Chapter 1: The Fall of a Friend

"Natsu, don't you dare go through with this!" Gray yelled.

Natsu's body started to ignite its flames.


"I'm sorry. It's the only way..."

Tears started to flow down cheeks. Grimoire Heart, the strongest dark guild had invaded Tenrou Island, but like all villains, they were defeated by the infamous guild, Fairy Tail. However, this resulted in the conclusion of S-Class trials that were taken place. Just as the group was about to leave, Acnologia, the dragon of apocalypse had awakened from its slumber and attacked Tenrou Island. The mages fought valiantly but, were not strong enough to defeat the beast. Natsu Dragneel, fire dragon slayer, or as the public knew him as Salamander was the only one capable of holding the dragon at bay. Despite all his efforts, however, the dragon still flew high above their heads. Just when all hope seemed the be lost, the pink-haired man came up with an idea, but no one agreed with the cost of it.

"Natsu I swear if you go I'll-" Erza was cut off.

"This is the only way to stop Acnologia! Why don't you come up with something!"

Out of nowhere, Lisanna ran up to Natsu and hugged him from behind; ignoring the fact that his body was still lit in flames.

"Natsu Please don't go. I'll do anything just, please…PLEASE DON'T GO!" she said with tears in her eyes.

Natsu turned around and unwrapped his scarf around his neck and gave it to Lisanna.

"Forgive me…Lisanna..."

With that, Natsu kissed Lisanna on the cheek and walked slowly to the dragon.

"Natsu, NATSU PLEASE!" Lisanna yelled as she ran towards the dragon slayer with the scarf tightly in her hand only to be stopped by Gray.

"YOU'RE GOING TO HELL, YOU BASTARD!" Natsu yelled as he latched on to the dragon.

"RWARRRRRRR" The dragon yelled trying to shake Natsu off.

"Goodbye…Fairy Tail..." Natsu then cast a spell forbidden among dragon slayers.

"Fire Dragon's…OBLIVION!

An explosion shook the island, causing everyone to duck for cover. After a minute, the dust cleared and the dragon slayer was gone.

"N-n-n-no, it c-c-can't be..." Erza's voice trembled as she fell to her knees. The rest of the guild went wide-eyed with tears at what they just witnessed. Lisanna yelled the name of her beloved's name as if it would help though.


The surviving Fairy Tail members had returned to Magnolia and told rest of the members of the guild the horrible news. The reveal shattered the hearts of them all. Despair washed over Lisanna as she and Happy ran out of the guild hall and never looked back. She had never been so hurt in her life since her parents died. Now she had lost Natsu twice in her lifetime. One was to Edo-Lucy, and now because of Acnologia. It started to rain hard, but she didn't care. Lisanna sprinted towards the little house she and Natsu built to raise happy in. She hid inside and Happy followed her and cuddled into his 'mother's' chest.

"Natsu I knew you would do anything to protect your friends but did it have to come to this?"

"N-N-Natsu..." Happy whispered as he pressed his head into Lisanna's chest.

"Please, come back to Happy, come back to the guild…come back to me."

H-he's not coming back Lisanna, we have to accept it..."

Lisanna held Happy tightly while clutching Natsu's scarf in a firm grip. "Natsu…"


Fairy Tail held a funeral for the dragon slayer. Guildmates sobbed and grieved, mourning their lost friend. Makarov began his speech. "Natsu Dragneel was a man of courage, strength, love, and hope. He had absolute faith in the guild and his comrades." His voice started to tremble. "H-he was always f-full of hope, always striving to get stronger, always looking for a new challenge, and putting people's need before his own was his main priority." He started to tear up. "F-Fairy Tail's name comes from the question whether fairies have tails or not. Because it is a mystery, we will never know." Makarov finally broke down. "Natsu Dragneel, the reason we still stand will always be remembered in F...Fairy Tail..." He short master whispered as his emotions took over.

Makarov wasn't the only one who was suffering from the loss of the fire mage. Mirajane Strauss, Fairy Tail's bartender also known as the 'Demon of Fairy Tail' succumbed to her emotions. She leaned on her brother, Elfman's and mourned the loss of her comrade. The woman wasn't sure if she could get over not being able to see that toothy grin every day. Just like Lisanna's 'death' two years ago, Natsu's death hit her like a stone to the head. Even though she used to bully Natsu when they were kids, she mostly did it due to having a small crush on him. As time went by, that small crush turned into strong romantic feelings towards the pink-haired slayer. Yet, in the end, she kept it a secret, knowing Lisanna loved him more than anything and she didn't want to hurt her little sister. The only thing she could do was mourn her beloved's death.

The rest of Natsu's team was taking it just as worse than Lisanna. Gray Fullbuster, rival and best friend of Natsu couldn't believe what had happened. "Y-you idiot..." he whispered as a tear fell down his eyes.

"Why, why did it have to come to this..." Lucy Heartfilia whispered while looking down at the floor with tears in her eyes.

"Gray-Sama, I'm sorry." Juvia Lockser said as she rested her head on the ice mage's shoulder. Though she wasn't as close to Natsu as Gray was, it still hurt her to see him gone and Gray to be in pain.

"H-he's gone Lu-Chan. We just h-have to accept it," Levy McGarden muttered through tears as she held Lucy in a hug. She always looked at Natsu as a big brother since he was always overprotective of her. Having to see her 'brother' sacrifice his life to protect her and his friends will haunt her forever.

Erza Scarlet, also known as Titania felt like the whole world tried to deny her happiness. She always saw Natsu as the reason why the guild was so lively and happy (despite the fights he would start.) As time went by, she started to see him as more than a friend. After all the way he challenges her, saving her, and protecting her, how could she not? The time the newly reformed magic council came to take her childhood friend Jellal Fernadez away after he helped them stop Nirvana, he fought to prevent him from going to prison, he fought not to keep her from crying, but to make her happy. She fell for the dragon slayer even more and now; her heart was hurting to see him disappear right in front of her eyes. "N-N-Natsu…please come back to us", her hair was covering her face but, it was obvious she cried.

The news struck the Kingdom of Fiore. For one of the most powerful wizards in the kingdom was gone. Gone forever. A symbol of hope and strength had left the guild. It was like an end of an era. No one knows where the future of Fairy Tail would lead to, but one thing was certain. It would never be the same ever again.

(To Be Continued...)

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