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SOOOOO what is this story about? well as you guys know this is a Dragon Ball Z x RWBY where in the final battle of the Tournament of Power between Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku and Jiren at his full power are duking it out for the survival of their respective Universes. However, something strange happens when they collide their attacks and drags our favorite Saiyan God into the RWBY verse but not in his physical form but his Soul is ripped from his body and it fuses with a new body aka the lovable and goofy knight, Jaune Arc.

Alright let's get the elephant out of the way, Goku will only influence Jaune by changing his body from human into a Saiyan thanks to the Soul merging, however that doesn't mean that he will gain all of Goku's abilities and transformations because let's be honest Base Form ToP Goku can one-shot the entire RWBY-verse and lets not even talk about the Ultra Instinct powers so Jaune has to work hard to become stronger like how Goku did in his lifetime, only that this time it will be faster and with the guidance of Goku in his mind he can get far and become the strongest in Remnant but for now he will start at the level that Goku stared in Dragon Ball just without the martial arts skills but don't worry like I said he will learn.

Will he gain Super Saiyan? He will but that's much later down the line like Volume 5 but don't worry Kaio-Ken can do it's wonders meanwhile and maybe False Super Saiyan

Will there be stronger enemies than Salem? yes there will be but like I said that won't happen until they have defeated the main enemy of RWBY is defeated so gotta wait for that

Now pairings, the second topic that everyone likes to discuss besides power levels haha. I was planning from the beginning to have him have a Harem of 7 girls, you guys can leave in the comments who you guys want in the harem, I will say that Pyrrha will definitely be in it and Ruby as well so I'll leave the other 5 for you guys to decide

This takes place in the final 2 minutes of the Tournament of Power and two months before Volume 1

Well lets get this story going!

RWBY Volume 1 Opening

Volume 1 (Prologue)

Chapter 1: A Unexpected Merge

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World of Void... Final 2 Minutes of the Tournament of Power

In the destroyed platform of the Tournament of Power, we could see two figures standing few meters away from each other, one of them is a tall, very muscular humanoid with an appearance similar to the folkloric aliens known as the Greys. He has gray skin, big round black eyes with enlarged pupils, and nostrils in place of a full nose. He wears the uniform consisting of a red, spandex-like suit with black sections around the collar and legs, white gloves, and white boots. This individual is known as Jiren the Gray, the strongest member of the Pride Troopers and also the man who has surpassed the power of the God of Destruction in Universe 11, fighting for the survival of his Universe and also obtain the Super Dragon Balls so he can wish something to answer his memo of 'seeking whats beyond strength'.

In the other end of the battlefield we could see a person with spiky silver hair, a whitish godly aura surrounding his body, deep silver eyes, his orange and blue Gi completely tattered as he was exposing his upper body, fortunately, the lower part of his Gi was somewhat intact. This individual was known as Son Goku or Kakarotto. A Saiyan from Universe 7 who was raised on Planet Earth, fighting also for the survival of his Universe and obtain the Super Dragon Balls so he can accomplish the desires of Vegeta who was knocked out by Jiren two minutes ago and Android 17 who self-sacrifice himself so they can recover some of their stamina.

At the beginning of the tournament, the Saiyan God of Universe 7 was excited to fight Jiren since he could tell he is the strongest in this platform. However, in their first fight, it didn't go so well for Goku as he has used Super Saiyan Blue with Kaio-Ken X20 to even go 'toe-to-toe' against the Pride Trooper who just defeated him with ease. Then he had to use the Spirit Bomb with all the energy of Universe 7, except for Vegeta and the Gods, against Jiren who stopped it with a stare as Goku was using all his power but it didn't work as it exploded in a Black hole-like explosion and consumed him making everyone think he died.

Before he could be eliminated he resurfaces to the platform with a new power. This power is known as Ultra Instinct, the ability to evade any attacks from the opponent no matter how fast or stronger it is. He fought Jiren in this form and he even landed a good hit on him, however, his transformation ran out thanks to his stamina and was defeated. If it wasn't for Frieza giving him energy, he wouldn't last long in the Tournament

As the minutes went by he manages to recover his stamina so he can be ready for Jiren, but he had to handle a couple battles like Kale and Caulifla, two prodigy Saiyans from Universe 6 who use the Potara Fusion to form Kefla who pushed him to his limit once again and re-enter to Ultra Instinct to knock her out of the platform. Then there was Aniraza from Universe 3 who was about to blow off the platform but thanks to his friends Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Mystic Form Gohan, Android 17 and Golden Frieza defeated the opponent.

