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Arc De Triomphe

Chapter 1 – Night of Fire

A RWBY Fanfic

For her, so far, Beacon was as awesome as she had thought that it was going to be. The initiation test and team placements alone were even more awesome than she had been expecting. Okay, so the headmaster was a little…odd, but still, two days in and she was already loving it here.

Now if only she could help her little sister be a little less awkward around people. There was a challenge. Then again, she'd been awkward once too, and she still had those moments from time to time. Yang knew that she had her work cut out for her in that regard. Yes, Ruby was an excellent fighter, and she didn't doubt her sister would be an excellent leader to their team, but she really needed to get over that pesky social awkwardness.

Yang sighed as she washed the shampoo from her hair, carefully combing soap from soft blonde tresses. She was especially gentle when she found any small knots, undoing when she could and only breaking strands where necessary. She hated having to do that. The only thing she loved even a fraction of the amount that she loved her sister was her hair. For her, damaging it was like damaging a piece of her soul. Taking care of it while leaving it this long was a pain, but it was worth it. Even as she wrapped it in the longest towel she could, she knew it was worth it. Wrapping herself in a towel just as tightly as her hair, she stepped from the locker room showers, eyes coming to meet the lean, nicely sculpted back of a young man with a towel over his head, another around his waist as he dried his own hair.

Yang could not help the little smirk that made its way to her lips. That was another thing that she was starting to like about Beacon. She had thought that the little sleepover they'd had the previous night with the boys was going to be a one-time thing. Apparently Beacon was very different from Signal in regards to how the genders were to interact. Before, the genders were always separated. Here though, everything seemed to be unisex, dorms and locker rooms included. Again, she had thought the bit with the locker rooms was just a one-time thing. It was only after teams were formed that she realized the assignments were permanent. It was further given credence when she realized that team JNPR was to be their dorm neighbors, and that all four of them were going to be living in the room.

Being a Huntsman or a Huntress wasn't just a matter of being able to fight. It was also a matter of being able to work with your partners, and other teams, in any situation. Situations that would be considered compromising, as well as embarrassing, could come up at any time. For partners who were the opposite genders, living together was one of the best ways for them to get over any scruples they may have about the opposite sex. As for teams with opposite genders, a unisex locker room and shower facility would be the best in that regard.

However, Yang had never had any misgivings about boys. It wasn't like she hadn't had a few dates before. Staring at the back of the young man before her now, she had to say that he was a pretty decent specimen. Usually, aspiring Hunters were built a little bigger, with more muscle meant for heavy combat, like that Cardin Winchester. This one was built leaner and a small bit thinner, but there was a decent bit of definition to the musculature of his arms and back. Kind of reminded her of a swimmer. She allowed a small smirk to find her lips again. That was just fine. She didn't really go for those overgrown muscle types anyway. They tended to be rather full of themselves. Maybe this one would be a bit more humble.

If that was the case, then maybe he could be a good "friend."

The small smirk turned to a sultry one, and lilac eyes took on a mischievous gleam. Stepping up to the boy, she reached out with the hand not holding her towel and touched him at just the base of his neck. The boy in front of her twitched and froze in the drying of his hair. Yang's sultry smirk turned into a grin when she trailed a finger down his spine and gooseflesh developed as it passed between his shoulder blades.

"Hey there Hot Stuff." She added a second finger to the first, the hand trailing back up the boy's spine. "Wish I'd have known there was someone as nicely trimmed as you in the initiation test. I'd have come looking for you sooner. We could have had some good fun as partners." She leaned in and blew a puff of air on the back of his neck. More gooseflesh erupted. "Then again, we could still be partners… You doing anything later?"

The boy stayed still for a minute before he let out a rather high pitched, nervous sounding laugh. "I…um… I didn't really think that I was your type, Yang."

Yang actually blinked at that. She knew that voice. And now that she really took a look, she noticed small wisps of yellow hair peeking out of the edges of the towel he was using. It was also now that she actually noticed the open locker in front of him. With the pieces of white chest and shoulder armor…and the blue handled sword with its familiar white sheath. The cogs in her brain turned rather swiftly then.


Taking the towel from his head, Jaune Arc couldn't help letting out another nervous laugh, turning to face Yang, smoothing messy blond hair back over his head and giving it a little scratch. "Um… yeah. Hey Yang." He had a small grin on and both eyes were closed. Opening his eyes, he actually took a look at the state of her dress. The towel just barely covered all that was needed. He averted his eyes, a light blush painting his cheeks. "Well…this is awkward." He wasn't kidding. He knew that he hadn't really made a great first impression on Yang. Despite being the leader of his team now, which still had him wondering just what the hell Ozpin had been thinking, the moniker of Vomit Boy was going to be pretty hard to get rid of. That she'd actually made any type of move towards him, even mistakenly, was really odd for him. And she just kept staring at him.

Did Yang think that it was all that awkward though? Not really. If anything, she was rather pleasantly surprised. She brought her free hand to her chin, giving his front a once over this time. Just like his back, he was decently defined, despite his somewhat scrawny frame. Give him a little more training and that frame would bulk up just fine. Add that to the fact that he was decently tall, and he might be able to catch a few more eyes than he did now, and for better reasons too.

"Um…Yang?" He actually managed to break her out of his musing and make her actually focus on his face. Lilac met ocean blue. "No offense, but uh…would you mind not staring so closely?" He diverted his gaze away from her own. "And maybe put on some clothes…?"

Once again, Yang found herself blinking at his words. Right before she let out a small snort and started to giggle at his expense. If she didn't know better, she would have said that he was embarrassed to be seeing her in a towel. "Aww, what's the matter, Lady Killer? What happened to all of that confidence that you had this morning with Weiss and Pyrrha?"

Jaune flushed and averted his eyes once again before bringing them back to her, scratching the back of his head. "Uh, well…"

"Hmm?" She allowed herself a small smirk, and leaned forward a bit. The arm holding her towel in place pressed up against her chest, magnifying her bust just a bit. He must have had incredible peripheral vision, because his flush took over his face and he diverted his eyes again. Her smirk turned to a devious grin that did the same. "See something you like, lover boy?"

Jaune swallowed, keeping his eye averted, believing discretion would be the better part of valor in this case. "I, ah…I'm sorry." Yang's response was to smile and flick him across the forehead. "Ow! Yang, what the hell?"

"Jaune, relax." She walked past him to her own locker. Surprisingly enough, it was only a few away from his own. "If I kicked the ass of every guy that stared at my tits, there wouldn't be enough hospital beds in Vale for all of them." She grinned at him again. "If you pulled out any of my hair though, then I couldn't guarantee against a few third degree burns or bullet wounds."

"Uh…Thanks for the warning, I guess."

It was silence between them after that. They each dressed quietly, Jaune careful to keep from looking in the direction of Yang's locker. Yang was not as hesitant to look in his direction though. Tossing off the towel to put on her panties and slip on her yellow top, her eyes kept glancing in his direction. While he was careful to keep his eyes focused elsewhere, he must not have been thinking of what he was doing with his towel. She did have to admit…he had a cute ass.

That little dimple on the left cheek only added to it.

She was a little surprised when he pulled on a pair of boxers. After seeing him in the onesie footy pajamas, she kind of expected him to be the tighty-whitey type. She was oddly disappointed when she didn't manage to get a peak upfront though. The body was decent, the ass was nice; she kind of wanted to see if the equipment measured up. She was also surprised when he didn't once try to hit on her, or even once try to take a peek at her. She smirked. Either he was more of a gentleman than he let on, or he was just that awkward. Maybe she should check again…?

Walking up behind him, Yang blew a few small puffs of air on the back of his neck and ears. She almost laughed when he stiffened up again, turning to face her. That rosy flush was still in place on his cheeks. "Yang, what are you doing?"

"Didn't I just tell you to relax, Jaune? I was just playing with you a bit." She leaned back and crossed her arms again, looking at him like she was expecting something. He had averted his eyes again, and then brought them back to her once again, only to have the flush fire up his face and avert them again as Yang's crossed arms pushed up on her bosom, making her breasts stand out and appear larger. Yang actually raised an eyebrow at that. "Wow. I can honestly say that you've surprised me Jaune." That brought his eyes back to her.

"W-What do you mean?"

"Well, I thought that it was just your pickup lines that were bad. I mean, Snow Angel was pretty cheesy…" Jaune visibly slumped and sighed at that one. "But you're just not good around pretty girls, are you? Sure, the confidence helps a bit, but when push comes to shove, you're pretty hopeless with women."

"That…" Jaune's eyes were pointing another direction again. "That's not true…"

"Jaune." His eyes were back to her again, deadpan expression on her face. "Do I have to flash you to prove a point? I can guarantee if I do, then you'll fall like a shaky house of cards."

Both Yang and Jaune were pretty sure that he would be seen from the moon if he were outside right now, he was that flushed. Of course he knew that she had a point. Granted, if she flashed anyone, he was pretty sure that he wouldn't be the only guy who would crumple. The silence stretched between them for several moments, and only came to an end when Yang reached for the edge of her top.

"All right, all right, it's true!" Jaune caved pretty quickly. No need to embarrass himself further he supposed. "I mean, I'm good with girls that I'm friends with, but even then I get kind of…choked up around them from time to time. If a girl shows interest in me, then awesome, I'm all over it, but I still manage to screw that up." He scratched the back of his head again. "And it's not just girls. It's people in general. I can talk to anyone no problem, but actually getting to know them can be…difficult."

"You and my sister have been getting along fine."

"What can I say? It's easy to talk to Ruby. We're both basically in the same boat; new place, no friends to speak of." He let out a sigh. "She seemed like she could use one."

"Well, you were right." The cogs starting turning full speed in Yang's head. Jaune was good at meeting new people. Sure, he was a little awkward around them at first, but he got along with them swimmingly after a short while. Despite what he thought, he wasn't nearly as awkward as he made himself out to be. He had some confidence, as evidenced by his display with Weiss and Pyrrha, but it only took him so far. He just needed a little help in a couple of areas and he would be good.

Ruby needed a lot of help when it came to meeting new people though. She had friends in her class at Signal, but she never let herself branch out beyond those friends. Meeting people was an awkward experience for her, and getting to know them through small talk only seemed to make it worse for her. She always drew back into her shell. Yes, Weiss and Jaune were a good first start, but she was going to need a bit more help than that. Yang allowed herself to grin. Perhaps she could help both Jaune and Ruby out at the same time.

"Jaune?" She had his attention again. "Did you have any plans for tonight?"

