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How can I be a great FanFiction author?

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I wish I made it where Naruto met her when she was 16-17, and the story took place when she was 23-24 or something like that. Just my personal preference.

Made Rock Lee weaker: remember at the beginning of BreakThrough when I was talking about how bad the power scaling was in DxD and that I would have the younger generation develop more slowly than they do in the anime/manga (because Issei basically has god-like powers now in the manga and he's only 18). Well, I didn't keep that same energy because Lee is extremely overpowered in BreakThrough for his age. At the beginning when he fought Rias, Koneko, and Yuuto, he should have lost, which he did, but it should have been easier for them to beat him. Sure, they could be surprised about his speed and what not, but they shouldn't have been brutalized like they were. And then he fights Sairaorg and beats him-granted, he was using the Eight Gates in that fight-but still. I feel like Lee should've had a harder time being apart of a peerage filled with monsters.

The Khoas Brigade: honestly, this is really my fault not including them into BreakThrough. There are two reasons why I didn't: One, the Khoas Bridage is Issei's enemy in the manga. Taking that away from him and his friends would have taken away a large portion of their development. And two: I don't read DxD's manga…..like, at all…so I don't know enough about the Khoas Brigade to even add them to the story! Plus, this story is about Naruto's accession and rise in social standing in the Underworld-the Khoas Bridage would have been nothing but a side quest for Team Pickle Rick, so I decided not to study up on them.

Naruto's insanity: This one I'm a little 'iffy' about. People have complained that Naruto is good one moment of the story and back to being crazy in the next chapter. Yeah, Naruto did go through a lot of development to overcome his demons and crazed mind, but I don't think people understand how messed up he actually was. It may take YEARS for Naruto to fully recover from the mental trauma he went through. He was in a box for 500+ years! Yeah, he may have his good days, but that doesn't mean his mind is always intact. I guess I should've did a better job really breaking down how messed up Naruto really was.

The Devil Exams: When I thought about the idea (I knew the beginning and end of BreakThrough when starting it, but every chapter I typed was basically free writing….well….I'd say a good 75% of it wasn't planned), I really thought it was cool…..but looking back, that was a lot of words I typed for it to hardly mean anything! I mean, yea, we had the Rias development, Naruto and Kuroka's moment when he got a little pissed about Ginta again, Gabriel and Naruto hanging out and Team Pickle Rick defeating Loki (which was necessary for the curse to be applied so the suspense for Naruto's fight against Honest would be sky high- I knew that would happen at the end of the first part of BreakThrough) but I feel like I could've done something else that could've incapsulated all that into a shorter chapter or something. I don't know…..but I did snap with the fight scenes in the Devil Exams so maybe it was worth it, lol.

Lemons: I am really glad I never added them into the story. A lot of the DXD stories here on Fanfiction have sex revolving around the story-which makes sense because of how the story is, but I didn't want to do that. I didn't want people coming to my story looking for a specific chapter where there was a lemon and ignore the rest of the story that was available. Sure, people have been begging me to add a lemon in the story, but I knew I would never do it-and it paid off in the end. People read BreakThrough for its enjoyable story. That's what I wanted from the beginning.

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Months later…

Kuoh Town

For the first time of the day, Issei opened his eyes.

It was still dark outside since he was used to getting up early in the morning. He sat up and began to crawl through the bodies of Rias, Asia, Ravel, Ingvild, Xenovia, Rossweisse, Akeno, Irina and Koneko to leave their shared bed.

Things had changed drastically ever since he had watched Naruto and his peerage defeat the former Great King, Kyurem Bael. He was now a third-year student at Kuoh Academy. He also had his own peerage now and was competing in Rating Games. Ingvild had joined him recently, and Ravel, after approaching him with a confidence she wasn't known for, asked to become a member of his peerage-which he accepted.


"We're pushing for 300 reps this morning." echoed Ddraig as the red gauntlet phased to life on Issei's arm as the brunette continued benching half a ton of weight, "I'm sure that you can do that without a problem."

"My arms are gonna feel like jelly when I get around 260…" he chuckled as he pushed up on the weight, "But it's a giant jump from what I used to do…"

Issei continued his reps in silence, concentrating on completing his task of 300 given to him by his partner. Once he got to 267, he felt fatigue begin to overtake him. Once at 280, he felt like he was going to give up.

"Come on, now…" the angelic voice of his soon to be wife filled his ears. Rias stood over him, wearing one of his muscle shirts and black lacy panties. She gave him a soft smile as she grabbed the middle of the bar to help him lift, "Just a little bit more….."

Issei sighed, taking a mental picture of Rias' chest straining against his muscle shirt and used it as motivation. He pushed forward, ignoring his burning arms and finished his 300 reps. Racking the weight his arms slumped to his sides and he rolled off the bench. "Finally….jesus…..o-ow…."

Rias giggled, taking a seat on the abandoned bench as Issei regained his breath on the floor. "You've really grown, Ise…" she started, "I remember you could hardly do 50 reps that was hardly 150."

"Yeah…..th-that feels like a…long time ago….but I was only under a year…ago…" he said between breaths, "Time…..really does fly…."

"It does…You do know what today is right?"

"….Yeah…..it's been a while since we've seen them…"

"It has….we my last class is at 5:00 today. Akeno and I will get dressed and we'll leave at 6:00…"

"Got it….I just need to go take a shower…"

"Yes, you do…" she giggled as she stood from the bench, "I'm going to get ready for class…remember to tell Asia to iron your clothes."

"Gotcha." He replied with a thumbs up.

"Good…..I love you."

"Heh! Love you too."


Issei groaned as laid down on one of the couches inside the Occult Research Club building. "Man…school is really lame…" he muttered, resting his head on one of the couch pillows, "…with everything that's going on, going to school really feels pointless…"

"I think going to school is pretty fun, Ise." replied Asia, sitting at Rias' old desk as she was the new President of the Occult Research Club, "Going to Kuoh makes me feel normal…I sometimes forget we're in a war with the Khoas Brigade."

"That and I plan on going to college like Bucho and Akeno-senpai." added Kiba, the new Vice President of the club, "I won't be able to go to college if I drop out, after all."

"I guess….I don't know if I'm gonna go to college…" mumbled Issei, picking the dirt from under his nails, "I think I've got too much to handle now…"

"But, Ise…didn't you mention that you wanted to be a doctor or something before?" asked Xenovia.

"I did?...when did…."

"Well, do you have an interest in anything that you'd want to do?" she asked.

"Well…I think I want to do something in a hospital." He answered.

"A hospital? Why's that?" Yuuma curiously asked.

"Uhm….I've never told this to anyone before, so use this as proof that I trust you." He said seriously, which surprised Yuuma. He was smiling all throughout their date and he never had put such force behind his words.

"My mother and father…they've tried to have children before me…two or three times, I think….well, my mother had miscarriages for each one of them." He said a little hesitantly.

"Oh my gosh." Yuuma covered her mouth in shock. Two or three miscarriages? She couldn't have imagined going through something like that.

"Yeah. When I heard that, it made me have a higher respect for life, even though I do a lot of questionable things…" he said as he thought back to all of his perverted tendencies/addiction.

"What type of questionable things are yo-

"Anyway!" he exclaimed, trying to bring back the topic at hand, "When my mother was pregnant with me, my father went to some shrine and prayed for me to survive, and I did. So, they named me 'Issei' for honest, which is meant for my father's honest prayers for me to live."

"Wow." Yuuma's respect for Issei's parents increased dramatically after hearing that. "Your parents are very brave and noble for having faith that you'll live."

"yeah. My parents are the best." He said with a smile as he thought about the people who took care of him, "So, anyway, when I learned that, I thought about how cool it would be to, ya know…deliver kids or something like that. I don't know…I've always liked those doctor shows and stuff, but I'm not a fan of the blood."

"Yeah!" Yuuma said with a giggle. She now saw Issei in a new light. Not only was he cool, but he also had an honorable dream.

"…..I…I did say that…huh…" thought Issei as he reminisced the past, "Huh…well should I go to college? My life is already kinda busy…I don't think I'd have time for it. I guess I'll figure it out when the time comes…"

Issei sighed as he rested his eyes, ignoring the various conversations happening within the room. The Occult Research Club had gotten larger, adding people like Irina, Kunou, the daughter of Yasaka, ruler of Kyoto, La Fay Pendragon, descendent of Morgan le Fay and King Arthur, Bennia Orcus, a Grim Reaper that was once Sona's after she traded her to Issei to continue the fight against the Khoas Brigade , Ingvild Leviathan, Tosca, a regular human that was a survivor to the same Holy Sword Project Kiba was in as a child, and Rossweisse becoming the official club adviser.

"I can't wait for tonight! Naruto-sama is really going to be coronated!" clapped Gasper, "Maybe I'll get to see Orochimaru-san! Ohhh, he's so cool!"

"It's been a while since I've seen my sister…" mumbled Koneko as she took a break from her snacks to join the conversation, "That entire peerage has been busy ever since they beat the bad guy…"

"I don't care too much for that blonde guy who laughs a lot and you sister…" grumbled Kunou, "I remember when they visited Kyoto during their training trip…they're annoying and the cat was lazy….most cats are lazy."

"I agree…" replied Koneko.

"They are a strange group of people…" giggled Rossweisse, "I'm sure the party tonight will be one to remember. They always find a way to living things up."

"Tosca. Bennia. Ingvild. Le Fay." The four girls glanced to Kiba who called for them, "You all may not know much about Naruto-sama and his peerage since you've never met them. Tosca and Le Fay, we'll need to leave early so that we can ride the Gremory Train to the Underworld."

"I'm okay with that…" said Tosca, "Going to the Underworld still sounds pretty scary to me as a human, even though you all have told me that's it different than what I think. I guess there's a first for everything."

"It really isn't scary!" comforted Le Fay, "It's just a bit dark…let me see what you're going to wear to the party before we leave!"

Issei was midway asleep when his eyes snapped open. An evil presence filled the room and he was instantly on guard, summoning his Boosted Gear as a magic circle appeared in the room. "Qlippoth attacking this directly?!" he questioned as a blaze of fire raged from the seal.

"I don't know! Everyone! Get ready!" ordered Rossweisse as she quickly morphed into Valkyrie armor.

