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Before I continue with chapter 4, I would like to thank all readers who have offered names for the dragon! All of them are good, but two of them stuck out in particular for me. The 2 names are Osiris, suggested by Reaper495, and Aurum, suggested by Yours Truly – Pride. I have decided on the name and it will be…

"I'll name you Aurum!" Natsu grinned, the dragon's name finally decided upon.

Many in the guild laughed and cheered at the simple yet meaningful name Natsu had given his dragon. However, the dragon seemed uninterested. As if showing its dissatisfaction as his newly given name, he turned around with his back facing Natsu.

"How about Osiris?" Natsu offered, the golden baby dragon shaking its head obstinately, it's back still turned to face Natsu, this time its head twisting around to stare at Natsu, as if saying "Seriously Bro?"

"Auris?" Natsu asked, hanging onto his last thread of hope, which was combining both previous names together.

With a blink, the dragon cocked its head to the side, similar to the way Natsu did it, before it leapt into the air suddenly, talons out stretched as it latched onto Natsu.

A baby dragon, despite being a baby, will averagely be born at a weight of 15 kilograms, and Natsu only weighing 50, the sudden weight crashing into him caused him to topple over, slamming harshly onto the ground, the newly named dragon on top.

Natsu let out a laugh as the dragon scrambled on his chest, careful to retract its claws as it scarpered on his vest, reaching up to stare into Natsu's eyes, before folding its wings and tucking its tail beneath its legs, coming to a rest on Natsu's chest as it snorted happily.

With a laugh, Natsu said "Alright, your new name will be Auris, the dragon of emotions!" With a snort of agreement, Auris settled in, closing his eyes as he fell asleep.

Looking at his sleeping dragon, Natsu grunted before settling in a comfortable position on the guild floor, eyes closing too as he fell asleep.

Rolling their eyes at the lazy partners on the ground, the guild members returned to their places, the spectacle finally over.

Natsu was however, rudely awoken from his sleep when a second weight was added to his chest, causing his eyes to jerk open.

Mirajane stared back at him, grinning cheekily as she lay beside Auris on Natsu's chest, "I wanna join in too!"

Natsu rolled his eyes as he shifted uncomfortably, closing his eyes before groaning at the sudden arrival of yet more presences.

Opening his eyes, he was greeted by Erza Cana and Ultear all standing over them, pouting and looking pleadingly at Natsu, hoping for a space to join.

Mirajane's grin widened as she tightened her hold on Natsu's torso, sticking out her tongue childishly at the rest, resulting in an argument amongst them.

As the 4 girls tussled and argued over who got to lay on Natsu's chest, Natsu having no say in the matter, Auris finally let out a growl, head raising as he stared angrily at the 4 girls.

Auris spread out his wings, pushing Mirajane off Natsu's chest gently before covering Natsu's torso with his wings spread out, snuggling back down with no disturbances this time, his territory marked.

Glaring at the girls as a final reminder for them to back off his territory, Auris lowered his head as Natsu laughed and reached up an arm to stroke Auris's body, causing the little dragon to purr happily.

The beautiful scene with was broken however, when a yellow haired boy on the second story leaning against a pillar glared down at them, letting out a loud "Tch" of contempt.

Looking up curiously, Natsu espied a spiky yellow haired teenager, decked in a yellow shirt and dark green cargo pants, a deep scar running across his right eye in the shape of a lightning bolt.

"So you're the new kid that's gone on an S-rank and is supposedly strong?" the teen asked as he sneered down at Natsu.

Shaking off the sense of familiarity of seeing someone that looked like him, Natsu replied "Well, that would be exaggerating; I went on the S-rank with Gildarts, and I'm not that strong anyway."

Snorting with contempt, the man leapt down onto the ground floor, sparks flying when he landed as he turned to face Natsu.

"Fight me" he snarled, glaring at Natsu who was still lying on the floor with his dragon.

Natsu glared back, gently pushing Auris off as the dragon snarled at Laxus, a beam of darkness shooting from his mouth which Laxus swiftly deflected, the beam of darkness colliding with a support pillar and dissipating.

Laxus stared at the dragon, before saying "If I win, I get the dragon"

Before Natsu could answer, Mirajane stepped up, jaw clenched as she yelled at Laxus "Piss off Laxus! Stop randomly challenging people to fights just because you think you're strong!"

