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Red and White Fire: Chapter 1

"Is this a good idea?" A red dragon said asking a half-black and half-white dragon in front of him.

"It is for the best, this child was abandoned and we happened to find this child." The dragon said looking at the small basket case that lay next to the red dragon, "Judging by the size of this child, he is only a newborn, so you train him for 5 years and I will train him for another 5 years and I shall send him on his way to the guild 'Fairy Tail'."

"I understand brother." The red dragon said bowing his head in respect, the other mythical beast did the same.

"With this, it will be the birth of another Dragon Slayer, Grandeeney and Metallicana have found their own humans a few weeks ago, this will also be the first time a single human has been taught by two dragons. I shall give you the honour of naming him, brother Igneel."

Igneel smiled and looked at the sleeping baby child with unusual pink hair. "Natsu, Natsu Dragneel."

"Interesting name, brother."

"I don't know about you, Kelvin, my flames may not be hotter than yours but my choice of words are definitely the superior."

The dragons chuckled whole-heartedly causing the ground to shake

"Well brother Igneel, I must set off, I will visit the child in 5 years so I can train him again."

Igneel nodded as he saw his brother take flight, "Make sure that boy is strong by the time I pick him up!" The dragon roared at the red beast.

"Of course he will! He's going to be the best!" Igneel yelled back waking up the baby. Igneel saw his brother disappear in a flash of white fire and sighed rocking the baby's basket-case slowly calming him down. Igneel looked at the baby now called Natsu in front of him and bounced his basket around which earned a giggle from the baby.

"You are an interesting one, little child. Your destiny will be far from your mind to comprehend but I hope soon you will know what I'm talking about."

The child just looked at the snout of the dragon and tried to grab it earning a chuckle from the dragon.

'This is going to be interesting.'

18 Years Later, Location: Port of Hargeon

A blonde girl wandered around the streets of Hargeon looking for some magical supplies,

"Tch, my sex appeal only got me a 1000 jewels discount?!" She yelled kicking a store sign over in frustration, "Ah well, it doesn't matter, now I got the Celestial Spirit of Nicholas! I'd like to think of it as more of a dog and a pet than a celestial spirit." She cheerfully laughed

However, she was interrupted when a flock of girls came hurdling past her screaming something like

"Salamander-sama is here! Kyaaa!" They all screamed running past the blonde. She was intrigued by this,

"Salamander? Isn't he the famous wizard with magic you can't actually buy in stores?!" She ran over to the crowd and saw that the girls were surrounding a purple-haired man with a red cloak. The girls had hearts in their eyes and soon the blonde haired teen had hearts on her eyes as well, 'What's this feeling...' She looked at the man and the man looked back at her; winking his eye at her. 'This... This is love!'

While all the girls were entranced by this 'Salamander' a black cloaked figure was off in the distance looking at this crowd. He heard one of the girls scream 'Salamander' and investigated this. He walked over to the crowd, skillfully dodging all the girls that were pushing each other around and confronted the man.

The purple-haired man spotted him and flicked his hair, "I didn't expect the other gender to be a big fan of me! Do you want an autograph or what?"

"... fake..." The man in the cloak murmured out.


"You..." He put his hood down to reveal a face of an 18 year old with half of his hair pink and half of his hair white, "...Are a fake!"

At this moment, the blonde teen's entrance was broken as she saw the man confronting the fake Salamander. She spotted a ring on his finger which was a forbidden magic ring which casts love spells on anyone he wanted to. However, she was more interested in the person that broke the spell, it seemed the other girls' spells were also broken and they were confused to where they were. They dissipated leaving her and the two figures confronting each other.

"Look what you did now you asshole! You lead them away!"

"Good, so then they won't see this." The teenager powered his right fist with white flames and ground pounded him into the floor leaving his feet dangling out from the surface. The teen dusted his hands and turned towards the blonde that was behind him.

"Yes...?" The different hair colored teen asked addressing the blonde.