"Uh…no?" For some reason, he really did not like that smile.

"Good. You finish getting dressed and let me put on my skirt." The grin seemed to widen even as her eyes closed. "You're going out with me tonight."

This…was really something that he should have expected when Yang said they would be going out. And it was something that he was entirely not prepared for.

For one, he was pretty sure that jeans and a hoodie weren't appropriate clubbing attire.

"Yang, are you sure about this?" He glanced over at his partner for the evening. She was all smiles and sunshine latched onto his arm. "I mean, won't we get in trouble for leaving the school grounds?"

"Oh Jaune, stop being such a stick in the mud. I checked the school rules, and there wasn't anything in them saying that students couldn't leave the grounds to visit the city." She pulled a little tighter on his arm, pretty much dragging him towards the club entrance. "Now come on, let's go have some fun!" She even bypassed the line out front, much to the chagrin of everyone in that line, and the bouncers opened the door for her without so much as a glance. Even Jaune could figure she was either a regular here, or she could cause enough of a ruckus that they knew better than to mess with her.

He had the distinct, nervous feeling that it was actually both.

"Now wait a minute Yang!" He was relieved when she actually stopped, sending a questioning look his way. They were still in the hallway leading in, not yet in the club proper. "I've never been in a place like this before! I-I have no idea what I'm even supposed to do here!"

Yang's response was to smile again, and pat him on the cheek. "Now now Jaune, I already said we were going to have some fun, and that's what you do in a place like this, silly boy." She smirked. "And maybe get a little tipsy."

"T-Tipsy?! Like drinking tipsy? We're not old enough to drink!"

"Oh lighten up Jaune. We're only a little ways off anyway, and as long as you act your age and not your shoe size, nobody will say anything otherwise." That smirk grew a bit bigger. "Although I suppose that might be difficult for you, since you still wear footy pajamas."

"Hey now, don't insult the footy pajamas!" He blushed a little at his volume. "They happen to very comfortable, I'll have you know."

"Aww, poor baby." She couldn't help the grin as she said it. "Look Jaune, you need to get outside your comfort zone a little bit. Yes, girls like confidence, but yours needs some work." He visibly deflated at that. "Oh don't go getting depressed on me now. It needs some work, not a complete overhaul. A situation like this is one of the best ways to go about it, and since classes don't start until the day after tomorrow, we can take our time and enjoy ourselves tonight." She grinned again and held out a hand. "Now come on, Lady Killer. Let this fiery little guide show you a whole new world."

Jaune hesitated for a few seconds, nervously scratching at his blond hair with the remnants of a light flush on his cheeks, before taking that hand and giving a small smile. He let out a nervous sigh and nodded. "Okay." As soon as he said it, they were off again, once again being pulled along to the door at the end of the hall. The door opened automatically, and immediately both of their senses were hit with light, sounds, and the smells of the club.

He blinked his eyes a few times to get them used to the neon and flashing strobe lights. A cacophony of scents reached his nostrils; men's cologne and women's perfume, fruity wines and cocktails, smoke and alcohol. Music blared over the crowd, both on the dance floor and their low-lit tables. Even as he took in all of the sights, and as Yang dragged him in the direction of the bar, he managed to catch a line of the song playing overhead.

"Last night, I had a dream about you… In this dream, I'm dancing right beside you… It looked like everyone was having fun… That kind of feeling, I waited so long…"

Even though it felt like Yang was trying to pull his arm from his socket, Jaune still found his head bobbing along with the beat of the song. He'd always like this one when he heard it. His musing was disturbed when he realized that he didn't feel any more pressure on his arm, and that a bar stool was being slid under his butt. Yang was leaning on the bar, smiling at the… behemoth of a man behind it.

Behemoth may have been an understatement. This guy was at least a head taller than Jaune, and almost twice as wide, all muscle. Jaune was pretty sure that if he flexed, the collared, black uniform shirt he had on would be shredded. The crew cut brown hair and the two day stubble did not make him look any less tough. Jaune could not help but swallow as the man gazed at the both of them with a quirked brow. Yang was not the least bit discouraged though, since the grin had yet to leave her face.

"Hey John! Can I get two of my usual for me and my friend here?" The big guy did not move immediately. Only then did Yang's smile slip into a look of confusion. "Something wrong, big guy?"

Two huge arms were crossed before 'John' spoke. "Forgive me for being a little reserved in serving you, Miss Xiao Long, but my boss has been feeling a fair bit of concern about letting you in again." Jaune swallowed again as he was given a cursory glance by this bear of a man. "Good customer or not, considering what we heard had happened to Junior's place when you went to visit, he wanted a guarantee that the same wouldn't happen here."

Yang immediately brightened again, even as Jaune glanced at her. Just what exactly had she done? "Now John, you know how I feel about you calling me by my last name. After all, I know you hate it when someone calls you Mr. Umber. Or maybe I should use your nickname, "Little" John?" she said, making the muscly behemoth twitch a bit. "Anyway, we both know that Junior Xiong got what he had coming to him. Anything that I did was simply in retaliation to something that he did to me, or planned to do.

"You destroyed his club." Jaune's eyes widened and swiveled back to Yang. She'd done WHAT?

"And he sicked his goons and the Malachite Twins on me, and then tried to off me with a bazooka. I only defended myself." John simply looked at her for another minute before she sighed. "Look John, if it'll make Robin feel reassured, then I promise that as long as you guys don't set your little band of merry men on me, and nobody tries to pick a fight with me, your club is safe."

John nodded once and turn an eye to Jaune. "And what about him?"

The blonde boy had the 'deer in the headlights' thing going on. "Um, me? I-um…"

"He's harmless, but I'll be sure to keep an eye on him."

John nodded lightly, giving a small smile. "Good enough for me." He set two full, tall glasses in front of them, having been preparing them while they spoke. "On behalf of the boss and the rest of the staff, welcome back to The Hood, Yang." He gave a little smirk as he walked off to help another customer. "Do try to keep your nose clean, little missy."

"Yeah yeah, I got it." She waived a dismissive hand as he walked off, taking a sip of her drink. Jaune could still not help but openly stare at her. It took her a few seconds to actually notice before she raised a brow to him. "What?"

Jaune just stared stupidly for another moment or two before speaking. "I'm sorry, but I must have had something crazy in my ear. I could have sworn that he said you destroyed a night club." He laughed nervously despite the sarcasm in his tone. He shook his head a bit. "I mean, it can't be anything but crazy. You destroying a night club…"

"I know, right?" Yang laughed, taking another sip of her drink. "It was crazy, but I had a lot of fun doing it." She cracked another grin. "The owner was a jackass anyway. He had it coming."

Jaune could only be referred to as slack-jawed. "Y-you actually destroyed a night club?" At her nod, that slack hit the floor. "H-h-how?!"

"Well, it's not like I really had a choice. They did attack me." Only because she provoked them, but hey, they still did it.

"No, I mean literally, how did you do it?!" Jaune exclaimed, freaking out. "You're a student! Where did you get the dust to do something like that?!"

Yang stared at him for a moment, and then just started to laugh. "Dust? Jaune, please. The only dust I had when this happened was in the shells for my Ember Celica." That smirk came back again. "You have to remember I'm not just a student, Jaune. I'm a Huntress in-training; if I couldn't do something like that with just my bare hands and weapons, then I don't think I would be cut out for the job."

Jaune was once again struck silent, staring stupidly. She'd done it…with her bare hands? He didn't know why he was so shocked. In fact, he didn't know why he was shocked at all. He'd seen Nora drive a six foot spike into a Death Stinger's head. He'd seen Ruby all but fly and then decapitate a massive Nevermore. That Yang could toss around some goons and destroy a night club with her bare hands shouldn't really register. It did though, and he knew why.

It registered because he knew that he couldn't do something like that if he tried. He was nowhere near any of their levels yet, and he knew he had a long way to go to get there. Taking his eyes from Yang, he put his head in his hands and ran them through his hair. Maybe this night out was needed after all, if only to get rid of his worries for a night.

"You alright Jaune?" It was an innocent enough question. He probably would have seen her blink if he wasn't focused on the glass in front of him. The drink in it was a bright orange that bled into red at the bottom. Half a ripe strawberry had been stuck around the rim of the glass, with a little umbrella next to it. It actually looked pretty good, alcohol or not.

"Yeah Yang, I'm fine." He picked up the glass, idly noting a thin bit of sugar around the rim with the strawberry. "Just thinking that I'm kind of glad you dragged me out now. A night out could be kind of fun." He took a slow sip of the drink in hand, sweet sugar and strawberry mixing with tangy orange juice on his tongue. It tasted more like a dessert than an alcoholic drink. That was enough for him to almost overturn the glass when he drained the whole thing.

Yang couldn't help but smirk. "And I'm glad to hear it Jaune. I'm guessing you like the drink?"

"Yeah," he gasped, taking a second to get a breath. "What is it?"

"Strawberry Sunrise. Chilled, no ice, and little umbrella to go with it." She grinned again. "It's a favorite of mine. It's not gonna get you drunk unless you're a lightweight or you drink like twenty of them, but a few of them should be enough to at least make you feel a little warm and toasty." Yang leaned in close, sipping her own drink. "How about another one?" At his nod, she grabbed him around his shoulders and pulled him in close. "That's what I like to hear! Hey John! Let me get another drink for my friend here!"

It started there. Jaune took the next two a bit slower, enough to enjoy the taste, but still fast enough to drain them. Conversation between them was light as a third drink was delivered by the bear of a man behind the bar. Mostly, it consisted of what they thought their classes were going to be like, and a few teasing remarks from Yang to Jaune about he might get eaten if they actually had to fight any Grimm. Jaune could only laugh nervously at that.

Then things got interesting. With the fourth drink delivered, John also set down a pair of sipping glasses and a clear bottle with no label. Whatever it was in the bottle, it was bright, candy apple green. They were told it was compliments of the house; a special mix by the owner, Robin. Yang had actually grinned at this. She'd had this stuff before, and boy was Jaune in for a treat. It only took her a moment to pour two finger's worth for them both, and hand off one to Jaune. He'd eyed it with trepidation for just a moment before he took it like a shot as Yang sipped her own. He received a grand surprise when his taste buds were hit with the tang of sour candied apple. He enjoyed the taste so much that he immediately accepted another two finger's worth when Yang offered it. And then a third, a fourth, and finally a fifth.

This had been a mistake.