"Calm down…" came a deep voice from within the fire storm. The blaze quickly died down along with the magic seal, revealing Hao Asakura with a cocky grin. Next to him stood Opacho holding his hand. "…I'm gone for this long and you all are this jumpy? Tch…you lot have gotten lazy…"

"Hao-sama! Opacho-chan!" Ravel said in glee as she ran up to hug the duo, "I haven't seen you two in so long!"

Hao rolled his eyes at the affection, reluctantly patting Ravel's head while Opacho hugged Ravel's leg. "Yes, yes, child…." He sighed, "It's been a while…though, I was a bit confused when I found out you wanted to join the pervert's peerage. I know my teachings shouldn't have led you to such a filthy man."

"Hey! I'm not that big of a pervert like I used to be!" shouted Issei in comedic anger, "I mean…Yeah, I'm still one! But not as bad!"

"As if that's a good thing to say." He chuckled.

"I joined Ise because…u-uh…I just felt like it was right!" she huffed, wishing that her cheeks weren't blazing red, "But what are you two doing here? Aren't you supposed to be prepping for Naruto-sama's coronation tonight?"

"We're finished, to be honest. The clan elders are preventing Naruto-sama from leaving the castle at the moment, sadly….they say he can't leave until the night is over, so I came here to make sure everyone here had their invite. The Childish Gremory's parents mentioned that your friend circle had grown since we've last saw you."

"Wait, you've talked to Rias' parents?" asked Issei, "I thought you all didn't like them?"

"Oh, we don't….but it was really an entertaining experience…"

Flashback – A few weeks ago

Gremory Mansion


"And that bitch thought she could beat me?! You forgot to put on your make-up up when you said that dumb shit, CLOWN! HEHEHE!"

Zeoticus and Venelana Gremory were seething as Naruto, Kisame and Kuroka were laughing uncontrollably, slamming their hands on the long dinner table and rolling in their chairs. Orochimaru and Hao were silently chuckling to themselves, Lee was too busy eating his food, Anna was silent as usual, and Yoh was taking a nice nap, unknowingly sleeping in the mashed potatoes he had.

Zeoticus had called for the dinner as a form of apology and to mend the broken relationship between them. He even invited Rias, Sirzechs and Grayfia to join, but the dinner was NOT going how he anticipated.

"Nyayayaya! Remember how she look before getting eaten by Samehada?"

"The same way she probably looked when she saw her husband's micro-penis for the first time?"

"GGGAAAAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Naruto fell out his chair in laugher-unable to contain himself, "PLEASE! PLEASE STOP-AHAHAHAHAHA!"

'I want to kill them…' Zeoticus and Venalana thought as the endured the pure embarrassment they felt while Rias, Sirzechs and Grayfia all sweat dropped at the scene.

Flashback End

"Ah, yes…what a great day, indeed." Chuckled Hao at the memory.

"And this is your daughter, huh?" asked Issei as he approached the duo, "I've heard whispers about her. Hi there! I'm Issei."

"…..Opacho knows you…You're the Boob Dragon…"

"That's right!" smiled Issei, "All of the children love me!"


" Yup! They all-wait what?"

"Transform!" A small cloud of smoke covered Opacho as she transformed into a small goat costume. Issei screamed as Opacho bashed into him, sending him flying into the wall.

"Issei!" cried Asia as she flew up to retrieve her unconscious [King] from the wall.

"Forgive Opacho…" sighed Hao as his daughter transformed back, "She doesn't like strangers….or perverts…"

"Aww! But she's so cute! Look at her hair!" mewled Rossweisse as she and some of the other women approached Opacho.

"Back up." They all stopped as Opacho glared at them with a ferocity a six-year old shouldn't have, "Don't. Touch. Opacho's. Hair."

"Forgive, Opacho….again…" sighed Hao, "She doesn't like it when people try to touch her hair."

"Only Hao-sama can touch Opacho-chan's hair."

"O-oh…well…we're sorry…" stuttered Rossweisse.

"It doesn't matter. I came here to deliver these." Said Hao, fishing out a few invites and handed them to Ravel, "This should cover anyone who doesn't have an invite already. Naruto-sama wanted to make sure everyone could come."

"Thank you, Hao-sama." bowed Ravel.

"Not a problem….though….I do need help…"

"Really? With what?" asked Kiba.

"….Do you know where Sona Sitri is currently at?"


"It seems as if you're running things smoothly here."

"Yes ma'am." nodded Xenovia, sitting at Sona's old desk with Saji by her side, "It took some getting used to, but I'm glad that I took up the role. It makes me feel important."

"Well…as long as you are doing your job right, then how it makes you feel doesn't matter to me." Said Sona as she pushed up her glasses, "And I know Saji isn't doing anything stupid….right?"

"R-right! Nothing stupid at all!" stuttered Sona's [Pawn], "I'm serving as Vice President without a problem! Right, Xenovia? Heheh….help me out here…"

"Saji is fine. He's been a big help." chuckled Xenovia, "Tsubaki-san, you should be proud of him."

"But of course. I knew my junior could do it." replied the woman, causing Saji to sigh in relief.

"Thank goodness…."

"Don't get too happy." Everyone in the room stood at guard as a mass of flames appeared. Sona's eyes widened as she remembered the voice and sighed in annoyance when she saw Hao's ever-present cocky grin. "It's been a while, no?"

"Honestly, Hao…." Sona face palmed, "There are better ways to get here…like the door."

"Now, now, Sona…We haven't seen each other in so long and this is the greeting I get? I would have thought you would be happy to see me?" Hao's predatory eyes landed on the shocked Saji. Said boy jumped, hiding behind Xenovia's chair to avoid Hao judgmental look. "And if it isn't the pathetic [Pawn]! My, it has been sometime. Hopefully, you've grown from the shivering mess you used to be."

"Uh..h-hi…Hao-sama…." Stuttered Saji with a wave.

Hao only laughed, deciding not to mess with the boy any longer. "Hmph….nevermind that…Now then, anybody not named Sona Sitri-

"Or Opacho…"

"…sigh….or Opacho….please leave the room now."

"What?" said Xenovia, standing from her chair. Even though she knew who Hao was, his arrogance irked her to her core. "And why should we listen to you?"

"I need to talk to Sona about something in private and I would very much appreciate it if everyone leave…..now."

Xenovia was about to retort, but a hand from Sona cut her off. "Don't let him get to you….just let me handle this, everyone…please…"

Once everyone had left, Sona propped herself on the edge of Xenovia's desk, crossing her arms over her chest. "You really do know how to piss people off…" she started.

"It's a skill of mine." He shrugged off the jab while taking a seat in one of the nearby couches with Opacho climbing up next to him, "I would have thought you were used to it by now."

"Maybe…but I forgot since it's been months since we've last spoken." Said the Sitri heiress with a small glare.

Hao sighed, understanding Sona's frustrations. "I know…forgive me, but these past couple of months have been hectic in preparation for Naruto-sama's coronation. A lot of moving, brushing up on my political knowledge, raising Opacho, stupid humans and their stupid virus…"

Sona snapped her fingers. "Stay on topic."

"Right…anyway, I've hardly had any free time. Me not coming to visit you is my own fault and not yours…"

"Oh...so now that we're here…" Sona looked down to the floor, hiding her slightly red cheeks with her hair, "…you must have something to say…."

"I do….and I'm going to be blunt about it." Began the Asakura, "Sona Sitri….while we haven't seen each in sometime….my….feelings…for you haven't diminished…..I am still wanting to pursue you, but I also recognize our busy lives with you being in college now and I helping Naruto-sama and raising Opacho."

"This is the first time I've seen her…" whispered Sona, taking a good look at Opacho.

"Hiya! Opacho likes you. Hao-sama talks about you a lot."

Sona smiled, sending a wave back at the girl. "To think that Hao Asakura would adopt a child…"

"Technically, I am her father, but Opacho and I have an older brother/younger sister relationship…though, yes, she is a child and, sadly, acts like one."


"Should we be having this conversation with her here?" asked Sona.

"Trust me…Opacho is more than mature enough to listen to this type of conversation, even though I did just say she's childish….and I tell Opacho mostly everything, so she knows about us and our history."


"Yes...but anyway, I wanted to say that are lives are busy." Continued Hao, "And…it will be hard for us to continue where we left off….and even then…I have Opacho now. You are still young, so I don't want to force a child onto you if we were to make things official."

"….so what are you suggesting?"

"That we wait….o-or I'll wait on you." He stated, surprising the Sitri, "Grow older…get some years under your belt….and if you would like to continue where we left, then I'm fine with that. I believe it would be unfair to you if we were to be together and I can't give you any attention due to my busy life. So, let's give it some time…You can grow and decide what you truly want in life….and then…..if you decide that you'd like to pursue each other….I'll be there for you."

"….that's very mature of you, Hao Asakura…"

"Believe me, it took a lot of mental debate to come up with this solution." He chuckled dryly, "And I'll be okay with whatever decision you make. Honestly, you can go and live your life however you want, and I wouldn't be offended because I've acc-



"Would you like to be my date to your master's coronation party tonight?"

Sona took a mental picture of shocked look on Hao's face. She gave him a taste of his own medicine, shooting at him one of his own cocky grins as she pushed her glass up on her nose. "What? Cat got your tongue?"

"OOoooooooooooohh…Opacho like her."

"Ah…." Hao sat there, aghast for a few moments before chuckling, shaking his head to recover from his shock, "You really are something special, Sona Sitri….and I accept."

Opacho stared at the two as they entered a staring contest, having their own silent conversation with their eyes.

'Adults are weird.'



"I'm sorry, Ryuga," said Lee to his humanoid dragon friend, "but they said the only people that can watch Naruto-sama's coronation are members of the Bael Clan and his peerage. Not even the Satan's will be able to see Naruto-sama become Great King."

"That's some bullshit." Grumbled the silver-haired teen as he laid back on Lee's bed. Team Naruto Bael had just recently moved into Bael Castle a few days prior in preparation for the coronation. While they did enjoy their time living at the outskirts of Bael Territory with their own beach shared with Misla, the team couldn't deny that living in a castle was also a major upgrade. "You do know Tannin-sama told me I had to come here to be a 'good representative' of the Dragons living in the Underworld? What type of dumb shit is that? If Tannin-sama was gonna come anyway, I don't see why I need to be here! I could be back in the valley training!"

