Author's Notes: Hello to you fans of Total Drama fan-fiction, both those who have read some of my stuff already and those who haven't!

The story you're about to read is one of three that will be published near each other.

Here's the basic premise that will be established over the first three or so chapters. Its Total Drama Action at the aftermath studio and resort where the losers and those not competing stay when they are not being recorded for the aftermath shows. Gwen has just been eliminated and now is a pariah among most because of her breakup with Trent. At the same time, Geoff has changed into a massive jerk. He and Bridgette break up despite having to still appear to be a couple on the air. Feeling alone and lost, both find an unlikely but strong rock of support in Cody. You'll just have to see how the story goes from there, won't you? :)

This story will be unique among my four Total Drama stories for two key reasons. One, this is the first story of my which will not have any fantastical elements to it. As a result, this will be my first stab at a good old fashion Total Drama romance story. Two, unless I decide otherwise, this story will be mainly told with chapters or parts of chapters that are from the points of view of either Bridgette, Cody, or Gwen.

Also, as your likely thinking, why the title? Well, I like the idea of there being a odd matching in the names of those involved, in this case all of them ending in a "y". Cody is straightforward enough. Gwenny is what Gwen was called by Heather when she was voted out. And Betty is what Bridgette was called by Gwen in the TDI episode "X-Treme Torture" when they were bitter at each other about the haiku thing. In fact, please keep that episode and frame of mind in mind while reading this story.

I'll have more to say in the endnotes but I think this is enough for the first chapter.

Here is the first chapter of "A TDA Love Triangle with Betty, Cody, and Gwenny": The Inner Turmoil of a Gwen-kabob


Goddamnit do I hate it when I'm right!

I just knew that my appearance on the second aftermath show would be a total disaster! I guess I must have some powers of prophecy since I was truly turned into a Gwen-kabob!

Almost every pairs of eyes that I can see under the harsh glow of the aftermath studio's lights are either brimming or overflowing with judgments…all harsh and predetermined. Almost every voice heard contained criticisms and hatreds…both subtle and obvious. Even though those statements have always been true, they were expectedly amplified.

Given what happened between Trent and me, I was sadly expecting a lot of flak. But even so, I was not prepared for the sheer level of undiluted contempt being thrown my way. Partly because two keys voice that I thought would be in my defense were not at all.

Those two were the blonde surfers who were not only the most physically passionate couple among the cast but a few of the small number of people who I thought were truly good. For those of you not paying much attention, I am referring to Bridgette and Geoff. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes and ears when this second aftermath had started. Were these the same two awesome people who couldn't stop making-out after hooking up?

Let's start with Bridgette. Despite us starting off roughly with that haiku scandal, she along with Leshawna became one of my closest friends on that nightmare that was Total Drama Island. But now, according to what I heard before this, she was my most vocal detractor. During the first aftermath show, it seems that she was the leader of what people called "Team Trent". Funny, I didn't know that relationships were something with teams?

But despite that, grilling me very harshly for me ending things with Trent, and that kind of subtle and simmering hatred that only girls can perfect, Bridgette was by far the more reasonable and supportive of the two surfing blonde hosts. At least she stood up for relationships, agreed with me that something was seriously wrong with her boyfriend, and warned me about the anvil. But if she was one of the hosts couldn't see have had that damn piece of metal taken down or something? I digress though. Either way, while we were not the friends we were during TDI, she was leaps and bounds better than Geoff.

Remember oh so long ago when I mentioned "that kind of subtle and simmering hatred that only girls can perfect", well Bridgette had piles of it and not just for me it seemed. With what should have been shock, I could tell that more of it was directed at Geoff.

Please note the "should have been shock" because there was nothing shocking at all. Bridgette had every reason in the world from my perspective to be angry with him.

If it wasn't for the cowboy hat and pink shirt (those two things are never seen together) I wouldn't have believed that this was the same guy who had a heart-to-heart with me on Bony Island where he invited me to my first ever party, that never came to be of course.

But it was Geoff, only now he was far more egotistical and raveling in sadistic whimsy. Combine that with his sudden obsessions with make-up and worrying about his weight, and I think we are witnessing a repeat of what must have happened to Chris MacLean. Twisting my words and casting me in an even worse light than Bridgette was doing was bad enough but then he added to the mix that sick game which he called 'Truth or Anvil'. And that wasn't the worst! If not for Trent, he'd have dunked me in a tank of piranhas!

Chris MacLean nodded his silent approval I'm sure. I swear people, it won't take long before he has an electric chair installed on stage and replaces that damn anvil with it!

I'm going to say it, even if they don't brake up its rocky waters ahead for these surfers.

Shuddering at the thought of even more pain-based drama, I looked away from the hosts.

I came to the peanut gallery, the people lucky enough to not be in the madness that was this season! Most of them seemed to be the same as they were during the first season. And sadly for me, that included Cody. While he wasn't staring obviously at me, I could all but feel the raging hormones bubbling beneath his small bodily frame and teal eyes.

But maybe I was wrong? After all, he did set me up with Trent despite his big crush. While very thankful for that at the time, I was truly dumbfounded by that development. But I really shouldn't give Cody too much credit for that. He could have done so just so he could sweep me off my feet as the "loyal nice guy" if things with Trent went sour. And if you think this is just me being angry at the male gender because of my breakup, consider that he still has my bra! I'm sure that's all he cares about…bras and breasts.

That's what all the guys who have been after me before Trent were…sick creeps and lying perverts who said they cared but really just wanted to get in my skirt or cop a feel.