"Umm, I just wanted to say thank you... for what just happened now..." She said fidgeting with her fingers.

"No problem, I mean, he was using forbidden magic so yeah." She widened her eyes as she realized that he also knew what the man was using.

"If you want, I can treat you to a meal at that cafe over there." She said extending her hand out for a handshake. "My name is Lucy Heartfillia, what's yours."

The other teen in front of her shook her hand and said, "Natsu, just call me Natsu."

'Natsu... I've heard of that name before somewhere...'

They walked towards the cafe and entered it sitting down on a seat and taking their orders. Natsu ordered the spiciest food they had there and Lucy just had chocolate cake since she had already eaten before. When they got their orders Lucy was at least a quarter way through her slice of chocolate cake and she looked up to see Natsu burping out fire and 6 plates next to him.

"You're already finished?" Lucy said astonished at Natsu's appetite and speed of his dining. Natsu spat out a bone onto the plate and looked at Lucy.

"My cat, Happy usually eats more than this." He picked the meat off his tooth and closely observed Lucy who was still eating her cake, "So, tell me about yourself then."

Lucy swallowed her bit of cake and put down her fork, "Well, I've already told you my name, I'm a freelance mage!"


"My magic's is Celestial Spirit Magic! It's where you can summon celestial beings and they can help you fight and they are pretty useful."

"Uh huh."

"I'd also like to join Fairy Tail! It's supposed to be one of the best Guilds in the entire continent and they are full of powerful mages! I wonder if the master there would accept me..."


Lucy was too caught up in her fantasies and didn't realize that Natsu left some money on the table and had already walked off, 'Aw, it's a shame, he was pretty good-looking as well... I must've made him bored with my ranting...' She sighed paying the rest of the bill and walking out to sit on a bench.

She sat down on the bench and took out a magazine, on the front cover was the Fairy Tail Guild.

"Yes! This is the special edition of Fairy Tail! It's all the S-Classes this time!"

She flicked through straight to the pages of the S-Classes and admired them. On the page she looked at was Erza, the strongest women in the whole of Magnolia, it seemed a whole page was dedicated to her. She read the little description of her at the bottom of the pictures,

'The Queen of Fairies, Titania, all in her glory.' In the picture was Erza in her Angel Combat Form.

"This is one of the most powerful equips of Erza! Oh, there's also a page for Mirajane as well! She looks so beautiful!"

There was also another little piece of information under the big picture. 'The cute and innocent Mirajane, Is actually a DEVIL!' There was a picture of Mirajane which was split between her normal human form and her takeover Satan Soul form.

"Wow! They are all so powerful!" She turned the page to see another 2 pages which were dedicated to 2 other S-Classes named Mystogan and Laxus, She skipped this double page as she already read about the two mages but when she turned the pages there was only a double page that had the words:

'Dare to Open the Gates of Hell?'

She was curious and opened the flaps up to reveal an astonishing 4 page dedication to... guess who?

"He was the real Salamander!" She yelled at the top of her lungs when she saw who the 5th S-Class was.

It was the teenager that had saved her from the spell, the teenager who had half pink hair and half white hair...

She regretted it now and she realized that she had lost her chance to enter Fairy Tail. She read on anyway and looked at the picture of Natsu standing there with a red and white over-coat with dark red clothing and black

jeans. His eyes were spilling white fire and had a sickly smile on his face. His fist was extended and an orange flame covered it.

The caption said, 'From the fiery depths of hell, The Salamander takes his throne as the King of Fire, with Flames hotter than Hell and the speed of a demon, he takes the hotspot for the Fiore Times! According to our results his fire rating out of 11 is... 16?! That's over the charts!'

Lucy sighed at the magazine, "They are all so powerful! How am I supposed to enter the Guild now! They are all monsters..."

"So you want to join Fairy Tail then?" A purple-haired man jumped out of the bush which surprised Lucy.

