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It's been a two weeks since Tartarus was defeated, since Natsu and Gray defeated the absolute demon known only as Mard Gear.

After Fairy Tail disbanded everyone went their separate ways which of course led Natsu to head on a journey to get stronger. But now a week into his journey Natsu is going to meet an unexpected bump in the road.

"Oi Happy where did ya go it's your turn to cook dinner!" Natsu yelled as he trudged across a large forest looking for his best friend.

"I don't want to! Whenever I cook dinner you eat it all before I can get my share!" Happy yelled as he zoomed across the sky carrying the fish Natsu caught.

"That's cause you always sneak off and eat my share while I'm training!" Natsu yelled running after him.

"Happy…Happy…Happy where are ya!" Natsu yelled finally stepping out of the woods but as soon as he did he saw someone he never wanted to see again.

"Hello Natsu," Zeref said softly holding an unconscious Happy in his hands.

"Put him down you damn bastard!" Natsu yelled igniting his fists in flames and charging at Zeref.

"I'm sorry, he flew too close to me and my magic caused him to collapse." Zeref said easily dodging all of Natsu's attacks.

"Shut up!" Natsu yelled throwing punch after punch but none of them were able to connect and Natsu was starting to tire himself out.

"You aren't strong enough to kill me yet Natsu…no matter how much I wish you were," Zeref whispered as he used two fingers to block Natsu's final punch. Zeref handed Happy to Natsu and he pulled him away from the death magic user quickly.

"Damn it *pant* why am I so weak?" Natsu said while panting and holding Happy closer.

"Natsu I want you to be stronger, so strong that you can end my miserable existence but you can't get there by yourself." Zeref said staring down at the ground in disappointment. Natsu saw this as an opportunity and got his breath attack ready.

"Karyuu no Hoko!" (Fire Dragon's Roar) Natsu roared blasting Zeref with everything he had.

"This isn't enough Natsu it is much stronger than it was on Tenroujima but you aren't strong enough yet Natsu..." Zeref said easily walking through Natsu's flames.

"I did not plan to meet you again for a long time Natsu but since destiny has pulled us together again I believe I can take this opportunity to help progress your training." Zeref said as he pulled out the book of End.

"I hope you're ready Natsu because I am going to open your eyes to the truth." Zeref said as he opened the book and as soon as it was opened a strange and powerful magic began to flow toward Natsu.

"What the hell!" Natsu yelled out but before the book could complete its magic transfer Zeref's own magic began to course off his body.

"Oh no not now Natsu please run!" Zeref yelled in desperation but Natsu couldn't move away from his magic he could barely stand but he was able to tie his scarf around Happy's neck.

Before the book could finish up Zeref's magic exploded in all directions killing everything and everyone around him except Happy who just lied there unconscious while clutching the now black scarf.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Natsu yelled as he felt the new magic coursing through him but also Zeref's magic tearing his body apart.

"No please this can't happen…no…" Zeref whimpered as he stood over Natsu and Happy's bodies.


"Ugh where am I?" Natsu asked himself as he looked around he noticed that he was no longer in the forest.

"What the hell how did I get here?" Natsu questioned as he got out of the bed he had awoken in.

"Oh I see you are finally awake?" A feminine voice spoke up as she noticed Natsu begin to walk toward the door.

"Huh?" Natsu said in confusion while turning his head to see a girl with long silver hair and gray eyes.

"My name is Grayfia and if you would please come with me I will take you to my husband." Grayfia said walking past Natsu and leading him to another room.

"Hey lady where am I exactly?" Natsu asked looking around at the fancy looking hallway he was walking in.

"You are in the castle of Lord Sirzechs himself..." She says as she points toward a door ordering him to enter "…oh and you're in Hell."

"Ehhhhhhhh!" Natsu yelled as the door closed behind him.

"Hello there Natsu Dragneel it is nice to meet you at last." A man with long red hair that fell just past his shoulders said signaling for Natsu to take a seat in the seat across from him.

"I see you are confused so allow me to explain a few things. I am Lord Sirzechs Lucifer and you are in my castle in Hell." Sirzechs said

"Why am I in Hell? I didn't do anything bad…well not that bad!" Natsu yelled

"Yes well all devils go to hell that is how things work." Sirzechs replied as if it were obvious.

"Well I'm not a devil I'm a human!" Natsu yelled

"It is true that you are not a full devil you are half devil Natsu." Sirzechs said in a very serious voice.

"What I am not a devil if anything I'm a dragon!" Natsu yelled glaring at Sirzechs.

"Do you remember Zeref opening the book of End Natsu?" He asked receiving a nod from Natsu.

"Well that magic that coursed through your body should have turned you into the demon you were meant to be." Sirzechs said leaving out the part about Natsu being the real End.

"So Zeref is the reason I'm here?" Natsu said in anger as fire began to course of his body.

"Technically yes." Was Sirzechs reply.

"So this is really hell?" Natsu asked in defeat slumping back down in his chair.

"Yes but don't worry I was very amused at watching your life pass by you seem to be a magnet for adventure and I am going to give you the chance to get a second life." Sirzechs said with a smirk.

