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Chapter 4: Minerva

"Natsu Dragneel the man who nearly defeated my father and destroyed the twin dragon slayers single handedly." Minerva said as she stared at the article of him in the weekly sorcerer.

Ever since he defeated both Sting and Rogue so effortlessly she has been having doubts of the power her guild really held.

"If he participates in tomorrow's games there would be no way for Sting to defeat him not even with his new found power, of course I could always defeat him myself," she continued as she contemplated her strategy for the final day of the grand magic games.

As Minerva continued to think of Natsu she came across an article of Gageel and how she left Phantom Lord to join Fairy Tail.

"Hmm that's it I'll have him join Saber Tooth if he joins our guild he can become the Master and lead these weaklings to victory!" she exclaimed with a smirk on her face.

"Now how do I convince him to join our guild over Fairy Tail?" she asked her self while flipping through her magazine.

She thought over the perfect way to get Natsu but she couldn't think of one that didn't involve knocking him out and kidnapping him.

She couldn't think of a single thing, for the first time in her life she was stumped until she flipped to the final page of her magazine "How to win Natsu Dragneel's heart?" she read over every detail on the page and smirked "This is going to be fun."


*With Natsu*

Natsu was on his way to a bar to meat everyone from Fairy Tail but stopped after smelling a familiar scent.

"I know you're there you can come out now," Said Natsu as he stopped in front of a tree every cell in his body wanted to rip the person behind the tree to shreds but he kept his cool for the first time in his life because he didn't want to jeopardize Fairy Tails reputation.

"I see your nose is as great as they say Salamander," Minerva purred with fake seductiveness but it passed right over Natsu's head.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't show you the pain that you put Lucy through," Natsu growled glaring at the woman in front of him.

"I came here to apologize Natsu I feel bad for what I have done but I only did what I did because my father wanted us to show no mercy to any members of Fairy Tail I was afraid he would kick me out just like Yukino." Minerva lied breaking down into fake tears.

This pissed Natsu off even more he wanted nothing more than to burst into Saber Tooth again and kick there master's ass even harder but he needed to help Minerva first.

"It's okay you don't have to listen to him anymore, Fairy Tail will protect you." he said kneeling in front of her and trying to sooth her which caused her to smirk behind her hands.

"Really?" she asked looking into his eyes

"Yeah," he said his cheeks turning slightly red

"Well since you promised to protect me then you won't mind taking me to the Fair," Minerva said grabbing his hand and pulling him toward the Fair while holding in her laughter at how easy it was to trick Natsu.

*At the Fair*

"Um Minerva I don't do very well on roller coasters," Natsu exclaimed trying to get out of the ride but Minerva and the safety bar were holding him down.

"You'll be fine besides these kinds of rides are really fun," she said with a fake cuteness in her voice that made her sick but if it would guarantee the victory of her guild then she would put up with it.

"Um what do you mean these kinds of rides?" he asked nervously

"The extremely fast ones with lots of loops" she answered hiding her smirk she is going to enjoy his pained expression

"Wait I WANT TO LIVE!" Natsu yelled as the roller coaster took off soaring on the tracks causing Natsu to flail his arms and then collapse, dangling off the side of the cart nearly puking his guts out.

Minerva laughed at Natsu's pain it made her glad she decided to put this plan into action but for some reason she almost felt a tiny itsy bitsy smidge of guilt for putting him through this but she ignored it.

After ten minutes of torture the ride finally stopped and the riders got off all except for Natsu who could barely move Minerva hadn't noticed he didn't get off as the new group scurried onto the ride.

"Well that was fun right Natsu?" Minerva asked no one as she realized Natsu was gone. Her head darted from left to right looking for the Dragon Slayer but couldn't see him.

"Where the hell did he go?" Minerva seethed before she heard a familiar yell coming from the roller coaster she was just on "NO WAIT HELP ANYONE NO!" She couldn't help but laugh at the poor boy as he was forced to ride it all over again.

As soon as the ride stopped Minerva grabbed Natsu and dragged him away from the ride

*Groan* "I hate roller coasters," Natsu muttered as he hurled into a trash can

"I'm sorry Natsu I didn't know you had motion sickness," Minerva said with a fake innocence

"It's okay I'm fine I just need to lay down for a while," he answered before collapsing onto the floor.

After Natsu rested for a while the two enjoyed the fair together eating, going through a haunted house, even riding a few rides much to Natsu's chagrin.

"I had a lot of fun Natsu," Minerva said while holding onto Natsu's arm this caused him to blush slightly.

