Something Sweet

As he was dreaming about dueling, Jaden was suddenly awakened when he heard pitter patter from downstairs. The young man immediately jumped out of his bed, now realizing that his wife was not sleeping next to him. He slowly headed downstairs in nothing but red boxers, to follow the sound of footsteps.

He used caution as he headed to the kitchen; incase there was a thief in the house, he could surprise him in an instant.

The brown haired man peaked from the door and saw not a thief, but Alexis's shadowy figure in the kitchen. She looked like she was rummaging through something, which sparked Jaden's curiosity.

He turned on the kitchen's lights which made Alexis jump slightly as her eyes widened like saucers.

"Alexis…?" Jaden questioned.

The blonde nervously turned around, with a small lollipop in her mouth and a large jar of candy on the counter.

He arched an eyebrow and gave a playful smirk. "So that's why I heard noise…and I thought someone broke in our house." He commented. Jaden didn't expect of Alexis of all people to be up this late eating candy; she usually liked to watch her figure and not eat so late, especially junk food.

Alexis pulled the lollipop out of her mouth before speaking. "Ah, Jaden. I'm so sorry I woke you up!" She apologized. "I...was having some midnight cravings."

Jaden gave a light chuckle and approached her. "I didn't know you had a big sweet tooth." He replied. "Is this the candy from Jesse's party?"

The blonde nodded and held her personal stash of candy. "Since I woke you up, take a piece of candy as an apology offering." She suggested before putting her lollipop back into her mouth. The jar was filled with lollipops, butterscotch candies, and mini chocolate bars. However as much as Jaden loved food, he wasn't actually craving those kinds of sweets….

"Actually, Lex…" He whispered as pulled the lollipop from her mouth carefully. Much to the blonde's surprised, Jaden immediately captured her lips into a passionate kiss. Alexis couldn't help but to give in as their tongues danced and intertwined, leading a soft moan to escape Alexis during the kiss.

"Mmmm...cherry.." Jaden said mentally.

Jaden soon pulled away, giving them both time to catch a breather as they faced into each other's eyes.

"Why have candy...when I can taste the sweetest treat everyday?" He whispered sincerely.

Alexis smiled warmly as her heart fluttered from the compliment, even after marriage, he knew how to make her smile somehow. "Thank you, Jaden.."

"You're welcome." replied Jaden. "So...speaking of sweets..are you ready to come back to bed?" He asked with a little seduction in his tone.

Alexis gave a playful smirk. "Hmmm...sorry, but I have other plans." She replied, taking her lollipop back from Jaden before putting it back in her mouth.

Jaden sulked at the response. Feeling defeated, he took a mini chocolate bar and grumbled and mumbled as he headed back to bed.

"Damn….the candy's getting luckier than me tonight…" He complained.