Reviews for Yesterday Morning
Guest chapter 2 . 7/27
So Naruto and Hinata leave their future house behind so that it can be taken apart by the leaf. They also leave their children without supervision in the past where they are being considered as potential enemies. Wtf
Hinaruto008 chapter 1 . 6/24
The story is great. However, the transitioning of scenes is the problem. As a reader, I'm getting a hard time figuring the scenes if it's a flashback or not. Also, the place in where the scene took place was not specifically described adding to the confusion of the reader.
Hinaruto008 chapter 6 . 6/24
The story is great. However, the transitioning of scenes is the problem. As a reader, I'm getting a hard time figuring the scenes if it's a flashback or not. Also, it's not specifically described in
nightwind83 chapter 30 . 6/23
another great end to one of yiur stories
AcidESP chapter 30 . 6/20
It is a very good story, quite fun and entertaining, I hope to read good stories like this, greetings, see you bye!
troutman30 chapter 7 . 6/18
I don't get into the Boruto series, I do read a few stories like this or one shots that catch my eye. This is only the second I've read where Neji finds out he died, yours and one other that shows the Rookie 12 reading about their future and who each ends up with.
TianYi chapter 24 . 6/9
Naruto Namikaze19 chapter 30 . 5/28
It was a really cool story
Sendril chapter 30 . 5/27
This is a really interesting and fun story that comes to a end, even If not one i should call perfect It was well done with good moments.
The changes in the events were interesting specialy the concept for starting this story.
Happy to see one good tale comes to end in a well deserved happy ending.
Thank you for sharing this AWESOME work and be proud for this conquest.
Hope to see more Works of this quality.
datcraycray chapter 30 . 5/27
great story
Therecklessone chapter 30 . 5/26
This story had all the perks; steamy romance, bittersweet ending, comedy, action everything was perfect. I haven't seen any good Naruto & company travel to the future yet stories that would be rather cool. All teams all travel to the future, see their children, get weirded out by learning their spouses, learn of their mistakes, see who dies, get culture shock, it would be a neat fic idea if your taking suggestions. It was a great story and I hope to see your future works.
Bloody Rogue dragon deity king chapter 30 . 5/24
WindyCitySlayer1 chapter 30 . 5/24
Please continue
Can’t wait for more
Awesome chapter
NarHina chapter 30 . 5/24
Nice ending and cute, seeing the two grandpa fighting over their grandchildren was funny especially how they ended up competing with a game.

Some story ideas one is a one shot of this were Jiraiya and Hiashi surprisingly end up discovering a love for gaming and end up really into entering competitions and Boruto doesn't really know till he founds them competing for the championship in a video game tournament he goes to watch.

Another one is more cute where part 1 Naruto is speaking with Sakura coming back from a mission and the topic ends up on Hinata where Naruto states he gets the urge to hug her at times and he ends up telling Sakura about all of Hinata's habits that he thinks are cute and he thinks that Hinata being shy is cause she doesn't like him, but then mentions her proud failure speech and how she was willing to help him during the Chunin exams he is confused by her actions. Sakura suggests he takes Hinata on a date, but Naruto replies that he thinks Hinata is too good for him and wouldn't like it.

Next Sakura gushes to Ino about Naruto liking Hinata, but not realising it and Ino can't believe it so chaos ensues when the two try and par the two lover birds together.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
Godschildtweety chapter 30 . 5/24
Really good
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