A/N: Hello everyone! Sorry if you thought we'd updated, but just a quick update that might make you happy. My co-author, Femaleficent17, and I are very happy with the support this story has gotten so far, and we're very touched by the reviews. Actually, that's why I'm here. We have gotten a few requests asking us to continue with the story.

We are seriously considering creating a sequel to Diaval's Angel due to the overwhelming popularity; if that is something you guys would like us to do.

If you're interested in this and would like us to continue this little story, please review or message me and we will do our best to make it happen. I myself was a bit sad when it was over, so we'll see what you guys want!

Oh, and if any of you have any kind of ideas or suggestions as to what we should include in the sequel, should you want one, we'd love to hear about them!

Again, thank you for your responses and all of the support. We love you guys!