Chapter 1:

Cry Sun, and Let God know your Pain

"Cries of the Sun, Bloody dripping from White. The Pink flame turns Black, White to nothing. Rage, Grief, the empty grave sings!"

L…Lisanna is what?

He stared dumbly at Elfman and Mirajane, both of whom were sobbing and choking after saying those three horrible words. Elfman had a new scar on his cheek and both were dirty and covered with wounds and bruises.

No way…Lisanna can't be dead, ne? It's all a big joke on me right? Haha, funny…

He desperately hoped that Lisanna was still alive, that somehow she would pop up behind the two of them and say that everything was alright, that they were back. There was just no way Lisanna is gone, she was always alive and kicking, always able to brighten his day. No way is she dead.

Ne Lisanna? Why don't you come out now?

Come on Lisanna, stop joking already…

Lisanna, stop joking…

Lisanna, stop…


Everyone was shocked, the youngest of the Take-over Siblings, Lisanna, was dead? No way, everyone thought. But what could they do? Mira and Elfman were both crying their hearts out and Lisanna was nowhere in sight, what else could they think?

Erza for once didn't try to antagonize Mira; she didn't have the heart for it, knowing as she did the pain of losing someone. Instead she walked right up to Mira and hugged her, knowing that grief needed time to vent before one could move on.

Gray didn't say anything as well, what was there to say? Everyone here in Fairy Tail lost someone in their lives, but it hurts even more when the person you lost was someone you could never live without. Lisanna was one who could make everything alright again, she was the only one Natsu ever listened to, barring Erza and Mira. He went to Elfman, who was sobbing uncontrollably and muttering under his breath, and comforted him.

Everyone else was quiet and silently crying, Fairy Tail was their family after all, and Lisanna was one bright part of it. They all felt for Mira and Elfman's grief, but some were also concerned for Natsu. Natsu did not exactly have a lot of friends in the guild, and Lisanna was his best friend, they watched him somberly, knowing he would take it harder than any of them, almost as much as Mira and Elfman, maybe even more.

Natsu himself was frozen, as if he was made of stone. His eyes were overshadowed by his pink hair and tears were slowly making their way from the darkened orbs to the ground. He started trembling, but from anger or grief or sadness they didn't know, his fists were clenched so hard that blood started dripping to the floor as they shook harder and harder.

"LIIIISSSAAAANNNAAAAA!" He shouted, his head tossing backwards to cry at the heavens as his flames erupted from his whole body, making those closest to him jump and back away was fast as possible. He fell to his knees and started yelling himself hoarse, calling out her name again and again as his fists started smashing the wood below him into dust. His eyes were blurry with tears and anger as he poured out his fury at the floor again and again.





Macao and Wakaba tried to get near him to calm him down but Natsu's flames rose even higher as he kept on pounding the floor.

"Natsu! Control yourself!" Erza shouted at him, but for once Natsu didn't listen. He didn't even seem to hear her. After what seemed like an eternity Natsu stopped, his flames condensing to envelop his body. Then suddenly he lunged for Elfman, knocking Gray and the others away as he grabbed him by the throat and proceeded to choke him while punching him again and again with his flame-coated fists.


"Natsu that's enough! Put Elfman down now!"

"Natsu, calm down dammit!"

"You're not helping any of this!"

"You think you're the only one who's grieving right now Natsu!"

"I killed her"

Silence suddenly ran all throughout the guild hall as Elfman said those words, piercing the mind of everyone who was there. Natsu dropped him in utter shock, and Elfman fell to his knees and started sobbing uncontrollably again.

"I was the one who killed her. I thought I was strong enough to Take Over the Beast Soul, that I could protect my sisters against it. I was wrong!" Elfman confessed. Everyone stood still in shock over his words, everyone but one person.

"Tch" Natsu's voice sounded over the silence like a whip. His eyes were visible now for all to see, and they were filled with hate as he gazed at Elfman.

"You keep spouting those ridiculous speeches of being a Man like they were your life yet you can't even follow them when it was most important." A dark aura began to emanate from Natsu's body, the flames slowly changing from bright red to black. "If that is what it means to be a Man then I don't want to be a man, I'll become a Dragon, a Demon, the Devil himself, if that is what it will take to protect those important to me. I will not let myself become weak even for a moment like you, Igneel was right in letting me grow up away from civilization, you people with your speeches and posturing; you can't even protect what's most important to you when it really comes to it."

Natsu's impromptu speech hit Elfman like the Beast Soul's assault on himself, again and again. Mira, Erza, Gray and the others could only stare at the change that came over Natsu.

"You are useless, Elfman. You cannot protect anything, you are too weak to even protect yourself. Mira needed to fight for you to protect you from yourself, what a disgrace." With that, Natsu shoved Elfman out of the way, went to Mira and snatched a silver object from her hand, and stalked out of the guild into the heavy storm that was announcing the death of a Fairy.