Yang was actually quite amused as she watched Jaune lean back against the bar, giggling as he plucked and ate the strawberries off of his empty glasses. The flush of alcohol reached his cheeks quite splendidly, staining them like the strawberries stained his fingertips. He did not sway, and he didn't even look the slightest bit sick. If anything, he looked like he was enjoying himself immensely as he sucked the juice on his fingers. She was kind of surprised by it, but she was a bit impressed with him. She was already starting to feel the effect of the green monster in her glass, and she was only on her second. The fact that Jaune was still standing after five of them spoke leagues.

"Yan-YANG!" He giggled like a loon, then switched to a serious face and looked at her. It was ruined by the strawberry between his lips. He pointed a finger at the bottle, the digit spinning in a slow circle as he spoke with a slur. "What ish this stuff?"

"Now Jaune," Yang spoke, voice dripping with false innocence. She took another sip of her drink. "What makes you think I know what this stuff is?" He turned to face her, his face set to, what some would call, a suave grin and he leaned in close.

"C'mon now Hot Stuff, you were pretty liberal with the offers of more." He placed a hand under her chin. Yang's smile didn't waiver, but one eyebrow did rise. "We're you trying to get me drunk?"

"Wasn't really that hard though, was it Jaune?" she giggled, lightly pushing at his chest with one hand, and grasping the hand at her chin with the other. She did nothing to remove it. "Then again, Robin does call it Toxic Waste for a reason."


"Yep. A handle of Everclear, plenty of Green Apple Pucker, and a few other ingredient to cut the taste of the alcohol, and presto, a tasty treat that'll knock you on your ass in no time flat." She leaned in towards him, smirking and waggling her eyebrows. "You could have refused the offers there, Lady Killer. Looked like you were enjoying those drinks."

This time Jaune leaned back against the bar and his cheeks puffed a little in a pout. "It tasted like green apple candy. How could I say no to that?" He glanced away from Yang's smirking face for a moment, and then held up his glass again. "Actually, could I get some more, please?"

Yang couldn't help the laugh that came this time. So many mood swings, and so quickly too! This was turning out to be even more fun than she thought it would be. Who knew that trying to make someone a little more confident with themselves would be so enjoyable? Hopefully the effects would last once the alcohol let off too, and then maybe her sweet little sister could benefit from it. And who knows? Maybe if she did, perhaps Yang could try and point her in Jaune's direction. Honestly, the two of them together would be so cute!

"I'd pace yourself a little bit with this one if I were you. I'm not carrying your ass out of here if you pass out, and if you throw up on me, I'll be sure to kick it instead."

"Relax Hot Stuff," Jaune said, still with a decent slur and waiving off her warning. He did sip at the glass of green a little slower this time, but it still disappeared at a rate quicker than it should have. "Thish'll be it for me." He pointed away from the bar. "I'm going out there."

He was pointing towards the dance floor.

'Okay, maybe he's got a little too much confidence right now.' Yang raised an eyebrow and stood as Jaune placed his empty glass back on the bar. "You sure that's a good idea there Lady Killer? I think all that alcohol might be affecting you more than I thought." She leaned forward and gave a little smirk. "I mean, do you even know how to dance?"

"I'll have you know Yang that I can actually dance quite well." The slur and the flush of alcohol was still very much present, but she had yet to see him waiver or stumble. Where the hell had all his clumsiness gone?

Yang gave him the closest thing to a deadpan look that she could with that smirk of hers still in place. Clearly she didn't believe him. "I'd like to see you prove that, Jauny Boy."

Surprisingly enough, Jaune met her with his own smirk, drunkenly flushed though it was. "Well then, my beautiful Princess of Fire, allow this humble knight to cordially invite you to the dance floor…" He took a bow, never taking his eyes from hers and reaching for the hand not planted at her waist. He pulled it to his lips and left a little peck on her knuckles in his wake. "…so that I might prove you wrong."

Yang was pretty sure that part of the flush on her cheeks wasn't from the alcohol anymore. That had actually been pretty good. Corny, but still pretty good.

"Now Jaune, flattery will only get you places I want you to be," she said, still smirking, "but I do accept the gracious invitation nonetheless. Let's see what you got, Sir Lady Killer." Jaune grinned, this time the one doing the dragging rather than being dragged as he pulled Yang out to the floor. A new song had just been starting up too.

It's just like you always wanted to be, hitting the dancefloors all around the world where people can see you dancing, you are still on tope, still a thrill. Don't stop, you've got moves to kill…

Jaune let go of Yang's hand as soon as they hit the middle of the floor. As soon as he did, he slid to the right, then back to the left. He switched back and forth between the left and right foot, each arm lifting and then dropping again for the respective foot. Those small steps quickly became larger, arms swinging until his hands were even with his head. His hips swung to the left, crossing his right over his left, turning into a half spin, and then finishing the other half of the spin with a slight jump before making another sidestep and lazily swinging his arms in the same direction.

Electric emotion…Running through my circuit… Electric emotion…Running through my circuits…

Watching him, Yang wasn't sure whether she should be shocked or impressed. If she had been forced to pick one, it would have definitely been the former. This was certainly not what she had been expecting from him. She'd actually thought it was the alcohol that had been talking when he pulled her out to the floor. The feeling of shock was quickly giving way to impressed instead, and judging from the looks that he was getting from the crowd around him, she wasn't the only one. Yang actually chuckled. Jaune could hold his liquor and he could bust a move? It was almost too good to be true.

He stopped in his movements just long enough to wave her over to him. "C'mon Yang, aren't you gonna dance?" He smirked a bit, his face completely flushed with alcohol. What had happened to his slur…? "Or maybe the big bad Yang doesn't think she can keep up with these moves?"

Yang felt a twitch in her brow. Why that smug little playboy... "Is that a challenge, Mr. Arc?"

"I don't know…" He danced in a little line, working his way up to her. "It might be." His smirk grew a little, leaning in closer. "Well? Can you keep up, Hot Stuff?"

Yang just smirked back. "Challenge accepted, Lady Killer. Lead the way."

And lead he did. During a lull between songs, where the bass beat kept up, Jaune danced back into the crowd, Yang following and mirroring his moves as he made them. There were cheers from the crowd around them, the massive group parting to give them space to do their thing. The whistles, cheers and clapping from the crowd grew in pitch and volume as they continued on with their dance.

The two of them moved together as if they had been practicing said moves together for years. When Jaune moved into a spin, Yang moved right into one with him. For each swing of his arms, she countered with one of her own. And the kicker was that they never missed a bit. There was almost no lag between them, or the moves that they made. For everyone watching, it was almost as if the two of them were in each other's heads, broadcasting the instructions for the next moves. Considering that they were moving almost as fast as the song that was playing, it could have been the only explanation.

Night of fire! You've better better stay! You've better better begin the prayer to play! Night of fire! Come over over me! Come over over the top, you'll have a night of fire!

In the mind of the two golden haired dancers though, the crowd had long ago taken a back seat. For Jaune, he could only think about how much fun he was having. The alcohol in his system had his blood afire, the music pounded in his ears, and the sweat dripped from his brow from all the movement, but he was doing something that he loved to do. Plus, he was doing it with one of the hottest girls he had ever met! There were very few things that could make this night better for him.

For Yang, the thoughts were very much along the same line; she was enjoying herself far more than she thought she would. In fact, she was enjoying herself more tonight than she had going out on the town in a long time. When was the last time she had actually stopped to dance when she came to a club? There was always a drink or two when she went out, but she never took the time to actually dance. As it had been when she visited Junior, her nights out were always a search for information. The few dates that she'd had never seemed to be any real fun either. The guys always tried too hard to impress her, all false bravado and full of themselves. Those dates quickly buried any chances of second one when they found out she was an aspiring Huntress. Apparently, a lot of guys that weren't also an aspiring Huntsman couldn't take the thought of a girl being so much stronger than them.

Jaune was a nice change of pace though. Oh sure, he tried to do the whole 'macho' thing, and he had some really cheesy pickup lines, but he made all of it into more of a joke than anything else. Even he didn't treat the things he said all that seriously. He had a nice personality, he was funny, and he was easy to get along with. His skill on the dance floor wasn't all that bad either.

Neither noticed, but the people around them were treated to a nice little show as both Yang's and Jaune's auras started to flare up a bit. Yang's wisps of flame around her form and from her hair, and Jaune's own ivory aura trailed in the wake of their movements, almost leaving behind an image in their respective lights. The song playing overhead came to its ending climax, punctuated by the both of them with an overhead swing of their arms, a small twist to the side, and that same overhead arm swing coming down, back, and twisting back forward into an overarm punch to the ground, putting both of them down on a single knee as their auras died out again.

Both of them had a little grin on their faces as they turned to face one another, both panting from exertion. It didn't stop either of them cracking the little grin a huge one apiece, or cracking into a few chuckles as they got back to their feet. Cheers and whistles from the crowd around them rang in their ears as they proceeded back to the bar, each with an arm over the other's shoulder, still laughing like fools. Another Strawberry Sunrise and glass of water waited for each of them with their bottle of the green menace.

"How's that for keeping up, huh, Lady Killer? Bet you feel like eating those words now, don't ya?" She reached for the Sunrise to quench the thirst, wiping sweat from her brow. Jaune reached for the water, but he also poured another small glass of the Toxic Waste.

"Oh please, Hot Stuff," he responded in mock pomp. His own bangs were plastered in sweat, but he looked like he was having the time of his life. The water was gone in a flash. "You were falling behind there in the end." He sipped at the glass of green slowly now. "You put up a good fight, but even you can't keep up with the Dancing King."

"Dancing Queen is more like it," Yang came back with little smirk. Jaune hand shot to his chest and he swayed as the proverbial arrow struck, leaning himself back against the bar. "See, that just shows it right there, drama queen." She did lean in closer to him though, pulling him into a headlock for a noogie. "I'll admit it though, you do have some pretty good moves out there, Jauny Boy."

Despite the flush of the alcohol, Yang still noticed the embarrassed coloring that came to his face at her words. "Thanks Yang… Any chance you can let go? You're…choking me…" He also noticed that he was rather close to her chest, but best not open himself up to the consequences of mentioning that to the blonde brawler. Even when plastered, self-preservation seemed to kick in for him.

She let him go, but only after she gave him another noogie for his troubles. Jaune went back to another glass of water that had been placed on the bar. As he quietly downed the glass, he missed Yang's eyes on him, watching quietly as she sipped at her Sunrise. He also missed the passive look in her eye. He took down another glass, and finished off his Toxic Waste before he turned back to her. He jerked a thumb back towards the floor. "I'm gonna head back out there. You coming Yang?"