With many catcalls and similar yells coming from throughout the guild hall and from the girls, Laxus gritted his teeth, hands erupting with lightning as he glared at everyone angrily.

Natsu stared back before looking down at Auris who was glaring back at Laxus, before nodding, much to everyone's surprise, replying "But if I win, you stop being such a dick and start acting nicer!"

"That's it?" Laxus asked as he sneered back, right foot moving back as he lowered his arms, glaring at Natsu who stood there, not even preparing to fight.

As the 2 boys faced off, the attention of the guild was focused on them, everybody watching in anticipation as the 2 strongest children in Fairy Tail faced off, the silence in the hall almost palpable.

Both boys faced off, the pink vs the blond, fire vs lightning. In a burst of speed, Laxus disappeared from where he stood, appearing directly behind Natsu sending a fist straight at his head.

Natsu barely moved tilting his head to the side as his body curved with Laxus's movements, dodging each and every blow Laxus sent his way with ease. Grinning maniacally, Laxus increased his speed, a light blue glow illuminating from his body this time as he dashed forward, his movements no longer visible to an untrained eye.

Natsu raised his arms this time, blocking blow after blow from Laxus with his arms coated with orange flames. Laxus's speed was amplified, using electricity to boost his reaction time and speed while giving himself an adrenaline surge. With all these in place, Natsu could no longer merely dodge the blows, having to block them before they pierced through him.

Mirajane Erza and Cana watched on nervously as Natsu took on the most prominent child of Fairy Tail. After all, Laxus had been trained by Markarov before, and was further improving his skills and talents through training.

Ultear however, was an entirely different case. She did not even seem interested in the fight, the outcome clear to her as she stroked Auris's head; the dragon no longer inclined towards growling at Laxus, rather indulging in Ultear's caressing hand.

Laxus grinned further, his speed at half of his full power as Natsu seemed to continue blocking with ease, never once retaliating in attack.

It's been awhile since anyone has been able to keep up with me at this speed, it's time to try something new on him.

Leaping back, Laxus threw his arms forward as he hurled lightning bolts at Natsu, Natsu raising an arm and deflecting them off him, the lightning bouncing off the stone floor of the guild hall.

With an amused smirk, Natsu doused the fire on his arms as he looked towards Laxus. "Is that all?"

"Hardly!" Laxus yelled, his muscles tensing as he collated magic within his arms, bolts of lightning slamming shooting out faster this time, so fast that they collided into Natsu's chest before he even realised.

Natsu slumped over, head lowered as he stood on the spot, smoke steaming off his chest. The guild was silent, everyone staring in shock as their new member was struck so quickly.

As Mirajane Erza and Cana tried running forward or summoning magic to help Natsu, their feet were suddenly coated with ice, and Cana's magic cards froze too. Looking around quickly to look at Grey, they watched in confusion as Grey stared back at them, mouth hanging open too, as the magic was clearly not of his make.

However they had no time to ponder over it as Natsu started laughing, his posture returning straight as he looked at Laxus with a smirk on his face.

There was not a scar or a mark on his body, when there should have been gouged flesh burning away.

Gaping at Natsu, Laxus's body ignited with lightning in rage, glaring angrily at Natsu.

"You think you're so strong just cause you're a dragon slayer, but you're not the only one here!" Laxus yelled, his muscles rippling as they grew in size, the yellow shirt on his chest ripping into pieces.

Natsu watched in shock as Laxus showed traits of using Dragon slayer magic, a ball of lightning started consolidating in his hands as his body glowed.

"Lightning Dragon Slayer: Rebirth of the Dragons!" With a roar, a beam of lightning shot from Laxus, the same size as his body, as it rocketed forward, many in the guild finally got up to put an end to the foolish fight.

Natsu flicked his hand, staring harshly at the approaching lightning, a torrent of flames shooting forward as they collided in the centre of the room, a bright flash illuminating the room as many cried out in pain, covering their eyes or turning away.

Moments later, everyone could see again, turning to see Laxus flying through the air before slamming into the wall behind him, causing the wall to crack slightly under the pressure.

