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Chapter 1: A Dying Flame.

Surrounded on all sides by crystal ice mirrors, turned into a pincushion by senbon needles, Sasuke didn't even realise that the Sharingan had burned to life in his eyes, dying the pitch black orbs a deadly red. He was starting to see the movements, movements that moments ago were too fast for him to even register. It was just a flicker at first, but now, now he could definitely see it.

He didn't spare the downed Naruto just behind him a glance, he couldn't afford it. Besides that blonde haired idiot was stupid to die… or so he hoped.

Instead he stared directly at where he knew his enemy was, inside the icy mirror. He knew it was the real one, unlike those reflections that surrounded him. This one was the genuine article.

"You are…" the masked ninja said, shocked at being picked out form amidst his reflection. This boy had followed his movements into this mirror, no doubt about it, and those red eyes staring at him, surrounded by a set of black tomoe. There was no doubt that this boy was like him "I see… you also possess a bloodline 'What a remarkable child. It's not complete, but to awaken it in the midst of a battle. This could be dangerous, my jutsu uses a lot of chakra, I can't maintain it forever, and if his eyes are starting to see my movements then… attacking head on could be dangerous… so…' his hidden eyes came to rest on the blob of orange lying on the ground 'I'll use his ally, and draw him to me' "This is the end!" without further ceremony he leapt from his mirror at incredible speed, needles ready in his hands.

It took Sasuke only a second to realise that the masked ninja's target wasn't him, but Naruto 'What? At Naruto?' he shot forwards, his body just reacting 'Damn! Please make it in time.'

But before he even reached them, Naruto was on his feet.


Naruto grabbed a needle wielding hand, the needle piercing through his palm but he didn't seem to notice. The masked ninja's other hand came around with needles, and Naruto wasn't quick enough to grab it this time. But Sasuke was.

The pain of the needles stabbing through his palm wasn't negligible, but he ignored it for now. They had the masked ninja trapped, unable to escape from their pincer like grasp on his hands. As one they drew a single kunai from their pouches, both moving on the same instinct. They stabbed forwards, giving the masked ninja no time to react, to kick at them, or to wrench free.

Naruto pierced the heart, Sasuke's the neck, it was in the moments after that Sasuke mused if that said something about their personalities. Naruto went for the heart, Sasuke the jugular. It was a moment after that that he realised what he had done, as the masked ninja's body spewed forth blood and went limp, falling from their grasp.

He had killed a man.

Sasuke always thought the first person he killed would be that man, he had never thought about killing anyone else, never even considered it. It was a part of being a ninja, it came with the job, but even so. He looked down at the blood soaked kunai he gripped so tightly in his hand that his knuckles had gone white. Well, whiter than usual. He relaxed his grip and let the kunai fall, no thought about cleaning it and keeping it occurring to him.

Glancing to his side he found Naruto staring seemingly at shock at something else altogether, the masked ninja's body.

He followed the blonde's gaze and found a fair, gentle face looking back with blank dead eyes. The stark, expressionless mask had fallen off when the corpse hit the ground, leaving the true face of their enemy revealed.

"Naruto" he said roughly, snapping the blonde from his stunned reverie "What?"

Naruto opened his mouth, a line of blood dripping down his face where he had grazed it during the battle, then he shut it and looked back at the corpse "This guy" he finally spoke "I knew him… I mean, I met him" Naruto told him "Before in the forest when I slept out there. He…" was that tears he saw in the blonde's eyes? "He didn't seem like a bad person" Naruto said, turning his back on Sasuke and trying and failing to surreptitiously wipe away the tears in his eyes.

Sasuke looked down and after a moment shrugged. He was the enemy, he would've killed them and while that might not make him a bad person they were on opposite sides of a battle field, and that was all that mattered in the end.

He was about to say just that when the sound of something cracking caught his attention. Looking around Sasuke watched as the mirrors shattered, the chakra that had sustained them was finally all used up and no one was around to give them more. The broken mirrors fell to the ground like a thousand shards of glittering glass falling from the heavens, a rain of crystal, a cascade of diamonds.

It was beautiful.

Naruto had taken a few steps away, his bright blue eyes wide to drink in as much of the spectacle as possible.

