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Red and White Fire Chapter 12

A Blue-haired man with a red tattoo over his face sat down on his throne, a man walked in who had extremely long black hair that reached down to his feet, he had hairy eyebrows that were pointed up in spikes and he wore simple clothes with a sleeved shirt with plain armbands, pants, gloves and sporting some shoes.

"Sir, the Titania, Erza, has been captured, however, Wally seems to be in bad shape after encountering a mighty foe." He spoke whilst Jellal slowly nodded.

"He will recover soon, the opponent must have been tough! The rest of her team are probably on their way here soon enough."

"Why did you not just kill Erza, Sir? It would've been a lot easier and that would've accomplished your vengeance right?"

Jellal gripped the arms of his throne and smiled sadistically, "It's simple really, she's going to be a sacrifice to the tower!" He yelled as he laughed to himself.

Sho's Ship

Erza was immediately tied to the mast pole in the middle of the deck when they shoved her on the boat. It was during the night so everyone had fallen asleep, except for Erza and Sho. Sho walked up to Erza and squatted down to her level as she was sat on the floor, still wearing her dress.

"Hello there, Erza." Sho said, Erza looked away,

"Let me go, Sho! Let me go this instant!" Erza demanded as she thrashed around. Sho slowly shook his head and chuckled,

"I'm sorry Erza, but I'm going to have to decline, this is all for your good. By they way, you look great in that." Sho leaned in and gave Erza a hug, Erza in response shoved him forward making Sho topple back onto his bottom. He looked dazed a bit and looked back at her.

"You know, I didn't want to do this, but you left us no choice, you abandoned us and all of this is your fault for betraying Jellal!" Sho stood back up.

"Jellal? What's he doing here?" Erza reminisced the time her and her old friends tried to escape the R-System and whilst they were worried about being captured and maybe tortured, it was Jellal that pushed them all to keep going and gave them all courage.

"No reason for you to know now, is there?" Sho teased sticking his tongue out making Erza angry. She calmed down when she thought of Natsu and smirked.

"What are you smirking about." Sho said narrowing his eyes,

"You know, it's not smart taking a Dragon's mate away from them." Erza smiled.

"What on Earth are you even talking about."

What happened next caught the two by surprise, and everyone sleeping on the ship. As if by coincidence, after Erza had said her little monologue, a huge stream of fire blasted past them annihilating the water beneath the stream of flames. The flames narrowly missed the ship but it rocked it back and forth for a while. A roar was heard in the distance on land and Sho looked over to see a familiar pink and white haired man at the other end of the flame stream. The stream died and the crew members and Erza's old friends stumbled out of the ship into the deck.

"What on earth was that?!" Simon asked, Sho was ghastly pale as he saw the destructive power of Erza's alleged 'mate'.

"A-A force that we shouldn't reckon with..." he looked over to Erza who was looking at the man in the distance lovingly.

"I have feeling that this is going to be a long night." Sho sighed telling the crew members to go back to sleep.

"That was impressive wasn't it, Natsu." Mira said as she put her hand above her eyes to block the stream of fire that lit up the entire area for a while.

"Just a little warning shot, we'll meet them at the Tower of Heaven." Natsu said wiping away some flames from his mouth.

"Hey, how are we going to get to that tower anyway?" Gray asked to which Natsu smirked,

"Oh you'll see." he said pulling out a boat from his void space.

Magic Council Meeting

"Is this true Siegrain? Does the R-System really exist once more?" One of the council members said as they chatted amongst one another.

"That's impossible! I'm sure we shut down all the R-System Projects and all the towers!" Another members exclaimed, however another members perked up.

"There must have been an 8th tower that we have missed!"

"It's called 'The Tower of Heaven'." Siegrain said at his seat, all heads turned to his direction and the others grunted at his response.

"Now how do you know that Siegrain?" a council members, Michello asks. Siegrain simply smiled and rested his elbows on the table looking at the bickering conversations of the other Council members.

'This is going well.' He thought.

"Siegrain! We must make haste, we need to organize an army to demolish that mistake we made!" All members agreed except for Michello.

"I disagree, we don't have any information yet to gather an army and take it down, however, sources have told me that the cult leader, the person who had revived the project. His name is Jellal, and he is in control of the tower."

Voices rose as the members argued even more extensively whilst Siegrain smirked behind his hand and looked over to Ultear who was simply smiling at him.