Staring stonily at Laxus, Natsu snorted as he glared at the prone Laxus. "Harming me, that's ok. But harming the thousands of innocent civilians whom you would have hit should I have not blocked that beam was reckless and dangerous, and most importantly stupid."

Turning in contempt Natsu started walking back to where he was, the lesson he intended to teach having been taught.

Suddenly, the girls eyes widened in alarm, as many guild members started shouting. Whipping around quickly, Natsu watched as Laxus, who had fallen down from the wall stood up shakily, lifting his arms as his palms faced each other, a ruler's length apart as a ball of light started growing in the middle.

Natsu turned his body fully, watching in interest as the ball of light grew. It was only the fact that Master Markarov or anyone else stronger was not here that the fight did not end immediately.

His eyes turning white, Laxus's entire body trembled as the energy build up within him was forming into his hand. "You think you're so powerful? Try this for a size!" The energy building up formed a halo of light around Laxus. Natsu narrowed his eyes at the pure raw energy radiating around him.

It was just then, did Master Markarov finally return from his business, a cloaked man at his side. He was greeted however, by the blinding light of Fairy Law.

"Fairy Law!" with a roar, Laxus slammed his palms together, the flames on Natsu's arm burning out as Natsu's eyes widened in alarm, the entire room filled with light once again.

When the light finally cleared, it revealed Laxus to be laughing crazily, bent over at the exhaustion of exerting so much magic in one go. With one final crazy laugh, Laxus collapsed on the floor, his legs no longer capable of holding him up.

It was with a sudden burst of magic did the smoke clear, Natsu standing right where he was, an aura of blue light surrounding him. Natsu held a blue lacrima in hand, its glow stretching over him as the blue orb surrounding Natsu pulsed once before disappearing, Natsu reaching his hand to the chain necklace that hung to his neck, reattaching it, before the chain necklace disappeared.

Natsu held a hand up, signalling for Markarov to stop his advance as his stood over Laxus, Laxus glaring up in defiance, the shock of Natsu surviving over.

"Atomic magic. The ability to restructure anything and everything, including magic. I could have restructured it in a way that it would have returned to attack you. But thankfully for you, I was in a merciful mood. Atomic magic however, takes up nearly all of my magic stores, but it was the only way for me to redirect Fairy Law, none of my magic defences capable of stopping Fairy Law"

"Atomic magic is sadly, not my magic; rather I possess the lacrima that allows me to use it. It is an unstoppable magic, its only weakness being its high energy drain, varying from the size of what I restructure." Natsu said, pacing slightly above Laxus staring down coldly.

"With great power, comes great responsibility. You are a powerful mage, with great potential. Learn to use that potential." Natsu said, eyes softening as Laxus finally turned unconscious, eyes closing.

With that, Natsu too sank to the ground, the exhaustion of overexerting himself once again causing him to fall asleep.

Markarov stood over his grandson and Natsu, sighing as he accessed the damage don't to both the children and the guild. Motioning for the cloaked man to pick them up, he headed into the office with the cloaked man in tow, carrying both Natsu and Laxus over his shoulder.

As they closed the office door, the members of Fairy Tail started waking up from their slumber.

"What's going on?" many asked as they rubbed the sleep out of their eyes, glancing around blearily.

When Markarov had entered the guild, every member of the guild except for Auris, Natsu and Laxus had fallen asleep. This was due to a powerful spell the cloaked man had cast, people waking from it never realising they had been asleep in the first place.

Looking around, Erza Mirajane and Cana searched for Natsu and Laxus, the previous incident with the ice forgotten.

It was then that Markarov peeked his head out of his office, yelling "I got them, don't come in, their safe!" Before slamming the door shut again.

With a sigh of relief, guild members started chatting animatedly amongst each other about the fight they had just observed, the four girls sighing in relief that Natsu was safe.

In the master's office…

Staring down at the two children laying prone on sickbeds, the cloaked man lowered his hood, sweeping his blue hair away from his eyes as he stared down at them.

"Impressive wasn't it, Mystogan?" Markarov asked as he downed a shot of vodka he had removed from his wine stores hidden under his desk, trying to avoid the incoming headache.

Staring down at the two powerful children, mainly Natsu, Mystogan nodded. Markarov and Mystogan had been observing the fight all along, waiting outside the guild to see the outcome between two of fairy tail's most prominent.

