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Fiction is the Truth chapter 15 . 5/9
Ooh I can’t wait to see what happens next!
SchaMG chapter 15 . 5/3
So sweet
James Birdsong chapter 15 . 4/29
DidIStepOnYourMoment45 chapter 15 . 4/27
I saw that there was a new chapter up, and let out a cheer! Loved it! Keep updating please!
It'sYohane chapter 14 . 4/22
Holy shiz, you actually updated! This makes me so happy.
SchaMG chapter 14 . 4/21
It'sYohane chapter 12 . 3/27
Please Update
Fiction is the Truth chapter 12 . 12/28/2019
James Birdsong chapter 12 . 12/28/2019
Good chapter
DidIStepOnYourMoment45 chapter 11 . 10/27/2019
Please, Please, Please update! I love this story so much, and want to the direction you want to take it!
James Birdsong chapter 11 . 5/28/2019
Excellent chapter
StarDust2000 chapter 1 . 5/19/2019
Oh my gosh! This is amazing! I have loved every single minuet of this story. I know you haven't updated in like a year but I think it would mean the literal world to all of us who have read your story. It's so sweet and perfect, my favorite part by far was when Elphaba (Minerva) was all like 'Sometimes I forget I was ever Elphaba Thropp, sometimes I forget I was the Wicked Witch of the West' I started freakin' out!
James Birdsong chapter 10 . 5/5/2018
alex.benavides7 chapter 10 . 5/1/2018
part 2 of my review for chapter 10 because fanfiction doesn't like long reviews:

respect and behavior towards her. Immediately, Minerva confronted Albus about Kettleburn. This anger was definitely understandable. Albus concluded the situation with replacing the portrait with one that will reject access to anyone except Minerva.
Furthermore, my other favorite scene was when Albus took Minerva to Diagon Alley. The purpose of this trip was to help Minerva relax after a busy semester. Minerva needed a break from Kettleburn and Tom Riddle. Albus shows Minerva the place that he found her. They also visited his favorite stores where Minerva got a few new Transfiguration books from Flourish and Blotts, and Albus bought more sweets from his favorite sweet shop. When they were at the Leaky Cauldron, Albus introduced Minerva to Butterbeer. Her expression was amazing. This description was stimulating because I’ve never had Butterbeer before.
After they rested, Albus wanted to look at pensieves. Minerva’s expression was curious to why Albus wanted to look there in first place. Minerva thought that Poppy must have mentioned her nightmares to him. However, Albus cleared the air by stating that Poppy never mentioned anything to him. This part of the chapter is where the climax starts to quickly build. As they head to the shop, Albus leaves Minerva waiting outside and contemplating on the pensieve idea. My thoughts of the pensieve idea remain consistent. However, if Minerva was to do this, she would have to go above and beyond to make sure that no one will have access to her memories. Albus comes out and mentions that he needs to visit one more shop. Minerva decides to wait outside and walk around until she sees a familiar figure. The Author illustrates the figure to look like Kettleburn from a distance. Minerva becomes suspicious and decides to follow his path. Kettleburn starts to walk with a purpose. At that moment, I could feel he knew that Minerva was following him. As soon as Minerva turned to a side Alley, she is attacked by a couple of unknown Wizards or Witches. My heart beats fast and I’m starting to shake a bit. The Author concludes this chapter with her screaming for help.
The ending of this chapter was spectacular. The style and structure of your chapter brought strength to your climax and cliffhanger. I loved how smooth you were able to maneuver different scenes. There’s an abundant of events and articles to look forward to in later chapters. To write like this, I would have imagined a lot of preparations. You continue to amaze me. (In my mind, god now I have to wait for chapter 11. Why do you torture me like this? lol). I can’t wait for chapter 11. Please don’t stop here and keep this story going.