In the final 7 minutes were the most difficult as the three Pride Troopers, Dyspo, Toppo, and Jiren were no pushover against the Z-warriors. Gohan had to sacrifice himself with Dyspo as Frieza push them out of the platform, Toppo who became a God of Destruction for a brief moment was eliminated by Vegeta in his Ultra Super Saiyan Blue form that pushes him to his limit, thus leaving Jiren by himself against two Saiyan Gods and an Android.

Even with the full efforts of Goku, Vegeta, Android 17 and even Frieza who was knocked out by Toppo and then again by Jiren with a stare they weren't making much effort to defeat him. Thus leaving Goku by himself and an unconscious Frieza still in the platform, even with the small boost he received from Vegeta he was still no match for the Pride Trooper as he was about to be knocked out he remembers that everyone's wishes and desire to survive were entrusted to him, he couldn't fail them! With this in mind, he enters to Ultra Instinct once again.

The battle was fierce and fast, the normal spectators couldn't keep up with their speed, hell even the Gods were having a difficult time in keeping up with these two monsters. The Saiyan God thought that they were now equal and was winning ground as he was about to launch a Kamehameha in the same fashion as Kefla, however, it all changed as Jiren uses his maximum power to reflect his killer attack and almost knocks him out. But he wasn't going to give up not yet as he tapped into more power in his Ultra Instinct and notice that his hair color changed into a light silver color similar to the Angels but the difference was that he could now attack without thinking. He heard Whis calling this Perfected Ultra Instinct.

This now brings us here to the final two minutes of the Tournament of Power as Goku and Jiren were having a stare down meanwhile in the stands were their friends/allies and the Gods were chatting about the sudden change of events with the Saiyan God

"Who would have thought that Goku could become this powerful in the lapse of the Tournament" spoke up Tien as his gaze was mainly focused on the battlefield, he would never think that the guy he fought in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai would become on par with the Gods of Destruction.

"That's my father for you, always surpassing himself when the odds are against him" responded Gohan with a smile on his face, he always knew that his father always defies the impossible and always overcomes his limit and this is no different. Despite having flaws when it comes to family responsibilities, his father is an inspiration to overcome anything and he promised to him that he will continue his training to protect his family.

"Kakarotto.." murmured to himself the Prince of all Saiyans with his arms crossed, all his wishes and desires were now in the hands of his rival/friend. As much as he hated it he knows that Kakarotto is the only chance of them to survive and the rest of Universe 7 depended on his shoulders. "Good luck."

"Beerus-sama. What do you think of this turn of events?" asked Whis as he was referring to Goku achieving the perfect state of Ultra Instinct, something that not even all the Gods of Destruction have to achieve in their life, and here it is a 'Mortal' who achieved it in the past 46 minutes of the Tournament of Power. But nonetheless, the Angel was satisfied and even happy that one of his students achieved this state "Do you believe that he has surpassed you?"

The God of Destruction just stood quietly as his gaze was directed at the Saiyan God, he remembered the day he met this mortal who defeated Frieza and piqued his attention, when he first challenged him he wasn't even worth fighting, since he hadn't even used 5% of his true power against the Saiyan. Then when he transformed into a Super Saiyan God he managed to give him a fair fight, so he spared his planet for more entertainment. When he and Vegeta achieved Super Saiyan Blue it was impressive, and it seemed that the gap between him and the Saiyans was becoming more narrow.

But the moment that Goku pulled out Kaio-Ken X10 with Super Saiyan Blue in the Tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7, that was when he became more agitated at Goku nearing his power. Then when Beerus thought that he died and transformed into the first phase of Ultra Instinct, he was in shock. How could some Saiyan with the powers of a god achieve a state that not even he, as a god of Destruction, hasn't managed to develop? He knew that in the back of his mind that he was on the level of the Hakaishins but he didn't want to admit because of his pride as a Destroyer.

This time, he had to suck it up and admit the reality.

