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Chapter 1: Dying to Another World

It was a quiet night on Remnant. After the battle at Haven, the group made haste to Atlas to secure the relic they managed to win from Salem's forces. It was a major victory, and Team RWBY was finally reunited. But such happiness and joy would always follow a sorrow and sourness that would equal or exceed.

Qrow was keeping watch while all the kids slept. He could hardly call them kids after what they did. They got a relic! He could hardly believe it himself, and almost didn't want to drink his flask so he can savor the moment. Well, almost.

When Qrow got through to only half of the alcohol, a rustle in the leaves caught his senses. He grabbed his buster sword and investigated. His eyes peered into the darkness around him, but Qrow got nothing. Neither did he smell or hear anything out of the ordinary. In fact, he couldn't at all.

Qrow realized in time to hold up his buster sword to his right flank. Steel clashed against steel and Qrow was plowed through the thicket of the forest. He looked ahead to see a scar in the earth and forest where he was crashing, and a lone figure of shadow standing before him.

"I didn't finish my drink." said Qrow, raising his buster sword at his attacker, "That was one hell of a mistake."

"Qrow," said the attacker in a cold voice, "Branwen. The Queen has ordered for the heads of you - and the daughter of Summer."

Qrow gripped his sword tighter. In the shadows, he saw the stranger wield two blades. He charged Qrow head on, and the Brawnwen smiled. He brought down his sword with tremendous speed and felt his blade go through flesh and bone. On the ground at Qrow's feet was an arm. It was the farthest from human as its skin was plated with thick black scales, and the hand instead was the blade. It turned into ash as though slaying a Grimm.

"Oh great." said Qrow, facing his opponent, "It's a weird one."

His opponent only rumbled like an animal would. He heard bone crack and Qrow raised an eyebrow as the blade he just cut off appeared again.

"Regeneration." grumbled Qrow, "Fantastic, dammit."

But Qrow's opponent was not only sent to kill him, but also separate him from the others.

Everyone awoke with a rush of adrenaline as soon as they heard Qrow crashing through the woods. They grabbed their weapons like it was second nature and took defensive positions. Crescent Rose sat neatly in Ruby's arms in rifle mode, and her companion aimed their long-range weapons to their surroundings. Lie Ren kept a cool composure, senses sharp. His nape stung from his "sixth" sense, and he raised his twin dagger guns to block a strike aimed for everyone.

The figure was completely black, so his features were hidden in the night. From what they could make out, the attacker was masculine, but had a slender tail whipping about. Yellow slits for eyes stared at the group.

"Fire at will." ordered Jaune.

Ruby, Yang, Nora, Blake, and Ren fired at the opponent. He didn't seem to get hit in the slightest in the rain of bullets. He seemed to slither through their fire even. However, Ren kept an eye on his movements, or rather all his senses.

"There you are." said Ren.

Ren's prediction was correct and his daggers dug into flesh and pinned the attacker in the center of the group. Yang and Blake worked in unison in close-combat, fire and clones going all over the place. The ninja of JNPR stayed his distance firing his pistols on the enemy. His tail caught Yang's punch and threw her at Blake, who made a clone to avoid it. Blake threw her rope, but it was caught by the adversary. She was pulled forward, and an arm swung at her head to the ground. A blade appeared in his raised hand over the faunas. Ruby saved her teammate zipping at tremendous speeds and chopped at the attacker's arm with Crescent Rose.

The attacker staggered back from the pain. Jaune ordered Nora to pummel him down with her hammer, and Yang and Ruby joined her in the effort. Yang's punches felt like they were hitting iron after every impact. Just then, the arm with the blade appeared all of a sudden. Ruby held it down and Yang grabbed hold of the tail. Nora ascended into the air and brought down her hammer with all her strength. Yang and Ruby jumped back from the shockwave, and Nora landed behind them from the force of her strike.

The attacker was on the ground like a squished bug. In the distance, they could hear Qrow still in battle with his opponent. The crack of bone got the group on guard, and Ruby anchored her reaper into the ground to prepare to fire high-caliber shots. Slowly, the attacker regenerated himself, fixing the smashed bones, and getting to his feet. Those yellow eyes stared at Oscar.

"Ozpin," said the attacker in a cold, maniacal voice, "you've raised these children. Perhaps better than goody-goody Summer. The girl seems to take a lot from her."

