-Chapter 1-

Aria Potter stared at the perfectly manicured yard that lay below the most beautiful house she had ever seen. The grass was a bright green, very surprising to her considering the time of year it was, trees surrounded the house, almost like an invisible barricade. A small river lay beside her, flowing back into the forest that lay to the far side of the house, birds were chirping, the sky was a light gray, yet it was beautiful.


"You need to be away from England for a while Aria dear, until the final Death Eaters have been killed," Albus Dumbledore was explaining to the young 16 year old.

"But Professor-" Aria complained, looking down at her hands in anger, "I finally killed him, can't I live a normal life now?"

Albus gave her a twinkling smile, "Aria, I promise you once things have calmed down you will return, however now I know you are needed elsewhere, and I think you will see soon why exactly I am sending you there."

Aria rolled her eyes, "You know Professor I should have expected these riddles you spoke wouldn't end when this war ended."

Albus gave her another twinkling smile, "Carlisle Cullen and his family are a family I would trust with my life."

Aria sighed, running a hand through her hair, "I know Professor, I trust you, it's just hard to place my trust in complete strangers.

"You will see."

"You and your damn riddles again Professor."

Albus laughed loudly, patting her head affectionately, "We are all a fire chat away if you need anything."

"Ron and Hermione?"

"Will be staying here in England, I believe Hermione will be going to find her parents while Ron will be spending time with his own."

Aria nodded sadly, a small feeling of depression creeping up at the fact that she had no one anymore.

Albus seemed to sense her depression and gave her shoulder a deep squeeze, before handing her the coin that would transfer her to Forks, Washington.

-End Flashback—

The wind whipped around, causing the young 16 year old to wrap her jacket around her more, and break out of her thoughts. Aria bit her light pink lips lightly, her emerald green eyes looking towards the beautiful house in front of her.

"Mine as well get going." She muttered to herself, whipping a piece of her long, black, straight hair out of her face. Sighing once more, she placed one foot in front of the other and walked towards the door.

She stepped onto the porch, her boots clanking against the wood. Aria fidgeted slightly, slipping her wand into her boot, before taking another shaky breath and raising her hand to knock on the door.

Not even a second after the door opened, revealing a handsome man that Aria could swear was a model. His smile was breathtaking, his skin looking porcelain like, and his eyes a beautiful topaz that almost put Remus' to shame.

"You must be Arianna Potter?" his voice came out like music, "I'm Carlisle Cullen."

Aria just nodded stupidly at him for a moment, before blushing brightly as he chuckled at her when she didn't answer him for a moment, "I-I'm so so-sorry!" she stampeded, shaking her head as she ducked, "I'm Aria."

He smiled graciously, holding the door open for her to enter, "The children aren't home right now, they should be home in a bit, they are at school." He explained, leading her in to the very big, open living room.

Aria looked around in wonder at the beautiful house, all wooden flooring; huge windows from top to bottom, white and beige furniture, the place looked like something out of a magazine.

"This is my wife," Carlisle said, smiling at the young girl.

"I'm Esme," A beautiful Caramel colored haired women stood, turning and gracing her with another set of beautiful Topaz eyes, and smiling brightly at her, looking warm and comforting.

Aria smiled, her own bright smile forcing it's was through at the clear kindness in the woman's eyes, "I'm Aria."

Esme smiled at her kindly, "You are a beautiful young lady, how old are you?" she asked, her voice sounding like music as well.

"I'm 16." She answered, shoving her hands into her jacket pockets, biting her lips slightly.

Esme nodded, "Are you hungry?"

"No," Aria gulped slightly, feeling bad at the thoughts that jumped through her head, after all even she knew Vampires ate blood as meals, "I ate before I left Hogwarts."

Carlisle stood beside his wife, both smiling kindly at the young girl right in front of them.

Aria just felt uncomfortable with the whole situation, not sure what to say or what to do.

"Did you bring your things with you?" Esme asked, looking around to see where her bags where.

"Oh, I shrunk them."

The two stared at her.

"Err, they are in my pocket under a shrinking spell." She explained quickly, biting her lip once again.

"Please sit." Carlisle insisted, smiling brightly at her, "We want you to make yourself at home while you are here-"

"Yes I went grocery shopping for you, and I bought a new mattress for you, and decorated your room, I wasn't sure what you liked so we can change anything you don't like-"

Aria shook her head, her cheeks blushing brightly, "Honestly I'm very simple, you didn't need to do that-"

Esme laughed, the sound coming out like singing angels, "Oh dear it is no trouble, it was fun for me to be able to do, I haven't grocery shopped in years."

Aria just blushed, brushing some hair behind her ear, "Err thank you very much for having me."

"Nonsense," Carlisle insisted, giving her another warm smile, "We haven't had proper company in years, when Albus wrote us we were ecstatic that he even considered us."

Esme nodded from beside her.

Aria smiled, a small lopsided one, the feeling of awkwardness seeping in once again.

Gravel sounded outside, before the sound of breaks squeaking to a halt came, and voices sounded. The door was slammed open and in came 5 of the most beautiful people Aria felt like she had ever seen.