Trying to not focus on Cody, I ended up focusing on people who aroused worse feelings.

First there was Courtney, this show's self-proclaimed Counselor in Training. God have mercy on whatever poor person actually goes to her and hopes to receive real guidance!

Aside from Heather and Chris, I honestly can't think of anyone else so relentlessly cruel. From the moment I got here she's been in my face about me trying to "steal" Duncan. Because of her paranoia and Geoff grilling me like I was before the Spanish Inquisition, I've been dog piled on and on the endless defensive even more than I already was before.

How many times do I need to say this to these people…Duncan and I are just friends! Nothing more! God help me if I ever do somehow end up with him in a relationship!

It seems beyond obvious to me that her obsession over this is clouding Courtney's mind. For someone who lauds herself as very intelligent and logical, you'd think that she would have noticed the hints that I have no desire to take Duncan and ooze out like a thief. But then, some of them are just dripping in subtlety…like how the anvil didn't fall and crush me! Given the way that she's been, I wouldn't be shocked if that disappointed her!

Uh. You must all think that I've developed a hatred for Courtney, uh? Well, sorry to disappoint you Courtney haters out there but I haven't. I'm annoyed beyond belief and wish she'd stop hating me over something I haven't done or plan to but I don't hate her.

Admittedly, I didn't see much of her during Total Drama Island but I don't remember her being such a nasty and insecure little drama queen. She was still bossy and annoying but she didn't seem to be that way all the time. At points, she almost seemed nice and caring. Almost. I wonder what happened to her? Maybe it was this show that negatively changed her? Like Total Drama itself has an inherent trait that brings out the worst in people?

That would certainly explain Trent. Because quite frankly, there's nothing else that could.

All of the scorn that I've received since breaking up with Trent doesn't compare to my confusion about what had happened? What changed the first awesome guy I've ever met? What made him become a green-eyed, by which I mean jealous and not that his eyes actually are green (to avoid confusion), wacko with an obsession for the number nine?

Despite how I might have appeared in the final edit of that episode of Total Drama Action, breaking up with Trent was the single most painful thing I've ever had to do. It was ironic then that was followed by something much easier that I hated just as much…convincing Trent's team to vote him off. Admittedly, they didn't need too much convincing after what Trent did by throwing several challenges in a row…"for me".

I honestly don't know anymore if he believed that but it was something I never asked for!

Between him throwing challenges for me and acting so unstable, what choice did I have?

Even so, I hated myself for doing so and knew that I'd be on the receiving end the karma punishment spectrum for a long time. And so far karma hasn't disappointed my cynicism.

Lucky me, uh?

I know you must be sick of listening to my problems, I know I would be, but I have to say a final problem that I must say to whoever actually has made it this far by this point. As bad as they are, breaking up with Trent, the scorn, and the karma aren't the worst part. And as is sadly customary for my loner self, the doubts are stinging me like wild hornets. That's the worst part, the doubts, the infinite questions about if this is what I deserve.

Did I do the right thing in breaking up with Trent? Should I have waited to see if it would stop on its own? Should I have talked to Trent about his sudden shift in character? Did I react too rashly? Should I have thought it out more before acting? Should I have put up with his odd behavior because a creepy goth like me will never find a guy whose better?

Throughout the Aftermath and afterwards, those doubts never stop or weaken for me.

While never a strong suit of mine, I've been trying to focus on the positive developments.

Trent and me seem to be on good terms despite our breakup, I still have at least one friend in DJ, and, what else…oh, yeah; I wasn't crushed by an anvil or fed to piranhas!

But when I try to do that, the negatives rear their ugly heads. There overwhelming, really.

Almost everyone I know of either here or watching the show views me as a witch, those who I hoped would be my greatest defenders turned out to be my greatest persecutors, Courtney likely wants to wrench my head off and stick it on a pike…and I know I'm forgetting something? Ah, that's right…my own heavy conscious is slowly crushing me!

Have I mentioned yet how wonderful it is to be right!?

And there you have it…my first attempt at writing entirely from a character's point of view! I hope was successful or at least that it didn't offend with its badness. :)

Anyway, here are those few additional points that I hinted at in the opening notes.

Those you who have read "Mad Mikey" have likely already noticed this but one of my many goals with this story and the other two that will be published at around the same time is much shorter chapters! While I do think that long chapters work best for "Mad Mikey", it will be nice to have stories that hopefully won't take nearly as long to write and update.

Just like the other two stories that will be publish around the time this one is, this story will not be my primary concern as a fan-fiction writer. That honor belongs to "Mad Mikey", which I highly encourage you to read even if you don't like most M stories. The reason is because that story was only made M with the last chapter. But please know that I am thinking about this story and the others as well. It's simply that I'll focus more on "Mad Mikey" first. So while updates will happen for this story, they will not be my main concern.

In fact, allow me to add to this point a little bit more. Of my stories, this is the one that's the least thought out and will likely ultimately prove to be the shortest. That combined with the challenges of continuing the story as a whole in within the POV's of individual characters will make this the most likely story to be updated the slowest among the four. However, I'm still fully committed to this story!

Also, if you like what you see, please give "Mad Mikey" and the story "Total Drama: What is Real?" by theGunmaster (which I'm a co-author on)! Both stories are awesome and deserving of your time…at least I think so. :)

While this may end up not being the case, the plan is for the next chapter be from Cody's POV. What will Cody be up to? You'll just have to wait and find out.

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