Yang took a couple shots at the attacker at the chest and arms. Blood dripped to the ground, but the figure only laughed. His tail folded somewhere behind his back.

"But a fool is still a fool, no matter how many times you die." said the servant of Salem. A button was clicked and they saw a flashing green light in his right hand. He suddenly disappeared and reappeared in the middle of everyone else. Up close, they could see the smile of a complete lunatic. "How about an Anit-Aura Bomb at point-blank range?! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha."

To prevent repulsion, the maniac anchored himself into the ground with his tail. Ren knew too well what he meant by Anti-Aura. Their own aura would be used to kill them, no matter how much they had. Ren did the only thing he could do. He manipulated his aura in an offensive manner and repelled his friends away. He was glad to find them all at a safe distance and already was at peace with his death. When Ren looked to his side, dread filled him. Only one person wasn't blown away from his repulsion: Ruby Rose.

"NO!" exclaimed Oscar in terror.

Ren, Ruby, and the servant of Salem were engulfed in an explosion of green light. The force of the explosion knocked everyone down to their feet. When they came to from their daze, they all cluttered around the blast zone. The ground was blackened with soot and ash.

"Ruby." called Yang, "Ruby, where are..."

Yang, Weiss, and Blake simultaneously sank to their knees when they reached the epicenter. Nora went on all fours, tears flowing down her cheeks. Jaune, in his disbelief, could barely breath and his shield and sword dropped to his feet. Qrow arrived with his fair share of wounds. He finally managed to beat the bastard by cutting him in half, but all hope was drained out of him. He wanted some higher power to smite him down for letting Summer down for his failure.

"Summer, I'm sorry." Qrow whimpered, "I - couldn't protect her."

"No, this can't be happening." whimpered Weiss, "Ruby... our Ruby..."

"Not like this." said Blake, "It can't go on like this."

"Not my Ren." cried Nora.

"Ruby." cried Yang, losing all her inner strength, "No, Ruby... Ruby... RUBY!"

There weren't even bodies to bury. Their aura was gone from this world of monsters. The only thing to remember Ruby and Ren were their broken weapons in a smouldering pile.

(In Karakura Town.)

Ruby groaned awake. She felt no pain, which she expected from the blast. Not even anything to be honest. The bright, cloudless sky hurt her eyes, but she soon adapted. She found herself laying on grass. Below her was a concrete sidewalk by a river. Across that river was a bridge she has never seen before, and in the distance was civilization more vibrant than anything else. To her right side was Ren, just coming to.

"Where," said Ruby, her voice weak, "where are we?"

Ruby almost gasped when she saw a chain coming from Ren's chest. She looked down and saw the exact same one, at least three times as long as her height (not that it was big at all). She pulled on the chain to get it off, but collapsed from unbearable pain in her chest. The chains were literally attached to their bodies.

"What is this thing?" wondered Ruby, getting to her feet.

"I don't know." Ren answered in his usual flat tone, "but where we are, it isn't anything in Remnant."

The last they could remember was a servant of Salem attacking them. He suddenly appeared in their formation with a bomb in hand. Ren pushed everyone away, but Ruby had anchored herself in the ground. There was green flash, and for a moment a burning pain all over her body like no other. Then, she woke up here.

Her hand touched something familiar and Ruby's eyes dazzled on her little baby, Crescent Rose. Whatever trip they took was worth it as long as she had her reaper. In her hands, Ruby could tell it had a far more deeper sensation like it was a literal part of her. It only made Ruby hug it like a teddy bear.

Ren also had his dagger submachine pistols, Storm Flower. He was perplexed how in that explosion they still had their weapons. Much less how they were still alive. The chains on their chests had something about that.

Suddenly, they heard multiple shrieks. It reminded of a Nevermore, but more blood-curdling. They raised their weapons to face Grimm. From above they found a swarm of monsters. At first, Ruby thought they were Grimm, but there were obvious differences. First, their faces were white, but were more like masks. Secondly, was their skin. It wasn't just black with bits of red. They were all randomly colored throughout the entire spectrum dulled down by a shade of gray. Thirdly, each and every single one was unique in size and shape. One key feature between all of them is that they had a hole going through them.

"These aren't any normal Grimm." said Ruby, aiming Crescent Rose.

"I don't think they are Grimm at all." noted Ren.