"You must be Aria!" the little pixie one said, skipping up to Aria and throwing her arms around the young girl.

Aria laughed in surprise, patting the girl on the back before she let go.

"My you are small." She commented, grinning when she saw Aria blush, "I saw you in my visions when we got the letter, you appeared taller. I'm Alice"

"Err sorry?" she muttered, laughing in her head at the clear similarities between Luna and Alice.

Alice smiled kindly at her, "This is Jasper," she explained, "It's a good thing you are a wizard, your blood doesn't have the same potency as a regular human does, Jasper is still newly transformed."

Aria's eyes widened on their own, her face paling slightly, before she nodded, she vaguely heard somebody laugh from behind Jasper, but he was blocking her line of vision to see who it was.

"I'm Rosalie," a voice said from behind Jasper.

Aria stared dumbfounded at the beautiful woman that came to shake her hand from behind the brawny one. Her hair was long and blonde, about the same length as Aria's herself but blonde and hung in curls. Her face was shaped beautifully, and her skin looked like silk to the touch.

"Aria." She smiled, shaking her hand.

A thin looking one with dark caramel hair came up, giving her a one over, "I'm Edward."

Aria smiled kindly, she remembered from Dumbledore that this was the one with the muggle girl, and liked him instantly.

"Ahh Emmett there you are." Carlisle said in the back of the group, "Come meet Aria."

Aria turned slightly to step forward and shake his hand when her breath caught in her throat, her heart rate seemed to stop for a moment before it did numerous flips.

He was tall and very built with black hair, shoving past both Jasper and Alice out of the way as he made his way towards her. The man was gorgeous, and perfect, and Aria could swear her heart was going to burst out of her chest in a moment. She couldn't remember ever seeing anybody more attractive than him.

"I'm Emmett." He said, giving her a smile that could have sent any girl to their knees.

Aria swore his voice was the most beautiful thing she ever heard, "I-I-" Somebody giggled from beside her and she felt her face flush, looking to the ground immediately, "Aria."

"Come let us show Aria her room," Esme jumped in, saving Aria from the most humiliating moment of her life.

"Thanks." She mumbled, following up behind the woman.

"I'll let you freshen up, I hope you like it-"

"It's beautiful."

Esme smiled at her, "Your bathroom is right through that door; we thought you might like your own."

Aria smiled in thanks.

"Come down stairs when you get settled in." Esme said, before closing the door.

Aria sighed, flopping down onto the bed that was in the far corner of the room. It was beautiful an oak sleigh bed, a light brown comforter that was so comfortable, Aria that she could fall asleep at that exact moment. The walls were a dark beige, with some brown sketches of flowers along the walls. It was a beautiful room, with windows that went top to bottom, giving Aria a great view of the beautiful mountains.

She turned, rolling over to climb out of the bed, quickly unshrinking her belongings and pushing her trunk to the far side of the room, out of the way if anyone where to come in. She walked over to a comfy looking chaise that sat in front of the window and took a seat.

She missed her friends, she missed England, but mostly she missed the ones she knew she would never get to see again. The war ended about 3 weeks ago, and most of it was spent celebrating and rebuilding. No time spent to mourn the ones who didn't make it.

She remembered the feeling of seeing Remus' body, the eyes that landed upon her when she walked up, the pity, the sadness, she hated it.

Hermione had watched her, always making sure she ate, always making sure nobody asked questions Aria wouldn't want to answer. She babied her and she hated it. She had never been more relieved when she went to find her parents in Australia.

Then there was Ron, much quieter about his concern for her, though that may be because he was suffering from the loss of Fred, something Aria tried not to think of often. He watched over her, gave the fiercest glare when somebody was trying to come over to her, and gave her a place to stay when she just wanted to escape.

Aria sighed loudly, running a hand through her long hair, before standing and making her way down stairs.

"Ahh the human makes her grand appearance." Rosalie joked, giving her a wink when she caught her eye.

Alice smiled wildly at her, pulling her down onto the couch, "Tell us about yourself Aria." She said, "Such a unique name, did your parents have unique names too?"

Aria smiled politely, "Err thanks I guess, no they had pretty plain names, James and Lily were their names."

"Were?" Rosalie commented.

Aria turned her sharp eyes to the beautiful girl on the opposite side of the room, she was staring back at her with a blank look, "Yes they're dead."

The blonde has the decency to look away.

The living room got quiet for a moment, nobody knowing quite what to say.

"So," Aria finally bit out, wanting to break the awkward tension, "This whole school thing…"

Carlisle gave her a grin, "Yes Albus said you haven't been to a regular school since you were 11."

Aria nodded, "What time does it start?"

"8:30 it's bogus!" Emmett boomed from his spot on the couch, he was watching her carefully.

"What grade am I going to be in?"

"11th grade, you will be with Edward and Emmett," Carlisle explained.

Aria tilted her head, her nose scrunching up slightly as she glanced around the room at all of them.