But never in their wildest imagination did they think Natsu could bear the strength to outright dispel Fairy Law. Fairy Law, the ultimate light spell anyone can cast, only rivalled by Demon's Commandment, a dark spell of the exact same make. Fairy Law was magic that did not physically exist and cannot be blocked, rather a soul draining attack that causes its target to wither based on the casters preference.

Markarov sighed as he massaged his temples, staring at his grandson and Natsu. Laxus's hate had grown since that last time Markarov saw him. Hopefully Natsu beating him would knock him off his high horse and teach him a lesson.

Turning to Natsu next, the old man stared curiously at him. Natsu remained an enigma in his eyes. Natsu bore power that most would never attain in their lifetimes, and he was not even trained to his maximum capability.

It was as Markarov stared at him did Natsu finally awake, sitting up as he looked around, to see Mystogan with his hood back up, and Markarov, both watching him intently.

Cracking his shoulders back into place, Natsu sighed as he watched the old man, "You taught him Fairy Law, didn't you?"

With a sigh, Markarov nodded, head hanging in shame. He had warned Laxus never to use it in spars or when fighting guild members, but yet… Natsu shook his head, saying "it's all right old man, after all it's only right to pass down your knowledge to your grandson, no?"

"You knew?" Markarov croaked out as he looked up to face Natsu.

"Yeh, he reminded me of you when I first saw him, but I never realised it till now."

Turning to Mystogan, Natsu asked "Who are you?"

Mystogan raised his head a little, his eye flashing as he whispered "Mystogan."

Natsu blinked as he laughed a little, "That's a weird name!" Turning to Markarov, he was surprised to see that Markarov was no longer sitting there,

Rapidly turning around, Natsu looked at an empty room, the bed Laxus residing in was now empty. Leaping up from the bed, Natsu glared around the room, trying to figure out what was going on. The ground suddenly trembled, the room Natsu was in breaking apart as all that was left was an empty space, a dark and empty space devoid of anything.

Natsu looked around panicking, reaching to his chest for his necklace, only now realising he couldn't summon it.

It was then that he relaxed, closing his eyes for a moment before a talon extended from his finger, Natsu using it to draw a line of blood from his abdomen.

The world returned to normal as Natsu's mind processed the pain. With snarl, Natsu jumped off his bed and leaped at Mystogan, only for Mystogan to knock him back. Looking at Natsu, he said "you pass"

Markarov sighed as he answered Natsu's confusion by saying "Natsu. Enough. I brought you here today for a reason."

Gesturing towards Laxus, Markarov said "The first was obviously that the both of you were badly knocked up from the fight. The second, to form a secret team."

Natsu looked up in confusion, glancing at Markarov as a gesture for him to continue.

"Mystogan, Laxus, and finally you. You are the 3 most prominent and powerful members of our guild, with training, the three of you would be unstoppable, unbeatable and probably able to rival anyone if not everyone."

"Mystogan, with his powerful control over air and sleep magic. Laxus with his powerful lightning and lightning dragon slayer magic, along with Fairy magic. And finally you, bearing the ability of all Chaos and Order magic. An undefeatable team."

Natsu nearly smirked on hearing that, glancing at Mystogan to see his reaction on hearing his magic. Mystogan merely nodded his head in acknowledgement, Markarov having told him of Natsu's magic.

"Sure!" Natsu said as he leaned back, before asking "You ok with it Mystogan?"

Mystogan nodded briefly, before returning to standing there indifferently.

"How bout you Laxus? You in?" Everyone in the room having known that Laxus was awake, when they started talk about the strongest team.

Laxus sat up in bed, glaring at Natsu before replying "I'll join, if Mystogan proves that he is capable of beating me."

"Well that would be entertaining!" Natsu said while grinning as he turned to watch the 2, Markarov releasing a tired sigh before waving for them to start, knowing he was incapable of convincing them not to.

Turning to face Mystogan, Laxus sneered as he cracked his knuckles, fists crackling with lightning as he said "I'm really low on magic, so if you can't even beat me, you're weak!"

Laxus shot forward, blue lightning coating his body once again as he kicked off his bed towards Mystogan, who was standing a metre away.