The Uchiha smirked at the sheer wonder and amazement on the blonde's face, he was such a child sometimes. Then he remembered Naruto standing up and striking back at the masked man and wondered if it had been planned, like Naruto's plan to free Kakashi, had Naruto lain there waiting, knowing that eventually the masked ninja would strike at him? Sasuke wouldn't put it past him.

So he was a child with the occasional flash of genius, the red eyed youth grinned at the thought.

"By the way" Naruto turned around to face him "What's with your eyes?"

"My eyes" Sasuke asked, tilting his head.

"Yeah, they're all weird."

"Weird? What do you…" Sasuke paused, his mind whirring away "Naruto describe them to me" he didn't immediately respond and that wasn't good enough "Now!"

"Alright" Naruto told him "Sheesh, don't get your panties in a twist" the blonde shook his head, then looked intently into Sasuke's eyes "Well, they're red, and there's this weird comma mark in one, and then there's two in the other… They look kinda like Kakashi-sensei's…" Naruto trailed off, remembering vaguely what had been said about Sasuke's clan "…Sharingan."

Sasuke felt a smile spread onto his face, a true smile. He had done it! Finally, he was one step closer to his ambition. A grim smile settled over his features as the thought of his stated ambition sobered his thoughts and dampened his happiness at the revelation "Naruto" he said, his grim smile fading, replaced by a look that wasn't his usual scowl but was instead a more normal facial expression that didn't imply insane moodiness, and was if anything rather satisfied "shall we head ba…"

"Are you done already, Ha…ku?" that deep, gruff voice was one Sasuke was unlikely to forget anytime soon. Zabuza Momochi had emerged from the thick mists and was staring at the masked ninja's corpse with wide eyes.

A moment passed in deathly silence, then Zabuza's eyes locked on the two of them, and finally his eyes moved to the bloody kunai in Naruto's hands.

With a roar like a demons howl, Zabuza charged, his massive cleaver sword flashing even in the dim light that penetrated the mist. He charged at Naruto faster than the blonde could see, but Sasuke could, and could see the sword swinging around to cleave him in two. Without even thinking about it Sasuke tackled his teammate, knocking him from the weapons path.

Zabuza's sword dripped with blood.

Naruto hit the ground entangled with Sasuke, they rolled for a moment before stopping with Sasuke lying over his stomach. Shoving the Uchiha off of his stomach, Naruto glared at Zabuza, hand twitching towards a kunai.

He stopped.

For one very simple reason, he stopped dead, and looked down at the red smear on the front of his jumpsuit. He felt a phantom pain for a second, then realised that the blood wasn't his. Turning his unwilling head Naruto looked at the boy laid next to him, who he had so roughly pushed off of him a moment ago, and the blood pouring from the wound that cleaved open half his stomach.

Cutting him from his waist to his navel, with blood pouring forth freely, and his spine severed, Sasuke Uchiha lay there, struggling to breathe through the pain.

"Sa…Sasuke…" Naruto gently turned his teammate over so that he lay face up, Sasuke gave him a half glare.

"You're such a nuisance, idiot" Sasuke's eye went wide and he opened mouth "Move, Naruto!"

Naruto turned to look at what Sasuke was looking at, and found Zabuza stood there with his massive blade. He lifted it high into the air, like an executioner's blade, and it swung down.

Hugging Sasuke to his chest Naruto didn't look up as death rushed down to meet him.

He heard the sound of blade meeting flesh, heard blood dripping, but felt no pain and it took him a moment before he realised that he was fine. Looking over his shoulder Naruto found Kakashi, one hand on the cleaver swords handle, stopping it from striking his two students, the other wielding a kunai that stabbed into Zabuza's right arm.

"Sensei" Kakashi spared him a glance, and another one for Sasuke. His eye went grim but he turned back to the battle.

Zabuza leapt back, wielding his sword in his good arm, the one that wasn't stabbed through a vital tendon. It wasn't likely he'd be moving that arm again for a while, not without a skilled medic. And the only person he knew that had any skill with medicine was now dead. His anger flared, but he focused back on the battle. Haku was just a weapon, nothing more, he was angry because someone had destroyed his weapon, it was nothing other than that, even though tears where stinging at his eyes, Zabuza refused to admit that it was anything other than the loss of a useful tool. Only in his final moments would he ever admit that Haku was more to him than just a tool.