"Heh um glad you had fun," Natsu replied before he felt Minerva stop and tug his arm.

"Um Natsu I had a question to ask you…" Minerva said pretending to be nervous

"Sure what's up?"

"Will you join Saber Tooth?" The question shocked Natsu he didn't expect her to ask him to leave his guild but he didn't want to flat out reject her.

"Well um I don't know if that is a good idea I really love Fairy Tail and I…"

"WHY I need you to protect me please!" Minerva yelled with fake tears running down her cheeks

"I can't leave my friends they are very important to me and I won't leave them behind." Natsu said he felt his heart ache as he saw Minerva crying but he loved his friends in Fairy Tail.

'Damn it he is too stubborn there has to be a way to convince him' Minerva thought to herself then she thought of a new plan.

"Well if you won't come to my guild of your own free will then I'll just force you to come," she said her scared weak persona fading completely leaving her in her usual sadistic one.

The change in attitude shocked Natsu even more "But you said your dad forced you to be evil I thought that…" Natsu muttered but was cut off by Minerva

"Well you thought wrong Salamander; I am no one's puppet."

"You tricked me," Natsu said his anger rising as well as the heat around his body.

"You're very gullible but no matter I'll have Rufus rewrite your memories and then you'll be my obedient lap dog," she answered with a sadistic laugh.

"I trusted you and you stomped on my trust I will never forgive you!" Natsu seethed his eyes held a dark look not many people have had the misfortune of seeing.

"If you think you can defeat me then I encourage you to try but I can't guarantee I'll hold back." she said smirking and laughing loudly but she didn't notice Natsu charging at her faster than any one she had ever fought.

"Karyu no Tekken!" (Fire Dragon's Iron Fist) Natsu yelled as he punched Minerva square in the gut and sent her rocketing into the nearby forest.

"Huh he is stronger than I anticipated but he is not stronger than me…" Minerva muttered as she got up but she failed to notice Natsu dashing forward again until it was too late.

"Karyu no Kagizume!" (Fire Dragon's Talons) Natsu yelled as he kicked Minerva into the air and then jumped after her igniting his hands in flames.

"Karyu no Koen!" (Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame) Natsu finished off by slamming his flaming hands together and slamming them into Minerva's back sending her straight into the ground.


Minerva woke up an hour later her head was throbbing and her back felt like it had been crushed by a bulldozer.

"That damn Salamander," she muttered to herself as she tried to get up but found she could barely stand.

"Well this couldn't possibly get any worse." She said as she sat on the ground


Minerva turned around only to see the maw of a huge monster but she was unfazed by it. It stood on all fours with three black clacks on each foot two in the front and one claw in the back, it had no eyes and its body looked similar to the monsters that Erza defeated during the games except for the black scales and large nostrils it had.

"How pathetic to think you a weak A-class monster would challenge the Ace of Saber Tooth," Minerva said as she tried to get up but her body still ached from the beating Natsu gave her.

"That damn Salamander" she repeated before the monster lifted its enormous foot and slammed her to the ground a claw on each side of her head.

Minerva felt fear for the first time in her life she was going to die she knew it in her heart her thoughts went to the short time she spent with Natsu it was his fault she was in this mess but she couldn't really blame him. Her time with Natsu was the most fun she had ever had if she could do it all over again she would probably just pretend to be the weak girl Natsu thought she was and maybe she could have been friends with him but it didn't matter this was the end for her.

"Karyu no Kenkaku!" (Fire Dragon's Sword Horn) Natsu burst through the forest and slammed into the Monster sending it across the clearing but before it could recover he sucked in a breath and…

"Karyu no Hoko!" (Fire Dragon's Roar) Natsu let out a torrent of flames at the beast knocking it out cold.

"Are you okay Minerva?" Natsu asked as he picked her up bridal style she was in shock she didn't expect Natsu to save her not in a million years.

"What are you doing here?" she answered him with a question of her own

"Well um I just um thought you were gonna need help yeah that's right I didn't get lost or anything" he stuttered, she giggled at his habits.

"Minerva listen I know that you're a good person at heart but if you decide to fight Fairy Tail then I won't hold back" Natsu said as he carried her through the forest but she got down and looked him in the eyes.

"Natsu I will not abandon my guild but I want you to know I think I have fallen in love with you and whatever happens tomorrow I will always lo-" Minerva said but was interrupted by a kiss from Natsu she was surprised but she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Natsu and Minerva knew that no matter what they could never be together but tonight they would forget everything but each other.


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