"True, but that doesn't mean that a break is in need every now and then." said the Green Beast as he slid into the white robe that would be over his green kimono, "I asked and both Seekvaira-chan and Gaia-chan are coming today! It's been a while since we've hung out. I want to make sure everybody has fun!"

"Ya know, it still astounds me that you pulled those two baddies…" grumbled Ryuga.

"Pulled? Baddies?" questioned Lee, "What does that mean?"

Ryuga only sighed, disappointed at Lee's innocence. "Never mind, Lee. Where's Yoh?"

"He's getting dressed with Anna-sama. They should be getting finished soon. Anna-sama is a quick dresser unlike Kuroka-sama." He answered, "Mr. Orochimaru should be in one of the ballrooms making sure everything is perfect. I was gonna head over there now."

"Shit, head there? Might as well teleport there! It'll take us twenty minutes to get to the other side of this big-for-no-reason castle!" complained Ryuga.

"It has taken some getting used to teleporting in the castle!" laughed Lee as the duo teleported to the ballroom.

Orochimaru, still in his purple tunic and weird purple rope around his waist, glanced behind him when he sensed two new magical presences. "Lee…and you…" he said with an eyeroll, not too pleased to see the dragon that gave them so much trouble in their fight against Tannin.

"Uh, you mean The Great Ryuga-sama!?" corrected Ryuga, "Learn some damn respect! Do you hear me?!"

"Mr. Orochimaru why aren't you dressed yet?" asked Lee.

"I just wanted to make sure everything was set." Stated the pale man, "It won't take me long to get dressed, so you don't have to worry about that. We still have two hours until the commencement of the coronation. I'll be ready by then."

"Two hours, huh?" said Ryuga as he glanced outside a window to see the long line of expensive vehicles and carriages outside the castle, "I guess this really is the biggest event in the Underworld because that line outside stretches for miles."

"I've heard there are already members of the Bael Clan waiting at Bael Citadel for the coronation-from commoners to Devils of the highest status." confirmed Orochimaru, "What I find impressive is the fact that there is a room in this gigantic castle that can host such an massive event."

"Yosh! That's a lot!"

"It is. Though, we're basically finished here…" sighed Orochimaru, "I guess I can leave in preparation. I just hope tonight goes according to plan…..however, based on how crazy our lives are, I'm guessing something is going to happen."

"Eh, you losers need some excitement in your lives anyway." said Ryuga.

"No." Orochimaru immediately denied the Dragon, "No, we don't. I need peace."


"And what would you like for your midday snack, Opacho-sama?"

"Opcaho-chan want animal crackers."

"Alright. We can take car-

"Actually….. pudding. Chocolate pudding."

"Oh! Well, we do have that, so I'll just fetch it for you now."

"W-wait!...what flavor are the animal crackers?"

"Well, they are usually vanilla flavor, Opacho-sama."

"Can you blend the animal crackers in the pudding to make it chocolate pudding with vanilla animal cracker chunks?"

"….Uh…y-yes, Opacho-sama. I can arrange that."

"Great. Opacho happy."

"Alright…I'll go take care of that now."

"Okay, just make sure you take out all of the mammal animal crackers."

"…..excuse me?"

"Take out all the animal crackers that are mammals. They taste nasty."

"Y-yes…yes ma'am….I'll get to that-

"And what type of gummy worms do we have available?"

"Hao-sama just ordered another box for you the other day but eating so much sugar can be bad for you Opacho-sama. Maybe you shou-

"Okay. Once you blend the non-mammal animal crackers in the chocolate pudding, put the gummy worms into the pudding like actual worms digging through the mud. It makes it more realistic. Opacho like realistic."

"…..Okay…..Is there anything else you would like for your snack?"

"Nope. Opacho good."

"….Are you SURE?"


"Absolutely positive?"

"Yup, yup, yup."





"Okay…I'll go get that for you no-

"And once you put the worms in the chocolate pudding mixed with the non-mammal vanilla-flavored animals crackers, Opacho need some Hubba Bubba gum so Opacho can-


Kuroka stared at herself in the mirror in silence. She was already dressed for the coronation and was just waiting for the time to meet up with the others to head to Bael Citadel together. The Nekoshou had abandoned her usual black kimono for her two-part kimono with a long purple garment that covered her legs and a rainbow, floral-patterned top that exposed her larger than average breast. Her two long bangs rested exposed shoulders and breast, and she wore an elegant flora-pin in her hair-right underneath her right cat ear. Overall, the [Queen] looked absolutely stunning and more than fit the appearance of a noble woman of the Underworld.

"You look great, Kuroka." clapped Yoh, sitting on the edge of her bed with his fiancée. Yoh's wore a simple blue kimono with an orange sash. For once he wasn't wearing his headphones on his head-rather, they were around his neck along with his three-clawed necklace he always wore.

Anna was without her usual red bandana seeing as it wasn't fit for a formal event-she still wore her Ten-Eighty beads around her neck. She wore a simple all white kimono with purple butterflies filling up the space. She also wore a matching orange sash like Yoh. "Stunning…" she said blankly.

"Thank you, nya…" she mumbled, "…but I feel nervous…this is my first big formal event…and it's the most important event in centuries…I don't feel comfortable, nya."

"Don't worry, Kuroka. Everybody's spooked their first time at a big event…well…this is kinda different since it's so big…" Yoh laughed awkwardly while scratching his head, "Uh…Anna and I can help you adjust to-

"Don't make promises I didn't cosign on."

"Uh…well…I'm sure Naruto-sama and Lee and Kisame can help?"

"No…no, its fine…" she sighed while facing the duo, "It's just that everyone gonna have their eyes on us. Usually, I'm fine with that because we're about to enter a Rating Game, but now it's political…I feel outta place….like I don't deserve all of this…"

"Now…that's just not true." huffed Yoh, "You were out there fighting alongside us. You deserve all that attention and more if you ask me. We all put in the work, so we all deserve living in this gigantic castle that's big for no reason."

Kuroka felt better at hearing the Asakura's honest words. While he hardly did it, Yoh really could motivate people with just a few words. "Thanks, Yoh, nya."

"No problem. Plus, Naruto-sama wouldn't want to see you so sad."

"Yeah! You're right! I should lighten up, nya. I'm sure Naruto is ready to face all of those cameras without any worry!"


"Kisame! Oh jeez! I'm scared! Holy shit, I can't feel my legs! I can't feel my legs!"

"Shut the fuck u-ShUT THE FUCK UP! CALM DOWN!"

"Dear Jesus, why couldn't I have been born a Christian?! I need my wheelchair! Where's my wheelchair-oww!...Stupid Angels!"

"Stop acting like a bitch and calm down!" yelled Kisame, chopping the blonde on his head. Naruto instantly saw stars and fell to the ground. "I swear to me, because I am all-powerful, if you keep screaming, I'll leave this dumbass peerage! I'm not gonna be a part of a peerage if the damn [King] acts like these bitches when I show em' my dick!"

"Okay….le-let's not go that far…" grumbled Naruto as he stood back up, massaging his aching head, "I'm just a little nervous, hehehe?"

"Yeah? Well stop being nervous! If you can kill the damn Great King in front of the entire Underworld, then you can become the Great King in front of the entire Underworld! You've got it easy! I've got to deal with people looking at my blue skin funny! I'm very sensitive about my skin color!"

"And there's nothing wrong with your blue skin, Kisame. We've talked about this."

"..shut up…sniff….I'm blue and I'm proud…"

"That's the spirit! Now, back to what's important-Holy fuck! I can't feel my legs! We're my wheelchair! I need help! Call a doctor! I'm really about to become Great King! This is really happening! Dear Lucifer!"

"Hello?" came a voice from the other side of Naruto's door. Misla Bael slowly entered, wearing a stunning purple and black dress. "Are you okay? I heard shouting."

"Misla! Oh, thank goodness!" Naruto ran over and grabbed the older woman's hands, "I'm need some help. I slowly losing my mind again and need some type of positive reinforcement. Say something to me to give me the courage to go out there without feeling like my legs are made from jelly."

"Uh…." Misla ran through the various things she knew about Naruto to make the Bael feel better, "If….if you do go out there and become Great King and attend the party without any problems, then think of how cool you'll look to everyone one?...uhh-p-plus! Wouldn't it be a waste for you to go through everything you've gone through just to get scared feet? If you do that, you'll look like…" Misla glanced behind Naruto, reading Kisame's lips as she tried to decipher what the Shark Demon was saying, "…like…a…pussy…punk…bitch…"

"Tch, well you didn't have to go that far…" grumbled Naruto, "But yea, I guess you're right."

"Great! It won't be long until your peerage will meet up in the hallway. The maids will be led you to the coronation room where the rest of the clan members are waiting for you." She finished.

"Alright. Gotcha. Thank a lot, Misla."

"No problem." She said with a bow, "I just want to help….and Kisame?


"Your skin color is absolutely beautiful."

"Ah…a…ach.e…Uh…m…..al..alright…alright….thanks…..now get your fine ass on outta here."

Misla just smiled before exiting, leaving a shocked Naruto and a blushing Kisame. Naruto looked at Kisame, in which the Demon hid his face with his cloak. "What the….what was that?"

"Listen….I didn't lie…she is fine as hell…"

"But what the hell! When did you two-

"Remember: your legs are jelly."



Rias was not happy at the moment.

For one, she couldn't watch the coronation that was happening since she wasn't a Bael Clan member, which she believed was stupid. She wanted to see Naruto be crowned King of Bael. Just because she wasn't a Bael Clan member shouldn't mean that the precious moment should be robbed from her.

Secondly, she was the ONLY Gremory in the packed party hall. Naruto had made sure that the only Gremory's that could come were herself and her nephew, Milicas Gremory- Sirzechs and Grayfia's son. Since he is underaged, the couple decided to leave Milicas home while they attended the party. She knew that Naruto didn't like her family very much (and had all the reason in the world not to), but she didn't think he would be this petty. 'That dinner party was really petty, too…'

Third, the party hall was PACKED with Devils! Well, not all the way packed. Rias was impressed at the size of the venue which was in Bael Castle. There had to be a few thousand Devils in one large hall and it still fit everyone with room to spare. However, she wasn't expecting so many Devils at one time. Thankfully, Naruto had gave her and her friends special seating- a few large, circular tables roped off with security protecting them. It made her feel more special than usual, so she could deal with the masses as of now.