Naruto stared down at his wounded teammate "You'll be fine" he said in what he hoped was a comforting tone, too bad it sounded more like he was trying to convince himself "You'll definitely be fine, Kakashi-sensei will finish that and then he'll…"

He was cut off by Sasuke bitter laugh "I'm dying, idiot!"

"No, no, you can't die Sasuke, you…"

"JUST SHUT…" he coughed, blood clogging up his airway "Just… shut up" he choked out, spitting blood on the ground.

Naruto was diminished under his harsh words, and from the blood coming out of his mouth.

Sasuke felt so angry in that moment, and so sad as well. He had never done it, his ambition was just a dream. To avenge his family and restore his clan, to kill Itachi Uchiha, his older brother, in the same cold blood which Itachi had murdered their parents in. But in the end he was dying and Itachi was still so far out of reach, still a barrier that he had to overcome but there was no way for him to climb it anymore.

This was the end.

His slaughtered family could never rest in peace with their killer still at large. His mother, his father, his aunt and his uncle, his cousins, they would all be forgotten by the world, life would go on for everyone else and no one would remember that the Uchiha had died out, no one would care.

Tear stung at his eyes, or was that blood, Sasuke wanted to raise his hand to wipe them away but he couldn't. His arm felt so heavy, so very heavy, like they were tied down with lead weights, or perhaps like they were lead weights. He bit into his lip to try and force back his tears, but they only came on stronger, the sadness came on stronger as memories he had long forced himself to forget came bubbling to the surface.

Every memory of his family he had had become embittered with anger and rage, rage at Itachi for stealing them all from him, it fuelled his hatred, drove him to become stronger. But now he felt them all again, all those memories, and this time they were embittered with sadness, that he would never ever fulfil his goal, that he had never become a ninja worthy of his father's praise, a man worthy of his mother's love, he was just a boy ninja, a brat, dying on a mission that was beyond his skill.

And he hated it.

"Sasuke…" Sasuke blinked slowly, glancing up at the blonde who had spoken. There were no tears in Naruto's eyes, but there was agony written all over his face. It made him chuckle.

"What's with that look…" he murmured "It's like… someone you care about… is dying…" even in death he couldn't help but mock the idiot, it was just too good an opportunity to pass up, even if he was dying.

Strange to think that not long ago he thought Naruto was a useless waste of a ninja, and now here he was dying because he saved that same blonde idiot. They hadn't been together long, but Sasuke felt the tug of a bond growing between them, a bond of hate and rivalry, and a strange kind of mutual respect. Naruto might be all talk and no skill, but while he couldn't walk the walk he would still walk, no matter what he would get up and walk.

He never would have expected that back then, sat on that rooftop with his team, that he'd end up in this sort of situation.

"What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone."

A black humoured grin settled on his face as he thought back to that, it felt so long ago but it was only a few months, when they had first become a team. He only realised now how stupid he had been back then. 'Not a dream', it was laughable, all it had ever been was a dream.

"My dream is… ehehehe!"

Sakura, she was still just as annoying now as she had been back then. Why no one understood that he didn't have time for girls right now he'd never understand. He just wanted to be left alone to train and the only people he needed near him where those who could help him train. But it wasn't like Sakura was completely useless. She had her own courage, courage enough to stand against an opponent many times her superior and while she was terrified she would still do her duty, as best as her dumb with fear mind could allow her to. She was smart and bright, but too emotional. She'd probably cry at his funeral. Would he even have a funeral?

"Dreams for the future? Hmm… I never really about it."

Kakashi Hatake, their mysterious, perpetually late and incredibly annoying sensei who somehow possessed a Sharingan. Once again Sasuke wondered once again how he obtained that eye. But he was strong, that much was certain, he had treated Sasuke like a child when they fought, not getting serious for even a moment. The difference in their ability was made all too clear when he watched Kakashi fight Zabuza the first time.

"My dream is to become the greatest Hokage ever, then all the people will have to stop disrespecting me and look up to me!"

