kids as well as Seth's and all the other subs that joined our pack or needed subs to help them with their births. Everyone was special and an occasion to celebrate. I placed my hand on my still flat stomach imagining what it would be like swollen with Kaleb's cub.

I knew my mate was close, my heart raced. He was in the mansion, the pull was strong between us, as it always had been. Kaleb imprinted on me the moment he phased at the age of seven after we were again put to the test by another pack. It didn't take long for my mate to open the door and walk to me only to sink to his knees and wrap his large arms around my waist.

"I am so fucking happy right now," he pressed his ear against my stomach while I carded his soft black hair. "Are you okay with this?" he asked pulling back looking up into my eyes.

"I couldn't be happier, Kay," I whispered wiping my tears away. "But, what about college? Where shall I live, me and the baby?" I had a million questions that only he could answer to make me feel okay.

"With me in Seattle, I won't leave you Jazzy," he pulled me down to the floor and cradled me in his lap. "I knew you were still on heat," he chuckled. "I think Mama Sue did too, scheming old women," he loved that woman, everyone did. Every summer when they were cubs, they would go stay with Mama Sue and the La-Push pack. No one was more surprised when Quil imprinted on Jacob and Seth's youngest son, Ephriam. 'So much for only liking girls' was the only thing Uncle Jacob said when he found out. Quil had years to go until his imprint was old enough. Ephriam was only two then, a surprise for Jacob and Seth having had their last child fourteen years earlier. Seth had triplets and almost died, not that Uncle Jacob knew that but, they never wanted to add more to their family and were happy with their triplets, all future alphas in their own right. "It was when I saw Uncle Seth with a swollen belly that I knew I couldn't wait to have you pregnant with my cub. I'm sick of waiting, Jazzy. Papa and his stupid rules," he growled.

"Kaleb Paul Lahote, you did not get me pregnant to piss your father off did you?" I gasped.

"God, no Jazzy! I," before he could reply the door slammed open and Paul came storming in with Brady behind him. I felt myself being lifted by nothing and floated to Brady's side. It had taken him years to learn to control his power but now, he could get anything to move on to the head of a pin and we had even seen him put a fly on one. Kaleb stood up and growled at his father baring his teeth. Paul and Kaleb where both as stubborn as each other and many times they would be at loggerheads with each other because of it.

Next second, my mate is wrapped in Paul's arms hugging his son. From where I stood, I could smell the distinctive scent of unshed tears. "Congratulations son," he said patting his son's back. Kaleb looked over at his mema and me shocked. Brady giggled. "We need to get organized, a wedding doesn't happen overnight and then there's your new home," he pulled back and looked at his son before once again pulling him into a hug.

"Papa, stop! I haven't asked Jasper to marry me yet," he chuckled. Paul stepped to the side and pushed his son to his knees.

"Do it now," he whispered loudly. Paul looked at me and winked. Brady gave me a push forward.

"Jazzy, do you want to get married?" Kaleb asked. I looked at my alpha who was grinning like an idiot while he nodded his head. I slowly nodded back not meaning it as a yes to my mate. "REALLY?" Kaleb shouted making us all jump. "I mean great," he got up off his knee after pushing his father away. We had always said we didn't need a piece of paper to tell us know we loved each other. My mate pulled me into his strong embrace "We don't have to," he whispered in my ear.

So there we were, a happy family to be. Paul and Brady were now living in a small cottage close by. Emmett and Embry were still at the mansion as Emmett was still on call twenty-four-seven but, he relished the job. Often if he wasn't around, he would be at Paul and Brady's. I stayed at the mansion along with my mate. The pack grew and would now getting bigger as the next generation was coming to mating age. There was a knock at the door and Jacob walked in. Sue quickly kissed my hand and patted Jacobs stomach as she passed.

"You ready, kiddo?" he asked.

"Ready as I ever will be Jake," I said getting up. I felt a pull in my stomach and heat rush through me. "JAKE!" I screamed.

"You couldn't wait half an hour?" he chuckled.

"God, Please don't tell them, let me get married," I said holding my stomach as another contraction hit.

"Yeah, like that is going to work," he said kneeling in front of me, his large hands on either side of my stomach. "Hey cubs, this is grandpapa Black. Now, your daddy and mema are going to get married so you have to be patient just like your mema has been until now. So wait half an hour, okay?" he kissed my stomach and stood up with a grin on his face. "Its worth a try," he winked and took my hand in his.

"Grandpapa Black?"

"Hey, I have watched all you cubs grow. I'm grandpapa to you all," he wolf-whistled and opened the door. "Let's go get you married," he walked me toward my mate, tears streaming down my face. Once we got to the top of the grand staircase Jacob scooped me up bridal style and carried me down. Once at the bottom he gently placed me down and tugged on my shirt and tidied my hair. "They behaving?" he whispered his eyes quickly going to my stomach. I nodded. They had not moved, maybe Grandpapa Black's talk did work.

"Do you Jasper take Kaleb to be your husband, your mate, your forever. To love, honor, and protect and make me lots of nieces and nephews for as long as you shall live?" Emmett asked making everyone chuckle. He had gone online and gotten his certificate to marry me and my mate. Normally, it was Jacob who married any shape-shifters who got married. But, stepping in as my father, he asked Emmett who of course was honored to do the job.

"I do," I said wiping my mate's tears away.

"Do you Kaleb take Jasper to be your husband, your mate, your forever. To love, honor, and protect and make me lots of nieces and nephews for as long as you shall live?" I watched my big strong mate swallow and try to say something but, he just nodded smiling. "You got to say it, dude," Emmett whispered. Kaleb nodded and took a deep breath as I gave his hands a gentle squeeze.

"I so do," he finally said in his strong rich baritone voice.

"Phew, got me worried there for a sec, dude," Emmett patted my mate's back. I doubled over as I gush of water fell between my legs. "Shit, you're now husband and husband," he shouted over the commotion of my pack. It was Brady who managed to get to me first.

"You should've told us," he started taking off my shirt and kissed my trembling hand. I looked at my mate who was standing there fear written over his face. "You have five minutes," soon it was only me and Kaleb standing in the front garden. I could feel all the other subs shifting we would leave straight away.

"Jaz, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten you with cub," he pulled me into his arms. I hate this, why won't you have the cubs here?" he asked the same question he had asked everyday since the day he found out I was with child.

"I will be home soon," I touched his cheek. "I will be fine Kay," I groaned I was further on than I thought and my wolf came through. I stepped back just in time so not to hurt my mate. He hugged my neck nuzzling his face in my fur. I whined and licked his face.

Brady and Seth came and nudged my mate away from me. We took off through the wood till we got to the safety of the cave. I could tell you how I had the cubs but, then I would have to kill you.

Three days later, I walked through the forest with a basket in my mouth, inside were our triplets. My mate was waiting for me on the front lawn, my father in-law and the others further back. The rest of the subs went to their mates and I sat as they phased and were wrapped within their mate's arms. They all turned around and looked at me all with smiles on their faces their love shining through. I didn't need to be in my pack's minds to know I was loved. My eyes finally found my mate. I picked up our cubs and trotted towards him. I placed the basket down and let my husband see his three sons for the first time. He was in awe of his cubs but, his attention came to me. My heart soared; finally I felt I belonged.