Reviews for Harry Potter and the Natural 20
Guest chapter 74 . 7/22
Does anyone know why the 2 year hiatus?
Son of Snape chapter 21 . 7/22
I'm crying with laughter every other chapter of this magnificent story! Knowing little of D&D I can still follow it from knowledge of similar computer games. Do hope it gets completed so day.
§on of §nape
whymausernametaken chapter 16 . 7/14
love the creativity of the author! I know they probably won't read this as the book has been going slowly but I still want to leave a review soツjust showing my appreciation for the amazing stories of Milo!
fluffyt1 chapter 10 . 7/14
Been playing DnD 5e for a while convinced me to look at 3.5e.
Ranun chapter 74 . 6/30
Amazing story, unfortunately seems abondoned.
In this chapter we see what seemed at first as a interesting side story becoming incredibly relevant, just as we were taught in the first few chapters.
Lucusaakers chapter 74 . 6/19
simply awesome , so far very well done. i might suggest a showdown of epic sized muggle wielding firearms versus death eaters . or perhaps milo figures out how to cast cantrips? ie "at wills?"
FearsomeFieryFairy chapter 74 . 6/17
This story is amazing. I have read it multiple times and I just can't get enough. Please write more! We love you :)
fluffyt1 chapter 73 . 6/16
Are you going to finish this? It was a great story and have read it a few times would really love if it continued.
Emporer Bloodfire chapter 69 . 6/15
spontaneous existential failure. lol I love it
Emporer Bloodfire chapter 29 . 6/14
called it
Emporer Bloodfire chapter 23 . 6/14
I don't know if this is cleared up later in the story but...

a point of continuity on one of your q&a answers. you said that each universes characters would not be getting each others type of magic because they are different types of humans milosquib/muggle and hpno exp points. but in the encounter scenes where milo is fighting with other people the exp points are divided amongst the group, so that would mean that hp characters are gathering exp points they just either can't access them to to use them like milo or don't know how to access the to use them.

the hp characters also might only be gathering exp points when milo is around because the mechanics of his magic dictate a division of points, but that still means that the points are going to the hp characters.
keybounce chapter 74 . 6/12
"You're Sirius Black. An escaped killer."

Another "I didn't notice this before" moment. She had previously concluded that this was a massive miscarriage of justice. She knew that he WASN'T a killer.

Now, perhaps with all her memory wipes this got messed up. Or, she might have realized that whatever happened to him years ago is the key to the whole "what's going on", and her notes would have listed the importance of finally talking to him at some point.

Please continue.
MagicWarriorDragon chapter 74 . 6/8
This was one of the most delightful, unexpected gems I’ve ever read. Thank you so much for writing!
A Devoted Fan chapter 74 . 6/5
This is honestly one of the best harry potter works I've ever read. Thank you, I had so much fun reading this. I'm not sure what's happened and if this will ever continue but I would like to reiterate. Thank you. I absolutely loved this.
TheOrangeLord chapter 73 . 6/6
Use the spell "secure shelter" to create a cabin made of materials in the area, but make the cabin 600ft in the air and drop it on enemys.
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