"Not liking the crowd either, I see." said Sona as she took a seat next to the redheaded Gremory. She helped Opacho get into the chair next to her. "I didn't think that this event would be this big."

"I know…" sighed Rias before moving her focus to Opacho-she was eating a chocolate cake with her bare hands with happiness. "Is that who I think it is?"

"Yes, this is Hao's 'daughter', Opacho." Sona introduced, "I just met her today. Say hello, Opacho."

"You're the Childish Gremory! Opacho heard about you!" Rias' smile did a one-eighty as a pulsing vein grew from her forehead, "You're the girl that was engaged to Yakitori and Hao-sama and the others had to save you!"


"You may know that idiot as Riser Phenex."

"Oh." Rias sweat dropped, "Uhm…yes…that is me. Opacho-chan, why aren't you with Hao-sama for the coronation? It's happening right now."

"Because Opacho not a 'clan member' and not a part of Naruto's peerage…" She said with a huff, "The old geezers wouldn't let Opacho in. Sona had to pick me up."

"Oh, how sad. Well, you can hang out with us until Hao comes out." Offered Rias.

"Hmmm…Opacho will think about it." Said the girl before refocusing on her half-eaten cake.

'Why does she think she's too cool for us….' Thought both Rias and Sona.

"Well then, look what we have here." Said a familiar voice. Seekvaira Agares, heiress of the Agares Clan, stood over the two other heiresses with her arms crossed. "Two little girls apart of traitor clans. I wonder what diabolical plans you to will conjure whenever something doesn't go your way."

"Seek!" squealed Opacho, jumping out of her chair and hugging the dirty blonde's leg, "Why ya' been? Did you bring Opacho candy?"

"No, Opacho. Hao-san as expressed to me how much he doesn't want you eating a lot of sugar, which is why I'm confused as to why there is chocolate cake all over your mouth?"

"Uh….Opacho go get napkin." She said before dashing away, avoiding any more criticism.

"Amazing how one can be good with kids but still be so cynical of those in her age group." said Sona once Opacho was gone, "That last comment was completely uncalled for."

"You may believe that, but I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from." said Seekvaira as she took a seat on the opposite end of the table, "Both of your families aren't here. The only Sitri and Gremory at such a major political event. While the Sitri's could have come-pure embarrassment keeps them hiding in the shadows."

"The actions of our father and mother's do not define who we are, Seekvaira." growled Rias. The redhead never had a good relationship with the Agares heiress, and she wasn't giving many reasons to like her. "We both disassociate their actions from us since we are friends with Naruto-sama."

Seekvaira scoffed, "Friends? I wonder what he sees in you two to reserve seating for you all. Naruto-sama really is a forgiving man….sometimes."

"Again, our parent's actions are not our own." said Sona with a heated glare at Seekvaira, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then I suggest not saying anything at all."

"Hmph….I guess…if I mess with you two any longer, you may cause a scene. I can't have my clan's reputation ruined like your own."

Rias ignored the jab in favor of changing the topic. "I would have thought that you would be invited to the coronation at Bael Citadel? Isn't your father there?"

Seekvaira sighed, clearly disappointed that she wasn't there. "My father, mother, and a few other clan elders and royals. This is the first-time members of the Agares Clan has been able to watch the coronation, but I can't come because there was limited seating. Apparently, being the heiress of the second-most powerful Devil clan isn't enough to watch a coronation."

"Seems like you're not as important as you think, Seek." laughed Rias, "Don't worry, though. I'm sure Lee-san doesn't care about status. Just make sure you get to him first. I did see Gaia-san nearby…."

Seekvaira's face turned red as she failed to come up with a counter. "Ah...a…w-whatever…" said the stubborn girl, standing up to leave the duo to themselves, "Have a nice night." She huffed before stomping off.

"I've never liked that girl…" chuckled Sona, "She's always had the outs for us."

"She's just too serious." sighed Rias, "I used to call her Seek-chan when we were kids. In private, she'd be okay with if, but in public she gets all angsty and upset. I guess she's just embarrassed. I don't take her threats too seriously. She's helped a lot in the fight against the Khoas Brigade, so I know she doesn't really hate us…..as much…"

"Rias Gremory…and Sona Sitri…." Rias' fist clenched on instinct as her eyes widened in surprise, "It's truly has been a while….since the Devil Exams, no?"

"Dosu Kinuta…" said Sona as the mummy man stepped up to them. He was wearing a plan suit, but still had his bandages wrapped around his face. Thankfully, he got rid of that bush he kept on his back. "This really is an interesting party."

"That is in, indeed." He said, "Never would have though I would run into you two…or get a special invite for reserved seating….don't have many friends, so I was alone at my table and decided to walk around. Turns out the first two Devils I actually know are the two I retired in the Devil Exam."

"Ha, ha. Very funny." faked laughed the Sitri, "Flaunt that accomplishment all you want. I'm sure we'll have another battle in the future."

"…and I'll look forward to it…" stated the mummy before focusing on Rias. The Gremory's was glaring at him, just waiting for him to start an altercation. He just chuckled-not feeling threatened at the least. "Still unblemished, I see…..perfect little Gremory…."

"You did what you had to do in the Devil Exams." Began Rias, "I have nothing to say to you."

"Maybe you have nothing to say to me, but I have something to get off my chest." said the Rookie Four member, "I am going to be honest: I do not like you very much. My hatred for and your family stems from the incident that claimed my mother's life….however, I watched as Naruto Bael smile at the man who sealed him for over 500 years and forgive him….well, he did eradicate his soul from existence after that, but that is beside the point…"

"And that point being?" questioned Sona.

"That if Naruto Bael can forgive such a crime and move on with his life…..then so I can." He admitted, surprising both heiresses, "So…forgive me for my blind hatred. I am sorry."

"Oh…" mumbled the slightly speechless Rias. Dosu apologizing? She would have never thought that would happen during her lifetime. "Dosu…"

"I don't need your pity or anything. That's all I wanted to say. Goodbye…" He said swiftly before turning away from the duo.

"Dosu!" the bandaged teen stopped mid-step and turned back around. Rias was standing up with a confident smirk-a smirk that reminded him of the one Naruto would always wear. "When you attain a peerage…. let's have a Rating Game and see who's really strong."

"….Heheh…..you Gremory's…" chuckled Dosu, "…..I'll have to knock some of that arrogance out of you when we have our match…..until then." He said with a back handed wave while walking deeper into the dense crowd.

Rias watched Dosu until she couldn't see him anymore. Any fear that she once had for the mummy-teen had disappeared with their last exchange.

"You okay?" asked Sona.

"….Yeah….today's a good day."


"Members of the Bael Clan…please stand."

Everyone within Bael Citadel stood by Regigigas Bael's request. Over a few hundred Bael Devils filled the Citadel. Purple flowers aligned the walls and stained-glass windows depicting images of previous Great Kings. Regigias and the other Bael Clan members stood at the alter with the Bael Clan's yellow insignia imprinted on the floor and on the flag resting on the wooden podium. Soft horns began to fill the air as a violet carpet was rolled down the space between the rows where everyone was seated.

"Long ago…it was here that Zekram Bael, our first leader, was crowned Great King…" began Regigigas, "...and now that time has come again with the death of Kyurem Bael. Defeated in a ritual similar to what Zekram Bael underwent, we recognize that it is time for a new Great King to arise. Starting from the bottom of the totem pole of society, fighting in the Anti-Satan Faction for our freedom-feared by the Underworld's enemies under the moniker 'Compass Needle of Destruction'….betrayed by his own clan by being sealed, arising as an owner of one of the most powerful peerages in the Underworld, uniting various clans to his cause, defeating the Bael Council in the Bael War….and, finally, killing our previous clan head….he has done enough…Naruto Bael has proved himself worthy of the title of Great King…."

The doors at the back of the sanctuary slowly opened as the carpet was finally fully rolled out. Two small children, a boy and girl, held individual pots of the Bael Clan's signature flower while dressed in royal robes. Standing behind the duo was Naruto Bael-dressed in an assortment of robes and garments that varied of yellow and violet.

The soft horns were the only sound in the giant sanctuary as the trio began to walk down the aisle, ignoring the eyes of every member of the Bael Clan as they walked to the alter. A small grin was plastered on the blonde's face as he silently walked to the alter. His smirk grew a little when he saw his peerage sitting in the front row of the sanctuary: Lee was holding a small 'Go Naruto-sama!' flag while Yoh and Kuroka waved at him. He chuckled to himself before passing by them, stepping to the edge of the alter and in front of the remaining members of the Bael Council before taking a knee-his left-hand resting on his knee while his right fist was planted on the floor.

"…..I've seen three Great Kings in my life time…and now, I shall see the fourth…" stated Regigigas to the filled room, "Naruto Bael…you have done something no one has done before…defying all odds to acquire the position of Great King of Bael. Do you have any doubts about accepting the role?"


"Do you swear your eternal loyalty to the Bael Clan and its members?"

"I do."

"And do you swear to lead the Bael Clan in a new light of prosperity and wealth?"

"Yup, yup, yup."

"Ahh…..always the comedian." chuckled Regigigas along with the massive crowd, "…Naruto Bael…"


"Do you accept the position as leader of the Bael Clan?...Do you accept becoming the new Great King?"

Naruto chuckled, glancing up at the elder Devil with a coy grin, "Now, Regigigas-san…I didn't go through hell just to come here and say no, did I?"

"No, you didn't…" smiled Regigigas. The elder glanced to Azelf standing at his side. "Retrieve the crown."

A gold crown with one giant, purple gem with the Bael insignia engraved in it sat in a glass box. Cresselia Bael, one of the remaining Bael Council members, opened the box while Azelf gently grabbed it and brought it back to Regigigas. "….Naruto Bael…please face your clan members."

The blonde, still on his knee, turned to the crowd of Devils that was the Bael Clan. Regigigas and the other Bael Council members stood behind the Bael as the Devil elder held the crown in the air. "Today…is a turning point in Bael history. Bael Clan, this is the rise of our new king."

Regigigas gently placed the crown on Naruto's head and took a step back. "Great King Naruto Bael."