Ruby opened fired, but paused on the first shot. It was a reflex, but Ruby noticed there wasn't even a trigger or a clip on Crescent Rose. She was aghast, but one thought came to her head that put a smile on her face.

"Ren, I don't know how," cried Ruby, zipping away from a monster's arm, "but we got unlimited ammo."

Ruby didn't stop sending as many sniper shots at the storm of "Grimm". With each shot, the Grimm were instantly killed and disappeared just like Grimm. Even Ren's machine gun firing took out as many as his bullets. He decided to get up and personal with his daggers. He jumped and dodged like a true ninja, and with each motion in his step Ren delivered a counter attack. In just five seconds, Ren dashed through a group and they disappeared.

Ruby wasn't one to be shown up and decided to let loose with Crescent Rose. After a normal slice through one, Ruby placed her reaper behind the head of another. She fired and took out two, one with the shot and the other with its head chopped off. One prepared to pounce, but Ruby swiftly chopped through it legs, spun, and sliced the head off. She spun her Crescent Rose so fast the air was like a death trap to anyone who got close.

She jumped over when a monster swiped at its legs and landed above its shoulder. She fired and the recoil launched Ruby into the air and beheaded the monster. She took a few shots from the air, taking down at least four, then aimed the other way to use the recoil for extra speed to ram her legs into a monster to the ground.

More were on their way. Ruby raised her weapon, but it felt so heavy she dropped to her knees. Her body was sweating, and Ruby gasped for breath. Ren was in no better shape then she was, and he was on one knee. When he aimed his pistol at a Grimm, nothing came out and Ren was completely out of it.

Ruby curled her lip. "How? We weren't using our semblance that much."

"It could be that unlimited ammo," said Ren, "wasn't limitless."

They could only stay there helpless as the swarm of "Grimm" swarmed them. Ruby closed her eyes, waiting for the pain to come.

"Scream, Benihime."

A red light engulfed the "Grimm" and the entire area exploded, taking them all out. Ren and Ruby looked everywhere from where that blast came from. To their left down the sidewalk was a man in wearing wooden sandals, a green roomy robe, and a hat that shadowed away his face. He had a constant smile on his face and gave off this weird vibe.

"So," said the stranger, "I wasn't the only one attracted to the weird Reishi levels. I come here and I find a girl in a red hood and a ninja in a green outfit. I gotta say, you put up quite the decent fight before I got here."

"Thanks," said Ruby, regaining strength in her legs. "for saving me and Ren from those Grimm."

The stranger raised an eyebrow. "Grimm?"

Ruby and Ren exchanged perplexed looks of their own. How could a person not know what a Grimm is and yet he just slew a bunch of them? However, they didn't look like any Grimm they've ever seen.

"You know." explained Ruby, "The monsters that always attack people. Usually look like animals, but are black and red. Uh, attracted to bad emotions."

"Hmm." responded the stranger, "Sounds like Hollows and these 'Grimm' are alike. Interesting. Where would I find one of these Grimm?"

Again, Ruby was dumbfounded and was speechless for a moment.

"Wha-" exclaimed Ruby then calmed down, "They are the monsters all over Remnant. As in the entire world."

"Remnant?" wondered the stranger, "Okay, so either I'm so out of touch with the world, which is impossible. Or - you two are really not from around here. The latter makes more sense considering that I've never seen that Reiatsu off of you. Might I ask your names."

"This is Ruby Rose." introduced Ren, "I am known as Lie Ren."

"Ruby and Ren, huh?" said the stranger, "My name is Urahara Kisuke, and welcome to Karakura Town, home to 10,000."

"10,000!?" exclaimed Ruby, "How are there so many people here with all these monsters?"

"Now, you see," explained Kisuke, clearing his throat, "Hollows are spirits of people who couldn't pass on and their chain of fate eaten away. People can't see them unless they have a high spiritual power, like you two have. Those Hollows usually go for prey with the highest power, so that's why they were so many here after you. However, the obvious reason besides your high spiritual power, is well... how can I put this? You two are from another world named Remnant, right?"

Ruby nodded, but with a nervous manner. Urahara pointed his sword at their chains.

"See that chain?" said Urahara, "That's your chain of fate which a spirit has when cut off from their bodies. I'm sorry to say this, but... you died to get here. The two of you are dead."