"Acck! It's you! That person who uses forbidd- wait did you say Fairy Tail?" She said

"Of course! My name is Bora, and I am a member of Fairy Tail." he bowed his head in respect, at this moment Lucy forgot about what he did earlier on the day and focused more on the fact that he was a 'member' of Fairy Tail,

"So how can I join Fairy Tail then?" She said in an irritated tone, Bora went up to her and gave her an invitation.

"Come here tonight and we shall appoint you in our Guild!"

"It's that simple...?" Lucy said suspiciously.

"It's that simple. Simple come and we will appoint you! It's what you wanted, right?" He smirked which made Lucy cringe.

"Alright, Alright fine. But I'm doing this for myself, not for you! You got that?" She said poking Bora on his chest. He put up his hands and backed away.

"Then I'll see you tonight!" He propelled himself up in the air with purple flames and sped off into an opposite direction.

Lucy shook her head at the man's attitude and hoped the rest of Fairy Tail wasn't like that. She had also hoped if Natsu was there to see her being appointed as a Guild Member. She thought of this for a while before going back to her hotel to get changed into proper attire.

Somewhere on the other side of Hargeon

Natsu entered a shop of Jewelry and was greeted by a woman possibly in her mid-forties, "Hello there young man! Do you take any interests in our jewelry? These are handcrafted by master crafstman but they will cost a lot."

Natsu thanked the woman and looked around the shop for something that he would get the Silver-haired devil, after all, she did love jewelry. He looked at the necklaces and rings that were shown on display in the glass cases. He went up to the counter where the woman was and there was a glass case that had a small necklace in it with a heart with devil horns coming out of it.

'That's perfect, she'll like it.' He waved to the woman at the desk and pointed at the glass case with the small necklace in it.

"Ah! Nice choice! However, it is very expensive. Will you be able to aff-" Natsu put down a wad of money in front of the woman which shut her up. She looked at the amount of cash and slowly nodded.

"You're a quiet one aren't you?" She said looking at his hair, "Quite the different style I must say." She put the money in the cash register and carefully placed the necklace into a small red box which she gave to Natsu.

"Thanks." Was all he said as he started to walk out. However, he was stopped by two big men with masks on. Oh, and they were also holding magic guns.

"Everybody don't move! This is a raid! If you move we will shoot you!" One of the men broke all the cases and clumsily slid all of the jewelry into a black bag. He jumped over the counter scaring the woman and emptying the cash register. Natsu was still stood there holding up his hand with the necklace box in his right.

The man who pointed the guns spotted the box Natsu had and gestured his friend to come over.

"Give us that box, eh, friend?" Natsu kept silent

"Look, if you don't give it to us, we'll just take it by force then!" The friend who had come over reached for the necklace but his hand suddenly caught on fire. The man screamed and dropped down to the floor to stop the fire.

"What the hell did you do!" The man was about to fire but Natsu grabbed the gun and melted it.

"I suggest you worry about what I'm going to do to you in a minute." white fire started to appear around Natsu's eyes, just like in the magazine. It was then the thieves realized who they were messing with.

"No wait! Please!" The man pleaded for his life.

Natsu calmly walked outside as the army surrounded the shop. Natsu gestured the army to go inside and they all nodded, seconds later after barging in, two charred and barely alive bodies were dragged out and tossed into a magic carriage. The head officer was about to thank Natsu but didn't know where he had gone.

He had caught wind of a party going on in a Yacht that was about to set sail, apparantly, people who wanted to join Fairy Tail could just go there and be assigned to the Guild. Natsu put the necklace safely in his pocket and flew off near the harbor.

He could already see the Yacht was quite far out into the ocean and so he pushed himself further on. He remembered the Lucy girl wanted to join Fairy Tail and his nose didn't lie. Natsu could smell the scent of flowers which specifically belonged to the Lucy girl.

On the Yacht

"What is this?!" Lucy yelled as she struggled with the ropes around her, "What did you do to the women?!"

