Even Though It Hurts.

The girl looked down at the ground "Hey…" he glanced at her "Did you ever find her?"

"Nova, there you are" she lifted her head.

"Daddy!" the blue haired man who was her father approached.

"Where were you?" he asked, breathing heavily, he'd run over the entire festival trying to find her.

"Here, I was talking to this…" she blinked. The place where the man had sat was empty.

"Nova?" he asked.

"Nothing… C'mon let's find mom!" with a grin she sped off, leaving her father behind her.

Jellal almost cried. He loved Nova, truly and deeply, she was his daughter, no matter that she wasn't in truth, and he loved her as only a father could love a daughter, but she sure did run him ragged, and that was on a good day.


"I'm in love with a Fairy Tail, Even though it hurts, 'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind, I'm already cursed" he let out a long slow breath, staring down at the family in the crowd, she stood scolding Jellal for losing 'their' daughter.

Natsu smiled sadly.

I had the original ending planned from the start, this wasn't going to be a sad story, is was going to have a happy ending. Then I realised how easy a bitter end would be... and I wrote one.