Naruto stood back on his feet, proudly wearing the crown on his head as he presented himself to his people. Without command, every Bael member bowed out of respect to their new leader-man, women and child. The only people that weren't bowing were his own peerage members which stood proudly with their [King] from their seats. They all knew Naruto wouldn't want them to bow to him. He wasn't that type of person since he saw them as equal.

Naruto took in the sight of every Bael bowing in respect for him for a few moments, taking in the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment filling his body and soul. He had finally achieved his goal after so long, and he would make the most of it.

"For so long," he began, speaking to the masses, "Bael has only cared about power. It was that same ideology that was used to justify my sealing….and it was that same ideology that led to the Bael Council and Kyurem's downfall, resulting in me standing here today. I believe that strength is important, but that it isn't everything. Calculative strategy, genuine bonds with other Devil Clans, and loyalty to one another along with being physically strong is how I'll lead this clan….we're a proudful clan, and that can lead to our downfall as well, hence how I was able to take over in such a short time. A situation like mine will NEVER happen again. I will lead the strongest Devil Clan in the Underworld carefully and with precision. I will rebuild the Bael Council and take control of Bael Territory….I'll implement changes within our land that will seem awkward and uncomfortable at first, but they will give all Devils, no matter ranking or class, a chance to prove themselves and attain greater status….I am not the type of King who rules with an iron fist, but I'll know when to deliver punishment when necessary."

"I have an amazing peerage that will be helping me along the way, and I have faith in the new Bael Council that shall begin development immediately after I've settled into my position. For all of those that fear me because of what I've done to get here-know that I understand your concern and I will prove that you can learn to trust me and my guidance. I thank you all for celebrating this day with me. And I promise that a change will come soon."

Finishing his speech, the blonde received a loud roar of applause from his clan, peerage, and council. He sighed in relief, glad that the speech he freestyled was deemed good to his people. Of course, everything he said was true, but he could've been better prepared. 'I guess I should have listened to Orochimaru about drafting and memorizing speech…but I guess it still worked in the end.'

"Now!" clapped Naruto, getting everyone's attention, "All we have to do now is celebrate! There's a party waiting for us at my castle….wow, that still feels weird to say..hehe…..…so please, I hope to see many of your there!" he said with a bright smile and a wave, "Thank you again! There will be pickles served there as well!"


Seekvaira perked up when she notices the influx of Devils that began to pool into the ballroom. "…seems as if the coronation has finally finished…" she mumbled as she recognized the Devils as Baels, "…took them long enough…"

"I agree." Seekvaira's red eyes moved to the teen she was sitting-Gaia, of all people. She honestly didn't have a problem with the beautiful red head, its just that she was also interested in Lee which was a big no-no for the Agares heiress. "I've been here for over an hour….talking to random Devils and denying peerage request gets boring…" said the monotone woman.

"If you were good enough, you'd have your own peerage…" huffed Seekvaira, "If that buffoon Issei could do it, I'm sure you could."

"….you know that isn't the same…." Said Gaia, shooting a small glare at Seekvaira, "The Red Dragon Emperor will automatically become famous because of his Longinus…along with the fact that he's the [Pawn] of Rias Gremory gives him connections I'd never have by myself. Favoritism is real."

"Hmph! All I hear are excuses…if I were you, I would have already had a peerage…"

"If your so confident in yourself, why haven't you made your move on Lee?..."

Ryuga sweat dropped at the two women as lightning crackled between them as they entered a fierce glaring match. "How did that idiot do it…." He muttered to himself before taking a sip from his glass.

The half dragon-half Devil sat quietly as Gaia and Seekvaira continued their bickering. He was waiting for Naruto to make his appearance so he could go to the blonde, slap him on the back and leave. That way, he would have finished his job for Tannin and he could go back home in the Dragon Mountains were things made sense.

"Look! There's Naruto-sama!"

Ryuga, Seekvaira and Gaia looked up at the same time as Naruto, donning a crown he never had before, and the rest of his peeage walked in-heavily guarded by a mass of Bael servants.

'Now's my chance…' thought Seekvaira and Gaia as they stood from their seats and began to march over to Lee.

They both snarled at one another when they realized he other was doing the same thing and began to pick up their pace….

Walking turned into a speed walking…

Speed walking turned into jog….

And their jog turned to an all-out run as they dashed to Lee to snag him for their selfish desires. They were never able to get to him, sadly as the two were cut off from the growing crowd around Naruto as security began to move, protecting Sirzechs and Ajuka as they moved towards the man of the hour.

"It seems you've finally done it, Naruto." said Sirzechs with a small grin, "You've really out did yourself this time."

"Hehehe! Thanks! It's been a wild ride!" grinned the blonde.

"That is has…" Sirzechs turned to the people and motioned towards Naruto, "Introducing the Underworld's new Great King: Naruto Bael!"

"Awww!" Naruto blushed as everyone in the hall began clapping for him, "I'm not that important….yes, I am-keep clapping…"

"I'm sure that you're ready for what you requested?" asked Ajuka.

"Oh yea! That's right!" he said as he turned to his peerage member, "I've got something special for you guys?"

"Really now?" asked Hao, "I'm not sure if I want any surprise gift from you Naruto-sama…you can be quite unpredictable…"

"No, no, this is good! Honest!" smiled the blonde, "Just trust me. Ajuka, take it away!"

"Thank you, Naruto." Bowed the Satan as he summoned a few slips of paper before beginning his speech, "Now, while Naruto Bael has done a great deal in terms of becoming Great King, in order for him to do that, he needed a powerful peerage to support him…"

Orochimaru watched Ajuka with curiosity, trying to come up with a reason as to what was happening. "Naruto-sama….what is this?"

"It's you guys' promotion ceremony!"

"Promotion, nya?!" squealed Kuroka in surprise, "You mean-!"

"Yup, yup, yup!" smiled Naruto, "I had to do it!"

"Naruto-sama!" Lee hugged the blonde while crying a river, "Oh we don't deserve you! You're too kind! Naruto-sama!"





"STOP, STOP STOP!" Kisame bashed both [King] and [Rook] on their heads, ceasing their weird ritual, "I'm so sick and tired of that bullshit! Lee, get the fuck up here cuz' you ain't ruining this moment for me!"

Ajuka and Sirzechs sweat dropped as Kisame pulled Lee off Naruto's fallen body and dragged him back to the line-up. "Uh…yes…anyway, we want to recognize you all for your efforts. First up, Orochimaru, the 'Snake Sannin' and the only [Pawn] of Team Naruto Bael." Ajuka handed the snake man his certification, "The advisor and right-hand man of Naruto. You deserve your promotion to High-Class Devil."

"High-Class?" said the shocked [Pawn], staring at the certificate in disbelief, "I'm not even a Mid-Class Devil. How is this possible?"

"Everyone apart of this peerage has proven to be more than a Mid-Class Devil. Plus, being apart of the Great King's peerage comes with perks." Winked the Satan before continuing, "Moving on…The ferocious Shaman of the group: The Silent Itako of the Underworld…Anna Kyoyama-

"Asakura…" added Anna with a slight glare.

"Y-yes…Anna Kyoyama Asakura…" edited Ajuka as he handed Anna her certificate of approval, "Congratulations on becoming a High-Class Devil."

"Hmm…thanks…" she muttered.

"Next, we have the partner of a powerful 'Cherufe' and can produce a fire that can kill dragons, The Hi no tatsujin, Master of fire…. congratulations, Hao Asakura, on becoming a High-Class Devil."

"Thank you…" said Hao, accepting the certificate with a small bow.

"Next, a fan favorite of the group!" Lee eyes sparkled as Ajuka handed him his certificate, "The Majestic Green Beast of Bael! Congratulations, Rock Lee!"

"Oh….oh my goodness…." Lee was trying to hold back the tears, but the floodgates opened and began pooling under his feet, "I did it! This means I'm cool!" he cried out.

"Next, we have the Lazy Swordsman of Asakura, a [Knight] with speeds that makes other [Knight]s jealous…. congratulations on your promotion, Yoh Asakura."

"Woah! This is cool." Said Yoh, accepting the award with a smile, "I'm gonna put this on the fridge back at home."

"Next….we have the great-

"Gimmie that shit!" Ajuka didn't even get to finish as Kisame snatched his certificate away from the Satan and read through it. "Mhmmm…mmhmmm….bla bla bla…The Great Kisame-sama…The Tailless Shark Demon of Despair…Bringer of Pain and Destruction, yatta, yatta, yatta….…Ultimate-cla….ULTIMATE-CLASS DEVIL?!" Naruto's grinning face said it all for the Shark Demon as the [Knight] hugged the smaller man to his chest, "Oh you idiot! You've done it now! Hahahaha! Nobody can make fun of my skin color now! I'm an Ultimate-Class Devil! Bow down to me, you idiots!" Kisame began shouting to the crowd, "I am your master now! GO MAKE ME SOME FISH! ON THE DOUBLE!"

"Uh….okay…" Ajuka ignored Kisame's shouts as he moved to the final member of the peerage, "And lastly, the [Queen] of this amazing and unique peerage….formerly a SS-Class Stray Devil, now known as the Black Cat of Death….congratulations, Kuroka the Cat…you deserve this promotion of Ultimate-Class Devil…."

Kuroka stared at the award in silence, not even noticing the small tear that escaped her right eye. She felt overwhelmed at the moment-the fact that she was once a stray cat on the streets fighting for her life, then becoming the [Queen] of one of the most successful peerages of the century, and now was an Ultimate-Class Devil…

Her golden orbs moved to the smiling Naruto. The blonde shrugged-a small grin on his face. "Congratulations."

"Y….you-…you…." The Nekoshou stuttered. Slowly, she walked towards Naruto and rested her forehead on his chest, "You…idiot…." She whispered as she began sobbing.


"This feels weird."

"I know…just go with it…"

"…..there's a lot of people staring…."

"Who cares? It's hard enough trying to do this…I've never done this with anybody before…"

"Same….sigh…..why did I decide to agree to this…."

"Because you like me…."

"….damn these feelings of mine…."

Sona chuckled as she tightened her hold around Hao's neck. The man looked very good to her as he was wearing a dashing tuxedo with his hair draping down to his legs. Sona couldn't help but blush every time she stared at the older Devil. His style really made him stand out on the dance floor with her…

….he also stood out a lot because Opacho was holding onto his pants leg as they danced. The little girl moved with them, avoiding getting in their way as she followed Hao with every turn and step he made. The child made sure not to leave Hao's side since he came back, even when he asked if he could get some alone time with Sona.

