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Alright, here we go!

I gritted my teeth, the effort of my straining arms somehow transferring into my tightly clenched jaw.

The screech of steel finally ground to a halt at our hilt guards locked, I could feel the sweat dripping off of my face, maybe having a limited form wasn't such a good idea.

I dropped the second hand off the hilt of my sword, and swiftly bashed my forearm into the flat back of my blade. My opponent stumbled, trying to find stable footing in the loose sand surrounding us.

Then again, maybe it was a good idea, even in this state, I could kick some serious ass, almost too much.

Drawing attention to myself would really be the opposite of what I needed right now, I feigned surprise as Glorfindel regained his balance before awkwardly ducking under a controlled swing at my midsection.

This had gone on too long, approximately a minute, and so I made a series of intentionally bad decisions, a wild swing, a half hearted parry, and finally, getting disarmed.

My borrowed sword flopped into the sand, it had been a long time since someone actually disarmed me, orcs were usually too stupid- or too scared to try it.

The spar had been quick, but it was sure an energy sink. I wiped the loose brown hairs off my forehead as I attempted to bring my breathing back into a normal rhythm.

Glorfindel looked pleased, so pleased that he might let me go kill some orcs outside Imladris, of course, that was probably already decided after I had beaten two of his soldiers decently easily, this spar was really more for fun than it was for anything else.

"Not a bad show at all Persephone." The taller elf stated, his eyes shining with some unknown emotion, pride maybe? God elves were so hard to read.

"Thank you My lord, I'm surprised I lasted that long to be completely honest." I replied, finally stabilizing my breathing.

The golden haired elf chuckled as he placed a hand on my shoulder. "I am not surprised at all, you will make a fine addition to our patrols."

The excitement was probably very obviously shining through, despite my desperate attempts to contain, or at least muffle it. "Thank you my lord! It would be my distinct pleasure to assist you in this matter." Wow I sounded like a duchess or something, the whole speaking formally thing has really gotten to me.

"No Persephone, it will be mine, I believe some introductions are in order, although you appear to have already become well acquainted with two of my men." He nodded towards two elves sitting on the side of the small arena, sipping water and rubbing various parts of their bodies. I giggled nervously, oops.

He strode over to the rest of the soldiers training at the moment, which was around a dozen, they had transitioned from one-on-one duels into footwork drills, which promptly ceased as Glorfindel approached with me in tow.

"These are some of the soldiers you will be working with, a section of Elladan's company."

I smiled at the assembled group of soldiers, intrigued by the possibility of a new comrade. "Hey, I'm Persephone, but please call me Percy!"

Ok, so imagine this, you've just finished a pretty long day of waking up from a semi-thousand year sleep, hardcore training, and tours.

You're super tired, so as soon as the nice elf shows you to your room, all you want to do is crash, and maybe think about some stuff. But, you go into the room (Very nicely decorated by the way, whoever made it had good taste) and there's a creepy shadow standing ominously in the super cool built-in balcony.

Isn't drawing your sword and getting ready to slice the intruder into thin ribbons a reasonable reaction?

Well, luckily Gandalf thought so too. "My apologies for startling you Percy, I should've been more considerate in my placement." The tall wizardly guy stepped into the room, and into the light. I lowered Riptide, barely even aware that I had pulled it out, and capped it before slipping the pen back into my pocket.

"Oh no worries, and sorry about that Gandalf, force of habit I suppose." I said before walking over to join him next to the balcony. "So why are you uh, in here?" People rarely just waited for me in my sleeping quarters. I stepped out onto the enclosed platform and the wizard followed, it seems we were both eager to admire the view from here.

"I got the impression that you are more than you let on initially." He said, glancing down at my pocket where Riptide lay comfortably. "A suspicion that appears to have been correct, weapons with powers like that are very rare."

I sighed and leaned on the railing, watching the moon start its arc across the sky, bathing the soft forests of the valley in beautiful silver light, my heart ached, almost so much that I forgot that I was in the middle of a conversation.

"I might be." I stated simply. "Why would it concern you?"

The old man smiled, "I would like your assistance with a few… local matters." He stuck out his hand, a physical manifestation of his proposal.

I turned to face him, snapping myself out of the mood that I had accidentally induced. Gandalf was pretty cool, if a little mysterious, and I was always down for a fun little escapade. I reached out and took his hand, firmly shaking it. "I do appreciate a good adventure."

You know, when Gandalf had said this was going to be fun, he totally lied. Well, I guess he didn't say it outright, more like heavily implied it, but that doesn't excuse how annoying it is to have snowflakes whipping my face and not being able to do anything about it.

I mean, normally I could just make them go around my face, but when you're trudging up a sorry excuse for a road with a wizard, it's a bit harder to pull off.

These guys better really need help, or I am so going to launch one of Gandalf's own fireworks at him.

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