"Yes, Whis... Son Goku has surpassed me." stated Universe 7's God of Destruction in a low tone, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear, "He's the strongest person in Universe 7"

Meanwhile back in the battlefield, the Saiyan God managed to hear the comments that his team had given about him and a small smile formed on his face, everyone trusted him to come through with a victory and, as much as he didn't want more Universes to be erased, his family, friends and the survival of his Universe was the top priority.

"Son Goku!" called out his opponent, Jiren, who was coated in four layers of Ki as he got into his fighting stance "It's time to end this nonsense once it for all"

"You're right.. We have been dragging this battle on for too long" responded back the silver-eyed Saiyan as he also got into battle position "Get ready Jiren, Ill come with everything I got!"

At the mention of that both of them disappeared at beyond light-speed from where they were, in the next second they collided their fist with such force that it shook the entire World of Void, both of them didn't say a thing as they once again disappeared from everyone's view and only shockwaves could be seen around the destroyed platform.

As they were in mid-air, and slowly falling down to the arena, the Pride Trooper started to shoot multiple Ki blast at the Saiyan God who dodged all of them instantly and replies back with a simple Ki wave that has the same size of the Final Flash and the potency of it. However, since Jiren is using his full power he stops it with one hand and sends it flying away to the endless skies of the World of Void.

However the Pride Trooper thought at first that Goku's new look was only a power boost in his dodging but he didn't take in notice that Goku appeared in front of him at teleportation-speeds and started to give a barrage of punches and kicks flawlessly that not even the Gods of Destructions could keep up and with a final kick he sends Jiren flying down at blinding speeds to the platform.

"That's it Goku-san! Keep it up!" cheered the Supreme Kai of Universe 7 as he could see some members of his team smiling at this and he could see the Gods of Universe 11 completely annoyed at this turn of event.

"Come on Jiren! Stand up!" yelled Vermout in desperation towards Jiren who stared to stand up slowly from those fierce attack "Incredible! No one has been able to hurt him this much when he's at full power. Just what the hell are you Son Goku!?"

"Is that all?" asked Goku in a somewhat bored expression as he landed softly a big chunk of the platform, he would never have thought that Perfected Ultra Instinct could inflict that much damage to his opponent who is on the same level of raw power but it seems that attacking without thinking has its benefits

Jiren didn't say anything as he coated both of his fists with his Ki and rushed at Goku, who still kept a calm expression, and started to attack him but the Pride Trooper couldn't land a single hit at all which was getting him more frustrated as he increased his speed to his maximum output

"Cocky bastard.." the strongest warrior of Universe 11 darkly murmured, still trying to land a hit on the Saiyan God, but to no avail. Goku getting tired of this went on the offensive with ease as he gave a powerful gut-shot to Jiren who eyes went wide and spat saliva mixed with blood as he took a couple of steps back to regain some air

"Admit it Jiren, you can't win." simply stated Goku as he waited for his opponent to look at him "I have to admit, for someone who preaches about 'strength is absolute' I was expecting a more intense fight. You had every chance to eliminate me, hell you could have eliminated me when I was down for the count and exhausted multiple times, but you got too cocky with your power since you thought I wouldn't get stronger"

"Shut up!" yelled the Pride Trooper as he released a massive Ki wave at the Saiyan who evade it like nothing and kicks Jiren's face thus sending him a couple of meters away from him.

"I've never seen Jiren losing his cool..." commented Khai with nervousness in his voice, he knew deeply that they got too overconfident with their fighters, and now they were on the ropes nearing the final minute of the tournament.

"Like my partner, Android 17, said you think absolute power, being a lone wolf and even clinching to the past would resolve every problem you have.. You don't even let your allies to help you because of fear of losing again," said Goku once again in calm tone of voice, as he puts both of his hands near his waist and started to charge up his signature attack

"If we weren't in this situation I would've have helped you to regain trust with your partners and even help you find that person that killed your entire family. However, those in power wanted to put in a twisted rule for this Tournament because they were 'annoyed' of the lower ranks"

That last comment that the Saiyan God made took his team-mates by surprised and even all the Gods and Angels were a little taken back from the statement the silver-eyed Saiyan made. The Grand Priest only raised an eyebrow at this and both Omni-Kings also listened but didn't pay it any mind

"Heh.. at least there's something that we agree on" responded back Jiren as he stood up once again, and powered up to his maximum to charge his ultimate attack to end this once and for all.