"I'm sorry for this…" he sighed, shooting a small glare at the child holding his pants leg. Opacho wasn't even following their conversation, deciding to stare out in space while smacking on a small brownie she stole earlier, "I really didn't mean for this…"

"It's alright, Hao…" chuckled Sona, "She's your daughter….or sister….whatever she is, she's just happy to always be around you."

"…and I don't know what I did to deserve this type of attention from a child." Grinned Hao, "I guess this isn't that bad….not as bad as that…"

Sona glanced in the direction Hao was looking at. She had to catch her jaw from dropping at the sight of Misla Bael trying to teach Kisame Hoshigaki, of all people how to dance.

"No…first your right foot then you left foot, Kisame…"

"I'm tyrna learn this proper ass dance, not the hokey-pokey! I'm an Ultimate-Class Devil for Lucifer's sake!" he shouted in anger, the frustration building in him as he struggled to dance. "What the-" Kisame glanced around him, feeling the multitude of eyes on him, "-Get y'all asses somewhere! I wasn't looking at you goofies when you were dancing, huh?! Get the fuck on!"

"Kisame, just focus now." said Misla, placing a calming hand on his cheek. Once he did, she continued her instructions, "Now…the left foot goes first…"

"…Y-yea, ya put cha left foot out, then ya put it back in…"

From afar, Sairaorg was staring daggers at the scene of his mother dancing with the behemoth that was Kisame. Kuisha, Sairaorg's [Queen], and Orochimaru sensed the internal anger from the young man brewing under the surface. "A-are you alright, Sairaorg-sama?" asked Kuisha.

"Yes." He stated, but the duo knew that it was a lie as he continued starring at the dancing couple.

"Who would've thought that Kisame would be able to gain the interest of Misla…" Orochimaru chuckled, "What a world we live in…."

"Orochimaru, if you wouldn't mind, please stop talking about them…..its hard enough staring at them…."

"Kukuku…seems like one of the strongest rookie Devils does have a weakness-his mother." Grinned the Snake Sannin, "I would have thought that you'd love for your mother to be happy again…."

"I…..I do want her to be happy…" Sairaorg sighed, running a hand through his hair, "It's just….I don't know…..please don't take offense to this since I know he is your ally….but what in the hell does she see in him."

"I don't know, my pupil…"answered the pale man as he sipped from his cup, "I honestly do not know…."


"Yosh! You want to be apart of my peerage?!"

"That's fucking right!" yelled Ryuga with a proud huff, "Let's face it: Tannin's getting old…and he's stupid. He doesn't have it in him to fight all the time since he's so busy. But you're young, Lee! If we team up, I'd maw down the competition with ease! I am the strongest dragon in existence, after all."

"Uh…I'm not so sure about that, but sure!" screeched Lee, glad that his best friend wanted to join him, "But how could we do that? You're already a member of Tannin-sama's peerage!"

"I'll just request for a trade! I'm sure he'll follow through…" Ryuga waved off Lee's worries, "That idiots been tryna get rid of me anyway! Just watch, Lee! We'll take over the Underworld in no time!"

"Yosh! That sounds excellent!"

"Alright. You two had you fun."


Ryuga entire body slowed as Seekvaira created a time bubble around him, "Come on, Lee. Let's dance." said the heiress, tugging Lee out his chair.

"Yes…let's…" Gaia attached herself to his other arm and glared at her rival, "You obviously wish to be with me."

"How about we all dance!?" suggested Lee before pulling the two girls along, "We can all have fun together!"

Seekvaira and Gaia glanced at each other for a brief second. 'Truce for now…' They both thought as they followed the Green Beast to the dance floor.

Lord Agares watched from afar in silence. 'What in the hell do you see in him, Seekvaira?...'


"Oh! You all are like my children! You all look so wonderful!"

Kuroka giggled as she watched from behind as Naruto produced two red arms of destruction to hug Sairaorg, Sona, Rias, Issei and Magdaran. "All this time! I've raised you all into such great people! What a time it is to be alive!"

"Okay…okay, Naruto-sama…" Rias wheezed. While Sairaorg and Issei was able to stand the pressure of the death hug, Rias, Sona and Magdaran were more fragile and winced from the blonde's strength, "We...understand….you love us…"

"And never forget it!" smiled the blonde as he set the group of teens back down, "I'm glad you all could come. See my new crown? Looks pretty good, huh?"

"It does! Great job, Naruto-sama!" congratulated Issei, "I knew you would be able to do it!"

"Hehe! Thanks! Couldn't have done it without my peerage though!" he grinned.

Kuroka used this opportunity to join in the conversation, stepping next to Naruto with a hand on her hip. "…and it was a lot keeping you in line, nya….all the crazy stuff you put us through. I need a break!"

"We should hire those massage people again." Suggested the blonde, "Maybe go on vacation."

"I wanna go to that LA place Yoh keeps talking about…he did say he wanted to visit that music shop he used to work at…" mumbled the cat as she began brainstorming places to vacation.

"Well, while you think about that, we'd love to know what's going on with you two." asked Rias with a suggestive grin, "I do remember Kuroka claiming Naruto-sama's as hers before your Rating Game….it would be nice to hear an update of things."

Kuroka and Naruto gave each other a side-ways glance-small smirks on their faces. "We're….something…" he replied vaguely.

"We'd like to keep things private for now, nya…" said Kuroka, "…but just know that we're in a good space."

"W-well, I'm happy for you b-both." Stuttered the lab rat that was Magdaran.

"Thanks, Mags. We should stop by your laboratory soon to see what you've been cooking up, nya!" said the cat.

"Naruto Bael! Is dat' you?!"

Naruto's grin doubled in size as he turned to the owner of the voice. "Joey-freakin-Wheeler!" The two gave one another a manly handshake as they laughed in happiness, "It's good to see you, man! Glad you decided to come!"

"And I'm not the only one!" Joey said, motioning behind him to Veronica, Tenzo and Aiko, Naruto's war buddies and old servants of Honest Bael's castle. "Everybody's here!"

"Wow! It is everybody!" laughed Naruto as he joined his friends, leavign the group of young Devils to themselves.

Kuroka sighed, letting the blonde scamper off. "He's so popular, nya…I always wonder how a guy that was in a seal for so long have so many friends…"

"Your boyfriend is a charismatic person." Replied Sona, getting a small blush out of Kuroka, "It would surprise me that he didn't have many friends, regardless of the sealing. But we do need to talk about this 'something' that you two are…" said Sona as her and Rias pulled the cat girl away.


"Opacho want more cake."


"But-….but Opach-

"No, Opacho…you've already eaten so much today. Too much sugar and you won't leave me alone all night."

"Please, Hao-sam-











"…sigh….Opacho, please don't…."

"..sniff….don't do…what…."

"Please don't start crying in front of all these people."

"Opacho not…..not crying…..hick…"

"Then why are your eyes watery?"

"Be.. -c-c-c-c-ccause…"



"Sigh….you can have one more brownie."

"Opacho feel better now."

"But you can't have anymore snacks for the next three days."



"Two and a half."

"…alright, two and a half days…No more snacks after today."

"Hmmmm….does this arrangement include chocolate pudding-

"-with non-mammal vanilla animal cracker chunks with gummy worms stuffed inside of the pudding? Yes."

"…..and the-

"-cups made out of Hubba Bubba gum to put your chocolate pudding with non-mammal vanilla animal cracker chunks with gummy worms stuffed inside of the pudding? Yes. That is also included."

"Hmph! Hao-sama bully."

"And you, my dear, are a future diabetic."


Kuroka was walking through the ballroom, trying to locate Naruto. She already had his signal pinpointed thanks to her Senjutsu but getting through the massive crowd was her main struggle. It was getting close to the end of the party and she had finished her time with Rias and Sona. The rest of her peerage allies were off busy, so she decided to regroup with the blonde. She still hadn't got the chance to dance with Naruto and she wanted to do something knew. She especially wanted to show off in front of all the women that had been eyeing HER Naruto all night by dancing with him publicly. 'I guess they've forgotten that he's mine, damn it!'

"Is that who I think it is?" Kuroka's cat ears shot up as the voice of her ultimate rival filled her head. "Oh, my Lord, it is! It truly is!"

Before Kuroka could fully turn around, she was captured in a heavenly hug by Gabriel the Seraph. "Oh my! You've gotten so big! And you look beautiful!" stated the Angel, "It's so good to see you!"

"Uhh…h-hi, Gabby…" stuttered the cat, a little uncomfortable with her current situation. This was Naruto's ex and the women she hated for a very long time, after all. "It's…uh..good to see you."

"And you as well! I was just catching up with Serafall-san here-" Now that really put Kuroka on edge as Gabriel motioned to the Leviathan-sama behind her, "-and we ran into you! Oh, I've heard you've gotten together with Naru! That's so great!"

"Yeahh…." Kuroka stared at Serafall with intensity. It was another one of Naruto's exs, and she hated Serafall a hundred times more than she hated Gabriel. Serafall felt the intensity from the cat and found an interest in the ground, avoiding eye contact with the Nekoshou, "We've…we're not together-together, nya….just testing the waters."

"That's just fine. I'm really happy for you two." smiled Gabriel.

"Really, nya? You aren't…mad?"

"Why would I be mad?" asked the Angel, "I would never be mad at two friends finding love in each other! Naruto and I had our time together, and while I truly did love him, we wouldn't have worked because of our beliefs…but I know that you two can work!" said the excited Angel, clasping Kuroka's hands into her own, "You two…have gone through so much together…and if you are 'testing the waters' as you say you are…then that mean you have genuine feelings for him, right?"

"Right, nya." Kuroka immediately answered in assurance.

"Then I know that you are the one that can take care of him…and heal the damage in his heart that I couldn't." she said with a true smile, "I am really happy, for the both of you."

"…T-thank you, nya." Said Kuroka with a wag of her tails. She honestly was expecting such kind words from the Angel. Gabriel's speech made the cat girl question if disliking such a pure heart was even worth it. "That really means a lot."

"And I'm sure Serafall-san thinks the same, right?" asked Gabriel, pulling the Leviathan into the conversation.