And Naruto, the idiotic, blonde haired, blue eyed, orange wearing imbecile who actually believed he could become Hokage. But Naruto was more than that summation, which is what he would've given to anyone had they asked and had he been in a good enough mood to answer. Naruto was determination given form, if he set his mind to something he would do, no matter how hard, no matter how painful, no matter who said it was impossible. He was almost always grinning, despite being alone he didn't show any signs of loneliness nor did he seem to want to be alone. Naruto was almost like his antithesis, if Sasuke was the dark then Naruto was the light, not two sides of the same coin but certainly similar if only due to the level with which they were opposite.

"I don't wanna die" he mumbled. Why had it taken him so long to realise that? It was so obvious, no one wanted to die, but right here, right now, dying seemed so much more terrifying.

Naruto's hand touched his shoulder. Sasuke glanced at the blonde, but Naruto said nothing, and Sasuke saw no reason to respond. He must sound like such a child right now, but all he wanted to do was curl up and cry out of fear. Curling up, however, was probably going to be impossible for him given his injuries. He wasn't sure how he had managed to stay alive thus far, movement was only going to hasten it.

If Sasuke was honest he was jealous of Naruto. A part of him wished he could be Naruto, so happy, so friendly and excitable. It wasn't a part of him he particularly liked, but it was perhaps a more honest part. Naruto was all alone, like him, but Naruto could still smile, still take joy in the little things, even if everyone seemed to dislike him for no good reason Naruto never seemed to care.

"Naruto" he murmured drawing the blonde's gaze. Naruto nodded, waiting for whatever the Uchiha had to say. This was probably the longest sustained period that he had been quiet in years Sasuke thought with a grin "You… are going to be Hokage right?" Naruto nodded, a frown etching onto his face "Do you really believe that?" now there was some annoyance there as well.

"I believe it" he said hotly, glaring at the black haired boy. His glare faded quietly, as did what little anger was. It seemed not even Naruto could stay angry with someone so near to their own death.

"I'm gonna be Hokage one day and then you'll all have to look up to me!" Naruto was such an idiot, the Hokage was the strongest most respected ninja in the village. Did he really believe he could become someone so revered? "It doesn't matter what any of you say, you'll be talking out of your arse when I am Hokage!" Yes, he really did "I'll be the greatest Hokage ever" really, really did.

Naruto, the blonde idiot who never went back on his word, who stabbed himself in the hand just to prove a point, and to get some poison out, the blonde idiot who would one day become Hokage, no matter what, no matter who stood in his way, Naruto would do it.

'Once Naruto sets his mind to something…' Sasuke thought to himself, unsure why his thoughts were even going down this path '…he will do it. Come hell, high water, rain or shine, Naruto Uzumaki will become Hokage, will never surrender, he will never go on his word...' Why was he thinking these things? '…Never…' Sasuke finally knew why "Naruto…" Sasuke looked up again, his onyx eyes flashing the Sharingan.

The answer was so obvious he wondered how he didn't see it sooner, and so ludicrous he wondered if he had gone absolutely barmy in his final moments.

Naruto nodded "Come here a sec" Sasuke beckoned him down. Naruto shuffled closer, until his knees touched Sasuke's arm "Closer!" Sasuke growled. Naruto grumbled but moved closer, behind over Sasuke until their noses were practically touching "That's better, well besides your ugly mug" Sasuke grinned at him as annoyance flickered across Naruto's expression "Naruto" he said sharply, lowering his voice and drawing the blonde's attention "I have a dream, Naruto. My dream was to kill my older brother" Naruto blinked in shock but Sasuke carried on ignoring the thoughts that must be swirling around the blonde's head "He murdered my family, he killed them all Naruto. My ambition" he spat the word, derision for himself dripping off of every syllable "was to avenge them, to lay their souls to rest at last."

Naruto nodded unsurely, it was a bit much to take in given the current situation.

"I can't do it anymore Naruto, I'm dead. So… do it for me" that made Naruto blinked, but Sasuke didn't give him a chance to say anything "Kill him for me Naruto, give me your word. Become Hokage and kill Itachi Uchiha. In return…" Sasuke raised up his hand, the effort required was immense and he left blood on Naruto's cheeks where his fingers touched him, just below the eye "I'll become your eyes."

"What… Sasuke what are you…"

"When Kakashi comes back, have him transplant my eyes into you, my Sharingan will become yours, and with it you'll defeat Itachi, and you'll become Hokage."