Natsu watched in amusement as Mystogan's eyes flickered over Laxus, before Mystogan stepped to the side, Laxus crashing right past him.

It was to everyone's amusement as they watched Laxus swinging wildly in the air, turning and swiping at nothing, glaring around crazily.

Laxus was clearly a powerful mage, with great potential. However after invoking fairy Law, his magic stores had greatly dwindled, preventing him from dispelling even the simplest of illusion magic, much less Mystogan's high power for Genjutsu, the magic of illusions.

Releasing his hold of the illusion, Laxus slowly swung to a stop, noticing his change in surroundings and the laughing Natsu, realising what happened.

To everyone's surprise, instead of being angry and yelling, Laxus merely clenched his teeth, sitting down on a stool beside him as he steamed in his own anger.

"So we're all in gramps!" Natsu said as he turned to look at Markarov, who nodded in acceptance.

"Team hug!" Natsu cheered as he jumped off the bed and pulled both Mystogan and Laxus off their previous positions, Laxus tensing awkwardly as Mystogan merely shrugged.

"What should we name ourselves?" Natsu asked as he grinned at both his awkward teammates.

"Team Laxus" Laxus grunted as he looked up at his teammates, though both were stronger than him, though Mystogan pretty close in terms of skill.

"Nah. Too lame." Natsu said as he turned to Mystogan.

"Fairy Tail's strongest team" Mystogan said.

"Nah. Too boring." Natsu replied.

"How about the three pillars?" Markarov suggested, stroking his beard as he said that.

"The three pillars?" Natsu asked as he turned to look at Markarov in confusion.

"The three pillars, the pillars that uphold Fairy Tail, basically the strongest of Fairy Tail. " Markarov explained.

The three boys looked at each other, nodding in acceptance. Markarov grinned as he watched the 3 boys standing facing each other, a grin on Natsu's face while Laxus held one back.

Markarov sighed before saying "This team will have to remain a secret. Once people start noticing the power the 3 of you hold, many will try to attain you, and Natsu already has enough attention on him."

Nodding their heads in agreement, Markarov continued "I have already outlined a basic plan for you all to follow. For now, despite your talents, you still need a lot of training and practice before being able to truly be powerful. Mystogan will leave this area, and join Gildarts who is travelling."

Mystogan nodded, understanding that Gildarts would be training him in his air magic, which was similar to his own crash magic.

"Laxus will leave the area too, to train by himself, after all that's what he has been doing all this time" Markarov said, turning a proud eye on Laxus, Laxus nodding his head in acknowledgement.

"And finally Natsu. I will train you myself over the next 4 years, you being the strongest of them all." With a wide grin of acknowledgement, Natsu pumped his fist into the air, grinning at the thought of becoming stronger.

"But first, there will be 10 days of training before you can leave, training which I will supervise personally." Markarov said, handing each of them a small shot of vodka as he said that.

Raising his glass, he hollered "To the three pillars!"

Mystogan Natsu and Laxus did the same, downing their shot glasses in a go, ignoring the fact that they were underage, the thrill of drinking causing it to shoot over their heads.

Natsu suddenly felt dizzy, the world spinning around him as Laxus stumbled back, Mystogan standing stock still as all 3 of them slowly slid to the ground.

The final words any of them heard were the wicked laughter of Markarov "Let the 10 days begin!"

And finally, this is the final chapter for introducing everyone, the next chapter is where it all starts, and the true adventure begins! Below, the magic of all main characters will be listed, so as not to confuse anyone. They do not necessarily follow that of the anime or manga.

Natsu: Dragon fire slayer, Chaos and Order magic, Lightning Magic, Atomic Magic.

Mystogan: Air magic, Illusion magic, teleporting magic.

Laxus: Lightning Magic, Lightning dragon slayer magic, Fairy Law.

Erza: Ex-Quip.

Mirajane: Take over magic, Darkness magic, Lightning magic.

Ultear: Ice magic, Arc of time, Transformation magic.

Cana: Card magic.

Finally before you go, I would like to thank all followers of this story, a big thank you for supporting the story, and all the positive reviews everyone has posted!

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One final note, I could not decide between Osiris and Aurum so… Hope you all like it!

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