Dead?! Ruby didn't believe it, and Ren let out the first gasp she has ever seen. She looked down at the chain connected to her chest. As she touched it, it wasn't like an inanimate object. It was like touching something like your arm or leg. It was a part of her. Contradictory, Ruby should be hungry but she felt completely satisfied. Her knees buckled to the ground, and she felt like the world was playing on her a cruel joke of fate.

"Dead?!" panicked Ruby, flailing her arms around, freaking out, "I can't be dead. We just won against Salem. Team RWBY was back together. Without me, everyone's gonna be so sad. And Yang and Dad. And Zwei can't be alone. Nonononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono..."

Kisuke looked to Ren, and was surprised to find him far more composed.

"Aren't you distraught?" asked Kisuke.

Ren answered. "I was ready to die. I'm only shocked that Ruby came with me."

"Aren't you a ray of sunshine?" said Kisuke, impressed by Ren's mentality. "Well, you're in luck. Because you've got power that death isn't gonna be the end of you, and yours truly, the genius of all, to bring you back from whatever world you came from."

"NOOOOO- What?" said Ruby, her expression changing into glowing eyes and a bright smile. Urahara was caught off by Ruby's speed and found herself an over-sized teddy bear for Ruby. "You can bring us back, and we're not gonna be dead?! Oh, thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou-"

Urahara managed to keep Ruby away with his cane. She looked like she didn't care and her arms reached out to Urahara.

"It's a possibility, not a guarantee." Urahara elaborated, "But I'm excited in the process in which how much stronger you might become. Whatever troubles you have in your world, you may get back stronger than ever to deal with them."

Urahara brought Ruby and Ren to his home: a dingy shop that sold all types of things. He opened a trapdoor and a ladder descended into the depths without end.

"Don't be nervous." assured Urahara, studying their worried looks, "It's completely safe. I'll introduce you to my accomplices."

After Urahara, Ruby and Ren followed him. Ruby held in a gasp as she looked upon a canyon like grounds stretching all around as far as the eye could see. All of it was just under that little shop. Once they made ground, Urahara led them to a group waiting for them, and he pointed to each of them to call their names. The tallest and most buff was Tessai, the boy with the red hair was Jinta, the little girl Jinta's age was Ururu, and the last one was their training partner with orange hair by the name of Ichigo.

"I would like to introduce," said Urahara glancing to Ren and Ruby, "some dead visitors by the name of Ruby and Ren. Ichigo, they'll be training with you to become Soul Reapers."

"Soul Reapers?" wondered Ruby.

"These two?!" said Ichigo, raising an eyebrow, "Why these two random spirits?"

"Oh, my friend Ichigo." said Urahara, unfolding a fan, "These aren't some ordinary spirits. They both have a high spiritual energy like yourself, and handled themselves pretty well when a swarm of Hollows went after them. So much that I'm gonna let them skip Lesson 1 so they can join you, Ichigo, for Lesson 2."

Urahara glanced at Ruby's silver eyes. He could tell there was a power in them he has never seen before.

"Okay." said Ichigo flatly.

"I'm fine with that." said Ruby, "So when does-"

Suddenly, Tessai cut Ichigo's spirit chain that was connected to his body. Next, Ren and Ruby's chains were cut at the same length as Ichigo's, and they felt a shocking sensation through their body. Three pits formed below Ichigo, Ren, and Ruby that seemed endless. The light above them was so dim and small, but they could still hear Urahara's voice and the others in the pits.

"This is Lesson 2." called Urahara, "Either you become a Soul Reaper in the time span of 72 hours, or you become a Hollow and we'll be forced to kill you."

"Bastard." roared Ichigo from his pit, "When I get out of here, I'm gonna beat you down for this."

Ruby and Ren didn't say anything. They accepted for they knew no other way. This was the only way to get home and get stronger. Ruby only needed the thoughts of Yang, Weiss, and Blake to motivate her and keep her calm.

'Everybody,' thought Ruby, 'I'll be home soon.'

I got the idea of killing off Ruby and Ren because it was "hinted" that they would die in Vol. 6, and the worlds of RWBY and Bleach are kind of the same thing. The story right now will be focused on the invasion of Soul Society with Ruby and Ren joining Ichigo as well. Anything up to that probably won't be out until I see Vol. 6.

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