"Sasuke, I…"

"Naruto!" Sasuke snapped, as best as he could, he felt so weak, even his voice "Do it… for me… please…" a second passed between them, blue and red eyes locking. After a moment, Naruto finally nodded. Sasuke smiled grimly. He spoke of a few others things, things Naruto needed to know, things Naruto would need to complete his ambition, but at the end of it he couldn't remember a word he had spoken. He closed his eyes and waited, knowing he needed to live long enough to see it done.

"Sasuke" the voice wasn't Naruto's and Sasuke forced himself to open his heavy lids and looked at Kakashi. Kakashi didn't look to good, he was bloodied, his vest was torn in placed, and his forehead protector was lazily placed over his Sharingan eye "Are you sure about this?"

Sasuke felt a grim smile come back, so Kakashi had heard, even in the middle of a fight he had listened to every word spoken "Yes, I'm certain Kakashi. Can you do it?"

Kakashi searched his students face and finally he nodded.

"Then do it."

Kakashi pulled off his gloves, wiping Zabuza's blood off of his arm and fingers "Naruto lie down next to Sasuke. This will hurt" he warned the both of them. Neither of them hesitated, Naruto was too stunned by events to care and Sasuke was too in pain to care about any more.

The mist began clearing as he worked, he was almost halfway through when Sakura finally arrived with Tazuna in tow "Sasuke-kun, there you… are…" she stopped dead, behind her the bridge builder stared shocked at the scene before him "Sasuke…-kun…" Sakura stared at Sasuke's wounds, pouring out blood, and at the eyeball in Kakashi-sensei's fingers, the red Sharingan eye "SENSEI, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU…"

"Sakura!" Kakashi's voice held no kindness or sympathy, he didn't even look up from his work "This is what Sasuke wanted. He's dying, and this is his last wish" that might not be the best way to break it to her, but it was the truth, untarnished and true.

Sakura watched in abject horror as Kakashi inserted her crushes eye into Naruto's empty socket, a pair of blue eyes lay on the bridge, and looking at them made her feel sick. It had taken Kakashi five minutes to remove Naruto's eyes, and it had been a further five minutes since he started removing and then implanting this eyes.

If the situation where any different he'd give himself a pat on the back for that, because he damn well deserved one. Kakashi was not a medic, this wasn't what he was trained to do, and removing and implanting anything was way beyond in field first aid.

But he was prouder of his two students than of himself, for different reasons. Naruto had lain there, silent and unmoving, even as Kakashi's not perfect Medical Jutsu probably caused him a good bit of pain. Sasuke, he was proud of Sasuke because… because Sasuke had learned to trust someone not himself. He would've laughed in any other situation, it took dying for Sasuke to learn how to trust someone else, typical.

Fifteen minutes since the start, and almost twenty since Sasuke had taken the fatal wound that should've killed him much quicker, and the operation was done.

Sasuke couldn't see anything so he only heard as Kakashi said "Open them slowly, yeah like that, okay now give me a minute. Don't move them yet. Good… okay now tell me how many fingers I'm holding up" he laughed weakly as he heard that. Was that really a test? It sounded like something someone with no experience in such things would assume was a medical test. Then again it might just be that Kakashi had no experience in it and was just making it up as he was going along. That actually sounded rather likely and drew another muted chuckle.

"Sasuke…" he heard Naruto speak, and wondered what the blonde idiot looked like with his Sharingan. He probably looked ridiculous "I swear to you, I will kill Itachi Uchiha" Naruto said, his voice deadly serious "I will avenge your clan, and I will become Hokage. With these eyes, I'll do it all, I promise" Sasuke felt a smile twitch onto his face. Maybe not that ridiculous then.

"Thank you" he murmured, speaking blindly to where he assumed Naruto's face was.

Finally he let his body relax, let go the iron hard grip on life he had maintained throughout the operation. Was it even possibly for a human to survive that long with the injuries he had? Sasuke didn't know, didn't care either, he had done, through sheer force of will he lived on to pass his light to a worthy successor.

That drew another grin 'The dark side passes on its light, hah, how stupid does that sound… not that stupid, actually.'