Kuroka heated stare caused a bit of unease to grow within the Satan. The last time she interacted with the [Queen] was when she talked to Naruto at their house in the Bael Outskirts. Back then, Kuroka threatened Serafall to never hurt Naruto again before going to talk to him and that same threat ringed in her mind as the cat's golden orbs hid the amount of anger and hatred in her heart.

Nevertheless, Serafall wasn't there to start a fight-the opposite, actually. "I do….I honestly do…" she began, staring Kuroka in the eye as she continued, "Naruto…is a very special person and I abused his trust…please…..be the person that helps him. I messed up, but you can do it. Thank you for taking care of him and…..give him the love he deserves and I'm sure he'll return it."

"….thank you…." Replied the cat girl as Serafall walked away. She had said her piece and she felt happy about it.

'I'm rooting for you two…Naruto Bael…Kuroka the Cat…' Serafall smiled to herself as she walked further away, 'I know you two will accomplish great things together.'

"Gabby?" Naruto had finally tracked down Kuroka through the mass of people, only to find his [Queen] with his former lover. "Woah! You look great!"

"Oh, Naru!" Gabriel hugged the blonde for the first time in months, "It so good to see you. Congratulations on becoming Great King!"

"Hehe! Thanks! It's good to see you too. I hope your enjoying yourself."

"I am! I got to meet up with Azazel-chan and some of the other deities here. It's been a good time." Replied the Seraph.

"That's great. I'd love to catch up-

"Excuse me, everyone." One of the servants spoke into a microphone to the large crowd, "Thank you for coming out tonight in celebration of our new Great King. While the night has been amazing, all good things must come to an end. This will be the last dance of the night, and the one who should start it should be none other than Naruto Bael-sama himself."

A light flashed down on Naruto, Gabriel and Kuroka from above, pointing them out in the crowd. "…Oh…I…I guess is has gotten pretty late…." Mumbled Naruto with a head scratch.

"It has…so you should enjoy the last dance with your [Queen]." Smiled Gabriel as she began to back away, "Enjoy your dance you two…and congratulations for everything." She whispered.

Kuroka watched as Gabriel merged into the crowd before she felt a small grip on her hand. Naruto was motioning to the open pathway the audience made for them leading to the dancefloor. "We haven't danced all night since I was too busy talking to people. So…would you like to?"

Naruto smiled when he felt Kuroka's grip on his hand tightened. "Sure...nya…" she said as she allowed the blonde to lead her to the empty dancefloor.

They were the only two dancing to the melody that filled the hall as everyone watched from the sidelines. The Nekoshou would have felt embarrassed if she wasn't totally engrossed with her dancing partner as the duo didn't break eye contact for a second. The [Queen] could feel her heartbeat quicken and a small blush dust her cheeks as the Bael gave her one of his signature grins, flashing his pearly whites at him. "You okay?"

"U..uh-yea, nya.." she stuttered, "Just…ya know…admiring the view."

"Hehehe! I've got a nice view as well!" he chuckled before his eyes widened, realization hitting him, "Oh, wait…that's not…I'm not a pervert."

It was Kuroka's turn to laugh as the duo spun around, "Nyaya….I know you aren't…plus, I don't care if you look at my breast."

"They are kinda out there…" He mentioned, "Don't they get cold or something?"

"No, they don't get cold, nya." She giggled, "I'm actually quite warm…that, or I'm just used to having my breast exposed so the cold doesn't really affect them as much, nya."

"Oh….that's interesting, I guess…Heh, look at me…my first dance as Great King and the conversation I'm having with my partner is about her breast. Issei would be proud."

"Please, never compare yourself to that idiot." Kuroka said with a slight hiss that made the blonde jump a little, "He's a pervert. You're a loyal man. I'm kinda glad that plan of getting the Shirone's [King] to trade him to our peerage failed…he's really immature…"

"Says the woman that still plays with yarn?" countered Naruto.

"Says the man that champions pickles but has never tasted them, nya."

"Ohohohoh!" Kuroka grinned at her successful jab, "Nicely played, Kuroka, the Black Cat of Death….seems like I've taught you well."

"What is with the nicknames anyway, nya?" asked the [Queen], "I've never heard of that before? Or the other's nicknames as well."

"I did a lot of searching on that internet thing Yoh's always on. There are some Devil kids on there that call you guys that, so I put those on the certificates. You aren't a cool person if you don't have a nickname that strikes fear in the heart of your enemies. But now, you all do have nicknames!"

"We'll look at that. I'm cool now, nyayaya!" laughed Kuroka. By now, more Devils had joined them on the dancefloor with their dancing partners. Not too far from them was Lee, Seekvaira and Gaia were dancing together, with Lee having an arm around their waist while they both clung to his neck. "That's a weird sight to see, nya…how does Lee do it….and how does he not know they like him?"

"Was I that clueless?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow, "Did you ever try to drop hints that you liked me, and I never realized it, or did you never even try?"

"Many…many hints, nya." She said with pouted lips, "You really were clueless, nya…..but I guess Gabriel had all your attention, so maybe that's it…"

"Oh….hehe…whoops!" He awkwardly chuckled, "Whelp….at least I'm paying attention now, right?"

Kuroka's cheek was tingling from the kiss Naruto gave her on her cheek. She didn't want those watching them to see her intense blush, so she closed the gap between them, resting her forehead against his chest. "St-stop doing that in public…" she muttered into his chest.

"Heh…sorry…I forget how quickly embarrassed you are." He said while resting his chin on her head, "For such a naughty cat that flaunts her beauty all the time, you really get embarrassed quickly."

"Only when you do things like kiss me in front of thousands of Devils!" she pouted. The blonde laughed when Kuroka's fluffy ears tickled his nose. "I'm still getting used to this feeling….of us being together."

"Well….get used to it…because I don't think its gonna change anytime soon….I think I love you."

The Nekoshou pulled away from the Devil: her eyes wide as one of her hands covered her heart.

"You…you're…you're not lying…..nya….."

"Pretty sure I'm not. While we haven't been able to really hang out like we used to since we've been getting ready for this day…..I never had the opportunity to….tell you, ya know…...your my most precious person...my number one..."

"…that….oh…Naruto….y-you shouldn't…..here? Now?...This…."

The Devil wrapped his arms around the Nekoshou's waist as her knees felt weak. Tears streamed from the corner of her eyes as her golden eyes as the Nekoshou stared up at the Devil with a mixture of disbelief, happiness, love, shock, and a bundle of other emotions she couldn't name.

"You okay?...maybe it wasn't the smartest idea telling you that in front of everyone…Hmmm, yeah…sorry about that. I guess that was kinda inconsiderate bu-

One small, manicured finger was placed on his lips, cutting the Devil off. The Nekoshou tilted the Devil's head downward with her other hand and stood up on her tippy toes to press her lips against his own. The Devil was slightly surprised by the bold move, but quickly melted into the kiss, tightening his hold around his [Queen] without a care in the world.

The Devil's heart pounded against his chest, but it wasn't out of fear or hatred or any of the other negative emotions that fueled his life up to this point. A heat filled his body. Serene. Comfortable. Safe. Love. Never in his life had the Devil experience these feeling to such extent. The crowd that was watching them was insignificant to the moment-he had forgotten any and everything that was happening around him as he pulled back, retracting from their kiss only to enjoy another one.

'Peace…' Naruto smiled within the kiss, 'Yeah…..that's what this is. This is peace…..and I'm not gonna mess it up this time….'

The Nekoshou retracted from their kiss. By now, both of her arms were snaked around his neck to deepen their kiss. They were both gasping from the lack of air, but she couldn't deny that amazing feeling she felt-whatever it was. There was no denying it now: they were a couple. An official couple.

"I love you, too…" she finally said once she had fully regained her breath.

The Devil smirked, his eyes flashing from blue to red, and back to blue. "Well then…that's good to know, hehe!"


Naruto and Kuroka slowly turned to their right. Koneko Toujou was staring at them with dead eyes-her usual look-as she held a small plate with a cake in her hands.

"…take care of my older sister….."

"…..uhh…sure…was planning on that anyway."


"…yes, nya?"

"Maximum number of children is 8. Minimum is six."

"Six? But I want more, nyaaaa!"

"Wait, wait, wait." Naruto shook his head before staring at Kuroka in shock, "You want more than six kids!? What's wrong with…like….two? Two and a half, maybe?"


Anna and Yoh were deep into their sleep.

The party had ended hours ago, and the Devil/Shaman couple could finally retreat back to their room in Bael Castle to sleep. It had been a long day, and even before that, the duo had been working hard for the past few months in preparation of their master's coronation. Now that it was behind them, the couple could finally rest in pe-

The door to the couple's room was kicked off its hinges and slammed into the adjacent wall. Yoh and Anna both jumped out of their seats as Kisame marched into their room with a wide grin.

"Alright, you fucking idiots! Wakey wakey!"

"KISAME! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" An angry red horn grew out of Anna's forehead and her magic exploded out of her body, throwing Yoh out of their bed and causing the walls to crack from the extreme pressure of her aura.

"Not today, ya bitch." Samehada jumped on the bed with Anna. The demonic sword made sure not to hurt Anna-only wrap its handle around her body and absorbed all the magic she was exuding. Kisame collected Yoh's disoriented body and put a blindfold over him. "Alright! Just stay calm and nobody gets hurt!"

"I swear to Lucifer, Kisame. If you put that damn blindfold on me…."

"And here's your own blindfold." Kisame took the red bandana Anna usually wore and wrapped it around her eyes, blocking any visibility. "Yup…looks like I did good."

"When I kill this fucking sword, I will subject you to the fires of hell with no remorse. I will steal your own spirit out of your body and torture for the rest of you-mphm!"

"Jeez, you really do curse a lot when you get angry…fucking potty mouth." Mumbled the Shark Demon as he wrapped Samahada and Anna under his other arm. He had gagged Anna's mouth by stuffing one of Yoh's socks into her mouth. "Sorry if that doesn't taste the best….uh…you'll understand soon."

"Kisame…where are you taking us…" groaned Yoh, still disoriented after being thrown into the wall.

"A nice place." Was all the Shark Demon said.