The crew of Juvia, Gray, Mira and Natsu were in a canoe heading off to the Tower. Natsu had already tracked it's scent and are now heading towards the scent of Erza.

"Hey Natsu, I don't understand why we can't just teleport there?" Gray asked unconsciously taking off his shirt again. Natsu was still in his suit as he hadn't bothered to change but he took the scarf from his space void and wore it around his neck.

"Well for one, it would take up too much energy to use over such a long distance." Natsu replied,

"But you've done it before haven't you?" Gray said looking out for the tower.

"Yeah, and look what happened, I passed out for a good few hours."

"Oh yeah, you've got a point."

Mira then interrupted latching herself around Natsu's arm, "aaaand Number two, Natsu can only teleport to the area if he's been there before and if he knows the area, if he doesn't then he can't teleport there, also he needs to have visited the place first."

"Ah, that makes sense I guess."

It was now Juvia's turn to talk, "Mira-san, you are an S-Class are you not?"

"Why, Yes Juvia! I am!" Mira chirped, she was wearing blue skinny jeans with a white blouse and a black tank top over it and had bracelets on her wrists.

"How many S-Class mages does Fairy Tail have? Phantom Lord only had 5, it seems like Fairy tail has a lot more?"

"Hmm, let's see." Mira took up a thinking pose looking up into the sky, "So, we have Natsu, Gildarts, Laxus, Me, Erza and Mystogan... so we have six members, only just about one more than your previous guild." Mira smiled.

"Yeah sure, but Natsu and Gildarts should be in a class of their own, saying they're destructive monsters are an understatement!" Gray exclaimed whilst Mira chuckled.

"Juvia does not understand?"

"Ignore them Juvia-" Natsu was interrupted by the excited pair who were eager to say about Natsu's power.

"Gildarts is possibly one of the strongest mages in our Guild, alongside with Natsu and, I hate to say this, but Laxus." Mira said.

"Gildarts Magic is Crash Magic, this allows him to destroy anything that he can come into contact with, however, if he's unfocused he'll accidentally damage anything around him, hence why Magnolia has an anti-Gildarts mechanism." Gray explained,

"He's currently on an S-Class mission and won't be back for a while, anyways back on to the topic of Natsu and Gildarts." Mira clapped her hands in delight whilst Juvia was still confused.

"Natsu, a couple of months ago, fought Gildarts before he went off on his mission. Because of their destructive power, we had Earth Mages create an island just off Hargeon just so they could fight."

"Are they really that powerful?" Juvia questioned,

"Yep, anyways, we watched from Lacrima TV's and it all went by a blur, however what was really unexpected was that when the smoke all cleared away, Gildarts was in floor as his face was in shock. But what shocked everyone else was that Gildarts was on the floor and standing above him was Natsu... but his hair was fully white, flames tendrils splashed out from his body and his eyes were glowing white. Even Kaya was surprised at what Natsu was. When he talked, it sounded like it was in our minds, and that was freaky."

"So was that...?"

"Natsu's Divine Dragon Mode? Yes, it was." Gray interjected. "It was the first time we have seen this before."

"I reckon Juvia has seen this mode before." Natsu said whilst Juvia nodded,

"Natsu-sama is right, Juvia has witnessed that before, Gajeel-san has entered the mode before, but he never entered it again."

"The same for Natsu, we've never really seen you back in that mode." Gray addressed Natsu.

"Kaya made me promise to never go into that mode again, she says it chips away at your life force and if I use it too much then I'll shorten my life span."

All the passengers look shocked at what Natsu just revealed.

"It shortens your lifespan!" Mira yelled hurting Natsu's Dragon Slayer ears.

"Yes, Yes I know, but to beat Gildarts who was also being serious I needed to get serious, I'll promise I won't do it again." Natsu said holding up his hands in an 'X' position as Mira looked at him with almost teary eyes.

"Okay..." Mira sniffled rubbing her eyes.

"Oi... it that... the tower?" Gray said pointing to a tall blue crystal tower.

"It is indeed, I remember a tower similar to this on my S-Class mission 2 years ago, there's a lot of guards there."

"Juvia proposes that we go in sneaki-" Natsu had already disappeared in a spit of flames as soon as he saw the landing near the entrance.

"Oh dear." Mira chuckled using her power to propel the boat closer.

Inside the Tower

Erza shook the thoughts out of her head, she was thinking about the time when she was a child and was locked up in there. The punishment she took for her friends because she wanted to keep them safe and from harm. Sho approached Erza, "You'll stay in that prison until the Ceremony is complete tomorrow, you will be a sacrifice for our paradise."

