Faunus in Heat

Chapter 1: Where it begins.

This being my first story, I was conflicted about whether or not to actually write this. I was completely happy to sit and wait and read and review what others had to say and input into fandoms and characters, but this idea simply would not rest.

And when a mind is restless, the body acts in the most surprising ways.

I'm doing this as there is a displeasing amount of Blake and Jaune stories or ideas floating about, so I decided to rectify that. I enjoy Blake as a character and Jaune is my go-to for romance stories of RWBY ('cause I'm old-fashioned like that :P).

So, I have decided to write this down instead of letting it keep me up at night. Sleep is important, and so I act, not as a vessel for my impoverished beliefs, but as a martyr to rest. And so with that, I begin.

Also, I'll mention I don't own RWBY, cause that's what the hip-kids say.

"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment."

––The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Man has long been capable of great things. Civilisation. Magic. Technology. Warfare. Peace. Death. Life. Hate. Love. Any great love is stronger than any being or weapon can hope to be, and so with their capability to love they repelled the darkness that once threatened their brief time in the world.

And in their capability they so rarely remember the remnants of conflicts last finished, advances lately excelled, and stories quickly told.

And in Man's haste their Remnants remain, scattered as they are, in toil and strife, but in great liberty and with great possibility as well.

Remnant was a world of many vast lands, and all the lands upon the planets face held some of the deadliest and most heartless creatures ever to meet the challenge of existence. But was also home to the greatest heroes and heroines to ever live.

One such home was the continent of Vytal, the Kingdom of Vale. The safest of all Kingdoms.

It was a calm spring evening in the land of Vale. The dark blue stillness of the sky was pierced by the shattered moon that hung above the World of Remnant.

A cool breeze swept across the vast landscapes of the single Kingdom of Vytal. Across the cultured, populated cities; the wide, expansive reaches of shimmering midnight water, the lush, vermillion trees of the forests of Forever Fall, and up the Cliffside to the prestigious Academy of Beacon.

Over the generations, the Kingdom's greatest heroes and defenders were once taught at this very Academy, where they learned the greatest knowledge and gained the best experience necessary to be Hunters and Huntresses of Vale.

It was a beauteous institution of legacy and greatness, where dreams were made and become a reality. Where legends are not made, but chosen. Where the best of the best of the elite are selected for supreme conditioning and top-tier expertise in how to protect the world from the forces of Grimm.

Attending this Academy was like stepping into a never ending dream.

But for one unfortunate Faunus, that idea was turned on it's head, spun around, flipped inside out, and then handed back. For one solitary huntress-in-training was suffering from a period of ferocious expectation and shattering composure; where if her dreams were to come true, she would be simultaneously in heaven and hell.

This Faunus was Blake Belladonna; she was an elite master of stealth and skilled with her bladed-gun – and she was in heat.

If you take the time to read this, let me know what you think.

I'm not looking for anything special, just tell me if you like it, and I'll keep going, or not, and I'll try to shape up.

Yes, this is short, but that's the idea, it's an intro.