Gray and everyone slowly started to come to after Natsu's rant. Elfman and Mira however were stuck in limbo, still processing the hateful words Natsu had hurled at them viciously. Gray decided to go bring Elfman to a bench instead of keeping him frozen on the floor, while Erza was not listening to the chatter that slowly started to build up about Natsu and what happened. She instead was staring after Natsu, memories of a past deeply buried surfacing at his words.

I'll become a Dragon, a Demon, the Devil himself, if that is what it takes to protect those important to me…

if that is what it takes to protect…

Memories of a certain blue-haired child with a dark shadow behind him caused Erza to start shedding tears, not noticing that both of her eyes were crying.

Beside her, Mirajane was still crying, now from the hurtful words Natsu had said to them. He was only addressing Elfman but his eyes condemned the both of them, she knew. She saw his eyes stare at her with the same hate he had for Elfman. He blamed the two of them for Lisanna's death, and how could he not? He and Lisanna seemed set to be together for life, always laughing together along with Happy, their 'child'; She was the one who helped Natsu to open up to the guild more and the one who understood him completely.

Erza knew that she needed to talk to Natsu now, even though she should be with Mira and Elfman. They were grieving yes, but they weren't the ones who were teetering on the brink of madness like Natsu, like the blue-haired kid who sacrificed himself to protect her and their friends. There was still time before Natsu would become like him, she had to act now.

"Cana, please help Mira, I need to talk to Natsu now." She immediately said to the heavyweight drinker. Handing the weeping Mira to a bewildered Cana without waiting for a reply, nor hearing the question that Cana shot at her, Erza ran out of the guild to find Natsu.

I have to find him, He is so much like him, I can't let him be alone. I already lost him, I will not allow Natsu to disappear as well! And so Erza started searching for Natsu, in his home, the South park, everywhere. After a few hours of searching, she was out of places to find him, where could he be? Suddenly it hit her, He and Lisanna made a house together to care for Happy when they were young, maybe that's where he was. At once remembering where it was despite all the years that past from when she asked Elfman the location, she started running against the heavy rain.

I don't think I'll ever love the rain after this day, never again

Beside him, Happy was bawling a river of tears. He just told him the news that she was dead, and would never come back to them. After adjusting the stone a bit with his bare hands, he stepped back to admire his handiwork.

The gravestone was not ornate nor was it expensive, he just took a heavy slab of stone from the ground and began shaping it using his fire magic until it was the shape of an arrowhead; but he thought she would appreciate the fact that he made it himself, like how he appreciated her making their little house herself. He carved the mark of Fairy Tail on the head of the arrow and a message to her below. After that he dug a space on the ground for the stone, making the front of the headstone face where the sun would set everyday, in the exact same spot she stood when they had admired the sunset, all those years ago.

When he was finished placing the stone on its place, he made two smaller slabs of stone beside it and put the silver object on one and a red object on the other. They were promise rings they had made for each other all those years ago, sometime after Happy was born, so that wherever they were, they would always remember the promise they made to each other in that little hut so long ago. The silver ring Natsu made himself, spending day after day trying to make it perfect; it was a ring as white as her hair, the shape of the ring itself like the bracelet of flowers she always wore on her right hand. The red ring she made for him, the shape like that of a dragon spewing fire, the color as red as his flames.

He was drenched to the bone, working on the grave for about two hours now, but he didn't care. All he cared about was making the grave as perfect as he could for her; it was the least he could do to repay her for everything. There was one last thing he needed to do before it was just the way he wanted it to be. Kneeling down in front of her grave, he said:

"I never thought I would part with this. Igneel gave it to me, you see, but I think you would need it more than I do wherever you are, ne Lisanna?" He said to the stone with a shaky voice, the tears making his eyes blurry again. "Kuso, the rain's making my eyes sting again haha." He looked at the grave after wiping his eyes. "I could never lie to you, right Lisanna? You always saw through me, you helped me stand up after Igneed disappeared, you were the one who understood me like Igneel did. So, I'll leave this with you ne? Take care of it" With that Natsu stood up and stared at the sky, the rain hiding his tears while Happy kept crying; placing a hand on His head, he then said:

"I love you"

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Alrighty, if you noticed, Jellal's, Natsu's and Lisanna's pasts are slightly changed here. Jellal was actually trying to protect Erza and the others by trying to get more power, but was corrupted in the process. He banished Erza and Simon, etc etc from the Tower of Heaven before his evil side completely took control.

Natsu and Lisanna are much closer this time cause Lisanna was the only one to see Natsu as he was, and not judge him or anything. Thus, when Happy was born, they both made a promise to marry each other when they were ready.

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