"I respect your courage and ambitions Son Goku. However, you are still far from the truth of understanding who I am as a person and what I really want with the Super Dragon Balls"

"This is it! They are putting every inch of their power into one final attack!" Krillin exclaimed towards everyone else.

"Come on father! You can do this" added Gohan, wishing that his father would win this Tournament

"KAAAAAAAAAA... MEEEEEEEEEEEEE..." said the Saiyan God quietly, as a Blue ball of energy started to appear in between his hands. His gaze landed on Jiren, who extended both of his hands to each end and then clashes it together in a similar fashion to Vegeta's Final Flash.

"HAAAAAAAAA... MEEEEEEEEEEEEE..." Then, the blue ball of energy started growing, to the point it was getting hard to contain as Goku was ready to launch his final attack!



Both of the strongest mortals of all Universes fire off their respective attacks, everything seeming to slow down as the red and blue beams approached collision. When that moment happened it created a massive shockwave that shook the Void to its very core, followed by wind gusts that it even made the Angels materialize their defensive shields.

"Such immense power!" shouted Android 18, getting, even including some of the Gods.

"If that were to happen in the mortal universe it would destroy everything on its path and create a chain reaction that leads to the destruction of everything" added Whis to the conversation as he was using his staff to protect everyone from the wind gust.

"Oooooh! This is amazing!" stated future Zeno with excitement.

"Amazing! Amazing!" followed present Zeno from the present also showing that same excitement that his counter-part is showing.

Back to the beam struggle which is bigger than the one between Gohan and Cell, both Saiyan God and Pride Trooper weren't giving an inch of advantage, they also notice that they were now standing in big chunks of the platform since it was now completely destroyed when both of their attacks collided.

But that didn't matter as both of them gave a mightily roar thus increasing the power of their attacks and shaking the void to the extremes that even the Angels were surprised by this since the World of Void is supposed to be infinite.

However what everyone didn't notice was that a Dimensional crack was forming in between their beam struggle.

As the seconds were passing the crack was starting to get bigger and bigger to the point that it was absorbing both Multi-Universal busting attacks, surprising both Jiren and Goku since they never seen this happen before

"Wait is it only me or their beam struggle is being absorbed by something?" asked Master Roshi towards everyone and unfortunately everyone nodded

"It seems that their attacks were too powerful and that immense power created a Dimensional Rift in the World of Void" responded Vados towards everyone, she herself didn't see anything like this in her life, before they could ask anything else all of them saw that both Jiren and Goku stopped their beam struggles as they were being pulled!

"Damn it! What the hell is this force!?" asked the silver-eyed Saiyan as he was being pulled in through the Dimensional crack, along with Jiren and the unconscious Frieza who was floating on a rock. "I need to get those two out of the gravity's reach. I'm sorry guys"

With his mind already determined what to do he releases a powerful Ki blast at Frieza to push him out of the Dimensional crack, however, it was strong enough that it eliminated him as he suddenly appears in the stands, as Goku was getting closer, he launched another powerful Ki blast at the distracted Jiren, that pushed him back all the way out of the pull of the Rift to the point where he was also eliminated as he appeared in the stands with his team, shocking them all to their core.

"I did it!... I won them the Tournament and save the others from the Gravitational pull of this thing, but it seems I won't be able to join them. Goodbye everyone." thought the Saiyan God with a small smile on his face as he was consumed by the Dimensional Rift.

Distraught and shocked cries could be heard from the observers, especially those from Universe 7 as they saw the mortal that surpassed the gods with his Ultra Instinct disappear from the World of Void, taken to a world that the most powerful of the gods didn't even know existed.

Before anyone else could do anything, the Dimensional crack was erased by one of the Zenos, who had a poker face and asked the Grand Priest to come over and talk about something important. After a few seconds, the Angel nodded at the directions of his leader and raised his hands and said:

"The Tournament of Power concludes with the draw of both Universe 7 and Universe 11, so both of them are free from being erased by Zeno-sama" this decision surprised everyone but the Grand Priest still has other words to say "However, nobody will use the Super Dragon Balls, as nobody remains on the platform."

The last comment disappoints the members of Universe 11, except Jiren, who gazed quietly at the place where Goku was absorbed by that Dimensional crack they created with their attacks.