Erza gritted her teeth and lashed around in the binds. "Sho! Have you gone mad?! Do not use the R-System! Why are you using something that had caused us so much trauma! If you resurrect the Dark Mage, the consequences that would happen in the Magic World would be astronomical!" Erza yelled.

"You don't understand sister Erza, Jellal will bring us all paradise! We will all rule the world together!"

Erza had enough of his monologue and ripped from the bindings with brute strength and gave a swift knee to Sho's face knocking him back into the wall and making him lose conscious. "I'm sorry Sho, but I can't let you do that."

Erza re-quipped into her Heart Kreuz Armor and was determined to find and defeat Jellal once and for all.

"Milianna! Erza's escaped!" Simon said surprising the cat-woman who was messing with her cat toys.

"She's escaped? That's impossible! My bindings stop magic!"

"You forget how strong she is, she could just rip those apart. Right now, she's probably heading for Jellal, how's Wally?"

"He's not good, but he'll survive, we don't stand a chance against that mage if he shows up here..."

Simon shook his head, "That's true, pray to the Gods that we won't encounter him, for now let's leave him here to rest and let's go and find Erza."

Back at the Magic Council

Everyone is still arguing about what to do, each one was bickering to their left and right and the argument got louder and louder. They were arguing about what they should do about the tower.

"The tower is too dangerous to exist, we must take drastic measures." Siegrain said.

"Such as what?" one of the members questioned him as they all hushed down.

"We should use Etherion."

Everyone sported shocked faces and gasped at Siegrain's idea that he proposed, "T-That's a preposterous idea! We all refuse! Etherion is our ultimate weapon and it is even more powerful than the R-System!"

"But isn't this the perfect situation for this?" Ultear mentioned, "I agree to use this weapon." She smiled as Siegrain smiled with her,

"I only need 3 more votes, please, listen to reason, this tower is too dangerous to be standing!" Siegrain said slamming his fist into the table.

The Tower

Erza easily charged through 9 guards knocking them all out and making the other guards run away in fear.

'I hope the rest of the crew are safe, knowing Natsu, he's probably on his way here now.' Erza thought as she chuckled kicking a guard in the head and sheathing her sword.

Entrance to the Tower

Juvia, Mira and Gray landed at the dock and quickly sprinted to the entrance, unsurprisingly, Natsu had already torn though 20 guards and waited for the rest of them to catch up, most of them were burnt to a crisp and the rest were sprawled out in different positions but left a pathway in the middle where Natsu was walking.

"About time, the door was already open, seems like Jellal is thinking of this like a game."

"Who's Jellal?" Gray asked,

"The person who's currently at the top of this tower, we're going to find Erza, beat the shit out of Jellal, and bring down the tower. I swear I brought down the last tower..." Natsu said the last bit in a mumble."

The 4 mages walked into the entrance and was instantly greeted by a flood of Guard charging up to them. Natsu immediately charged his White Fire Dragon's Curveball but stopped when he saw a blur of red and smiled.

The rows of Guard toppled and fell in a blink of an eye and the woman with red hair immediately turned her heel and re-quipped out of her armor so it was just her blouse and hugged Natsu tightly.

"Erza?" The other three mages questioned as they saw the red hair fluttering about and her signature sword on the floor next to her. Natsu sighed in relief and returned the hug stroking her hair.

"Hello Erza, sorry it took me so long, It was hard to track you so far away." They pulled away from the hug and Erza wiped the slight tears she had in her eyes and said,

"I can count on you to always find me." Erza saw Mira walk up next to Natsu in front of her, she expected a sarcastic comment but instead she was hugged tightly by the white-haired mage.

"Don't... ever do that again... we're your friends... we're here for you and if you needed any help you could've just asked us for help..." Mira said on the verge of tears.

"I'm sorry Mira... everyone... I just didn't want you all to get caught up in my past problems..."

(A/N: I'm going to skip the whole Erza background stuff as anyone who's reading this far must already know about Erza's past, if not, read the manga/watch the anime lmao.)

After Erza had told them of her hardships they were nearly all in tears, except for Natsu who looked calm, but anyone could tell that he was furious and was ready to fully kill someone.

"And that was that..." Erza said,

"I still don't understand though." Natsu said,

"Hm?" Erza questioned.

"Last year, as you know, I went on an S-Class mission for 2 weeks."