"You're wondering how old we all are." Alice chirped from her spot on the couch, "I got changed when I was 20."

"19." Jasper snapped out, still watching Aria with a curious expression.

"21." Rosalie countered, refusing to catch Aria's eyes.

"20." Emmett boomed.

"17." Edward finished.

"How old are you again?" Alice asked.

"I'm 16."

"Damn you killed that mad wizard and you were only 16?" Emmett boomed, ignoring the sharp glares he received for his question.

Aria laughed, shocking everyone, "Yeah I suppose you could say that."

"We thought you could go to school tomorrow with Bella." Edward spoke, staring at her curiously from his spot next to the window, "That way you have more of a normal grand appearance for school."

Aria frowned, "More normal?"

"This is a small town, so you are already the talk of it." Alice explained, "Our family is sort of-"

"Let the little human see." Emmett said, his eyes still trained on Aria's small face.

Alice rolled her eyes.

"Are you hungry dear?" Esme asked, "I went shopping earlier for food, here let me show you."

Aria politely stood to follow the pretty woman into the kitchen, "Thank you so much, you really didn't have too."

"Nonsense," Esme laughed, patting her cheek lightly, "I can't starve you now can I?"

Laughing, Aria smiled in thanks when the plate of pasta was placed in front of her, "Thanks."

Esme smiled fondly at her, sweeping a hand across Aria's face, before departing from the kitchen, mumbling something about getting a photo album.

Aria shook her head, before picking up her fork and eating a few bites of her food. While she was eating she looked around the gorgeous kitchen, there were windows everywhere with a view of the mountains, the table was large, big enough for all the Cullen's, herself, and even a few more. The whole kitchen was about as big as the Weasley's whole bottom floor of their house, and she found she didn't mind the difference too much.

"Enjoying the food?" a husky voice sounded.

Aria coughed, choking on the small piece of pasta in her mouth, before forcing herself to swallow it.

A cold hand on her back patted it a little too roughly until she stopped coughing.

Aria took a sip of her water, her face a bright red when she finally looked into the face of Emmett Cullen.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she silently reprimanded herself for looking like a complete fool in front of one of the most handsome guys she had ever met. She reopened them to find a smirk on his face.

"You okay there little human?" he asked, his voice deep and the most attractive thing Aria had ever heard.

A chuckle from the other room had her frowning, knowing that Edward must be reading her thoughts.

Making sure to raise her Occlumency shields, "Fine after almost suffering a heart attack." She joked, looking down until her face became less red.

"Sorry about that, was just curious is all." He chuckled, pulling out the stool to sit next to her.

'Merlin.' She thought, 'Must he smell soooooo good?!'

"Ready to be stared at like you are a circus animal tomorrow?"

This time Aria chuckled, "Actually I'm sort of use to that from my old school, so I suppose I will feel right at home."

"People stare at you?"

"You could say that."

Emmett smiled, "Why? I mean you're beautiful, so I understand why."

Aria blushed an even brighter red than she thought possible.

Edward walked in at that exact moment, smiling brightly at the two, "Come on Emmett it's time to go hunting, Aria probably wants to get some sleep before school tomorrow."

Aria practically fell out of her chair trying to get out of it and away from the piercing stare of Emmett, "Goodnight." She squeaked, before rushing up the stairs.

Emmett watched her go; a smile on his face before it slide off with Edward's smirking face came into sight.

"Do I sense something happening here Emmy?" he taunted, "Should I go ask Alice?"
"I'll kill you!" Emmett growled, chasing after Edwards departing figure.

Aria watched from her room as the 5 disappeared into the darkening forest. She sighed loudly running a hand through her hair, before pulling the covers off her bed and climbing in.

Merlin Emmett was hot, and breathtaking, and nauseatingly distracting. Of all the people for Aria to suddenly develop a huge crush on it just had to be a vampire that she just met and was going to be living with for an ample amount of time. She could already hear Hermione's scolding voice in her head.

"What are you thinking Aria, you are there for your protection and instead you are already flirting with a VAMPIRE!" the she would open a book and flip right to the page, "You do know that Vampires mate for life, and if they don't then they will never settle down with just one single person, furthermore even if you happened to be this persons mate you do realize that through your transmission you may potentially lose your magic! Your magic Aria Potter the thing that makes you happiest! Which reminds me I need to do research-"

Aria giggled to herself, yes that would defiantly be Hermione, Ron on the other hand would be very different.

"Vampire BLOODY HELL Aria you have the most exciting life…So what they eat blood?" then he would make a disgusted face mixed with sympathy, "That can't be that filling, and besides how can you live without mashed potatoes, or stuffing, or Merlin bacon, I couldn't handle it…Though I suppose if you only craved that it would be different….Say you think I can meet the block?"

Rolling onto her side, she closed her eyes, willing herself to go to sleep so she could survive school tomorrow. Besides the whole Emmett thing will blow over, it was just first impressions, and the fact that she had been surrounded by the same group of boys since 1st year she wasn't use to being around other ones.

'Yeah that must be it.' She thought to herself before she fell closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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