Anna could feel that Kisame had teleported to a different place and was walking in what sounded like a loud room based on the fact she could hear the echo of every heavy step the Demon took. She couldn't use her magic to break free because Samehada would absorb any attempt at calling forth her magic, so she was stuck for now. 'But once I get out of here…'

"Alright! We're here!" said Kisame as he dropped both Yoh and Anna. She heard Yoh groan in pain from the fall while Samehada's body took the fall for her. The sword unraveled itself around the Shaman and she instantly ripped the blindfold off and took out Yoh's dirty sock. A ball of magic three times the size of her head formed in her palm and she threw it at the Demon, only for Naruto to appear and destroying the attack by catching it in his hand coated in Power of Destruction.

"I told you NOT to piss her off, Kisame." Sighed the Great King.

"Well, I decided NOT to listen. I'm an expert in capture missions. Well, boom, there they are. Happy bir-DAYYYYYyyyyyyyyyy….." Kisame was sent flying by a powerful slap from Anna herself-his body breaking through one of the windows and continuing his ascension in the skies.

"I hate him." Growled Anna before she took in her surroundings. Surprisingly, she was back in Bael Citadel-the same sanctuary Naruto was coronated Great King only a few hours earlier. Everyone from Team Naruto Bael, excluding Kisame, was there, still dressed in their outfits from the party, Opacho and she was surprised to see the main family of the Asakura Clan present as well, sitting on the front pews of the large sanctuary.

"What…what's going on…" questioned the Itako. Yoh stood up, also curious as to what was happening. "Why are we back here?"

"Well, since you two haven't gotten married yet…..ya know…" Naruto grinned, his new crown sparkling in the dim light of the room, "I am the Great King now…so if you wanted to get married, all you have to do is ask and-

"Do it."


"Do it now." Said Anna with a razor-sharp glare.

"Right-right now!" said Yoh, "Let's go."

"Uh…." Naruto glanced at his peerage in confusion, "But…don't you want to say your vows or something?"

"I've said my vows 97 times now and Anna's has said here twice. Let's do this, now."

"O-only twice, nya?" questioned Kuroka.

"Anna doesn't like being emotional, so she hardly ever said her vows. Don't worry. I know she loves me. Now chop-chop before a space alien breaks in and attacks us." Demanded the [Knight].

"Uhmm….that really happened?"


The entire team jumped in fright of Anna's anger. "Alright, alright…damn….why is she so mean…" mumbled Naruto as he stood at the alter with the duo. "Okay…Yoh Asakura, do you-


"….you didn't even let me f-

"KEEP GOING!" shouted the Knight.

"Anna Kyoyama!" Naruto continued, scared by his [Knight]s anger, "Do you acc-


"Okay. With the power invest in me…which is a lot since I am the Great King…I now pronounce you Devil and Itako! You may now kiss-

Anna and Yoh teleported away without a word, leaving the group.

"-the…bride….." Naruto stared at the empty space that once occupied Yoh and Anna-now only hosting air. "Uh….where did they go."

"Most likely, they're back at the castle to 'consummate' their marriage, Naruto-sama." Answered Orochimaru.

"Oh!...Uh…well then! I guess that's that." Shrugged the blonde, "We can all finally go to sleep!"

"I wish. Opacho had too much sugar today. She's wide awake." Sighed Hao. Next to the older Asakura was Opacho, standing still with her eyes wide open. She wasn't moving nor talking….just standing there….eyes open.

"That….that doesn't look good." said Orochimaru, "Does she need to go to a doctor."

"Opacho, for some reason, doesn't like doctors. So, I'll let her run around in the garden until she drops. Good night, everyone." Said Hao as he and Opacho teleported away.

"YOSH! I just remembered that Seekvaira wanted me to come to her house to watch mecha anime tonight!" realized the only [Rook] of the group, "I'll see you guys tomorrow!" he waved before disappearing.

"Well, I'm heading to bed. These past few months has been entirely too hectic and I need my rest. I also need to continue some of my experiments I've been working on now. You all probably won't see me for a few days. Goodbye for now." Said Orochimaru as he too teleported to the castle.

"I believe its our time to head out as well." Said Asakura Yohmei, the currently leader of the Asakura Clan, "Thank you, Naruto-san, for taking care of my grandchildren and officially making Anna and Yoh a married couple. You don't know how many times they've tried to make it happen."

"No problem. You guys get some sleep!" the blonde said with a wave as the group left the citadel.

The only two that was left in the sanctuary was Kuroka and Naruto. The blonde scratched his head, wincing at the damage caused by Anna's slap that sent Kisame through the ancient window. "Somebody is gonna be mad about that…not even Great King for a full day and we're already breaking stuff."

"It's just who we are, nya!" giggled Kuroka, "I'm sure we'll find Sharky sometime in the morning….but I'm not really tired."

"Wanna go out for a walk then?" he asked, offering his hand to his [Queen], "Reshiram is quite nice to look at during the night. Lights, fountains, places where there will be statues of me in the future…the whole shebang, hehehe!"

"Hopefully, that arrogance doesn't get you killed one day, nya." smiled Kuroka as she accepted the hand. The two began to march down the long aisle, heading to the exit to begin their walk throughout the city of Reshiram. "But…then again, it would have killed you already if it could."

"I'm glad you know." grinned the blonde, "I'm so used to having my guard up ever since I was sealed….but I'm a little worried now because I'm at peace."

"Peace, nya?"

"Yeah…..peace…and it's not even momentary peace….it's a continuous feeling….and I feel good about myself, like their isn't anything holding me back anymore."

"Hmm….that sounds nice….I'll have to make sure that you always feel peaceful then, nya."

"Ha! Honestly, you wouldn't have to do much….just stay with me and we'll figure out the rest."

"So, just winging it?"

"That's what I've been doing since I got outta that seal. If that same strategy helped me become Great King, then what can it not solve?"

And so, the Nekoshou and Devil shared a laugh as they closed the door to the sanctuary, leaving it to start their walk through the night-continuing their conversation with whatever topic they deemed enjoyable.

Bael Citadel was quiet for a few minutes-the only sound reverberating through the sanctuary was the quiet whispers of the wind blowing through the broken window that Anna sent Kisame through. The quiet hum was interrupted as Kisame burst through another window with steam coming out of his ears. "WHEN I SEE YOU, IMA BEAT THE FUCK OUTTA-where'd everybody go?"

The Shark Demon glanced around, taking note that he was the only person in the empty sanctuary. "They left me?...well…..fuck….." Kisame scratched his head in confusion, not sure of what to do now. "Uhhh…..well…what can I do now? I'm not really tired….maybe Misla's still up? She can cook me some fish. Yeah, that sounds good! Let's go girl!" Kisame shouted to Samehada strapped on his back while creating a teleportation seal, "Time to go eat! Maybe we can watch Shark-nado too." He muttered as he disappeared.






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Fifth place – Chapter 1 : Prologue

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Fourth place – Any interaction Naruto has with Zeoticus Gremory and Venelana Gremory

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Third place – Kuroka vs. Esdeath (Chapter 35 – KurokaVsHonestPart2)

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Second Place – Esdeath's Conversation with Naruto (Chapter 27 – HowIteelsToBeSealed)

Now I know I got A LOT OF HEAT for chapters 26 and 27. AND I MEAN A LOT!...but that conversation Naruto and Esdeath had in the bed was deep. Really deep. I've gone back and read that scene at least a dozen times because it was really something special. I honestly don't care how anybody felt about the chapter because I felt so proud of myself typing up scene where Naruto, who's been fighting all these different peerages and looks basically unstoppable at that moment in BreakThrough, was brought down to earth with a woman that knew his weakness. Esdeath will forever be one of my favorite characters in BreakThrough. That scene was really good and anybody that felt differently, go check out that scene again and see how you feel about it.

First Place – Naruto and Gabriel's Break-up Scene (Chapter 31 – OurGods)

Probably the most emotional moment in the story. I did not need to snap like that at all! That moment is so sad, my g. What in the hell did I finish watching when I made that? To be honest, I was probably listening to so Future or 21 Savage but typed out the most emotional scene in the series while they rapping about killing folk and sipping lean. That's how I typed most of my chapters whenever I listen to music…..

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Are they gone yet?

















.is the cost clear?...




is the streets safe now?...




They is?




BreakThrough – True Ending

Secret Scene

Weeks later…

Naruto and Kuroka stalked the halls of Bael Castle, visibly tired. It was late in the night and, for some reason, the duo was hungry. So, to solve that problem, the couple decided to go for a late-night snack.

There was nobody working the kitchen, so they walked into the empty room themselves and opened one of the many refrigerators that filled the giant room. "Alright…let's see what we got…" yawned Naruto.

"We…..we shouldn't have stayed up…so late….watching TV…" mewled the Nekoshou, "And we have to go to that meeting in the morning…."

"Listen…they'll understand….watching all three seasons of Avatar is an important political task." He mumbled while pushing past anything he didn't want, "What is there to eat at 2 am….."

Naruto suddenly froze, confusing his cat partner. "Nya? You okay?"

"Pickles…" Naruto pulled out a jar of pickles, "We have pickles."

Kuroka's eyes widened as she created multiple small magic circles. "ATTENTION! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! HE'S FINALLY ABOUT TO DO IT! IT'S TIME!"

Seconds later, the remaining members of Team Naruto Bael and Opacho surrounded the Bael as he slowly picked a pickle out of the jar.

"Come on, damn it…." Sweated Kisame as he watched in anticipation, "Do it…eat it….eat it…"

"This historical event must be recorded." Said Yoh, pointing his phone's camera at Naruto to record Naruto's reaction.

"Uh…alright guys…just calm down…it's just a pic-


"Aaaannnnd I'm eating the pickle." Naruto shivered at Orochimaru's outburst as he slowly brought the pickle to his mouth.

….and bit down…

The team plus Opacho watched as Naruto chewed, waiting for some type of reaction…..

The reaction of pickle bits, pickle juice, and spit landing all over their face as Naruto spit out the food.

"That taste like shit! This is what people like? What the hell is wrong with them?!" he said, astonished at the sour taste of the pickle.

"…I vote we put him back in seal…." Said Orochimaru.


"Huh? Wait…guys…Guys! Guys! Wait! Wait, it tastes good now! See? MMMmmmmm! Pickl-cough cough….nope….nope that's shit…WAIT! WAIT! NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

But yea.

This is it for me.

NarutoPlug, signing out,

Like a real naker should…

Thank you for everything.

- NarutoPlug