"Oh yes, you didn't bring me and Erza for some reason, you usually at least bring me or Erza, even Kaya was concerned about this." Mira said,

"Yes, and when I came back I avoided everyone's question on it because I knew that it would affect Erza."

"How so, Natsu?" Erza said re-quipping back her armor,

"The R-System, it was discontinued years back, however, there was still one more left and I was tasked to bring it down to the ground, which I did and I thought that it would've been over... but when I heard your old friends talk about the Tower of Heaven... I must have missed another one... and I apologise for that." Natsu said lowering his head,

"Natsu it's okay, you didn't know." Erza said with a soft voice.

"Come on, let's go, we'll go defeat Jellal." Mira said smiling at all of them and they all nodded and set off to the levels of the tower.

Back at Era

The ones that were against Siegrain's proposal were arguing that using Etherion would kill everybody in that tower, which includes any innocent bystanders.

"I am willing to take the risk, for the greater good." Siegrain announced causing a murmur between the Council, one of the members had already agreed with Siegrain's actions so two more votes were needed.

A council member called Belno looked at her papers and back at the council, she looked towards Michello who slowly shook his head as he knew what she was about to do. She raised her hand and announced,

"I am also in agreement of Etherion." Belno announced causing even more of a ruckus in the meeting.

"You have my thanks, Councilor Belno." Siegrain smirked as she sat back down and closed her eyes, wondering if this was the right thing to do.

Back at the Tower

Jellal smiles as he sits on his throne and says to Vivaldus, "Only one more vote is needed and everything will all go with my plan and it will all come to an end."

"Zeref, or 'The Dark Mage' as everyone calls him, is the most powerful Dark Mage in history, he was the cruelest and the R-System is being used to resurrect him back into the magic world." Natsu explained as they walked up a bunch of stairs. They spotted a clearing and sat down to rest whilst Natsu continued with what he as saying.

"He was the creator or Lullay and probably Deliora." Natsu could see Gray twitch at that name, "He could annihilate an entire country with just his Dark Magic, he is not a mage who should be reckoned with."

"Well the same could be said to you!" Mira teasingly said as everyone laughed at Natsu who was rolling his eyes,

"By the way Natsu, you're still in your suit? Don't you feel comfortable in your coats that you always wear?" Erza asked,

"Nah, it's fine, I like these suits anyway, so far they haven't been damage but I've probably jinxed it now... shit..." Natsu realizing what he said tried to look for any wooden things to touch. Again, the group laughed and as it died down, Juvia decided to ask a question.

"Erza-san, why do your old friends consider you as a traitor?"

"Jellal probably made a lie about her or something." Natsu said,

"Yeah! Erza would never betray her friends."

"Even the wench can be a little bit human at times." Erza perked her ears at this comment and proceeded to clash heads with Mira.

"You bitch! You want to fight!" Erza gritted her teeth as her head grinded against Mira's whilst looking at each other with a cold stare, not breaking eye contact.

"Wench! I'll gladly fight you!"

"Ahem, Girls..." Natsu coughed out looking at both of them with a raised eyebrow. The two girls instantly dropped their fighting and turned away from each other.

"You're lucky that Natsu's here..." Erza mumbled,

"You too... bitch..." Mira said, Natsu rolled his eyes as he heard the girls with his super hearing. Speaking of his super-hearing, he hears someone breathing behind one of the columns. He stood up and said,

"Whoever's standing and eavesdropping behind that pillar... give it up and step out before I obliterate that area." Natsu said with a stern voice.

It turns out it was Sho and he heard everything that Natsu had said and apologized to Erza whilst he was furious about Jellal brainwashing him and her friends.

"H-He told us that you had planted bombs... in our ships and that if Jellal hadn't noticed... we would've all died. H-H-He made us work back to the tower saying something like it was a sign that the tower must continue to be built." Sho said with tears in his eyes.

Simon appears from the shadows and said, "I knew it, I knew that Jellal was lying all along, Erza would never do something like that to us, especially for what she sacrificed for us." Simon walked over to Sho and put a hand on Sho's shoulder who was now visibly crying and said, "We can do this now Sho."

Erza looked at Natsu who had his arms crossed and he nodded, she bowed in thanks and walked up to Sho and gave him a comforting hug saying,

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have left you all back there... I had no choice, honestly. I was weak in the past but I am stronger. Now that I have someone who has my back." She said turning to look at Natsu, first then panning across the group who had smiles on their faces.

"Let's do this then." Natsu said leading the way.

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