The look was gone before Jaune even had a chance to notice it. She only smiled and shook her head. "Nah. I'm gonna stay here and nurse this drink for a bit." She waived him off with a small smile. "You go have fun though. It's why you're here, right?"

Jaune just stared drunkenly for a moment before giving a million watt grin, a drunken giggle in its wake. He rubbed the back of his head a bit. "Heh, yeah. I'll be back in a bit." He did a little backwards dance into the crowd, giving a little two finger wave as he did. Yang gave her own wave back as she watched him go. Only after he turned from her did the passive look come back to her eyes. Again they did not leave Jaune.

She had been a little surprised when she had put him into that headlock. It had just been a little test. He was drunk off his head. She just wanted to see what he would do when he was that close. Maybe he would consider himself lucky and try to cop a feel. Oum knows he wouldn't have been the first to try. If he had, she would have punched him through the wall. That he looked more embarrassed than anything was a welcome change for her. She hated it when guys looked at her like she was a piece of meat. She may wear provocative clothing, but there were plenty of brains behind those perfect tits. She wanted to see if Jaune would be the same. Not so, it seems. Instead, he was just as genuine as he acted, even when he should have been piss drunk. He was friendly and kind, and give a little encouragement, he could be fairly confident when he needed to be. Just what her sister needed to get her to come out of her shell. Yang's thoughts stopped at that.

Her sister…

"You know Yang, I'm a little surprised." A new voice spoke up, interrupting that newly started thought. "In the time that you've been coming here, you've never brought along a guest."

Yang glanced to the stool next to her, taking in the newcomer. Holey jeans, baby soft leather boots, and a sleeveless green shirt with a pair of brown leather straps crisscrossing his chest decorated a wiry frame. His belt buckle reflected a bow with a notched arrow in the silver, and a fox tattoo decorated the shoulder and upper half of his right arm. A thin, sly smile pulled at a dirty blonde goatee that matched the messy nest of hair up top. Chocolate eyes gave a questioning look. Yang only spared him the glance before she turned her eyes back to the floor. "Since when have you cared who I bring with me, Robin? And aren't you a little underdressed for a club owner?"

"What's the point of owning the place if I can't dress how I want?" He gave a shrug and a 'who gives a damn' smile as he leaned back against the bar. "And it's just an observation Yang; no need to get so defensive. I've just never seen you bring a guest before. Is he your boyfriend? Tucker's going to be so disappointed when he finds out."

"Tough. You can tell Tucker that he can shove that Heaven's Punisher of his up his ass the next time you see him, by the way." To say that Yang looked upset may have been an understatement. Many would pity the fool on the receiving end of that glare. Good thing fire was restricted to her Aura.

"Now Yang, that's a little harsh, even for you." Robin sighed as 'Little' John placed a new glass on the bar. Robin poured himself his own glass of Toxic Waste and took a sip. "The man only did a little flirting. Even then, it was just a joke."

"I don't give a damn." Now her eyes were red as she turned to Robin, her arms crossed at her chest. "Good family friends or not, you do not hit on girls almost half your age, joke or no joke." She gave a disgusted little shudder. "It's creepy as all hell. Especially when he gets all that religious talk going…Makes him sound like a creepy priest."

"All right, all right, I got it. I'll talk to that unrepentant pervert," Robin chuckled, taking another sip. "No need to get your knickers in a twist."

"You better, or I'll make sure Mary-Ann talks to him instead."

Robin could not keep the wince off his face at that one. "Now that's just evil. I wouldn't wish my girlfriend's wrath on anyone."

"I bet," Yang said with a little snort. Scarlet slowly faded back to lilac while Yang turned back to the floor to watch Jaune. With plenty of room to work with, he was working magic with those moves and getting cheers from all across the floor. He caught her eye, smiled, and waved. Yang simply smiled back, and gave her own little wave. He was having fun. She was glad to see that, at least. Meanwhile, Robin watched quietly. This was new for him to see.

"So Yang, you didn't answer my question. IS he your boyfriend?"

Yang sighed. "No, he's not." She kept her eyes on Jaune and the dance floor. "He's a classmate. We both made it into Beacon today. My sister too. I felt like celebrating."

"But you didn't want to celebrate alone, I'm guessing?"

This time, Yang let out a little chuckle. "You know…That was the plan originally, but then I saw him while I was getting ready, and asked him to come along with me. Why should I be the only one to have some fun, you know? That, and I kind of wanted to see what he was like." She turned back to Robin and cracked a small grin. "Y'see, I kind of want to set him up with Ruby. From what I've seen so far, I think he'd be pretty good for her."

Robin had been watching Jaune on the floor, just as Yang had been. Half lidded eyes turned to the drink in his hand, swirling the green liquid a little in the glass. "And where does that leave you then, Yang?" He saw the questioning look from his peripherals. "I mean, why give him up to your sister? From what I've seen so far, he'd be pretty good for you too, young lady."

Yang turned away. "He's not really my type. Besides that, I've barely known him a day…"

"And yet, why is it that he's the first boy I've ever seen you bring here, information gathering or otherwise?" Robin glanced at her. "And the boys that do try to get your attention when you are here, you either ignore them, or they end up in the hospital." An eyebrow raised. "You asked him out to have some fun and scope him out for your sister? My dear Yang, methinks you don't know your own wants as well as you think you do."

"Bullshit I don't." Yang's eyes had turned red again.

"Relax Yang. I'm just saying you should take some time to think about the situation. You could be passing up something good." He stood from the barstool and turned away from her. "And with that, I'll leave you to it. Have fun Yang." He started to move away before he looked back over his shoulder. "By the way, young lady. If you plan on driving out of here tonight, then this is where I have John cut you off." For a minute, Yang looked like she wanted to argue, but just gave a little nod. Robin just grinned. "That's good. If you're not feeling up to driving though, just have John give you the key to the bedroom I have in my office. Later Yang."

Yang watched him go, letting out a sigh and shaking her head a bit before looking back to her glass. She had about half a Sunrise left. She might a well nurse this one for a bit. She noticed the bottle of green was gone too. She didn't pay it much thought though. Her mind went back to Jaune, and Robin's words. She'd just brought him along to have a little fun. She wanted to see if he would be good match for her sister. That was all she wanted…wasn't it?

"Yang?" She was broken from her thoughts by their subject. Despite the rosy flush of booze, Jaune looked a bit concerned. "You okay?"

She gave the best smile that she could. "Of course. Just thinking about a few things." The words 'mainly you' went unsaid. "Having fun, I hope?"

At the question, Jaune was all smiles and laughs. "I'm having an awesome time!" It was true. He felt great. He was hot as a furnace right now, and he was certain his shirt was drenched in sweat, but he was having a great time nonetheless. He wiped sweaty bangs from his eyes. "You don't look like you're having all that much fun though Hot Stuff."

"I'm fine," Yang spoke, smile becoming a little smaller. "Like I said, I was just thinking about a few things. Nothing major, promise." She took another sip of her Sunrise. "I'm glad you're having a nice time Jaune. Wouldn't have been much of a point bringing you if you weren't. You've looking a bit warm though. Another drink?"

Jaune let out a few panting breaths. He hadn't entirely gotten the wind back from all the dancing yet. "Just water please." John placed a perspiring glass on the bar. It didn't last a few seconds before Jaune guzzled it down. He went through a second just as quickly before turning back to the floor.

Yang raised a brow. "You going back out?"

"Yep," he quipped, smiling again. "And you're coming with me."

"Now Jaune, what makes you think you'll be able to get me to move from this stool?" Yang asked with a raised brow and a teasing smirk. Boy better have had his Wheaties if he thought he was going to make her move.

"It is the knight's humble duty to make sure that the beautiful maiden is taken care of." He went into a short bow. "In this case, making sure the maiden has fun dancing the knight's night away with him is the best way." He winked at her. "Will this wonderful princess grace the humble knight with another dance?"

This time, Yang was certain that the warmth in her cheeks was definitely not from the alcohol. "As I said before, oh humble knight, flattery will only get you places where I want you to be." Despite the flush, a teasing smirk came to her lips. "This time though, I'm certain the place I want you to be is on the floor with me." She grasped the outstretched hand Jaune offered and they made their way to the floor. Aside from drinks of water at the bar and a few trips to the restroom, they wouldn't leave the floor again for the rest of the night.

On the way out the door later, when all the alcohol had been flushed from Yang's system, she found herself with an arm around Jaune's waist, lightly supporting him. He was still a bit tipsy and ready to collapse, but he had a huge grin on his face. It mirrored the one on her own. She knew she said she wasn't going to carry him out, but he was still technically on his feet. She was just helping him stay that way. He managed to get on the back of her Bumblebee with no problems, Yang helping him tie the helmet in place before she climbed on herself. She would have to go without, but the safety of the rider came first.

"Make sure you hold on tight Jaune," she said as she slipped the keys in the ignition. She froze for a moment when she felt two arms wrap tightly around her midriff. She felt gentle puffs of air against her exposed skin.

"Thanks for bringing me along Yang. It was fun." He sounded tired, but he still managed to hug her a bit harder. He also still had a bit of slur as he spoke.

Yang paused only for a moment. "You're welcome." She paused again with a hand of the key. "Hey Jaune?" He gave only a small grunt in acknowledgement. "I was thinking of going out again later this week… Would you like to come out with me again?"

Neither spoke for another moment, one out of weariness, the other for nerves. "Sure. I'd like that." It was all she was going to get in words, but the hug tightening was enough. He didn't see it, but he received a smile in response.

"I thought you might, you silly boy." Keys turned, and an engine roared to life before they sped off back towards Beacon. Yang's smile could be seen for miles.

That first night would lead to many more trips out on the town for the two blondes. For the next several weeks, on nights when the homework load was light, or there wasn't any class the next day, Yang and Jaune would disappear into the city of Vale. They would head out after dinner, and then come back in the early hours of the morning, exhausted, flushed, and ready to collapse when they finally made it to their respective beds.

Their teammates had been mildly concerned at first. Considering that the two of them usually came back with the lightest smell of alcohol to them, they had somewhat of a right to be. They may have been close to the legal age, but for the moment they were still underage. They could still get in some major trouble. Yang was quick to assuage the fears of both teams; the remainder of Team RWBY that she was a big girl, that she knew her limits, and that she would never drive drunk; Team JNPR that she was able to keep a careful eye on their leader, and keep him from getting into any trouble. Pyrrha had been particularly concerned about her partner at first, but she came to find that she trusted Yang's judgment. However, Yang did not miss the 'look' in the Spartan's eyes when she saw the two of them together. Yang did her best to hide the little smirk when she saw it, mainly because she thought another little red was going to benefit from her observations of the White Knight.