PS: I hope you enjoyed my everyday review spam. An incredible writer like yourself deserves the best reviews.
alex.benavides7 chapter 10 . 5/1/2018
How would you define a great writer? Would it be their expertise in literacy or talent? Tone, structure, excellent vocabulary and grammar skills? Yes, to all above. However, call me crazy but it’s when the Author writes with blood. That’s you. From the beginning of this story, I was enlightened by the way you captivated my mind during the story’s introduction all the way to this chapter. Anyone can write a story, but only a few could take a story and make it come to life as an exhilarating and beautiful visual. Chapter 10 was none like no other chapter that Nevejoannis has written. You can tell that the Author took the time to write this. From the perception of Silvanus breaking into Minerva’s room to the confrontation with Minerva, creating sweet and memorable moments with Albus, to an unbelievable and perfect cliffhanger. I was thrilled to know that this chapter was going to be very long. Also, please note, with longer chapters, you get longer reviews.

During the beginning, the narrator opens up with Kettleburns perception of Minerva. I’m heated but also intrigued by this idiot. By the way, please forgive me if I start to lose myself in this review. This chapter really set the fire within me. The Author was very detailed and elaborate with the current situation of Kettleburn and how he felt about Minerva. My question is, if he is from Hufflepuff, why in the world is he acting like he’s from Slytherin? Minerva also questions this as well later on. Based on my research from H .com and what I know from the movies, the traits of Hufflepuff are dedication, hard work, fair play, patience, kindness, tolerance, unafraid of toil, loyalty, and Acceptance. Kettleburn acts incredibly opposite from those traits. I feel like there had to be an event that occurred with Kettleburn to make him this way.

The Author transitions to Minerva looking forward to a break from her students while trying not to contemplate on the thoughts of her fight with Kettleburn. Again, she questions the same thought as I. I would like to know what’s the story with Kettleburn. Would I find his backstory of him in later chapters? If so, then that would help me stop from imagining Minerva killing him. I can’t stand this character. Let me just say, Tom Riddle deserved the punishment from Minerva. A few minutes later, Albus pays a visit to Minerva to escort her to the Great Hall for lunch. Once again, the Author did an outstanding job with the dialogue here. The conversation between Albus and Minerva runs smoothly. During their walk, Albus questions Minerva on her last few days before break and Minerva told him the truth about giving detention to Tom. Albus is concerned by Minerva’s action. However, this was mostly about Tom’s potential actions that could have harmed Minerva. Albus was about to be let this go after Minerva explaining the situation. Accidently, she mentioned about Kettleburn’s outburst to Albus. Of course, Albus tried to get Minerva to talk more about it, leading to her stating her true feelings of being judged for trying something “stupid”. Besides Albus, this statement even caught me off guard. However, I loved when Albus mentioned that Minerva was also his friend. Of course, I could feel the light that shined upon Minerva when he mentioned that. Moreover, I found this entire conversation set in a reasonable tone.

The Author transitioned us to Silvanus Kettleburns perception. I couldn’t with this scene. Who in their right mind would ever think about breaking into someone’s room? Not just anyone’s room, but Minerva’s. How did he even figure out the password to her room in first place? I felt my skin quickly tightening up once he stepped in and started looking around. I was praying that Minerva would come back soon before things would really get out of hand. As soon as he found the Grimmerie, my mouth dropped. However, I was able to compose myself after finding out that Kettleburn couldn’t read a single word from the book. The Author did an excellent job describing each movement of Kettleburn, following his expression to his thoughts. The tone in this scene was suspenseful and mysterious. Figuratively speaking, I could feel that there was going to be a sense of explosion in the room. My thoughts were on point with my feelings because Minerva was right in front of him grabbing the book from his hands. Another brilliant confrontation from the Author. You could feel the fire within her as she’s glaring at Kettleburn. The tone immediately progressed from suspenseful to rapid sixteenth notes of explosive flames that completely satisfied me. Damn. There’s no way in hell that Kettleburn could ever think about owning up to Minerva, no matter how much he tries. When Kettleburn refused to leave, Minerva easily threw him out of her room with her magic. I yelled out “YES” as I read that line. I couldn’t stop smiling after that. This was one of my favorite scenes from Chapter 10.

Of course, Minerva would be infuriated from Kettleburn’s lack
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