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Please be as detailed as possible in your support request.

If you are having browser issues with the site, please let us know your operating system, browser name, browser version, internet provider name, and the link to the web page you had problems with.
For New Category/Character(s) Requests
Please include the following "[category]" tag in your support email subject.

Please note which main category it belongs to: anime, tv shows, movies, etc.

To submit new characters for a category, please use the naming standard used by the site. The site will only display the part of the character name used most often within the show and abbreviate the rest.

For example, if a fictional show called 'Stars and Suns' has a character named 'Jane Doe' and the character is always referred to as only 'Jane', then submit the character as 'Jane D.'. Note the part of the name not often used, in this case the last name, is abbreviated.

You can submit a character list along with your new category request.
Reporting Abuse
Please include the following "[abuse]" tag in your support email subject.

Alert administrators of site abuse by other members: spamming, submission of content against site guidelines, etc.

Please be detailed as possible in your report and when applicable, include link to the story, review, member profile, or any other evidence in question.
Security Vulnerabilities
Please send reports of site or app security vulnerabilities to [email protected]