CH.1 The Party

(Ten Years after the show)

In the underworld, at the main house of Gremory, the sounds of a baby crying echo throughout a bedroom that is closed off for the joyous event. Lord Gremory, and his son, Sirzechs Lucifer, are lovingly admiring a newborn baby girl with crimson hair. They think she's the most adorable thing in creation and even have nosebleeds at her cuteness. Their adoring is cut short as a voice politely asks.

"Father, Brother, can I have my baby back?"

The two devils turn and look at the baby's mother, Rias Gremory, the next head of the house of Gremory. Rias is lying nude under the sheets of the bed in the room. The two are hesitant, but they hand the newborn to her mother. Then, Rias's husband, Issei Hyoudou, enters the room while being accompanied by her entire peerage and friends. They surround her and all loving gaze upon the child of their dear friend. Issei sits next Rias and is in disbelief at his newly acquired status. He is happy at this, but just simply can't believe it.

"Wow, just…wow. I can't believe that this is my kid."

Despite being married to Issei, Rias has kept her last name for a few reasons. Also, it's because she isn't his only wife. Recently, polygamy was reintroduced in the underworld due to low birth rates. Issei has married every girl in Rias's peerage and a couple more. This includes Asia, Koneko, Xenovia, Akeno, Rossweisse, Irina, Kuroka, and Ravel. This is a joyous event for everyone involved, but the girls are a little jealous of Rias for being the first to have a child. After consideration, Rias names her first child, Giras Gremory.

Twenty Years Later

In a giant ballroom that is decorated elegantly with symbols of a phoenix, the former members of the occult research club and their friends are attending the birthday party of Ravel Phenex's son, Raezal (Pronounced Raze-all) Phenex. He is among the middle of the children that have been born in the last twenty years. Ravel, his mother, is dressed in an elegant lavender dress as she is in her son's dressing room making sure he's prim and proper for his party. The young man has his mother's hair color and his hair is neck-length as he wears it straight. He is about six feet tall and has brown eyes, like his father. He is currently wearing a proper red suit with a dragon on the back and a tie that resembles a phoenix wing. Ravel looks only a little older due to being a devil. She is proud of her son, who asks her with anticipation.

"Mother, will father be present at my party?"

Ravel puts on a slightly sad look as she answers.

"I'm sorry, Raezal, but he's busy again today, and for the next two hundred years."

Raezal lowers his head in disappointment, and Ravel attempts to cheer him up by saying.

"But everyone else will be there. Your brothers and sisters, your grandma and grandpa Phenex, your uncles and your aunts as well."

The young man smiles at his mother as he really appreciates the sentiment. Ravel then finishes with the preparations and leaves to the party to announce Raezal's entrance. Ravel enters the room and immediately picks up a glass of wine and gently taps it with a spoon to gain the attention of the guests. She gives a speech on her son and announces his entrance.

Once the party gets going, everyone is dancing or eating. Among the guests, is Xenovia Quarta. She is walking over to a balcony to talk to a depressed young man who is shaking a glass of cider as he stares into the distance. This young man is her son, Seiken Quarta, he is wearing a dark coat with a long tail on the right side, and a collar with a larger left side. There is a Brassard on the left bicep of the coat, which also has red, dragon sewn into the left side of the upper back, and a red lining and he is wearing red dress slacks with black leather shoes. He has his mother's blue hair without the strands of green. He also shares her eyes. Xenovia has also barely shown signs of aging; she is wearing a blue dress that she ties at the neck and it has the Gremory symbol on the left thigh, and she has blue stilettos.

Xenovia is showing concern for her son as she attempts to get him to join the festivities.

"Seiken, your sister is in there having a good time. Why don't you join her?"

Seiken simply replies in a calm tone as he sips his cider.

"Which sister? I've got more than a dozen."

Xenovia is beside herself and adds.

"That was a year ago. I know it's not easy, believe me, but you can't dwell on it this long. Let's go inside and have a good time with the people that love you."

Seiken sighs as his mother extends her arm to him and invites him to dance with her. Seiken then puts on a faint smile and accepts her offer. They re-enter the party and waltz together. In another part of the room, Akeno is standing with a big smile as she watches the festivities with her eighteen-year-old daughter, Shuri Himejima. Shuri heavily resembles her mother, but her hair is brown and slightly shorter and her bangs are messier. Shuri is wearing an identical outfit to her mother at the moment; Akeno is wearing her special black yukata that she wears at events; Shuri's is red and has a dragon design. As they watch, Akeno's father, Baraqiel, makes his presence known to them. He is wearing a suit with a fallen angel wing design on the back. He is here to attend as a gesture of goodwill to the noble families that are attending the event. Also, he volunteered when he heard that his daughter and granddaughter would be attending.

He has a smile on his face as Akeno greets him in a kindly way.

"Hello, father."

Shuri bows to her grandfather and greets him in a similar way to her mother. He appears to be searching around the room for someone and asks, sternly.

"Where is that husband of yours, Akeno?"

Akeno sighs as she explains with disappointment.

"He's busy again, and Ravel said that it'd be a while before he gets even a day to himself."

Baraqiel simply expresses his disappointment with an under the breath "hmm". Not wanting to start an argument, he drops it and instead compliments his daughter and granddaughter.

"You both look very beautiful tonight."

The two ladies smile at his compliment as they invite him to dine with them at a nearby table. The Gremory and the Phenex family provided the catering themselves rather than hire chefs as they thought it would be more appreciated.

