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"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" The hooded man evaded Natsu's attack and it Hit the floor, Creating a small crater

"Crust Lock" Black rocks hold Natsu's Feet and arms, stopping his movements

"Fight me like a man, you bastard!" Natsu shouted

"I don't want to fight" The cloaked man approached him

"Fire Dragon's Roar!", The man quickly docked and Tap Natsu's Chest

*Thu-Thump* *Thu-Thump*

"I simply would like to play a game with you, Natsu Dragneel" The man smirked at him

"W-What did you do to me?" Natsu started spitting blood

"If you truly Value your life, I want you to play my game"

Natsu gritted his teeth

"The game is simple, Conquer 10 girl's heart and the curse will be gone" He said while walking away, The rocks holding Natsu quickly crumbled

"W-What do you mean?!" Natsu dropped on the ground, His body felt heavier than before, preventing him from standing up

The man stopped and faced him "Make them fall for you, If you didn't do it, You will die in 40 Days"

'I-Is he serious?!' Natsu's eyes widened

"Oh before i forget, You must not tell about anyone about this game. If you told a person or find out what the game is about, Your time will be shorten by 10 days, That's all. Have fun, Dragneel" The man Disappeared in thin air

'Natsu!' 'Natsu!' He watched his team approached him as he slowly lose consciousness

'Is it real?...If it is...Who?..'

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