As the weeks went on though, Yang found that her observations may not have been needed. As it turns out, alcohol or not, Jaune was just as sweet and wonderful on campus as he was off. He was a goof, and an unrepentant flirt when he wanted to be, but he was always good natured and trying to find the positives in life. Even more during that time, she noticed that her original idea to try and have Ruby and Jaune grow closer was not something that she needed to do anything for to achieve. It wasn't just that first day, or for the initiation; the two of them were the closest of friends that they could be. Yang knew they weren't sleeping together, but she was also pretty certain that the only ones they were closer with were their partners. The more the two of them hung out together, the more she noticed that Ruby became a little more outgoing. Jaune's presence, as well as all of their new friends, had a positive effect on the little red Huntress that Yang was more than happy to see. She hoped they would grow closer than even their partners could be.

So then, why did she keep going out on the town with Jaune?

This was the Million Lien Question that Yang kept asking herself. In her time gathering information about her mother, Yang had come to know the nightlife of Vale, and every club that the city had to offer. She made sure to introduce Jaune to every single one of them. The reception to each had been just as it had that first night. They would get drunk off their heads and dance the night away. Jaune would have a great time, and she would have more fun on the town than she could ever remember having.

Anytime she went out before, she always had a drink or two, but never any real fun. It was always information gathering before. She never took the time to stop and dance. She always turned away the guys that hit on her. They never deserved a response; they only wanted that one thing, and they were so blatant about it that she had to keep herself from punching them in the face. There was the occasional one who walked away without his teeth because they wouldn't get the message. What was the difference between them and Jaune? Jaune actually gave a damn about her.

When Jaune came out with her, he actually cared if she was having a good time. He didn't needlessly hit on her, or stare at her like she was a piece of meat. He talked to her, listened to her, made her laugh. Sure he was piss drunk while he was doing it, and the things that he said were corny as all fuck, but he meant every word that he said. She could always tell when someone lied, and she had yet to detect one from him. Did he even know how to lie?

It was a valid question as she took a sip of her Apple Pie. Just as they had been the first night out, they were back in The Hood, and once again Yang was sitting off to the side while Jaune tore up the floor. He'd been at it for almost an hour now. She didn't know how he did it. He was like a machine! She'd bowed out long before he had, content to cool off at the bar with John, sipping on water, Toxic Waste and a moonshine concoction that tasted like cinnamon-apple pie Robin had supplied to them on the house. It was a little known fact, but Yang loved apple pie. She'd had a bit more of that than anything else. Inebriation had led to thoughts, which led to questions that she didn't have an answer for.

Did Jaune know how to lie? Without giving himself away, probably not. He said he had a good time each time they went out, but wasn't he getting bored with the same old song and dance? They socialized, but they weren't too close outside of classes and group projects. He wasn't the truly wild type either. So why did he keep letting her drag him off on these little dates of theirs? Perhaps that was the Million Lien question she should be asking.

Yang was so distracted by her thoughts that she didn't notice the subject of said thoughts was right beside her again until he slammed down the tall empty glass of water he'd polished off. She nearly jumped, but stopped herself and focused on him again. He was leaning back against the bar, face flushed by booze and glistening in sweat. He panted, but he was laughing. A neon glass of Toxic Waste swirled in his hand, and the other ran through his hair. Slicked by moisture and salt, the hair stuck back and up in a few place, giving him a suave yet wild look.

She was not blushing. Nope. Definitely not.

"Jaune, why do you keep letting me drag you out on the town?" It was out before she even realized she's said it. She didn't care much. Jaune cocked his head at her, grinning like madman and still chuckling. The now empty glass was back on the bar. He could see honest curiosity in her eyes.

"Well…" He wiped away more sweat from his brow. "Why wouldn't I?" He chuckled some more. "We had a lot of fun that first night! I thought we'd have more if I went along with you again." He leaned in close, trying for a suave grin. "That, and you don't refuse an offer from one of the prettiest ladies you know."

Yang grinned back. He was being honest, but he wasn't saying everything. "Only one of the prettiest? Not THE prettiest?" She leaned away in mock pain. "You don't think I'm pretty enough for you?"

"No, no, no, no, no, no! That's not what I meant!" She had to keep herself from chuckling as his hands waived wildly in front of himself. He was cute when he was really flustered. "You're beautiful! You're sexy, and fun, a-and I l-love hanging out with you! I-I'm just not used to being friends with so many pretty girls!" His face flushed enough that the brilliant red coloring almost started to glow. He pressed his forefingers together in nervous anxiety. "I just… I don't want to screw it up, or hurt anyone's feelings…"

Yang stared at him for a moment before she let out a snort, which quickly turned to giggling. "You make it sound like you're dating all of us…Quite ballsy of you there, Lady Killer."

There was a 'thunk' as Jaune's forehead hit the bar. "That's not it… My sisters always said I was bad at this kind of thing." It came out as more of a moan than anything else. "I just meant I didn't want to chase any of you away. All of you and Ren are some of the first real friends I've ever really had. I didn't want to screw that up with any of you by making anyone feel bad, or saying the wrong thing… I might do it eventually though."

Yang was silent again, but there was a little smile on her face. By Dust, he was sweet, but it seems he still had some confidence issues. She'd have to work on that a bit. He'd lifted his head from the bar, and Yang wrapped an arm around his neck immediately. She pulled him close enough to face her, smile still in place. "I think you'll be fine Jaune." She grinned. "If it puts your mind at ease though, I'm pretty sure you can just say what you like around me. Unless you outright insult me, there isn't really much that you can say that will make me stop being your friend."

Jaune stared, mouth opening and closing minutely as his eyes made small movements in searching her own. His lips closed in a small smile. "Thanks Yang."

"Anytime, Jauney-boy!" She snatched the scroll from her coat pocket and checked the time. "Going on midnight. What's say we get out of here?"

Jaune gave her a bit of skeptical look. It was odd seeing it with his drunken flush. "You sure you're okay to drive?"

"Of course I am!" She said it with complete confidence. She couldn't feel the alcohol, and the room wasn't spinning, so maybe it had left her system. That was what she had thought until she actually stood up. The room spun quite a bit and she felt herself wobble plenty. Jaune didn't do much better when he moved to stabilize her. If they weren't hanging onto each other, they probably would have been on the floor. "Okay…Maybe not," Yang muttered. Thankfully, her judgment was still intact.

Jaune leaned them both back against the bar. He also handed her a tall glass of water that John dropped off for each of them. The thought of him being wonderful passed through Yang's mind when she chugged the water. There was a dull thunk as she set the glass back down and laid a hand on her head. It only helped the room stop spinning a little bit. "Sorry Jaune, I should have stopped drinking earlier. I don't think we're gonna be making it back to Beacon tonight."

Jaune chugged his own glass of water and let out a breath. "Neither of us were paying attention to the time, and neither of us stopped to think about it, Hot Stuff. Nothing to say sorry for." He glanced back at the bar, and then back at her. "What're we gonna do though? Neither of us are good to drive." The look that Yang gave him, despite her drunken flush, promised murder. He waved his hands in a placating gesture. "Kidding. Just kidding." She loved that bike almost as much as Ruby and her hair; he wouldn't drive it in a million years, even if he could. "Maybe we could get a room somewhere?"

Yang couldn't stop the teasing grin. "Oh Jauney, I never thought you'd have the balls to try and pick up a drunken hottie. You know how bad this makes you look there, Lady Killer?" The panicked look that overtook his face warred with the embarrassed flush that lit it up. Yang couldn't help but laugh when the denials came. He was adorable when he was flustered. This time she made the placating gesture, even though she was still busting a gut. "Relax Jaune. I know what you meant." She even patted him on the head when he calmed down. "Not a bad thought either. So, you got the cash for it? I'm kind of tapped out at the moment."

Jaune looked at her for a brief moment, holding up a finger and opening his mouth to speak. He clammed up pretty quick and slumped forward. "I don't even have my wallet, let alone enough Lien to pay for a room somewhere." He planted himself on one of the stools and slumped again. His head landed on the bar surface with a painful sounding smack. A small 'ow' was the only response he gave for it.

Yang patted him on the back, small smile in place. "It's cool Jaune. Don't feel too bad. It was a good idea; you just didn't think about that part." He let out a groaning sigh, but not much else. Yang perked up a bit though. "I know! We could…" She trailed off when a massive hand held up a key in front of her face. She glanced to the side, seeing 'Little' John standing with a smirk on his lips. "Um…what?"

John just waived the key a little more. "You forgot all about the room that Robin told you about last time, didn't you little missy."

Yang would never admit to the embarrassed flush as long as she lived. "Yep." She took the offered key, trying not to glare at John's smirk. "Smug bastard." She failed marvelously. "So, where is it again?"

After pulling Jaune from his bar stool, surprised that he was actually still awake, John led them to what they assumed was Robin's office. He let them in, pointed to the one door on the far side of the room, and bid them a good night before heading back to the bar. The two of them stared after him before turning back to face one another, and Jaune let out a weak chuckle. "Well, at least we have a place to stay and sleep it off?" He shrugged his shoulders and scratched lightly at the back of head, goofy smile present to accompany the flush of alcohol. Yang slipped the key into the lock, the lock itself making a surprisingly loud click as she turned it. Well-oiled hinges opened with a silent contrast to reveal that which lay beyond.

The room itself was surprisingly awesome. Both had expected something small, with maybe a little twin bed to crash on after a long day at work. It seems, just like the rest of the club, that opulence was a wonderful thing where Robin was concerned. It was fairly large inside, even more so than the office that it was a part of. Rather than an overhead light, several small lamps cast a soft glow over the entirety of the room. Lush green carpeting blanketed the floor, blending into a light teal as it met the walls themselves. Surprisingly, the ceiling itself was black, yet it glittered like the stars in the night sky. It was a beautiful effect. The bed at the wall really took the cake though.

The bed itself was easily a queen, possibly even king sized. There was no frame; the box spring sat upon the floor itself, and the mattress sat upon it as one would expect. The blankets and sheets that they could see were green to match the rest of the room's interior, while the comforter held a floral pattern. Lilies crisscrossed the surface in vibrant blues and rich purples, with the occasional red to break the pattern. At the end of the bed that sat against the wall, large, luxurious pillows of the same colorings were piled high. To top off the luxury, hanging from the ceiling and down around the bed was a sheer black curtain, parted in the middle for easy access by any potential occupants. Patches of the curtain could be seen glittering in the low light of the room, just as the ceiling did.