"Bah... It's alright, they're only asleep, and soon, you will be to..." Bora said pouring a green substance into a wine and slowly approaching Lucy.

The men around her laughed as one of them said, "The girls are going to be sold off into slavery and we're going to earn quite a hefty amount of money."

Lucy closed her eyes and teared up. This isn't what she expected, she didn't know Fairy Tail was like this.

'Was this all a lie then? Was Natsu...?' She didn't have time to finish as Lucy heard a high-pitched screeching sound getting louder and louder and suddenly.


Lucy was suddenly freed from her restraints and when the dust cleared away, you could see a dark-cloaked figure with white fire in his eyes.

"Natsu!" She yelled, the said man roared out fire from his mouth with scared some of the crew members shitless and made them jump overboard. Bora was about to attack until Natsul grabbed him by the neck.

"What are we doing here, Bora of the Titan Nose Guild?" Natsu said in a menacing voice, "It looks like you still haven't learned your lesson from last time."

"No wait! Please! I won't do it aga-" Lucy watched as both Natsu and Bora were engulfed in white flames. The screams of Bora could be heard but was stopped when he knocked out Bora and threw him to the side, slightly toasted. Lucy looked at him at amazement.

The other crew member were too afraid to confront this fire monster and dove from the deck into the water. The cloaked man took off his hood and addressed Lucy, "Hey, could you get Aquarius out here and move the Yacht back to sea?"

"How do you kn-"

"Your keys." He tossed them to her and started to levitate using his flames, "Tell her to absolutely smash the boat with the waves!"

"What?!" She yelled out of shock.

"Just trust me on this!" And with that he flew at super-sonic speeds towards the boat. Lucy summoned Aquarius and a blue mermaid appeared from the key, but in a pissed off manner. She smacked Lucy in the head.

"That was for losing the fucking keys!"

Lucy grumbled, knowing how cranky Aquarius can sometimes get, "Whatever! Just smash the boat into the harbor!"

Aquarius looked at Lucy for a while, "What?"

"Just do it!" She yelled.

This annoyed the celestial spirit and with all her might she conjured up a massive wave and struck the boat with it screaming, "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!"

Luckily, she was kind enough to hold her in a water bubble next to her to watch the carnage, "Now what?" She asked her user.

"We...Wait I guess? Let's go closer."

"Tch, so much effort." She then went closer to the harbor and saw the incoming wave, "Lucy, is that your friend down there?" Aquarius asked.

Lucy looked down and saw Natsu standing there.

Natsu looked at the oncoming destruction and analyzed the sitauation. He ripped off his cloak showing his red and white overcoat with a matching red polo shirt and black jeans. Natsu slammed both of his fist down created magical symbols all around the Harbor, he whispered a spell which nobody could hear and on his back a white Fairy Tail symbol lit up.

Lucy saw this and her hope rose. He really was a member of the real Fairy Tail. Everything went bright.

A huge wall of flames erupted from the ground and made a wall all the way around the harbor to protect it from the incoming wave. Lucy looked at her celestial spirit who had her mouth wide open, admiring the power the young man had.

The last thing she saw was the boat smashing against the wall of fire and a blinding light blocked her vision before a contrast of darkness enveloped her sight from using too much power with Aquarius.

She woke up to her facing a mess of pink and white hair and felt a pair of strong arms on her thighs. It seems like she was being carried by Natsu. She jumped off of him as she blushed red at the contact.

"Hey now, it's fine!" Natsu said raising his hands.

"What happened?!" Lucy asked observing her surroundings, "Where are we?"

"You passed out, your celestial spirit was kind enough to let you down and I carried you all the way here!"

"But why?" Natsu shrugged,

"Oh, I don't know, maybe you might want to join Fairy Tail?" Natsu said in a sarcastic voice. Lucy's eyes widened at this statement. Natsu started walking leaving Lucy to think. That was all for nought as she sprinted up to Natsu and flashed him a grin. Natsu himself flashed her a smirk and looked up to the sky.

'Here we go.'

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