"Son Goku... Why? Why did you do it?"

Scene Change... Unknown place... Dimensional Rift

Son Goku is feeling a massive pain within his body, and something even deeper, as if something wanted to be ripped out of his body. He was still surprised that he still is in his Perfected Ultra Instinct, and as he tried to move his body but he couldn't since this place wasn't allowing it.

"So this is it huh... Either I suffer forever in pain or I'll die a slow death from this pain" thought the Saiyan God as he closed his eyes and let everything go. Now that he will be stuck here forever he started to think about all his adventures, from meeting to Bulma all the way to the Tournament of Power with his fight with Jiren, he felt everything went so fast but yet it has been decades since he started his adventure. Now that he realizes it he has accomplished his ultimate goal. Becoming the strongest mortal of all Universes behind the Angels.. he no longer had a goal.

He started to feel bad that he wouldn't be able to spend time with his family, his wife, his two sons and especially his newborn granddaughter Pan who recently started to call him 'grandpa'. He would've have spent more time with his family since there would be no threat to defeat and he would train less just to keep his senses sharp all the time. He could of have done that but thanks to his obsession with fighting stronger people, he never really became a good father for his kids. Now he regrets not spend the necessary time with them.

"If there was a chance for me to get out of here I will take it. I don't care if it's in my world or in another, I already accomplished my goal. I wouldn't mind passing down my knowledge and techniques to someone who might need it..." that was the last thing the Saiyan from Universe 7 thought as his vision became dark and he falls unconscious waiting for his demise since he thought that his life ended in this

But it seems that some higher power listened to his wishes as body started to light up slowly and consumed him as a whole, after a few second that light that consumed the Saiyan God travel to the endless of the Dimensional Rift until it disappeared.

Fate has other plans for the strongest Saiyan of Universe 7.

Scene Change... Planet: Remnant. Continent of Saunus.. Universe: ?

In the country side of the Continent of Saunus, where people are always in danger of Bandits and Grimm roaming around since there are no natural barriers to protect them, we can see a lonely person deep in the forest as they were preparing for camping and a bonfire. This person is a tall teenage boy with dark-blue eyes that are emphasized by his short blonde hair messily layered on his head, with the right side of his hair nearing his right eye and the left side swept back. He is wearing a white heart-shaped chestplate cut off above his lower abdomen and white spaulders with rerebraces set under them. Underneath the armor, he wears a black short-sleeved hoodie with detached reddish-orange sleeves. Lastly, the weapon at his side was a simple longsword with an abnormally heavy scabbard.

His name is Jaune Arc, a seventeen-year-old who is hoping to become a Huntsman in the most prestigious Hunter's academy in the kingdom, Beacon, in order to live up to his family name.

The blonde decided that it was a good idea to leave his home two months early before the start of the first semester of Beacon's school year so he could experience in exploring and maybe some training since the guy had no proper training whatsoever, he didn't even know how to use his family sword, Crocea Mors, properly!

As he finished lighting the campfire, Jaune started to take out some of the food he packed for the trip a few days ago when he left home, taking out a map of the continent as well. he started to look for is the nearest town, which to his knowledge was Shion village, when he found out where it was he let out a loud groan

"Damn it, Shion is still a few days away from here and there's no way the food will last me that long!" the Arc boy exclaimed in disappointment as he puts the map away and starts to eat an apple he found early that day. As he finished eating he started to prepare his sleeping bag and lies down looking up at the sky, and he starts to think about what he's doing.

"Do I really want to do this...? Become a huntsman with no training at all? Is my family's' legacy really worth losing my life over? I haven't even fought a single Grimm in my life! How am I going to stand up against people who have been doing this for years? I have no idea where to even start, who could I go to to learn what to do?" those were some of the many thoughts that had bothered the blonde haired Arc since he started his journey to Vale. As he took a sad sigh, he remembered how his family had discouraged him from becoming a huntsman, as he has never received any formal training in his life, but he told himself that if he tries his hardest and trains hard enough he can become a hero like his ancestors. he had always wanted to be like them, ever since he was a young child. It was a childish reason but he wanted to accomplish it no matter what!

All these thoughts and fears quieted as a shooting star flew through the sky of the broken moon. He never believed that shooting stars grants you wishes but in this unfortunate situation, he wanted to believe that they could grant wishes.