Yang held back a chuckle at the site of the bed. For her, it reminded her of stories her father read to her when she was younger. The more she thought about it, the more it seemed like it was taken straight out of 1001 Vacuan Nights. She was almost tempted to see if there were any harem outfits lying around.

Jaune's thoughts were much less in depth.

It was with an excited shout that he dove through the curtains, a huge smile on and a laugh escaping his lips when he bounced. Doing a little turn in the air, he wound up on his back, spread eagle on the comforter. He still had a grin on his flushed face. Yang stared, blinked twice; she couldn't stop the smirk or the headshake. However, she couldn't keep the slight fondness that shone in her eyes out. 'What a dork,' she thought as she walked to the bed, staring down at him with a raised brow.

"Oh Dust. Yang, you have to try this bed," he groaned, squirming side to side a bit. "It's so comfortable!"

"You don't say," Yang deadpanned. "I couldn't tell by your reaction." The deadpan gave way to a grin though, and just as Jaune had done, she leapt through the curtain and into the middle of the bed next to him. She bounced a bit, her hair spreading out behind her as she settled into the mattress. Dear Oum, he wasn't kidding. It was almost like laying on a nice fluffy cloud. They both crawled forward a bit before they both collapsed on the biggest pillows in the pile. They were even more comfortable than the mattress. Surprisingly enough though, neither of them felt all that tired, but settled into the bed nicely enough, tossing shoes off through the curtain, Jaune tossing off his hoodie for a black tee-shirt, and Yang her jacket for just her yellow tube top. She relaxed back against her overstuffed pillow, hands behind her head. "Man, if I'd have known that Robin had a place this swanky for us to stay, I would have taken him up on the offer that first night. Kind of makes you glad I couldn't drive us home tonight, huh Jauney boy?" There was no response. Had he fallen asleep? She turned to him. He'd been staring in her direction, his eyes half lidded. They weren't directed at her face either, which only brought out a smirk on it. "Jaune…?"

His eye immediately shot to her own and they stayed there for several seconds before he directed to a direction away from her. She was pretty sure that the redness in his face could be seen from the moon. "Sorry." He said it quickly. "I… I didn't mean to stare." Yang blinked once, having expected him to become more than a little flustered, and even to freak out a bit that she had caught him staring at her. Aside from her shorts and skirt, she was only wearing what amounted to a single piece of cloth. It was a first for him too, so it wasn't like she wouldn't forgive him. The smirk came back again. Teasing him though…

Yang was up on her hands and knees fairly quickly, crawling across the bed spread and kneeling over Jaune before he could even register it. Surprised ocean stared up into mischievous lilac, a single finger tracing lightly along his jaw and down his neck. "But you were still staring…" Her voice crooned low as she leaned a little further in. Any closer and he would have been able to count her eyelashes. The finger at his jaw left and went to Yang's chin. Her eyes went half lidded as she dragged it down her throat. Jaune couldn't help his eyes as that finger slipped into her cleavage and pulled at her saffron top. "You must have liked what you were staring at…"

The gulp and blush were inevitable, but Jaune still managed to look away and to the side. "Yang, knock it off, please." Even he wasn't sure if the request sounded sincere. "I don't like being played with like that." Yang blinked again, but she let out a giggle and acquiesced.

"Sorry Jaune." She flopped down next to him on the pillow, trapping his right arm beneath her as she dropped. "I just couldn't help myself." He was a little surprised that she slid up against him. She even laid a hand on his chest. "It's just kind of fun to tease you." She looked at him and grinned. "Besides that, you're kind of cute when you're flustered."

If there was ever a statement that could make him flush any harder, that was it. For several seconds he didn't say anything. His cheeks flared and he stared slightly open mouthed at his current bedmate. After several moments of silence, he lightly scratched the back of his head and mumbled a quiet, "Thanks Yang."

For her part, Yang just grinned a bit more. "Not a problem, Lady Killer." She pushed herself fully up against him now. She made sure that her breasts molded into his side, but was a little surprised that he didn't flush more than he already was. In fact, she was slightly more surprised when she felt the arm she was laying on lift and circle her back. He also didn't look too embarrassed anymore. In fact, the flush had actually receded some. There was a goofy smile in place now, and Yang had to admit he wasn't just cute… He was handsome. She just stared at him for a moment, her thoughts running.

Did she like Jaune? Yes, but more as a friend than anything else. They had fun together, he treated her right, and he was cute, if a bit of a goof. Did she think that she could love him? Possibly a long time down the line, but right now it wasn't something she was ready for, or even really wanted. For the time being, she just wanted to keep being an awesome friend. Besides that…

"Speaking of cute things…" she started, lightly tapping Jaune on the chest with a finger. He glanced at her, eyebrow raised. "What do you think of my sister?"

Of what Jaune had been expecting her to say, her asking his thoughts on her sister hadn't been one of them. He was unsurprisingly caught off guard. "I…um…Beg your pardon?"

"Ruby." Yang's smile was actually innocent for once, and there was real curiosity in her voice. "What do you think about her?"

"What do I think?" At Yang's prompting nod, he spoke again. "Well… Like you said, she's cute." He stopped for a second and then shook his head. "Who am I kidding? She's adorable, she's straightforward, a bit funny every now and then, if a bit awkward and shy to start. Granted, she can be a bit of an airhead from time to time, and when it comes to weapons, she's a fangirl through and through." Jaune smiled. "She's quirky and fun to be around. She's one my first real friends in a long time…" He turned his head to face Yang, whose eyes were somewhat wider. "Just like you, Yang."

She could tell the alcohol was out of her system. She couldn't blame the blush on it now. "So… would you consider her datable?"

Again, another question he was not expecting. "I… Wh-What makes you ask that?"

"Just wondering." Eyes were still locked, and she began drawing little circles on his chest. "I kind of thought the two of you would be pretty cute together." Breasts molded to pecs as she leaned in. "So I ask again, would you date my sister if given the chance?" Silence and a blush were her answer. Closer still. "Would you stop there…? If the two of you were like this, what would you do to my baby sister?" Little room remained between. A single smooth leg wrapped over faded and torn denim. Jaune's eyes were wide, breath deep. Inches separated them, her own breath dancing across his skin. "Well…? What would you do?"

Her back met the mattress before she could even register that Jaune had moved. Golden tresses fanned out like a halo, lilac staring up into bright ocean. Yang was deftly aware of decently strong hands around her wrists, but she did not struggle. Though strong, they were gentle in the way they gripped her. They were still for several moments, each staring back at the other as Jaune took several calming breaths. The silence broke when he spoke.


Yang could only raise a brow at that. No smirk came, no mischief was present. There was only more curiosity. "Anything?"

"Anything. Everything." He just continued to stare. It was impossible to miss the tenderness in his gaze. "Whatever she wanted me to do. All she would need do is ask."

Yang couldn't miss the slight glaze to Jaune's eyes. The alcohol still had a hold, but it was very quickly slipping away. Beneath the sugar glaze of booze, she could see the hunger there. She could see the lust in his gaze. The way his eyes focused though, it was clear to her, just as his words were… He definitely wasn't talking about Ruby.

"All she has to do is ask, huh?" She idly noticed his leg was lightly pressed across the top of her thighs. It certainly had to be an awkward position to keep. Shifting and rolling her waist just a bit, Jaune's denim clad leg slid further so that it hit the comforter, pressing lightly against the material of Yang's shorts. Straddling her hips as he was now, Yang was suddenly very aware of just how big Jaune was. A thin frame belied just how heavy he actually was; evidence of dense muscle packed onto a small body. She felt much smaller than she knew she was…Had Jaune always been so huge? Yang's confidence briefly left her. Only briefly. "Would you be gentle if she asked…?" She glanced away, as if embarrassed, but then her eyes were forward again, a small grin in place. "It's been a while for her, and last I checked, virgins like you didn't know how to control themselves."

"Virgin?" Yang was actually surprised when Jaune raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think I'm a virgin?" What's more, he looked legitimately confused. Now that was something Yang really hadn't expected.

"You're not?" Jaune only gave a little shake of his head. The tease came back. "Oh my, aren't you just full of surprises, Lady Killer. How'd that happen?" Once again, the response was not verbal. If anything, the way he flushed neon red and averted his gaze was very telling. Yang could see there was a story there. For now though, it was going to wait. Arching her back against the pillow, she pushed her breasts forward to the point her top looked as if it would split. She could feel his eyes back on her, his hold on her wrists loosening just enough to slip out of his grip. Leaning forward, Yang propped herself on her elbows. He was so close now, she could feel his breath on her lips.

"It doesn't matter…" The tone in her voice was low. Taking in air, she could almost taste the green apple on his breath. Half lidded lavender had thin lips locked in site before they met glazed sapphire. The question was there, asking for permission. Her response was to smirk. "I'll tell you if it's too far, but otherwise… Do what you like."

It might not be the right time… I might not be the right one…But there's something about us I want to say… 'cause there's something between us anyway…

A steady beat and calm lyrics slowly broke the sandman's spell, gently pulling Yang's consciousness back to the forefront. A wonder of where the music was coming from slipped through a sleep addled mind before quickly dismissing it. Sucking in a deep breath, she awakened with a stretch. Small pops in some joints were heard before she settled back into place on soft sheets and pillows. She let out a pleasant sigh as a pleasured tingle rippled through her limbs and body, tired though they were. She didn't even open her eyes.

Her arm came to lay back across Jaune's back. A reverse of the norm, Yang's hand idly moved to stroke strands of his blond locks, his head planted at her bosom. Gentle snores reached her ears, and she was certain that he'd drooled a little between her tits. She didn't mind much; he'd done the same to her nipples. She was also pretty sure he had a leg draped over her own… Was that an erection she felt against her thigh?

A groan escaped her lips. "How can he still be hard after all of that…?" The tired smile that came did not match the supposed exasperation of her words. She felt herself wet at the memory of the night before, despite the slight soreness she could feel as well. Jaune had proven himself to be… lasting. Pleasant though the thoughts may be, they didn't diminish the headache that came on with them, along with the memories of the alcohol… and the sudden need to relieve her bladder. She had to get up.

One lilac orb cracked open and then a second to take in her surroundings. The glittered surrounding of the bed shawl twinkled lightly now, sun peeking in through a small window and skylights that had gone unnoticed the night before. The lamps were off, and she noticed the digital clock on a stand next to the bed with a small drive plugged in. 'So that's where the music came from…' Scanning the rest of the room, she spied a door off to the side, a sink and shower curtain in view of a bathroom mirror. She moved to sit up, only to stop when she felt Jaune twitch.