He felt it slip further and further away, it was like he was sinking into a soft mattress, there was no icy hand of death anymore, that had faded away, leaving him in the soft mattress of death. He sank deeper and deeper and deeper, until…

"Mom…" Naruto blinked as Sasuke spoke again. The dark haired Uchiha who looked like he was crying tears of blood from the operation was facing up, obviously as he was still lying on his back. But it was almost like he was looking up, even though his eyes where closed and there was nothing beneath the eyelids "Dad…" Sasuke's hand slowly reached up, with a strength his muscles had long since lacked, blood dripping from his fingers "Aunty… Uncle…" he heard Sasuke sniff, a small but truly contented smile spreading across his face, a face which Naruto realised didn't look quite so arsehole-ish when smiling "I'll see you soon."

The light beaming through the clouds made the scene unearthly, like he was about to rise up to heaven in a heavenly beam. Instead his hand fell to the ground, hitting the concrete with a deafening thud.

Naruto felt a lump rise in his throat, felt so many emotions he wasn't sure what he was feeling, and felt strangely above it all, like he was looking in on someone else's situation.

Sasuke Uchiha was dead.

Kakashi lowered his head, Tazuna looked away in shame or in sadness, Sakura screamed, pulling at her hair and crying.

But Naruto looked out onto the world with new eyes, Sasuke's Sharingan, one eye bearing one tomoe, the other having two, blazed out of his sockets. Only thing was clear to Naruto in that moment. He would not break that promise. He would become Hokage, and he would slay Itachi Uchiha, that was the only truth in the world that mattered to him. It was not a dream, for he would make it a reality.

It was an ambition.

"Well that was an interesting spectacle" a foul cruel voice spoke "But we'll have to ask you guys to die now" Kakashi turned and found a very short man stood there, and at his back a hundred or more mercenaries and bandits.

"Gato" the Jonin said, knowing it was true. A hundred bandits, at full strength he could easily take that many, but after his fight with Zabuza he was feeling pretty drained. Using the Lightning Cutter was costly "Stay here" he told the Genin, swiping Naruto's pouch. Naruto was looking at the thugs with a deadly anger, Sakura had taken the blonde's place beside Sasuke's corpse, clinging to it while crying and Tazuna was staring fearfully at the group.

'I don't know if I can win this' Kakashi thought keeping his face blank, even though only his eye could be seen. He looked back at the Sharingan eyed Naruto, the crying Sakura, and the dead Sasuke 'But I won't lose another student. I've lost too much already' fury burned within him, fury at himself, fury at Zabuza, fury at everything, especially these little shits in front of him.

"Hehe" Gato chuckled "Kill him, he's easy prey, the one who brings me his head'll get a bonus."

With a roar the collected misfits and scum charged at the lone Jonin.

An arrow struck the bridge in front of them, drawing the whole group to a stop "What the…"

"We won't let you guys push us around any longer" Inari said, standing at the front of a mob of the whole village, all wielding weapons from pitchforks to battle axes "Hehe" Inari grinned "A hero always shows up at the last minute" he said cheerfully, until he saw what the fading mist had hidden.

The crying Sakura, the dead Sasuke, and Naruto looking at the ground and nowhere else.

"Wha…What… What's going… on…" Inari stuttered out.

'Well now, that's useful' Kakashi thought, eyeing the small lightly armed but determined looking militia behind him "You guys might die" he warned the villagers "But if you're really sick of this tyranny, then I'll help out" he turned his gaze back to Gato's small army "But what I can do is rather limited right now."

"That's fine, Shinobi-san" said a villager, as the mob approached as one, parting around Inari who stood still "We can't expect you to fight all our battles for us."

Kakashi opened Naruto's pouch and with immense speed and accuracy threw the twenty odd kunai that rested there, each and every one of them hitting their mark in the forehead.

Twenty three men fell, dead, before the battle had truly began in earnest.

The villagers charged, the thugs reconsidered messing with a shinobi, but only one man drew Kakashi's attention. Gato was hiding at the very back of his group, near the boat, shouting at his men and offering money for every villagers head, especially the little brat at the front.

'You are going to die painfully, Gato.'

Okay so I know this has been done over and over and over again, and I'm going to do it again. Its a nice simple Sharingan Naruto fic that instantly kills off Sasuke, the reason why he's listed as a character is because he's still important to the story as a figure or a memory or an ideal, not necessarily as a character however. I've got an idea of where this is going, but for this is what I've got. I'll upload chapter 2 when its done to my satisfaction.

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