"It would be great if someone or something could give me guidance in what to do and help me become a huntsman, and maybe even how to be a hero." thought Jaune as he turned to his side and closed his eyes, descending into dreamland, hoping that his wish could be granted.

Fortunately for the Arc boy, his prayers were answered as the shooting star that was in the sky was coming down at his direction without him even noticing it, and then suddenly he was consumed by a blinding light that consumed his entire body, somehow not waking him up. After a few seconds, the light died down and it revealed Jaune's sleeping form, but something had changed. that blinding light that consumed hm will change his life and this world forever.

Next Morning.

As Jaune slowly opened his eyes he noticed that his campsite was luckily still intact, and he decides to stand up and stretch his arms and legs to get his day going. Before he could do anything, however, his stomach started to rumble like a wild animal leaving the Arc boy surprised and confused

"That's weird I never woke up this hungry before... Maybe that apple wasn't enough and I should eat more for dinner?" Jaune said to himself as he started to put away all the camping gear into his backpack, as he was putting the stuff away, something happened which scared the young Arc.

"Yo!" said someone from out of nowhere, making Jaune fall back onto his butt comically, but he tries to quickly recover, and he managed to grab Crocea Mors and points it every which way, looking for the source of the voice

"Who's there?!" yelled the frightened Arc, mustering up all his courage as he looks around for where that voice was coming from

"Hey hey, no need to be hostile, I'm confused as well" replied back the mysterious voice. Jaune could say that he heard the voice clearly, but at the same time he couldn't see this person anywhere, no matter where he looked, Jaune still couldn't see him.

"Just who are you!? Show yourself!" demanded Jaune with some hostile, he could've sworn that he had heard a sigh clearly

"The thing is... I don't think you can see me, I think I'm more like in your mind... hehehe" chuckled the voice, shocking Jaune. This voice is supposed to be in my head?! how could that be possible?! "I didn't believe it either when I woke up"

"Wait?! Did you just read my mind? Don't you have any sense of privacy?!" asked the Arc boy, as he still couldn't believe that all this was happening

"It seems that we are linked together mentally..." the voice said thoughtfully. Jaune thought that he heard someone snapping their fingers like they had discovered something important "I got it! Why don't you meditate? Just close your eyes and concentrate deeply, like reaching into your mind"

Jaune at first was still doubting his sanity and thought that maybe he was still dreaming "You're not dreaming," the voice laughed, "Unfortunately, this is happening"

"Alright, then I'll believe you, for now, mysterious voice." Jaune rolled his eyes in annoyance as he sat down and closed his eyes and started to concentrate within his mind, as the seconds passed Jaune opened his eyes once again as he was received by an endless gray void with no end in sight, he couldn't believe this was his mind! How come he couldn't access to this part of his mind before and why now? He had so many questions!

(A/N: This endless void looks like the one in Dragon Ball FighterZ where all the characters are stuck in their mind and the characters control their body)

"Welcome to the world within your mind!" the mysterious voice said in a cheerful tone, the Arc boy turned his head to where that voice came from and what he saw was an adult who's clothing was torn and tattered as if he had come directly from a battle. He also has crazy spiky silver-hair and eyes bearing the same color, but what he found most surprising is the silver tail he has behind him, maybe he was a monkey Faunus? "Hey! I don't like when people call me a monkey because of my tail!"

"Sorry! I kinda forgot you can still read my mind.." replied Jaune as he scratched his head with a nervous grin directed at this strange person "So you're the person that's inside my head right?"

"That's right! The name is Son Goku but you can call me Goku for short" responded Son Goku, the Saiyan God from Universe 7 with a cheesy grin on his face "Since I didn't want to wander through your memories to know your name, I thought it would be better for you to tell me in person"

"Thanks for your honesty Goku, at least you respect that much hehe," said the Arc boy chuckling, and then looks back at the Saiyan "My name is Jaune Arc, short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it"

"That's.. an interesting way to say your name I guess" responded the Silver-eyed Saiyan scratching the back of his head as he looks closely at the person he is now part of, but what he found surprising was a brown tail similar to his when he was a kid dancing around without even noticing it "Hey Jaune, have always had a tail?"