She suppressed an exasperated groan. She didn't want to wake the loveable oaf, but she had to go dammit. With careful slowness, Yang slowly managed to extract herself from Jaune's grasp (boy had a grip like iron, jeez) and slide to the edge of the bed. She watched him for a moment as he made incoherent mumbles and reached for her before grasping onto a pillow and rolling over. From there it was a mad dash to the bathroom, quietly slipping the door shut behind her.

After finishing her business, it was with an audible sigh of relief that Yang washed her hands. Much better. Only after she finished did she take a moment to notice her reflection in the rather sizable mirror. Rough kisses had left her lips tinged with a light redness, in heavy contrast to the dark hickeys on her neck left by love bites. Large, heavy bruises in the shape of bites stood out on her throat and collarbones where Jaune had really sunk in his teeth. The idle thought of her scarf being a needed accessory slipped across her mind.

Eyes sliding down her torso, she was met with much of the same; little marks here and there where Jaune had used his teeth. Nipples were red and slightly swollen from the treatment of rough teeth and hands, standing out against the cream of her skin a bit more than they usually did. Going further, Yang reached the apex of her legs where more teeth markings stood out on the inside of her thighs. The light shine of dried fluids stood out marvelously against her smooth, abused womanhood, a redness peeking through to hint at vigorous activity.

Yang lightly prodded at the bruise at her throat. How the hell had he managed to get through her Aura? "Seems the Lady Killer can be pretty rough when he wants to be. Who knew?" She certainly did now. Any further musing was interrupted by the ringing of a scroll ringtone.

This will be the day we've waited for, this will be the day we open up our door…

It took Yang all of two seconds to realize that it was her scroll ringing. The tone itself was enough to tell it was Ruby calling. It was her sister's favorite song after all. It took her a moment to find her jacket amidst the pile of her and Jaune's clothes, buried in the bottom as it was, scroll in the pocket. Sure enough, Ruby's smiling face filled the screen. A light tap and, "Hello?"

"YANG?!" That was definitely Ruby. The ringing in Yang's ear told her as much. "OH MY GOD, YANG?!"

"Ruby?" Yang risked bringing the phone back to her ear, despite the decibel level. "What's going on? Why are you shouting?"

"What-what's going on? That should be my line!" It was now that Yang noticed the slightly panicked tone in her sister's voice. "Yang, where are you?! Are you alright? Did something happen?! Is Jaune with you?! Did you guys get into an accident?!"

"Ruby, calm down! We're both fine!" She tried to keep from raising her voice, if only to keep from waking up Jaune. "Ruby, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong, Yang Xiao Long, is that you apparently never came back to the dorm last night!" They must have been on speaker phone, since it was Weiss on the other end now. "We'd thought that perhaps you'd gotten up early today, but then Pyrrha came frantically knocking at our door saying that Jaune had never come home!" The ivory haired girl sounded fairly more than angry at this point. Perhaps at least a text would have been a good idea. Yang glanced back at the blond in the bed. She hadn't exactly been thinking about much else last night.

Blake decided to get in on things too. "We checked for your bike, and it was gone as well. Considering that we didn't receive any kind of message saying that you would not be coming back, you will have to forgive us for assuming the worst." There was disappointment in her partner's voice. "We thought it best to at least try reaching you before going to the teachers."

There was slight worry as her sister spoke again. "You should have at least called if you weren't coming back last night, Yang."

Yang let out a small sigh, slightly disappointed with herself. It's true. A phone call would have avoided her friend's worry. "Sorry about that. We weren't exactly in our best minds last night before we turned in."

"Then Jaune IS with you?" Oh, so Pyrrha was with them too.

Once again, a glance towards the blond in the bed. "Yes. He's still asleep right now, but he's fine. We're both fine." There was a nervous scratch to the back of her head, despite nobody seeing it. "I wasn't in any shape to drive, so we found a place to crash for the night." Perhaps she should have held her tongue, but she spoke the next words anyway. "Granted there was only one bed, but it was plenty big enough for both of us."

Silence reigned on the other end of the line. The smirk came naturally. Pyrrha spoke up again. "…You and Jaune shared a bed?"


This time it was Ruby. "Yang…did something happen between you two?"

"Nope," she said with a pop. "Jaune took one side, I took the other, and told him that if he tried anything, I'd treat him like he'd pulled my hair." That might have been taking it a bit far, but it would get her point across. "Wouldn't matter either way. It's not like Vomit Boy would actually do anything like take advantage of a girl, right?"

"I…I guess not…" Ruby again. "Then… are you guys going to be back soon?"

Yang took a moment to think about it. It was the weekend, so it wasn't like they had any classes that they needed to be back for. She took a look at the clock. Still fairly early. Might as well have a bit of a lie in. Wasn't like Robin had come to kick them out yet, so he likely wouldn't mind. "I think I'll let Jaune sleep a little longer. Once he's up, we'll clean up, grab a bite to eat, we'll be back to Beacon. Promise." She paused for just a moment. "Pyrrha, sorry I made you worry about your partner."

"No, no, it's okay!" The Spartan girl actually sounded a bit embarrassed. "Don't worry about it. As long as he's safe, that's all that matters. I'm glad you are okay as well, Yang."

"Thanks Pyrrha. And sorry about making you guys worry too. I didn't mean to scare you Ruby."

She could almost hear the pout in her sister's response. "Just don't do it again, you hear me Yang?"

The grin came full force. "Loud and clear, little sis."

"Don't think you're off the hook yet, Yang Xiao Long." Oh boy, Weiss was back again, and she didn't sound any happier. "There will be words when-!" Click. And the white haired demon was gone, just like that. Yang smirked. No way in hell was she going to sit through a princess lecture. The scroll rang a moment later. Ruby's number again.


"DID YOU JUST HANG UP ON ME?!" Yang could resist.

"I don't know. Did it sound like this?" Click. Worth it. So worth it. Well, since that was out of the way, time to climb back in bed. She was set to do just that too, if there hadn't been a bright pair of ocean blues staring up at her from the mattress. Seems Jaune had woken up at some point during that conversation. They stared at each other for a moment, though Yang took no action to cover herself. Jaune took notice when he broke eye contact and his eyes trailed down her body, stopping briefly at her chest and crotch. Still no move to cover. Jaune's eyes were back up pretty quickly though. He looked a tad nervous.

"I…" One dry swallow later, he found the rest of his voice. "I'm about to die… aren't I?"

Yang blinked twice. Then she snorted, which turned into a small chuckle. Oh, poor guy must have heard what she said to her team. Well, shouldn't waste an opportunity to tease him a bit. She sauntered over to the bed, slipping back in. "Well now Lady Killer, that all depends on you." She propped herself up on a pillow right next to him. Jaune was still lying flat on the mattress. Considering the size of the pillow, and the fact that Yang was laying on her side toward him, Jaune found himself eye level with Yang's waist. This time he swallowed to bring the moisture back to his throat. He didn't resist the hand that dipped beneath his chin to tilt his head upward. Yang had that smirk again.

"You weren't planning on treating like me a notch in your belt, were you?" The answer for that was a slow shake of the head. He followed the gentle pressure she gave at his chin, having him move to prop himself on the pillow with her. Now he was about eye level with her chest. "And you're not gonna treat me like I'm your personal whore you can come to anytime you wanna stick your dick in something, right?"

If anything, Jaune actually looked insulted at that second one. "Of course not! Why would-?!" He was cut off when Yang locked lips with him. His eyebrows shot up for a moment before lowering again, eyes slipping closed as he enjoyed Yang's softness. The kiss came to a close much sooner than he would have liked, and yet he found himself facing a smiling Yang when he opened his eyes again. She slipped an arm around his neck and pulled him into her cleavage.

"Then I don't think we'll have any problems, Jauney boy." The hug was as short lived as the kiss had been, though she pressed against him as he laid back on the pillow. "Although, I wouldn't be opposed to doing this again…" A finger twirled languidly along a pec, making the muscle jump. "What do you say Jaune? Still feel like having fun with your good friend Yang?"

The blush came very naturally for him. "I…I wouldn't mind, no."

"That's the spirit!" The finger at his chest became a full hand splayed across his skin. Going for full cuddle mode, Yang molded into him and trapped him in place as she locked his leg between her own. "Well, we have a little while before we need to get back, so how about we just cuddle and…chat for a bit."

"Chat?" For some reason, he really didn't like that word. "Chat about what exactly…?"

Mischief reigned in those smoky purple eyes. "Well you've got me curious, Lady Killer." The hand at his chest dipped to glide over his abs. It stopped just short of his waistline. "I mean, you did say that you weren't a virgin, and you've had a lot of practice." A blonde brow raised, as did the corner of her lips. "Given what I've seen of your track record with the ladies though, I would think you actually don't get any practice at all."

"Hey now! What's wrong with my track record?" Jaune asked, feigning insult. "He even flexed his free arm. "I'll have you know the ladies love me!"

"Sure they do…" The sarcasm flowed strong in this one. She even punctuated it with a pat on the cheek. "You just keep telling yourself that Lady Killer." The hand went back to his waist, fingertips tickled by a few stray golden curls. "Then again, if they knew just how good you were, they'd be lining up for you."

"I'm not that good…" The flush stood out wonderfully on his skin.

"Certainly the best guy that I've ever been with," she quipped. "But like I said, I'm curious…" She leaned into his ear. "How much practice have you had, hmm Jaune?"

She felt him heat up under her. Ruby's cloak would have looked pale. "…Enough." He only glanced at Yang. The look in her eyes would have looked appropriate for a hungry tiger.

"Well c'mon, aren't you going to give me details? Was she older than you? I bet she was. Bet she had a lot of tricks up her sleeve, didn't she. C'mon Jaune, don't leave me hanging!" He would not look at her at this point. "Give me something at least. I mean, it's not like you had help from your mom or anything like that." She stopped when he stiffened and focused his eyes back on her. The grin on her face turned to a shocked frown. "No…

"Um… Well…" He could have been seen from space by now. He scratched the back of his head. "I believe her actual words were 'My son is going to know how to please a woman even if I have to teach him myself.'"

Yang actually sat up at that one. She looked a little green. "No way. Don't tell me you actually fucked your mother…"

"Ew, no way!" Jaune was up too. The blush was gone. "Yang, that's just nasty." He glanced away, looking a bit sheepish. "It was just some of her employees…"

"Her employees. I see." Deadpan would not have been considered flat enough for the look on Yang's face. "Do tell, Lady Killer."

