Hey everyone.

I am here to tell you something I have been debating for a while now and have finally come to a decision. There will be a squeal to Kingdom Hearts III: The Keyblade War.

When I first got a fanfiction account I had one plan, making Kingdom Hearts: Light and Darkness and make a sequel to it and just be done with it. But of course that did not happen, since of course along those lines came Another Side, Another Story, Kingdom Hearts: Light and Darkness: FINAL MIX, and Divinity.

When I was about one fourth of the way done with KH3TKW, an idea formed in the back of my mind that would serve as a sequel, continuing the story. At first I was like okay this is going to be an idea for a sequel that I will probably never write, but then after coming up with more ideas for this sequel, I thought it could be a worthy to KH3TKW.

If you did not remember, I did us a poll that asked what story you would like to see from me next, a sequel to KH3TKW being an option. This was kind of a test to see if you all would like to see a sequel to it, and I was actually surprised when most people voted for the sequel. Then I decided to make a secret ending to KH3TKW, with one of my many ideas for a sequel like Nomrua always did. People did seem excited about it, so I decided to make another poll, this time asking all of you if you think there should be a sequel. And honesty, I was shocked to see that 81% of the people voted yes.

Now of course I do not want to do the Reconnect Series forever, it does have to end eventually. So I told myself that if I do make a sequel, it would most likely be the last sequel to the series, still possibly having side stories here and there. But then I realized something: there is so much more to this series then what meets the eye.

So the next story in the saga will be called Kingdom Hearts IV: Out of the Dark, which will serve as a sequel to KH3TKW, will hopefully be released soon. I would like to get finished or at least a half of the way finished with Divinity before I release this, but I will try to finish it as soon as possible.

I will also being writing a prequel that will be called Birth by Sleep Volume II, of course based around the secret ending of BBSFM and the game Square Enix cancelled for now, which will be about Terranort, Aqua, Mickey, Riku and other KH characters before and during the events of the first Kingdom Hearts all the way through Kingdom Hearts II and maybe into KHLAD that will have some ties to the Reconnect Saga. There are also many ideas I have in my head regarding this series and if I decide to write those, I will tell you in my author's notes in the stories I will be currently working on.

So I hope you are all as excited as I am and hope to see you all there!

P.S. If you have any suggestions for worlds and or Final Fantasy/Disney characters to appear in these upcoming stories, please pm me and let me know!