"What that's great you're pretty cool for a devil king! I can't wait to tell everyone that I got to go to hell!" Natsu yelled in joy jumping out of his chair.

"Yes well I believe you have the wrong idea about this Natsu. I am going to give you a second chance but you will not be going to earth-land again." Sirzechs said much to Natsu's disappointment.

"What then where am I going?"

"You will go to my dimensions version of Earth it's much different from anything you're used to so please sit and allow me to explain the conditions and rules of my deal." Sirzches said signaling for Natsu to sit.

"First in order for me to allow you to leave hell you must become a pawn in my younger sister's peerage." Sirzechs said receiving a blank look from Natsu.

"Allow me to explain everything to you then." Sirzches said beginning to explain the rating games, evil pieces and everything he would need to know about this new dimension.

"It's fairly simple I will send you to earth and you will attend a school called Kuoh academy. All you have to do is wait and in good time I'm sure my sister will begin to notice the strange aura your body emits." Sirzechs explained

"Once she figures out what you are capable of I know she will do everything necessary to add you to her peerage. I urge you not to use magic in front of anyone because they are not like you they have no magic in their bodies and they do not believe it exists." Sirzechs finished

"Wait a minute so you want to send me to earth because you want to make me your sister's pawn why the hell would I agree to be someone's slave!" Natsu yelled but the look on Sirzches face made Natsu regret his words.

"I could always allow you to remain here in hell, although since you aren't a full demon I can't guarantee it will be very pleasant." Sirzches said with a look that said he would make sure to make Natsu miserable if he refused.

"Fine I'll do it, but why me?" Natsu asked

"You can eat fire can't you?" Sirzechs asked as Natsu responded with a nod.

"Then I'm sure I made the right decision, just know that soon I will expect you to help my sister with a problem she is going to face." Sirzches said with a knowing smirk.

"Alright so how does this work?" Natsu asked standing up from his chair.

"Well as soon as I say it you will be reborn into the earth of my dimension. Do you remember what you are going to do?" Sirzechs asked

"Yeah I got it go to Kuoh academy, find Rias, die, then be reborn as a full devil, easy." Natsu said nonchalantly.

"Alright are you ready?"

"Yeah…wait can I ask you for a favor?" Natsu said right before he was about to be reborn.

"Huh oh sure what is it?"

"Could you let me bring my friend Happy with me?" Natsu asked making Sirzechs smile.

"It wouldn't be the same without him." Sirzches said snapping his fingers but nothing happened for a minute then yelling could be heard.

"Ahhhhhhhhh help I'm being kidnapped!" Happy yelled as he was dragged in by one of Sirzches maids.


"Natsu!" Happy yelled tackling his best friend.

"I thought you were dead!" Happy yelled crying.

"Well now I believe this is yours." Sirzches said handing Natsu his scarf.

"Alright now I'm ready," Natsu said

"Ready for what?" Happy asked in confusion.

"I'll explain later." Natsu said

"If I may Natsu I would like to place a charm on Happy." Sirzches said making Natsu glare at him.

"That wasn't in the deal!"

"Come down Natsu I just want to make sure Happy doesn't talk in front of anyone so I will charm him so no none magical beings can hear him." Sirzches said

"I guess that would be okay," Natsu muttered as Sirzches placed the charm on Happy.

"Alright see you soon Natsu Dragneel." Sirzches said sending Natsu and Happy to Kuoh academy.


Natsu opened his eyes only to see that he was traveling down a long colorful tunnel Happy was still asleep next to him.

"Wow what is all this?" Natsu asked as he reached his hand out to touch the sides of the tunnel but as soon as he did he recoiled feeling it burn his hand.

"Young man what is your name?" a deep voice spoke making Natsu dart his head left and right.

"I'm Natsu," Natsu responded

"I see a great deal of potential in you Natsu and also a pure heart because of this I shall reward you with a gift." The voice said but before Natsu could respond his right hand began to burn and in an instant it was replaced by a red metal dragon hand with a green gem in the center.

"What is this? Natsu asked staring at his new hand.

"All the answers will come in time." The voice said as Natsu passed through the exit.


"What happened?" Natsu muttered waking up in a soft bed for the second time, he couldn't remember anything about the mysterious voice he had heard.

"Natsu stop yelling I'm trying to sleep." Happy muttered shifting in his smaller bed located a few feet away from Natsu's.

"Hey Happy we gotta get up," Natsu said looking around at the light red room it was fairly plain just two beds with one night stand separating them. The room had three doors one that led to a bathroom, one that lead to the living room and one that lead to a closet as he was looking at the room he noticed a note on the night stand next to him.

"Good morning Natsu I hope you find your new home pleasant. Your uniform for Kuoh academy is in the closet with a backpack the school is only a block from your home there is a map in the pocket of the uniform. This is the last time I will be able to talk to you so good luck and also don't let anyone see you use magic. Sincerely Sirzechs"

"Man now I gotta go to school if its anything like Erza's lessons I'm sure this is going to suck." Natsu said getting out of bed and walking over to the closet.