"No why do you... OH MY OUM! I HAVE A TAIL!" Jaune exclaimed worriedly as he notices the tail behind him and started to comically run around panicking, while Goku was watching all of this with a nervous laugh, he really didn't want the kid to freak out. Maybe after he landed in Jaune's mind, his body changed into a Saiyan? The tail was a complete giveaway, and he can pretty much sense it, but what he found weird was that his eyes had mismatched colors "HOW THE HELL DID I BECOME A FAUNUS?! WHAT WILL MY FAMILY THINK WHEN THEY SEE ME!?"

"Um... Jaune I also noticed that your eye colors are different from one another, is that new as well?" Goku spoke up once again thus stopping Jaune from running around and looked down to the floor to see his reflection, this sending his brain to overdrive as he saw that in his right eye he has his typical deep blue eyes but in his left eye he has a silver eye like Goku's! but what shocked him the most was that his hair color went from light blonde to jet black.

"Just how the hell did this happen overnight?" said the now dark-haired boy as he collapses into his knees comically "I'm not even a Faunus. I'm just a freak of nature"

"Hey don't be hard on yourself. I think it looks neat on you!" said Goku with a goofy smile as he made his way towards the black-haired knight who was still in his knees looking at his reflection, looking back at Goku.

"How can you be so calm about this, How did this happen..? You are trapped in my mind and you're acting like everything is ok." retorted Jaune as he stood up from where he was and realized that he was a bit taller than the Saiyan God.

"That is true, I'm trapped in your mind and I have no knowledge how to get out, but I don't mind being in here with you.." answered the Saiyan God still keeping his smile "And for your other question I think when I merged with you mind it affected your body somehow, you're no longer a human. You became a Saiyan like me"

"A Sai... what? Sorry, I've never heard that name before, is it some kind of Faunus race I haven't discovered?" The Arc boy asked the Saiyan honestly, who scratched his head once again, thinking.

"I don't know about this Faunus stuff you're talking about, but you can call it that I don't mind.." replied back Goku as he shrugged off Jaune's comment about being a Faunus or something. "Anyways so it seems you have become a Saiyan like myself, the only reason you don't have silver hair like me it's because I'm in a transformed state, and I can't seem to revert back for some reason, but that Silver eye you have definitely come from me"

"I see... This is a lot to take in to be honest.." responded the silver and blue-eyed Arc, as he still couldn't believe all of this is happening but for some reason, fate wanted to play with him, and he suddenly changed thanks to all of this.

"Jaune I have been meaning to ask... I saw your sword laying on the ground and I was wondering if you are some kind of warrior? You don't have to lie to me I won't judge" Goku asked Jaune kindly who just looked down on the floor somewhat ashamed of himself, but thanks to his sensing abilities the Saiyan God could feel that even with Jaune's new body. Jaune's power at the moment rivaled his when he started to explore the world with Bulma.

"As much I hate to admit it I'm not a warrior, I've never fought before or even trained at all. But I want to change that! I want to become a Huntsman and a hero, I want to be strong, and prove that everyone was wrong, that a person like me can achieve his goals against all odds!" responded Jaune with passion. Goku was somewhat taken aback by his words, but then he smiles brightly at Jaune, he reminded him of how he was when he explored the world. He wanted to become strong and surpass everyone, becoming the strongest was his goal and he finally achieved it when he attained the state he was currently in, Mastered Ultra Instinct.

Maybe his wishes were truly answered and this was the chance for him to pass all his knowledge on martial arts and combat to him.

But, of course, Jaune will have to work for it like he did.

Before the Saiyan God could say something he sensed something coming at Jaune's body, it had a dark aura, it was weak by his standards, but it could give his buddy trouble since Jaune was far weaker than himself.

"Jaune! Something is coming towards you! Go back to reality right now!" exclaimed Goku with a serious expression. Jaune looked at him with confusion, but he didn't protest as he closed his eyes once again and in a couple of seconds he was back to the real world. He turned his head around to see three Grimm Beowolves rushing towards him, but before they could come close he manages to dodge them and rolls to the ground to grab Crocea Mors and gets into a sloppy stance, seeing a Beowolf begin to advance. The Saiyan Arc wanted to close his eyes in fear but he couldn't at the same time as he stared directly at the Beowolf that is mere feet away from him

Before he could do something, the Grimm stopped itself completely as if it was frozen in which confused Jaune immensely, hell it even looks likes the Grimm is frozen in fear.

