Vampire Academy: Chapter One

"Rose! Rose! Wake Up! It's our first day, we can't be late. I really don't want to be late again just because you're too tired to get your but out of bed! Rose!"

Something soft hits my head. A pillow. She threw a pillow at me. Really? It's funny how she thinks throwing a pillow at me is going to motivate me to get out of this warm, comfy bed. But she's right; we are always late, because of me…and my sleeping habits.

"Okay okay your heiress," I tease sarcastically. "I'm up!" That's when I realized she is dressed and ready to go. At 7:30 a-freaking-m. For those of you who are unaware of what time our new school starts, its 8:45am, another hour and fifteen minutes away.

"Uh, Lissa? Why are you dressed? We don't have to leave for, like, an hour."

She looks me over sadly and replies, "Yeah, maybe I am a little excited. It's just so nice to have a fresh start you know? After all the crap that's happened this past year. I'm just excited to start anew. With you, of course." She gets up and heads toward the bathroom.

"You know what I think Liss?"

"What?" she sighs.

"That this is going to be an awesome year."

"Really? You think? Cause I really thought you were going to have some smart ass reply, Rose."

"Well, I mean, didn't you see all the hot guys here? I can't wait to get to class!"

Lissa just rolls here eyes and laughs, but it's good to see that smile on her face.

When we finally emerge from our dorm at 8:25am it is snowing like crazy. I can barely see five feet ahead of me, but luckily the main school is just a couple minutes from our dorm. Russia. Unbelievable. Why couldn't they have sent us somewhere warm and tropical, like Hawaii or Florida? Instead of Russia, in January. The only good thing to come out of this was that Lissa is safe. Being the last Dragomir, she has high expectations to live up to. But also being the last of her family there are many people want to kill her and eliminate the last Dragomir, to end another royal vampire family.

"Oh Rose, isn't the snow so beautiful?"

"Yes Lissa, just magical. Maybe if- OOF!"

And down I went. Right into a very snowy, very wet, very cold snow bank. Lets just say, I was not a happy camper.

Once I finally get over the initial shock of the stupid cold snow bank, I realise Lissa is laughing at me. Laughing at me!

"May I ask what you think is so hilarious?"

"You…haha, y-you got hit with a-a snowball!"

"And that is so funny because? Who the heck threw a snowball at me?! Show me! I am so going to kick their a-"

"That would be me." Stated a low, sexy voice. "Sorry, we were just having a little snow ball fight and you looked like you could use a little cheering up." I followed the sound of the voice. And kept following and following up the muscular, inviting body, up to- how tall is this guy? Does he even have a face…? Yep. There it is. He definitely has a face. A very attractive face at that. Hello face, this is Rose's face and it would very much like to get to know your face better…. No. Stop this guy just threw a snowball at you. He is your enemy!

His friends chuckled. When they realized I was staring. I quickly reattached my jaw to my face and tried to come up with a witty response.

"Is that so? What gave it away? My frolicking in the snow? Well how's this for cheering up?" I had gathered snow while sitting in the snow and quickly aimed it at his face, and let it fly. And did it ever fly, right to the middle of his face. His face was now covered in snow and I couldn't help but smile with my success.

"Lissa! Come on!" I yelled as we took off running into the school. As soon as we stepped through the doors we both burst out laughing.

"Did you see his face? Did you see your face! Omigosh Rose that was hysterical! And the way you looked at him. And the way he looked at you. Man, talk about an exciting start to the day."

"Yeah, I- Wait what? What do you mean he was looking at me?"

"Well obviously you saw something you like, and before your eyes finally reached his face, he was checking you out to." Lissa replied.

"Oh he was not! Besides we are enemies now. And please, someone that gorgeous has to have a girlfriend… or five."

Lissa raised her eyebrows accusingly. "Rose it was a snowball, one little snowball. And you just said he was gorgeous!"

"Yeah, well I got him back pretty good. He won't be bothering us anytime soon."

Lissa just rolled her eyes and started walking towards our first period class. Suddenly freezing cold hands covered my eyes. "Guess who." Someone's hot breath whispered in my ear. I shivered involuntarily and the familiar voice chuckled in my ear. Wow he was hot. His voice…. No. Stop this. Resist the force! I swiftly elbowed him in the stomach and pulled my self away, went to stand beside Lissa and turned to face my intruder.

Most of his friends had dispersed, leaving him with three. His eyes quickly roamed me from head to toe. Making my cheeks turn pink. There was something about him…

"I believe we may have gotten off on the wrong foot, I'm Dimitri. And this is Christian, Adrian, and Mason." He gestured to his friends around him. Christian had dark hair and an angular face. Adrian was all, blonde, smirks and smugness and reeked of richness. Mason was quiet and had a comical smile on his freckled face.

"And you thought putting your freezing cold hand over my face would somehow make it better?" I retorted.

"Haha, well I just could seem to resist, seeing as your reaction outside was so dramatic." He smirked at me. Damn he even had dimples. I melted a little.

"Yeah, well you better sleep with one eye open buddy. Cause you'll never see me coming. Oh, and I'm Rose by the way."

Well Rose, I think I would see you coming anywhere. But it was nice meeting you. See you around." He walked by me close enough that I could smell his cologne. Damn… he smelled wonderful. But a guy like him has got to be trouble. Big trouble. I can't fall for someone like that. He has looks to kills for! He probably has girls lining up outside his dorm room for crying out loud! Probably a player and a cheater. Definitely a heartbreaker. I shivered again remembering his breath on my ear. Yep. Got to stay away from him. I just want something simple. I just need-

"Rose. Anybody home?" Lissa was trying to get my attention again.

"Oh, sorry Liss." I say. She smirks at me.

"Mhmm." She says mischievously. "C'mon, we got to get to first period or were going to be late. And we can't be late on the first day!"

I giggle and follow along into our first class of the day.