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Kakashi stared dumbly at scene before him; he had been expecting that his death would bring him towards his loved ones. Rin... Obito... Minato-sensei... his father... Heck, he was even expecting Asuma to greet him. But as his eyes finally adjusted to the very object before him he couldn't stop the small whimper that came out from his throat.

"Hush Kashi-chan." The woman- Kakashi faintly recognized her as his mother from the pictures his father hid- spoke softly to him. Soft dainty finger brought him up to level with...

Kakashi knew he was a pervert through and through, but there lines he will never cross...and sucking 'that' was at the end of that side. His mind kept telling his body to move... move away from that single object- there's actually another one but fortunately it was covered-, but his limbs only made a floppy act of denial and his head was too heavy for his neck to lift, never mind turning his head away.

The question 'why?' was never brought at the forefront of his mind, as the object was just inches from his face. Fortunately his body finally complied, though how was another matter. Since just seconds later, a loud whining, screeching, shrilling, shout erupted from his throat.

The sudden volume surprised the female, enough that Kakashi felt the arms holding him freeze. It was mighty embarrassing to act this way, yet Kakashi feel that this was the only thing he could do. His limbs felt weak, his head was too heavy, the only weapon he could use right now was his lungs and if crying would just postpone this miserable process, then cry he would.

"What happened?" A loud, smooth tenor hollered around the room.

Too weak to move his head, Kakashi heard a telltale sound of feet padding softly across the floor and just moments later a head popped into his vision. The familiar scraggly, wind swept silver hair, and a pair of worried silver eyes was all he needed to recognize the man.

It was too long... so much time since he saw him. It was his father...

Hatake Sakumo.

Confusion was only thing that stopped the ear-shattering cry he was making. He stared and stared at the man, living, breathing. His father was alive, standing before him and not lying on the tatami mat drowned in his own blood, nor having a tanto cut through his innards. Hatake Sakumo was alive!

It was then that his lungs took in another deep breath and he cried in renewed vigor, this time not in alarm but in relief. Huge tears fell down his cheeks and Kakashi felt the soft fingers of his mother wiping it away.

"Sakumo...I really have no idea," his mother's fluid voice replied and Kakashi felt his mother swiftly rock him. "I was about to feed him...but he suddenly cried."

"Are you sure he's not hungry?" Sakumo replied, hovering in confusion before them.

"He is, I have a timetable for his feeding time," his mother replied and held him in one arm as she picked up the lone scroll on the table a few feet away. Kakashi tried to turn his head, using all of his might to keep his father remain in his sight.

"Did you change his diapers?" His father asked while reading the timetable

"Yes, just an hour ago- and it's clean," his mother replied with an exasperated huff, while checking his behind.

"That's odd, Kashi-chan is a quiet child," Sakumo murmured.

"Send a summon to Tsuna-chan," his mother pleaded, as Kakashi took another heaping of air into his lungs. "She might have an idea why Kashi-chan is crying."

"Dear, you know that Tsunade-chan and my summons are not on good terms since that incident," Sakumo replied scratching that back of his head.

"Serves you right for doing that," his mother interjected with a frown and Kakashi found himself being held out. "Now hold him for a second, I'll use my own summons."

"Hey, you know-"

"He's your son, you can hold him right?" His mother cut down Sakumo's defense and soon Kakashi was struggling in the awkward hold his father made. His quiet determination to find a more comfortable position had unknowingly silenced his cries.

"...Well, would you look at that...He likes me."

It was really far more from being a like, but without any means of communication, Kakashi had just opted to snuggle in the warm hold of his father. Seeing him was shocking and relieving but those feelings were far from what he was experiencing now. Hearing the heartbeat of his father's heart and the lullaby of his mother, it soothed his war torn mind and scarred heart.

Kakashi never thought he would feel this again...


Was this... his second chance?

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