"Goku do you know what's going on? Why did the Grimm freeze itself?" the Arc boy asked out-loud to his partner

"I'm not really sure Jaune, this is the first time I've seen these kinds of creatures, but this is your chance to attack them with all you got!" responded Goku from within Jaune's mind as he received a nod from the Knight. Jaune gave a warrior's roar as he swung his sword at the frozen Beowolf, decapitating the evil creature.

But he wasn't done, as he ran rapidly towards the second Grimm who was ready to attack him, the Saiyan Arc dodges his attack by jumping 10 feet into to the sky with his sword, impaling the Grimm's head and killing it instantly

However, he failed to notice a powerful attack coming from the third Grimm which sends him crashing into the nearest tree, leaving his weapon stranded. For some reason he wasn't scared of losing his sword, on the contrary, he felt a sudden rush of adrenaline as he stands up, smirking, and ran full speed towards the Grimm, proceeding to administer a bone-shattering punch to its face that sends it a couple of meters away, the impact of the attack decimating the Grimm

Jaune just looked at his fist, and then at his surroundings in surprise, shocked by what he just did. He had managed not only to kill his first Grimm but two more right after, without breaking a sweat, and without any training to boot! And that feeling... that adrenaline as he was fighting the Grimm! It was like some kind of unexplainable euphoria, he loved it!

"YAHOOO!" whooped Jaune in happiness as he went to pick up his sword that was laying on the floor after the Grimm had disintegrated "Did you see that Goku! I managed to kill three Grimm! Three! Can you believe that! I still don't believe it, I didn't know I had this strength and speed within me"

"Yeah, I was watching your battle! I have to admit I'm impressed that you managed to do that despite lacking coordination and technique. Your determination and perseverance is something that leveled the odds. It also helped that your Saiyan body is stronger than a normal human" commented the Saiyan God as he gave his opinion on the battle and why his newly Saiyan body was a great benefit, if he still had his human body then he wouldn't be this lucky

"You know at the beginning I thought I was going to be some sort of freak, but now I'm starting to like this whole Saiyan thing" replied Jaune as he packed up the rest of the stuff he couldn't finish before Goku showed up.

"Jaune... where are we going?" asked Goku out of curiosity towards Jaune who finished packing up everything

"I'm heading to Shion village to stay there for two months and get some training done before going to Beacon Academy in the Capital city of Vale, Like I said before I want to become a Huntsman and Beacon Academy is the best place for me to start my journey to achieve that goal" explained Jaune as he started to walk and takes out his map to where he needs to go exactly.

"You said you needed training right? I can help you with that, if it's two months of training that you need then that's perfect" said Goku with enthusiasm as he could apply Master Roshi's Training to him so he can become stronger and faster

"Really? Your willing do that kind of thing for me despite having just met me?" asked the Arc boy in surprised and with joy since he never got someone who could teach him how to fight or even use Crocea Mors to the best of his ability

"Of course! We share minds and I wouldn't mind learning more about you and this place, besides this training will make catch up with the other Hunters who have practice years before and with your Saiyan body it will be easier" replied back the Saiyan God with a sincere tone of voice to his new student, from what he learned from Jaune's memory there are Huntsman and Huntresses who have trained when they were young to become strong, he will close that gap and help Jaune to achieve his goal, besides that's the whole reason why he's here, to guide a new generation with his knowledge

"THANK YOU SO MUCH GOKU! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO REPAY YOU!" responded the silver and blue-eyed Knight out-loud and almost with tears of happiness forming up in his face, he couldn't believe that at first, he called this a bad dream but with all that has happened he believes that he's ready to take this world by storm and prove to everyone he can become the strongest without being a prodigy.

"You don't need to repay me, as long as you're working hard in your training and showing the results it's enough to satisfy me" commented Goku with a smile as he could feel the wave of emotions and excitement in his mind

"Yessir! So when do we start training?!" asked Jaune with excitement still on his tone of voice

"Tomorrow you will need to relax your body, because this training won't be easy" responded the Saiyan God in his normal tone of voice, he knew deep within him that Jaune at first will be confused with the method of training he will put him through, but it will be all worth it at the end of these next two months.

His new journey in this world will be an interesting one and he can't wait to see what it has in store for the both of them!

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