"Well…" A scratch of the nose. "Have you ever heard of 'The Navy Nevermore'?"

Yang really raised a brow at that question. Of course she'd heard of The Navy Nevermore. Any idiot with a libido and a lot of lien to burn had heard of the place. It was the one place in all of the red light district that was lit up blue as the sky. It was high class, known for providing 'services' to big name military brass and high society government types while still being popular amongst the regular populace of the kingdom, and known to cater to all kinds of tastes. It was said that a person could walk in and would be taken to heaven, or beg to be taken to hell for just a taste of what they could be offered. She'd even heard talk of a musician who would sweep you away with the beautiful, haunting tune of his saxophone, a man so pretty that he could sometimes be mistaken for a woman.

"My mom is the Madam there."

Yang's thoughts stopped and shot off when he said that. The Navy Nevermore wasn't just a brothel of class and import. In the underworld of Vale, it was also known to be one of the best and most valuable sources of information and secrets out there. If you needed information, there was no better place to go. Even more, all of it was controlled by one woman. She owned and ran the place. Few people knew her or even what she actually looked like, and the ones that did never spoke against her for fear of retaliation against them. Supposedly, she was like a force of nature when angered, and her rumored husband was not someone you ever messed with unless you wished to disappear.

"Wait…" Yang moved closer to her fellow blonde. "Your mom is Mother Magenta? Are you fucking kidding me?!" Jaune could only give a nervous laugh. Yang's disbelief gave way to exasperation as she shook her head. "Jeez Lady Killer, you really are just full of surprises, aren't you." Another nervous laugh. She leveled another curious look at him. "Well then, if that's the case, then just how good are you Jaune?"

"Well… I've put down two of my mother's best pretty quickly before," Jaune said, tapping his chin. "You lasted longer than either of them ever have though."

"Good to know Jaune. Great to know I can hold up against your unending stamina when two professional whores can't. I might just have to punch you, Lady Killer." Yang was deadpan again, and Jaune looked really nervous. The deadpan went back to the teasing grin quickly enough. "Relax Jaune, I'm kidding. Like I said before though, I'm not gonna be your personal whore. Am I understood?" The finger pointing at his nose brokered no arguments.

"Yes ma'am!"

Yang smiled. "Good. Now come on!" She pulled him bodily from the bed. If he hadn't known better, Jaune would swear she'd dislocated his shoulder. "We have time to kill, so how about we clean up a bit." A free hand swept through her long hair. She could feel all the excess grease and salt in her strands. "I don't know about you, but I'm not exactly a fan of smelling like our own salt and juices."

Jaune blinked at that, idly lifting an arm to take a whiff. Immediate recoil occurred when a smell not unlike stale salt and spicy fermented vinegar hit his nostrils. How he hadn't noticed that before, he had no idea. "Fair point. You want the first shower?"

"First shower?" There was honest confusion with that raised eyebrow. "What makes you think there's going to be more than one? You're coming with me, Jauney boy." She bit her lip, giving him an appreciative once over. "We can…lather each other up."

"L-lather up?" Jaune filled up like a juice container. "A-are you sure? I-I mean, I thought you said…"

"I said…" Yang purred, getting up close to him. Jaune felt a hand brush along his thigh. "I wouldn't be your personal whore, but I also said that we would have more fun." He felt a breath at his ear as she leaned in close. "What's the matter Lover Boy? Not feeling up to it after last night's performance?" There was a teasing quality to her words that pressed a button for Jaune. His brow creased down just enough; an errant twitch that was easily missed. Yang felt the hand at her back and behind her knees before she even knew what had happened. Next thing she knew, she was suspended in the air in a bridal carry, a squeak of surprise and risen brows alight on her face.

The smirk on Jaune's face belied his own surprise of the situation. Where the heck had that come from? 'She's really light.' He'd actually thought that he'd have more difficulty picking up the blonde berserker. Was he always this strong? Whatever, might as well roll with it. "Well Hot Stuff, I think I can manage to stoke your fire a little more for you." Yang stayed silent to his quip though, still staring at him. Jaune lost his smirk after a moment, blinking in confusion. "Yang, you alright?"

As if breaking from a trance, Yang blinked a few times and nodded. "Yeah." It had to be a trick of the light, right? His eyes…What she'd seen couldn't be right, but best to let it be for now. She found the smirk that Jaune had lost. "Well, aren't you the chivalrous one."

"I'm supposed to be your knight; chivalry comes with the territory. Didn't think you'd mind too much." He started walking, careful with his pretty cargo and making sure not to pull any hairs.

Yang was back on her feet soon enough, leaning against the wall as Jaune prepared a hot shower for them both. Silent contemplation washed over her as she stared at him. What she'd seen had been odd, but it seemed to be back to normal now. She idly touched her throat, the bruise from Jaune's bite almost completely gone thanks to her Aura. The other tiny markings were gone too, leaving pristine white skin. Another oddity. How had the marks formed at all? Her Aura should have stopped them, despite him biting her skin directly. Not that she hadn't enjoyed the bites, but it was a mystery, and Yang was growing more and more curious. She'd find out more in due time. For now though…

"Hey Jaune?" she asked tentatively. A quiet 'hmm' was received in response. "Do you remember what I asked you last night… about Ruby?"

Jaune only stiffened a little bit. He glanced back as she scratched the back of his skull. She could see the tips of his ears turn red. "I…um… Yeah, for the most part… Why?"

"Just wondering. Since I kind of…pushed things along, you never answered my question." Head tilted and grin in place, Yang asked again, "If given the chance, would you date my sister?"

Jaune looked nervous. "Um…" He was actually starting to sweat too. "Well… Like I said, she's cute…"

"Jaune." Queue the deadpan look. Yang had a pretty decent idea as to his thoughts, given her usual reactions towards anything negative against her baby sister. "I'm protective of Ruby, but I promise you will not be harmed for giving me a straight answer." He stayed quiet for another moment after that statement while Yang stared at the back of his head in expectation. He turned to face her quickly enough though. His cheeks were pink, rather than the vibrant crimson from before.

"As long as it didn't screw up our friendship," he spoke slowly, "then yes, I'd be more than willing to date Ruby." The two of them stared at each other. No words were exchanged. Only after several moments was the silence broken by Yang.

"That's what I'd thought you'd say." She stepped forward, patting him lightly on the cheek. "Even if you don't date my sister, at the very least keep being her friend." She was grinning again. "Besides, I was just kind of curious. Honestly, I think the two of you would be kind of cute together. Now come one Lover Boy." Grabbing him by the arm, she dragged him into the shower.

Feeling the hot water cascade over the two of them, Yang let out a sigh of relief. The answer that he'd given really was what she'd thought he'd say. Despite where they were now, Jaune wasn't the type of guy who'd ruin his relationship with a friend if he could help it. She wouldn't push him to Ruby too hard, but she wouldn't do anything to discourage the relationship if it were to be a thing. Besides, Ruby seemed to have a little crush on Jaune from what Yang could see. Perhaps if Ruby ever worked up the courage to say anything to him, then maybe things would take off between them. If not, then as long as Jaune was a friend to Ruby, she'd never have to worry for her sister. She and Jaune were good for each other. She wouldn't lie though… they'd be adorable together.

Yang's musing was interrupted by strong hands at her shoulders. She let out a moan as fingers kneaded at her muscles, pressing at the flesh to make any tension seep away. She leaned back into Jaune's touch, his fingers moving to press at ribs while she pressed against his chest. "A massage too? Holy fuck Jaune, if you keep this all up, I'll never let you leave this room." She leaned her head back to lay it on his shoulder. "You're not made of chocolate too, are you? If you are, I'd almost say you were Monty's gift to women."

Jaune let out a nervous laugh. "Sorry Yang, but no. You don't get to eat me."

"Well, you're not made of chocolate…" Yang mused, gently blowing at his ear lobe. She pressed further into him, feeling herself mold to him. "…but I bet you still taste pretty good." She turned on him, still pressing at him. She felt those strong hands at her breasts, pressing and gripping at the soft flesh as she pushed them into his touch. The smile was sultry and promising. "I could eat you up, if that's what you want." She felt it pressing at her thighs and stomach. Despite the shower's heat, Jaune's erection still felt much hotter. She nipped at his lips, teasing a kiss as soft fingers brushed along the pole of flesh pressing at her. "Or maybe you'd rather fuck me again…?"

She was pressed against the shower wall a moment later, Jaune towering over her. Wet bangs clung to his face "Don't tease me, Yang." He glared down at her, and she would only smirk back. If he was trying to be serious, then his erection completely ruined the effect.

"But it gets you so worked up Lady Killer." She saw and felt him shudder when she slowly worked a hand over his dick, gently pulling at the skin as it played over the head. She lifted a leg up for him, holding it up behind her knee with a free hand. A single bead of liquid dripped from her quim, and they both knew it wasn't water. "C'mon Jaune…" She gave him little kisses to spur him forward. "You can let out all that tension in here…"

Again he surprised her when he knocked his hand away from his member and lifted up her other leg. He supported her fully now, her back to the wall with a hand under each knee. A smirk mirrored her own. "Careful Yang. I might wear you out again." He only just registered the arms circling his neck.

"I think I can deal with that…" She pulled him in for another kiss. As her tongue danced with his, a random thought occurred to her. Though they were sisters, Ruby and Yang had never had to share anything when they were growing up. They always had their own things; their own clothes, their own toys, everything. They didn't even share mothers. The only thing they ever shared was their dad. It was kind of funny, actually. The only thing that they ever had to share was the man in their life.

'Sorry little sis,' Yang thought, a moan escaping her lips as she felt the crown of Jaune's phallus press against the folds of her womanhood. 'I think we're gonna have to share this man too.'

Further thought was lost as her nether lips parted to take the knight's sword, a cry of pure pleasure ripping from her throat as he sunk himself deeper into her body. A pleasured tear reached her eye as he bottomed out inside her. Oh god, she felt so damn full as she looked him in the eyes again. There it was again. She had to be seeing things. Maybe it was the steam, or maybe she wasn't awake as she thought she was. As his thrusts began, she found she could care less. She held on tight as he pressed her against the shower wall, using her body to satisfy his own as his tongue pierced her lips again. Through the haze of pleasure given by dancing tongues and strong thrusts, the thought came as unbidden to her mind as the pleasure.

'He looks really good with green eyes…'

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