Speaking of which, the guests and the hosts, the Phenex family, greet a very honored guest. Ravel herself approaches this guest and very politely bows and greets him.

"Welcome to my son's birthday, Lord Lucifer."

While he certainly appreciates the politeness, Lucifer simply replies.

"Ravel, I think we're familiar enough now to use our names. So please, call me Millicas."

Millicas, the recently titled Lucifer, has taken his father's position from him after being encouraged by his aunt, Rias, and his cousin, Giras. He is wearing his father's old attire without the armor, but with his mantle instead. Millicas appears to be in his late teens when in fact, he is over thirty years old; his crimson hair has grown to shoulder length and he keeps his bangs in the same way his father has his. Many people are impressed with his progress while others are skeptical of his age. In fact, lots of people believe that he used underhanded tactics to take his father's place.

Millicas has established a complete peerage and even has one of Issei's children in it. one that is standing next to him; a black-haired girl with two cat tails, yellow eyes and cat ears; Kuroka's eldest daughter, Kurone. She wears her hair in a disheveled manner and it is waist-length. She is seventeen years old, and is wearing a black cheongsam with red trim and golden threads along with sandals; like her siblings, she has a dragon on the back of her dress and is wearing a red sash with the Gremory symbol on it. Kurone has spent a lot of time in China and has grown to like its traditional clothing.

Millicas mingles with the other guests as Kurone walks off to greet her aunt and stepmother, Koneko. Koneko is wearing a simple purple dress with matching slippers; she has slightly grown taller, but only a little, and her breasts have grown a little since she has had a couple children as well. She is standing next to a box, which is slightly shaking; as she talking to it in her monotone way.

"Gaspy, come on out of there."

Gasper is hiding in the box as he responds, nervously.

"No way, you know I don't do well in these situations, Koneko. There are way too many people here."

An approaching voice then says to the agoraphobic dhampir.

"You can't live in the cramped space forever, Gasper."

Gasper, still in his box, replies.

"Oh yes, I can."

Kurone shrugs this and instead talks with her aunt.

"So, where's Shiroka, aunty?"

Shiorka is Koneko's eldest daughter. Koneko simply explains that she's out on an assignment for a group she's a part of. Kurone almost joined, but instead chose to go with Millicas once she heard of his intentions to become the new Lucifer. The group was established by Michael the archangel as a means of improving relationships with the other factions. It is a group called Nero Angelo. Seiken is also part of this group.

Most of the room is taken up by people dancing with each other in a ballroom manner. Sirzechs and his father, the now former duke Gremory, are anticipating the arrival of Rias and her eldest daughter, Giras. They aren't particularly anxious to see them, but they are wondering what the two will choose for their attire. But they pass the time in their own ways; Sirzechs is writing lyrics for a theme song for Issei's newest spin-off show, Oppai Dragon Rangers Next Generation, a show based on Issei's eldest children. He became excited at the idea of combining Satan Rangers with his Oppai dragon in the hopes of the former gaining attention again. His father is talking with the former lord Phenex; they talk about their grandchildren with pride and delight. Due to the closeness of the siblings, the two former heads feel even closer than ever before.

Asia isn't present because someone had to watch the younger children, and Asia volunteered as she loves all of them very much. Due to Issei's clogged schedule, he hasn't had much family time, but occasionally, he's been given a couple of hours between his appointments, thanks to Ravel, and has enough time to spend "quality" time with his multiple wives. Some of his kids hate this, some are indifferent, and some are more accepting of this.

Kiba is in attendance as well. He is wearing a simple black tuxedo with a black bowtie. Naturally, a few of the female guests want to dance with him, which he politely declines. He is just waiting for Rias to show up and talk to her about a matter that asked him to look into since she's a lot busier than usual. He's also a little anxious because she has also made arrangements for everyone to visit an island in the tropics as a gift to Raezal. It's also an opportune time to just relax with her children which she hasn't done in a while.

Meanwhile, at an unknown location that resembles a temple

Someone, a young girl in her late teens wearing a cloak that covers her face and body, is preparing a spell. She has it set up accordingly to the book she is reading. It is a glyph carved into a stone that she placed in front of her body. Once the spell is near completion, she grabs a sword that she has at her side, a katana with a black blade that emits a red aura, and grips the blade with her left hand. She then cringes slightly as she cuts her hand and allows her blood to fall in the center of the glyph. She then begins to hold her hands over the glyph and chants a spell in an unknown language. The glyph then starts to glow a bright shade of red as a light engulfs the room. A loud noise echoes throughout this otherwise barren room as the red light coming from the glyph dies down, and reveals something that gets the young girl flustered, Issei, but he is naked and asleep. Out of a panic, she throws her cloak on him to cover him up. He yawns as he wakes up suddenly and says.

"Hey…why is it suddenly so cold in here?"

He stands up and the cloak falls off of his body and girl cries out.

"Put that cloak on!"

Issei looks down and suddenly it hits him as he quickly realizes that he's not in his bed as he yells.

"Oh, shit! Where am I!? Did I piss off one of the girls or something!?"

The young girl reveals herself after calming down; she has neck-length brown hair and violet eyes and is wearing a white crop-top spandex vest that has a red dragon on left breast; she is wearing baggy black pants with a matching belt that is full legged and white boots, and she is wearing black gloves. She approaches Issei closer and introduces herself.

"Sorry about that, Issei, I didn't mean for that to happen. Anyway, my name is Saya, Saya Hyoudou. I'm your, or one of your, daughters."