"Happy come on get up we have to get going." Natsu said after he put on his uniform. It consisted of a plain white T-shirt covered by a white button up shirt and a black blazer; he had a pair of black pants and a pair of gray sneakers. And t bring it all together he had his signature scarf wrapped around his neck.

"I don't want to get up." Happy muttered

"Come on Happy this is serious we got to get going." Natsu said picking Happy up.

"Natsu where are we?" Happy asked looking around the room and noticing they weren't in their house.

"I guess I have a lot to catch you up on huh?" Natsu said with a grin proceeding to explain everything that he knew about their situation.

"Wait so we have to be someone's slaves!" Happy yelled

"The way Sirzches says it it's kinda like a guild and this Rias girl is going to be our guild master." Natsu replied

"Well I guess we have to get going!" Happy yelled as his wings appeared and he got ready to fly out the window.

"Happy wait!" Natsu yelled pulling the cat back in by his tail.

"Listen you can't use magic here cause according to Sirzches the people here don't know about magic." Natsu said placing Happy on his shoulder and walking through the house.

"Wow this house is awesome Natsu!" Happy yelled completely ignoring Natsu's statement and flying through every room of the house.

The rest of the house wasn't anything special it was the same red color as the bedroom with a couch and TV in the living room a fully stocked kitchen with a fridge, stove, and a microwave and finally an extra bedroom that was a bit nicer than the rest of the house. It had a large bed and a small sofa with a desk in the corner.

"It's pretty nice but I think Lucy's house was nicer." Natsu said without thinking.

"When can we go back?" Happy said looking up at Natsu.

"Soon I hope but for now we got to go to school." Natsu said as they left their home and began walking toward the school.

"Hey Natsu look at this place it looks so cool!" Happy yelled as his darted at everything from the tall metal buildings to the cars that were driving on the street.

"Yeah it is pretty cool but I wonder how people get those cars to move without any magic even in Edolas they had magic to power this stuff." Natsu wondered as he stopped paying attention to where he was going until he accidently bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going." Natsu said turning his head to see who he bumped into and noticed that it was a small girl with white hair and a stoic expression.

Natsu reached down to try and help her up but she looked at his hand and immediately put the bag of cookies she had behind her.

"I'm not gonna take your cookies," Natsu said with a sweat drop as she finally took his hand.

"I'm Natsu Dragneel what's your name."

"My name is Koneko Toujou." Koneko replied continuing to eat her cookies and looking forward as they walked barely giving Natsu the time of day.

"Wow she really must like those cookies if they are more interesting than you Natsu." Happy said with a laugh popping up on Natsu's shoulder.

As soon as Happy popped up Koneko's eyes darted to him she looked surprised but the her face became stoic again.

"Well um are you going to Kuoh academy too?" Natsu asked but she just ignored him which made a tick mark form on Natsu's head.

"Oi don't ignore me!" He yelled which made her giggle but she realized what she did and quickly tried to cover her face.

"Success I made her laugh!" Natsu yelled in triumph.

"Aye sir!"

"I suppose we can be friends." Koneko said with a small smile but Natsu grinned and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"See it wasn't that hard." Natsu said but then he tripped sending both of them to the ground.

"Sorry I must have tri-" Natsu said but was cut off when he realized how they had fallen.

Koneko was on her back with her skirt flipped up revealing her kitty cat panties and Natsu was above her with a hand on her small breast.

"Sorry I didn't mean to!" Natsu yelled quickly getting up but as soon as he did Koneko jumped up and kicked him in the gut while screaming pervert.

"Wow Natsu I didn't know you were a pervert." Happy said with a laugh but before Natsu could respond two boys walked up to him one was tall and had glasses while the other was a bit shorter with very short hair.

"Hello we couldn't help but see the scene that just took place and we think we can help." The boy with short hair said with a grin.

"You can?" Natsu asked in confusion.

"Of course, we can tell that you're a pervert just like us so we would be happy to share our secrets." The boy with glasses said


"We saw you accidently fall into Koneko and I must say your technique is sloppy if you want to see panties you have to be smart but trying to go for panties and a breast is just stupid." The boy with glasses continued using air quotes around accidently.

"Wait a second you think I'm a pervert! No way! I just tripped!" Natsu yelled in denial.

"We know, its ok we trip on accident all the time too." The boy with short hair said putting air quotes around accident as well.

"Good work Natsu now we can hang out with these guys!" Happy yelled while laughing at all of Natsu's bad luck.

"My name is Motohama and this is Matsuda." The boy with glasses said as they began to pull Natsu to the school.

"My name's Natsu,"

"If you're planning on being popular with the girls then you are going to need to get rid of that weird blue cat Natsu…and probably die your hair a different color." Matsuda said

"No one is touching my hair!" Natsu yelled as they pulled him into the school.

"Hey look at that new boy he is kinda cute." One girl said but her friends quickly squashed that thought.

"If he is hanging out with those perverts then he is probably a lecherous perv too." Another girl said making Natsu sweat drop and Happy burst out in laughter.

"I already hate this school," Natsu muttered while being dragged away by his new friends.


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